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The Nike Air Max 720s are the new and updated version of Nike's 270s that was released the year prior. Customers really seem to love the look and style of these sneakers. They have a futuristic look to them with a color pallet that takes inspiration from nature, such as the Northern Lights, sunsets, and the sun rises. There are a wide variety of colorways available, so there is sure to be something out there for everyone. Yes, these tennis shoes have a hefty price tag on them, and there are some people out there whole believe that they are severely overpriced, but the majority of consumers seem to be happy with the product and are OK with the high price tag. One thing that they do have going for them is that they have a long lifespan and you will not have to replace them for quite some time.

The 720s will give you extreme comfort that your feet will thank you for at the end of a long day. Whether you are heading out to a gym or just hanging out with your crew, these sneakers are going to look great and fit right in. They would be a much-welcomed addition to your sneaker collection.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Tall Nike Air unit

Super comfortable

Responsive ride

Great style

Fun color options

Supportive and lightweight

Long-lasting durability


High price tag


The outsole of the Nike Air Max 720s is made out of standard rubber so you can be sure to get a durable and robust sole that will not suffer from premature wear and tear. You are not going to have to worry about the bottoms of these sneakers wearing down on you too quickly while you are on the go as they are going to be able to take quite the beating without a problem.

The rubber on the sole is sticky and will be able to hold a decent grip giving you excellent traction while you are out and about. These shoes are going to help prevent you from slipping and falling when hitting a slick spot, helping to keep you potentially hurting yourself or someone else on your way down. Of course, you should always use a little caution while encountering wet or slick surfaces, but wearing these Nike's should put your mind at ease and help keep you upright.


The midsole of the Nike Air Max's feature Nike's famous Air technology. It runs the entire length of the soles to give you a fantastic underfoot experience. This tech involves placing pressurized air inside of a flexible and robust bag located in the sole to increase the overall flexibility and the responsiveness without compromising the structure of the shoes or adding any unneeded weight to them. They are always quick to bounce back to their original form thanks to the elasticity so they will be able to keep their shape so you will not lose that bouncy base that you walk on.

Customers love the responsiveness that is provided to them while wearing these sneakers. They will get a high energy return that runners can take advantage of while they are on the go. Thanks to the elasticity and bounce you get from the Air unit, you will be able to propel yourself into your steps without using as much energy as you might when wearing other running shoes. You will be able to use the power that you saved to help you run a little faster or a little longer, giving you a bit of an advantage if you are participating in a race or trying to beat your running times.


These shoes have uppers that are made out of a combination of both textile and synthetic materials that will give you a durable and supportive feeling while you are wearing them. Even though they are built tough, they are still designed with lightweight materials to help keep the weight down so they are not holding you back at all.

One of the features of the uppers that customers seem to like is the fact that they are extremely well ventilated. This comes in handy on warmer days or if you are taking them out on a long run as they will help keep your feet both dry and fresh while you are on the go. They will let the air to enter the foot chamber so it can cool you down as well as allowing your sweat to escape the shoe, promoting a healthier in-shoe environment, helping eliminate odor-causing bacteria.


If you are looking around for a pair of good running shoes, finding something without a lot of bulk and weight to them is essential. The great thing about these Nike's is that they are designed to give you a lightweight experience so you do not have to worry about them holding you back while on the run. There is no need to feel like your sneakers are slowing you down, causing you precious seconds when you are running for speed or holding you back when going the distance.

There is, unfortunately, not too much information on the exact weight of the 720s but consumers can agree that they feel great on their feet, feeling almost weightless while they are out running or walking.


One thing that many consumers can agree on is that the Nike 720s have a fantastic style. They are both a decent pair of running shoes and a great pair of fashionable sneakers. There are a wide variety of different colorways to choose from so you're sure to find something that is going to fit your personality best. Whether you want something that is going to give you a bright pop of color or you are looking for something that is plain and simple, these sneakers are going to give you what you need. They feature a more futuristic look to them, but they are taking their color inspirations from the natural world, giving them a great balance and a unique look.

You will be able to purchase them in anthracite, metallic silver, and black; black, anthracite, and laser fuchsia; wheat, club gold, and black; team orange, black, and university gold; black, anthracite, and black; white, metallic platinum, and white; or deep royal blue, black, and hyper jade. There are also a few limited edition versions that are a bit harder to find, but they are available out there. These colorways include Northern Lights (day), Northern Lights (night), sunset, and sunrise.

They have a low top design and feature a traditional lacing system with a pull tab on the heel to help you get the shoes on and off with ease. The Air unit is visible on them as it is very prominent on the bottoms of the sneakers. You will also find the traditional Nike "Swoosh" logo on the side, the heel, and the top of the forefront of your foot. Additionally, the Air Max logo resides on the tongue.


When it comes to your footwear of choice you want to try to find a pair that is going to give you the proper support for the job at hand. Since these are running shoes, you want to make sure that you get a decent amount of support and get a locked in and secure feel. You want to make sure that they are snug enough to keep you locked into place so you do not have to worry about wobbling around inside of the foot chamber, or merely walking right out of your shoes. The lacing system, combined with the snug fitting uppers work together to keep your feet firmly inside the foot chamber so you will not have to worry about any of that.


When wearing the Nike Air Max's you are going to get a decent amount of flexibility which is very much appreciated by anyone who is wearing them. Most of the flex comes from the sole unit, allowing the sneakers to bend and move with ease. The sole is going to move with the natural bend of your feet with each step you take. When walking or running around with the 720s you will not have to worry about your movements being restricted causing you discomfort and pain. It is not just the soles; however, the soft materials that make up the uppers are also very flexible, moving along with your feet as well, ensuring that you have the freedom to move.


When you are putting your feet into something that you plan on wearing for extended periods, or you are looking to do physical activities while wearing them, you are going to want to try to make sure that they are going to be as comfortable as possible. Something that consumers can agree on about the 720s is that they offer exceptional comfort that your feet will love you for at the end of a long day.

They Air sole unit gives you a comfortable and bouncy base to stand on, ensuring that you get a fantastic underfoot experience with each step that you take. The uppers are both soft and flexible so they will hug your feet without restricting your movements. The uppers are also very well ventilated to help make sure you are staying cool and dry throughout the day, adding to your overall comfort level.


If you are going to be spending a lot of money on a pair of sneakers you want to make sure that they are not going to turn around and fall apart after only wearing them once or twice. As for the Nike Air Max 720s, they are not cheap by any means, some customers even saying that they are severely overpriced. However, they are incredibly durable and will not have to be replaced for quite a while after purchasing them. You are going to be able to repeatedly run in them or add them to your gym bag without fear of premature wear and tear. Of course, this is only applicable if they are properly taken care. As with anything else, if you are too hard on them and do not correctly care for them, they might not last as long as you would like. Overall, though, customers are happy with the longevity and are pleased with their purchases.


The way your sneakers fit your feet is essential. You want to try to find that perfect balance between snug and roomy. You will want to be able to take advantage of the supportive features while still staying comfortable throughout the day.

Customers are stating that these Nike's are running just a tad bit on the small side so they recommend that when placing your order you jump up about a half a size to accommodate for this.

Bottom Line

The Nike Air Max 720s are an all-around great pair of running shoes. Not only do they look amazing, but they feel amazing too. Coming in plenty of color options everyone is sure to find something that works best for their style. Whether you want to get a pair that are a simple and plain color or you want something fun that stands out, these Nike's will have you covered. They are going to fit right in at the gym, hitting the track, running errands, or hanging out with your friends. No matter what you will be doing these sneakers will be a great option. They feature the tallest Air sole to date and runs the whole length of the shoe to bring you a phenomenal underfoot experience. You will get a little spring in your step that consumers love. The hefty price tag might seem a bit too high, and for some it is, but for the most part, reviewers think that they are well worth the money, especially since they are very highly durable. Many customers have recommended these sneakers as they would be an excellent addition for anyone's sneaker collection or gym bag.