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If you are someone who enjoys the outdoors and prefers your workouts in the fresh air, then you will not want a little cold to stop you from getting outside. Thankfully there are many products out there that will let you get out and enjoy the outdoors, even when it is cold outside. The Nike Dri-FIT Transform is one of the many products that will enable you to get out and enjoy the things that you love. It has a convertible design that will allow you to transition smoothly from beanie to headband so you can choose whichever design will best suit your needs. Do not let the price tag scare you away, and it is a great product, and customers seem to be pleased with their purchase of the cap. It is one size fits all so you should have no problem with the way it suits you. Overall, it is a great cap and would be a welcomed addition to your cold weather running gear.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Versatile use

Keeps you warm

Great durability




High price tag

No color options


You can use the Nike Dri-FIT Transform for just about anything. If you are trying to keep your ears warm, then this is going to be a great product to use to achieve that goal. Whether you want a beanie or a simple headband, this piece of headwear has you covered. It has a convertible design that lets you switch from cap to band with ease. It gives you a snug fit to ensure you are staying comfortable and warm while you are out and about. It is super lightweight, almost feeling like you aren't even wearing anything on your head. Customers can really appreciate that aspect of the Nike cap.

The Dri-FIT technology that is used in the construction of the headband beanie hybrid makes sure that it will not be stuck running around all day in your own sweat. It will help remove the sweat from your head and aid you in staying dry throughout your workout.

Ultimately, this product is designed for those who lead an active lifestyle and enjoy getting outside for their workouts. It is an excellent choice for those cold days where you want just a little extra protection from the chill in the air. It's going to help keep your head and ears warm and toasty while still being able to remain dry and keeping the sweat off of your body.


Even though this cap is made out using Dri-FIT technology which is designed to keep the moisture off of your beanie and keep your head dry does not mean that it cannot be breathable as well. In fact, it can offer a decent amount of ventilation to ensure you are staying comfortable throughout your run.

This cap is convertible and can switch easily between a beanie and a headband. Of course, you are going to have far more airflow when you are wearing it as a headband as most of your head will be exposed to the outside air and the only part that is covered in a ring around your head encircling your ears. Even under the fabric, though, the air is going to be able to easily flow through the materials of the cap and allow for a decent amount of ventilation. Whether you choose to wear it as a headband or a beanie, you can be sure that the air will flow through easily, keeping you comfortable. You are not going to have to sit in your own sweat, and it will be able to evaporate and escape the hat without any problems at all.


The Nike Dri-FIT Transform is constructed out of a mix of 93% polyester and 7% spandex so you can get a comfortable feel and a perfect fit. The polyester is a super durable material that will help prevent premature wear and tear, allowing you to keep this cap as part of your running gear for quite a while. It is not going to rip easily. The use of spandex is going to allow for a little stretch so it can accommodate more head sizes, giving it a one size fits all feel. Thanks to the high-quality construction and materials that make up the headgear, it is going to be highly durable and fit most runners heads with ease.


One thing that many consumers can agree on is how comfortable the Nike Dri-FIT Transform feels while they are wearing it. As previously mentioned, it is made out of a combination of polyester and spandex to ensure the perfect fit and optimal comfort. It feels soft to the touch, feeling great on your skin and the slight stretch that you get to it ensures that it will stay put while you are out and about.

Not only is it going to provide you with comfort, but it is also going to help prevent discomfort while you are wearing it. The beanie/headband hybrid is designed to ensure you get decent protection from the cold and wind when you decide to take off in the colder weather. It is going to make sure that your ears and head are staying warm and toasty while you are out and about so you will not have to worry too much about freezing.


The Nike Dri-FIT Transform cap is a one size fits all hat, so it is ready to use by just about anyone who needs it. There is spandex used in the construction of the product so you are going to get a bit of stretch to the cap so it can accommodate many more customers. Of course, if your head is rather large, it might fit a little tight, and contrarily, if you have a small head, it might be a little loose. That being said, many customers have had no issues with the way it fits, and there were no complaints.

Something to note, the size cannot be adjusted at all, so you are stuck with it the way it comes. If you need something that is more customizable in size, then this one might not be the best option for you.


When you are purchasing anything, you want to try to ensure that it is going to have a decent amount of strength. You are not going to want to spend your hard earned money on a product only to have it fall apart after only using it a couple of times. The good news is that the Nike Dri-FIT Transform is designed to be tough and will be able to last you quite a bit before it will need to be replaced.

It is made out of high quality and robust materials, so you are not going to have to worry about it ripping and tearing prematurely, allowing you to wear it year after year with no problem. One great thing about it is that even though it is made to be stretchy, it always seems to bounce back when you take it off, keeping the elasticity to it, so it is not going to stretch out any time soon, becoming virtually unwearable.


The Nike Dri-FIT Transform has a unique design that many customers can appreciate. It has the ability to transition smoothly from a headband to a beanie so you can wear whatever you want to suit your needs best. Whether you are looking for a headband or a beanie, this product has you covered either way.

Unfortunately, it's only available in one color, and there are quite a few consumers who are not a huge fan of the option they have available to them. The Transform is only available in khaki heather green. Many would have liked to have seen a wider variety of options to choose from.

Whether you are wearing it as a beanie or a band, it features the iconic Nike 'Swoosh' front and center, for a nice little touch. Additionally, the logo is designed out of reflective materials, so you can make sure that you can be seen easily by passers-by while you are out and about.


The Nike Dri-FIT Transform is a bit on the high end of the spectrum when you are comparing the price to other headbands or beanies on the market. Although, this is a hybrid and can be used as either, so a little higher price tag is to be expected. It is, however, highly durable and will not fall apart on you too quickly, ensuring that it is not going to need to be replaced any time soon. You might pay a bit more up front, but you will actually save a little bit on money in the long run since you will not have to replace it for a while. Overall, it seems to be an excellent value for this type of product.


When you are heading out for a run, the last thing you want to think about is adding anything to your person that is going to weigh you down and hold you back, including your headwear. Thankfully for you, the Nike Dri-FIT Transform barely weighs anything, and you are not going to have to worry about that with this hat. Unfortunately, there is not a lot of information on the exact weight of the cap, but consumers can agree that it feels virtually weightless when they are wearing it.


When you are heading out for a run or any other workout, you are going to want to make sure that you are staying safe and protected. The Nike Dri-FIT Transform can do a little to help aid in that task. It is going to be able to keep your ears and head nice and warm, protecting you from the cold and wind while you are out and about.

The Dri-FIT technology that is incorporated into the construction and design of the cap is also going to help protect you from moisture, whether from a light drizzle, snow, or your own sweat. It is going to help keep the moisture off of you, allowing you to stay as dry as possible.

You will also get a little added protection thanks to Nike's 'Swoosh' logo that is located front and center on the cap. It is made out of reflective materials that will allow you to be easily seen when you are heading out on gloomy and dreary days. You are not going to have to worry about letting low light conditions keep you from getting out and enjoying your daily workouts. Of course, this is just one little part of your attire, so if you are heading out when the visibility is limited, you might also want to consider additional reflective clothing to make sure you are safe and seen.


In order to get the most out of the lifespan of this product, you are going to want to clean it and take care of it properly. Make sure you are washing it based on the directions on the tag, so you do not risk it falling apart on you prematurely.

Bottom Line

If you love to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors while getting in your workouts, then you are not going to want a little cold weather, stop you from getting out and doing what you enjoy. The Nike Dri-FIT Transform is here to give you a little help when it comes to staying warm and toasty in the chilly weather. It has a unique convertible design that can transition from a headband to a beanie with ease so you can choose whichever one best suits your style and your needs. It has a slightly high price tag, but since it can do both and has a long lifespan, it seems to be well worth the little extra money you will pay for it. One thing that customers would have liked to have seen was more color options since this is only available in green, but for the most part, consumers are satisfied with what they have. All and all, it is a pretty good product, and most customers are happy with their purchase.