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If you are a runner who loves to get out and enjoy the sunshine but doesn't like to be blinded by the light, then you might want to consider the use of a running cap like the Nike Aerobill Featherlight. It has a visor to help shield your eyes from the sun, and the underside of the bill and binding are black to minimize the glare so you can stay focused on what is going on in front of you. It has a 6-panel construction with mesh panels for optimal breathability, allowing you to stay cool and dry throughout the day. The Dri-FIT fabric will wick the moisture away from your sweat, aiding in keeping you dry and fresh while you're out and about. The cap is advertised as one size fit all but keep in mind that if you have a rather large head, then this might not be the best option for you. All and all, however, customers love the hat and would recommend purchasing it.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Affordable price tag

Plethora of colors

Machine washable

Dri-FIT fabric

Lightweight and breathable


Velcro is flimsy

Sizing isn't perfect


When you are heading outdoors for various activities under the sun, but you want to keep the bright light out of your eyes and the harmful UV rays off your face, then you might want to consider the use of a cap such as the Nike Aerobill Featherlight to keep you protected from the sun. The underside of the bill and binding is black to help reduce the glare, so you aren't going to have to worry about being blinded while you are out and about.

Whether you are enjoying your daily jog or you are sitting at a ball game this cap is going to be an excellent choice for keeping you cool and dry in the summer head, as well as allowing you to see better thanks to the sun protection.

It's an all-around great hat for just about any outdoor activity, whether working out and hanging out, this might be the perfect product for you.


The Nike Aerobill Featherlight hat has mesh panels integrated into the design that will ensure that there is a decent amount of ventilation getting into the hat. This is going to help keep you fresh by letting air to flow in easily, but it will also give the heat from your a head a place to escape, so you aren't overheating while you are exerting yourself.

In addition to the breathability, the hat is also constructed with Dri-FIT fabric that will wick away sweat and other moisture with ease, helping you remain dry and comfortable while you are out and about. This, in conjunction with the mesh panels, is going to be able to keep you dry. The fabric will allow the sweat to roll right off and the breathability will give that sweat somewhere to go when it evaporates, getting that moisture out of the hat so you aren't stuck running around wearing a damp cap throughout the day.


As with most athletic apparel, including running caps, the Nike Aerobill Featherlight is made out of 100% polyester, but the difference is, this one is giving you a more eco-friendly option by using strictly recycled polyester in the process. The use of this type of material not only helps the environment because it is made from used polyester, but this type of fabric is strong. It uses durable fibers that are not prone to ripping or tearing so you will ensure that your cap is in good condition for quite a while before you will need to replace it.

Additionally, it is not going to hold moisture like some other materials, such as cotton, might so you won't have to worry about being stuck in a soaking wet hat throughout the day. The fabric does incorporate Nike's Dri-FIT technology to help wick away moisture to give you another assurance that you'll be able to stay dry and comfortable throughout your workout.


Customers can agree that the Nike Aerobill Featherlight hat is comfortable, which is essential in just about anything that you are wearing, and more so when it comes to your athletic apparel. You are going to be heading out and exerting yourself, pushing hard and making yourself uncomfortable; the last thing you want to deal with is your clothing and headwear to be uncomfortable as well. Thankfully, that isn't going to be an issue with this hat.

The cap is lightweight and made of thinner materials, so it is not going to feel burdensome on your head; it will almost feel like you aren't even wearing anything. The adjustable strap on the back ensures that you are going to get a fantastic fit so it will sit on your head comfortably. And, the mesh vents ensure that the hat is well ventilated, allowing a decent amount of air to flow into it, keeping you cool and comfortable.

In addition to keeping you comfy, it will also help prevent some discomfort throughout the day. Mostly thanks to the bill and the excellent sun protection that it offers. It's going to keep the sunlight out of your eyes so you can stay focused on what is going on in front of you without the distraction of the blinding light in your eyes. It's also going to be able to keep some of the harmful UV rays off your skin, giving you an extra layer of protection between you and the sun.


The Nike Aerobill Featherlight is one size fits all, but that can be a bit misleading. Yes, it is going to fit a vast majority of consumers, but there are going to be those few out there who it just doesn't properly fit, mostly those who have larger or smaller heads, as well as children. There are a few reviewers who stated that if you have a bigger than average head, then it might not be the ideal choice for you.

That being said, it does come with an adjustable velcro strap on the back that will allow you to adjust the size you need for the perfect fit. For those consumers who have an average sized head, there should be no problems with how this fits. In fact, customers have stated that they love the feel and fit, saying that it is perfect for them.

The hat has a circumference of about 23 inches and a 3-inch brim.


When you are shopping around for running gear, including your hat, you want to make sure that you are buying something that is durable and will last. It can be extremely frustrating to get a product you love just to have it fall apart on you shortly after you start using it, causing you to have to replace it so soon. That is not the case with the Nike Aerobill Featherlight. It is designed to take quite the beating; after all, it is designed for those who lead an active lifestyle. The polyester fibers are tight, so you aren't going to have to worry about ripping and tearing prematurely.

The one problem that some customers seem to experience with the cap, however, comes with the adjustable strap. Some reviewers have mentioned that the velcro, after a while, will lose some of its stickiness and will stop attaching, causing you to either repair the strap or replace the hat. This isn't a problem that all customers have, but it is something worth noting when planning on making this purchase.


The Nike Aerobill Featherlight has a straightforward and classic baseball cap style that many customers can appreciate. It has a 3-inch brim to give you some sun protection, although some customers would have liked to have seen this just a little bit bigger. The cap also features an adjustable back strap to give you the perfect fit for optimal comfort.

There are a plethora of color options that you can choose from when you buy this hat, although, all of them have a black underbill and binding so it can reduce the glare from the sun while you are wearing it. The hat is available in active fuchsia and black; black-volt swoosh and volt yellow; black, black, and volt; black, black, and white; blue jay; blue jay, white, black, and white; crimson tint and black; game royal and black; game royal, black, and white; grey and white; gym red, black, and white; half blue and black; hyper cobalt blue and white; igloo; mang; midnight navy, black, midnight navy, and white; obsidian, black, and white; obsidian and white; purple slate, black, and vast grey; racer pink and black; racer pink, black, racer pink, and white; still blue; team crimson, black, and white; turquoise and white; university red; university red, black, and white; vivid sky and black; volt; or white, black, and black. No matter what color you choose, you will get the iconic Nike 'Swoosh' front and center for all to see.

For the most part, customers really like the classic look and style of the cap. There are so many color options that you are sure to find something that calls out to you. Some consumers even choose to get more than one, so they can have it in multiple colors.


When it comes to running hats, the Nike Aerobill Featherlight has about an average price tag. It is relatively durable and offers you a lightweight and breathable design so it is to be expected that you'd be paying the average cost for the product. According to some of the reviewers, you should use caution and pay attention when placing the order since some of the color options might have a higher price tag than the others.

Most consumers were satisfied with the price they paid and said that the running cap was worth the price they paid for it.


There isn't any exact information on the wight of this hat; however, customers can agree that it is lightweight and feels great. You aren't going to worry about the cap feeling like a burden halfway through your run; in fact, it will feel like it is barely even there which is always an added little bonus when you are heading out for your daily exercise.


The Nike Aerobill Featherlight can offer you a decent amount of protection while you are heading out on your adventure. The bill is going to give you a little protection from the sun, both from the harmful UV rays as well as the bright light. It will help shield your eyes from the sun and thanks to the black underside of the visor you aren't going to experience a lot of glare, keeping your vision unobstructed so you can pay attention to what is in front of you.

The brim is only 3 inches, but it will still help protect most, if not all, of your face from the suns rays. You will still want to wear sunblock, but this is going to give you an extra barrier between you the UV rays that can damage your skin.


When you get this hat, you want to make sure that you are taking care of it properly. Chances are that it is going to get sweaty and start to smell if you are wearing it for running or other types of physical activities so you'll want to make sure that you are keeping it clean and fresh. The good news is that it is machine washable so you can pop in in the wash and it's as good as new. You'l' want to clean it in cold water and hang it up to dry. Make sure that you are following the care instructions properly, so you don't accidentally speed up the wear and tear process by trying to keep it clean.

Bottom Line

If you lead an active lifestyle and like to head outside on those bright, warm summer days, then you might want to use of a running cap to help keep the sun out of your eyes and off of your face. The Nike Aerobill Featherlight is a perfect choice for those looking for such a product. It will give you the protection you need from the bright light of the sun, featuring a black underbill and binding so you can minimize the amount of visual glare you will encounter, allowing you to see clearly what is going on in front you. The visor will also help keep some of the rays off of your skin, giving you an extra layer of protection. It is super lightweight and breathable so you will get a comfortable experience while you're wearing it, keeping you cool and dry as well. It has an affordable price tag and comes in a plethora of color options, so there is sure to be something for everyone. Customers seem to really enjoy the use of the product.