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Nike Flight Bonafide Review Facts

Nike is known for stepping out of the box and creating shoes that are comfortable, stylish, and practical. This time around they have decided to recreate a popular shoe called the Nike Air Flight 95 Jason Kidd Premium. The original thought that Nike conjured was to update the original design with new Nike technology to be more suitable for basketball. The finished product though became a shoe that reviewers enjoyed more for casual wear. They found that the Nike Flight Bonafide did not disappoint in style and comfort.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Futuristic look
  • Zipper heel
  • Variety of colors
  • Not waterproof


Nike decided that the best option for the outsole of the Flight Bonafide was rubber. This is not uncommon for both casual shoes and basketball shoes alike. The rubber is a great choice for overall durability and traction while in use. There are also grooves that prove to be great with traction as well. Instead of a sharp pattern, Nike decided to place horizontal lines that help stop you when you are going back and forth quickly. There is also easy access within the grooves to clean out dust or dirt. This helps the shoe stay fresh and clean for a bit longer. Other than the rubber you will find that there is nothing much that is different when compared to other shoes.


You will find the midsole to be very lightweight and comfortable. If there was one thing that most customers agreed with was that the midsoles were very comfortable. The were no complaints about the Nike Air or the added foam in the midsole. Nike Air is known for its added cushioning but also in this design it Nike incorporated large side pods. This helps not only with comfort but also adds a bit more stability to the shoe as well.


Nike decided to use flyknit for the upper of the Flight Bonafide. Flyknit is known for being both thin and to have quite a bit of flexibility. The whole top is flyknit instead of combined materials to aid to your comfort overall. Flyknit is also very durable and though flexible can keep shape for a while. Anothsock-likee that is unique to this material is that it creates a snug sock like feel for your feet. This is very useful so your shoes will not feel like they’re going to fall off while in use. Instead of shoelaces Nike opted for a zipper on the heel. This unique characteristic also aids to a snug fit. There is a high top stretchy fabric that not only completes the look but also provides protection.


You will find that due to the construction these shoes have been found to be very lightweight. While researching it was found that these shoes weigh around 10.86oz. This is incredibly light for a lifestyle shoe. Customers commented that they were pleasantly surprised that these shoes were this light because the frame was a bit larger. When you look at the materials in the shoe it should come as no surprise that this Flight Bonafide weighs so little. The midsoles are known to be lightweight. Nike commonly uses Nike Air in basketball shoes because of its comfort and lightness. You will find that these shoes by far excel in this category.


You will find that the Nike Flight Bonafide is very breathable. This is due to the flyknit fabric in the upper. They crafted the flyknit to be thin and this helps with its ventilation. Customers raved the breathability while wearing their pair of Nike Flight Bonafide. You will appreciate this while you are either on the court or going about life running errands.


Reviewers noticed that this shoe has exceptionally great comfort from the midsole. They loved the cushioning of the foam as well as the impact of protection as a whole when they took a step. It is also a plus that the upper is made up of flyknit. This is great because it enables any width of a foot to fit without being uncomfortable. Some customers commented that though they found the midsoles and flyknit to be comfortable there were complaints of it stretching over time. To keep the shape longer in the shoe it is recommended that you go down a half or even whole size. There were also reports of the zipper causing trouble while wearing the shoe. Some customers complained about it causing pain and made the shoes too tight. So in efforts for this to not be a problem it probably best to make sure to not get a shoe that is too small and be mindful of the space. Something that should be noticed that these shoes are not for everyone.


The overall design of the Nike Flight Bonafide is based on the original Nike Air Flight 95 J Kidd (Jason Kidd) basketball shoes. They both include the futuristic design. Nike decided to keep the pods on the side but removed some of the bulk on the top. This gives the shoe an overall sleek looking shoe. This overall shoe is very different from the normal sneaker look and is sure to turn heads. The traditional tongue was also replaced by a black knit spandex fabric that hugs the feet. Many reviewers noted that this overall structural change taken from the top doesn't provide the adequate support needed for basketball. Despite this, the design still makes it a great lifestyle shoe. You will enjoy the different color ways available to you. Of course, this shoe style is not for everyone but customers respected its uniqueness and enjoyed the many colors available.


You will find that this shoe has average durability for a Nike shoe. Customers reported that both the outsole and midsole felt very durable and stable. Nike created the outsole out of thick rubber. Rubber is very durable and provides pretty good traction. Though the shoes were created to be basketball shoes they are not recommended by customers to be used as such. Because of the design they had concerns that it would hold up on the court for long. Though the flyknit is known to be durable customers did report that over time the shoes did stretch out a bit. The zipper on the back didn't work well with some reviewers as well. There were reports that over time the zipper would fall or snag and break over time.


The protection offered for the Nike Flight Bonafide is pretty average in comparison to other Nike shoes. The designers opted to use Nike Air and foam in the midsole. These features not only are known for being very comfortable but they are also helpful with shock absorption. This is incredibly useful if you step hard or make any jumps. You will find that there is an immense amount of cushion that has been placed there to support an adequate amount of weight. Customers noted that though the flyknit is durable and provides a bit of protection from the environment the high top does not add enough stability or support for sports but the design made it suitable for everyday street wear.


Nike designed the responsiveness to be average in comparison to other casual shoes. Customers noted that they enjoyed that they felt closer to the ground. This really helps with feeling each movement and overall stability. The midsoles also gave energy and comfort with each step. Though there is no noticeable bounce the plush midsoles delivers a great amount of rebound for the next step.


One downfall of the Nike Flight Bonafide is that there does not seem to be much support for the sneaker overall. For starters, the Nike Flight Bonafide did not provide the best support and lockdown needed for basketball. The high top and zipper do not allow for the needed support that is usually given by shoelaces. The overall design of the upper is made from stretchy material and some customers reported that the shoe loses shape over time creating an overall loose fit as well. For these reasons, this is why customers reported that the Nike Bonafide was not the best for support but was great to walk around in and run errands in style.


You will find that the Nike Bonafide works great on a variety of terrains. Though Nike designed these shoes to be used on the court they work well on other surfaces outside. It is not recommended to use these shoes on hard gravel but because of the rubber you can use it on other hard surfaces. Another thing to note is that the Bonafide flyknit is not waterproof.


The Nike Flight Bonafide shoe can range from reasonable to pricey. You will find that the price will vary according to style and color. Though these shoes can be an investment as you shop around the vibrant colors and versatility makes it worth it.


The traction is known to be average when compared to other Nike shoes. The rubber overlay on the surface of the outsole enabling you to have great traction wherever you go. Reviewers noted that these shoes did work well on clean courts as opposed to dusty courts. To help it is also recommended that you keep wiping the bottom off so you won't slip. Though the Flight Bonafide may not be recommended for basketball use by reviewers, most agreed that these shoes did have pretty good traction regardless of the surface. It is important to note that it is also recommended that you don't step in water because this for sure will be a sure fire way to slip and fall.


The Nike Flight Bonafide is incredibly flexible. The upper is composed of mostly flyknit making it move with your feet easily. The flyknit is also great for wider feet. You will find that no matter the width of your feet you can easily avoid irritation or discomfort. The flyknit allows for you to have a snug yet flexible fit. The hightop upper also makes it easier for you to slip on and off. Over time with use you will find that the upper may stretch a little bit.


You will find that the flyknit in the Bonafide offers a substantial amount of stability. With the socklike feel, there is no way this shoe will fly off while in use. The zipper on the heel also adds even more security as well. This feature is very unique and can be counted on give you enough stability as you go throughout your day. Customers commented that there was not enough grip for heavy use on the court so you may experience a little bit of sliding. Other than this the Bonafide does pretty well for stability.


There was no drop specified on the website. The drop can be expected to be a bit bigger than usual. This is due to not only the thick rubber on the outsole but also the cavities built in on the side as well. Though there may be a slightly bigger drop you are still close enough to the ground to have stability and control.

Key Features

• Flyknit upper
• Sleek and stylish
• Zipper closure
• High top design
• Available in a variety of styles and colors


Overall the Nike Flight Bonafide is a pretty good shoe. With the style and structure, you can bet that this shoe will set you apart from those around you. This shoe is truly unique and its sleek nature matches a variety of styles. You will also enjoy the cloud-like comfort the Nike Air and foam gives with each step. The flyknit also not only provides comfort but a stretch that will fit any width foot. All of these features along with the reasonable price makes this shoe a steal.