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Nike focuses on performance, which is no surprise with a slogan like “just do it”. Their Aeroswift shorts reimagine how the mesh is frequently used in athletic gear. Nike took note of high-heat zones on the body and designed the Nike Aeroswift Shorts accordingly. If you have a hard time keeping your cool during a workout, the Aeroswift could end that struggle completely. Small storage areas keep your load light and hands-free, making the perfect pair for outdoor running.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Mesh Panels
  • Perforated Elasticized Waist
  • Small Storage Pockets
  • Reflectivity
  • Dri-Fit Technology
  • Flat, Bonded Seams
  • Runs Small
  • Short Inseam


Athletic shorts with a more relaxed fit need to have some adjustability in the waist for diversity in fit. Everyone has different body types, so it is important for a brand to recognize and accommodate those types. The waist on the Nike Aeroswift shorts is just perfect for a large range of bodies. There isn’t only one, but two elasticated layers in the waist.

Though they made the elasticated layers perforated for airflow, this also helps to cut bulk for a more exact fit. Soft mesh and perforation help to keep this waistband incredibly light and pliable. There won’t be sagging or gapping when you slip these on. For those who frequently have to make weight for training or fluctuate a bit in the offseason, customization is necessary.

Being able to add or take away some wiggle room is a must for many circumstances. Anyone who loves the feeling of workout shorts but can’t stand when they don’t cinch them, the Nike Aeroswift shorts is an easy pick. Slip these on and give them a try, you’ll find they are just right for you, regardless of the waistline.


Breathability isn’t just about the fabric. Beyond meshed fabrics and moisture-wicking, other design elements help a short keep breezy. Nike utilized a combination of these features to create the Nike Aeroswift shorts. Their first step to superior ventilation is the shape of the Aeroswift. Instead of having an even hemline all the way around, it is sloped.

This angled hem helps to promote the flow of air when you’re running or otherwise working out. Side vents further their ability to keep air circulating while on the go. Mesh panels work overtime to ensure that there's no way hot air will be trapped in your performance bottoms. In addition to these careful design additions, they made commonly solid materials perforated.

The lower back can be a source of a lot of heat and sweat while getting active. Instead of having to just deal with what is often the thickest part of the short, Nike changed the material. The waistband contains perforated elastic encapsulated in a mesh material. A mesh liner keeps you fresh and protects you from chafing where it matters most. They created the Nike Aeroswift shorts for the hottest days and most intense runs, so don’t be scared to put a pair to the test.


Athletic clothing has to be comfortable to have any appeal. Discomfort takes you off your game, it contributes to a loss of focus. Not only will you lose focus, but you will also struggle more with endurance than when you’re feeling physically fantastic in your clothing. Nike wanted to make the Aeroswift your new favorite short.

To do that, there are specific measures taken to improve the comfort of them. Comfortable gear can be held back by itchy tags and rough seams. On the Nike Aeroswift shorts, the seams are flat and bonded. If you’ve worn a lot of performance gear, you’ve experienced large and rough seams.

Nike made the seams on the Aeroswift virtually impossible to feel. This lets the materials smoothly slide against the skin without irritation. Their Dri-Fit technology further cements the brand as a frontrunner for making the coziest, driest, and softest short around.

Not only did they make a premium short out of quality materials with the Nike Aeroswift shorts, but they also made a short that won’t hold you back. You can easily move in any direction to any extent with these on. Their three-inch inseam won’t restrict you, no matter your plans for the day. The Nike Aeroswift shorts is an amazing pair of shorts for any activity testing your flexibility.

Ease of Care

It can feel like a workout in and of itself to wash workout gear. Despite many people barely having the time to fit in their daily exercise, fitness gear requires delicate and careful care. This can be discouraging when you’re living a fast-paced life. Nike makes it quite a bit more simple by having incredibly simple care instructions for the Aeroswift.

Instead of special laundering or handwashing, you can just throw these in a wash. If you’re a daily gym goer and wash your performance attire with you’re everyday clothes, you’re going to want items with easy care. To be able to just toss your whole gym bag into the wash is a luxury. It doesn’t have to be so rare with the Nike Aeroswift shorts.


Nike has been currently working to be more size inclusive for a variety of bodies. Despite this, their fit is notorious for being inaccurate. Nike devotees generally don’t have as much of an issue with sizing. When you’re frequently buying the brand, you’re more familiar with their sizing chart.

Those less accustomed to Nike’s sizing may not know that most need to size up in their items. They run slightly smaller in their sizes, frequently more in men’s than in women’s. Taking this into consideration, you’re going to want to pay close attention to the size chart.

The waist is adjustable and the material is very plush, so there is room to stretch in the Nike Aeroswift shorts. Sizing up is recommended for anyone on the larger end of their size. Reviewers were disappointed by slightly too tight shorts when buying their usual. Anyone on the cusp of a size who can’t size up should probably opt out of the Nike Aeroswift shorts.


When it comes to liners, reviews are often riddled with complaints of feeling restricted. It can be hard to make a liner that feels as perfect as it functions. Too tight construction or rough materials can be a hard sell for anyone in search of new performance bottoms.

To stay comfortable, a dry, soft, and relaxed liner is your best bet. Nike kept this in mind when they made the Aeroswift. Dri-FIt technology in the liner ensures you won’t be distracted by too much moisture. When you’re in motion, moist clothes can affect your performance and form.

Not only is the material of the liner important, but the shape as well. Liners are meant to support you while running. Great material helps to wick moisture away but a solid construction helps give you that amazing fit. Nike made a flexible and perfectly fitted liner to support you where you need it but leave you unrestricted where you don’t.

Additionally, inner pockets are added into this liner to stash small items that you may need while wearing them. These pockets on the Nike Aeroswift shorts are amazing for energy gels or keys. This small feature helps them to be a well-rounded on-the-go pick. Due to their small size, these pockets won’t weigh down or bulk up an otherwise sleek bottom.

Reflective Detail

Athletic clothing is very limiting without certain features. Reflective detailing is a huge one. Without reflectivity, you’re nearly invisible when exercising in low light. This is not only dangerous for you, but it is also dangerous for everyone around you. It isn’t an option to go without when exercising frequently outside of daylight hours.

A quick and easy way to amend this is by consistently arming your products with visibility details. These details should be placed all over the short for the most safety. Reflective details aren’t necessarily seen in normal light, so it won’t affect the style of the Nike Aeroswift shorts. Though these are short, the long strips of reflectivity are anything but.

On the side of the short, there are V patterns of reflectivity surrounding the mesh panels that help improve ventilation. The reflectivity can be seen at all angles. If you run in areas where motorists frequent, this feature means a lot. It is the difference between being seen and potentially being in danger.


Basic shorts are something every athletic person needs. Even if you don’t exercise frequently, a comfortable pair of shorts to throw on in hot weather are always an asset. Nike made just that with the Aeroswift, but it doesn’t come without certain stylistic concerns.

Aesthetically, the Nike Aeroswift shorts are fantastic looking. Their vents and mesh panels are practically invisible. This makes the Aeroswift have a streamlined look that is easy to pair with anything. Also, the style is short and light, making it ideal for layering in cooler weather.

That being said, these also have a liner but it isn’t a long one that can act as a buffer between your legs. Shorter inseams are easier to wear for many people who want a bit more coverage underneath the main short. Liners help to reduce chafing with shorter inseams and can come in handy for runners. This inseam is minuscule but the brief liner won’t do more than just support you.

These may not offer enough coverage for some runners. Not only do to the actual look of the Nike Aeroswift shorts, but the experience of running in them as well. If you want an extreme range of motion, something in this style will be outstanding. However, if you can’t get past the three-inch inseam, there are longer choices that may be preferable for you.


Runners who love the outdoors are likely to similarly value taking care of the environment in general. The production of clothing and other goods is a huge contributor to emissions. There are ways to reduce emissions but few companies take the time to find and implement them. Though the quest for a healthier world can seem futile, we all try our best to take that journey.

Nike is attempting to do its part by using recycled materials. Recycled materials can eliminate a ton of emissions. You don’t have to fabricate the material itself when you are recycling it. That means that there are fewer emissions released in production.

Recycled materials also help to reduce the unused plastics in landfills, as the most common forms of plastic waste can be repurposed into polyester clothing. These benefits help to cut cost in multiple ways but recycled materials aren’t always used. Nike decided to utilize these existing resources to create the Nike Aeroswift shorts.


Nike knows a thing or two about technology, whether talking about this Aeroswift or not. They have developed some effective and accessible technology that has enhanced performance for many athletes. Even if you just want to feel exceptional, Nike’s technology can help.

Dri-Fit technology does far more than just help wick sweat away. The Aeroswift is a standard fit short, which Nike wanted to ensure wouldn’t cling or stick to the skin during workouts. Clingy clothing can unpleasantly rub against the skin. Avoiding this will improve your exercise experience.

The material of the Nike Aeroswift shorts will dry extremely fast. If you live in an area with frequent rainfall, these are a fitting choice, as they will dry very quickly and won’t lay against your skin when wet. The same benefits are within the liner, creating layers of comfort for the wearer.

Bottom Line

Runners are more than ready for a short like the Nike Aeroswift shorts. It dries quickly and feels great against the body. Their flat seams will make these a dream on your skin. They may be too short for some tastes and they run small but the product itself is solid in all other areas. Made from recycled material and decked out in features, the Nike Aeroswift shorts is an option that can’t be missed. Serious runners will love how the Aeroswift performs under pressure.