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Nike is a company well known for guest collaborations with various artists and athletes. Whether that may be the NBA star LeBron James or the musician Travis Scott. The artist and surfer Chris Lundy was also invited to create a unique product. And so was the graffiti artist by the name of Stash. But over here in this particular item, the talented Eva Magill-Oliver and Nike created something totally different. She created the Impossibly Light Jacket.

Prior to partnering with Nike, Oliver did ad campaigns for companies like Anthropologie, Seaworthy and Laura Cooke Ceramics. She’s an artist working in several different techniques and currently resides in North Carolina. Oliver is currently working with oil and acrylic paintings on white canvas, but prior to that, she worked exclusively on paper. But for now, let’s take a closer look at her latest creation. This awesome jacket.  What makes it so unique? Is it worth buying? What are the pros and cons of the jacket and what are the specifics too?

Find out in the review below. We hope you’ll like this review and the product itself.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Stash pocket with a zipper

Packable design


Abstract print


Lacks variety in print and colors


Made entirely out of nylon fabric, the jacket is light, and as the name would suggest, impossibly light. It’s a great solution if you want to add layering underneath it when you’re prepping for your next jog. Or you can wear it as it is, with just plain cotton shirt underneath it. It’s totally up to you and your preference. Or you know… the weather conditions. Can’t forget about that. The nylon material, from which it was made, makes the construction water-proof and because it’s roomy in its original design there’s plenty of space for your body to move. It’s great for running outdoors (hence the water-repellent nature), but it’s so versatile that you can actually use it in your daily cardio sessions at the gym.


As previously mentioned, the fit is quite loose. Or, as Nike would classify it, a classic fit. That means the design gives it a more relaxed, comfy and pleasant feel, and the standard fit applies for every area, not just for the torso. The sleeves are loose with the very same classic fit, and so does the cropped hem which is straight and falls directly on the hips.


The durability depends on the material used in the making of the item, as much as on the design and fit. One might think that because of the classic and more relaxed fit, the durability will be compromised. And it’s a reasonable fear, to be honest. It’s not the same wearing a tighter jacket that won’t get damaged easily from a passing branch.

Having a looser classic feat means there’s more space between you and the jacket, but it does open the possibility of damaging the item, regardless of how lightweight and comfy it is. But the thing is… The nylon used in the construction makes up for the inconvenience you might encounter while wearing the jacket. Yes, the nylon makes it very lightweight and waterproof but the nylon itself is very durable and firm material. So, this item can take on the challenge and carry out the duties without the fear of damage, regardless of the fit.


The same goes for flexibility. Despite being waterproof, very comfy and lightweight, with a more loose and roomy fit, the practicality of the model, doesn’t end there. No. This is a model with high levels of flexibility and in no small parts, it’s thanks to the nylon used in the construction. Why? Well, because besides being very durable, the nylon is very flexible material as well. You’ll be able to have excellent movement while wearing, and plenty of space between the item and your body. Space is also reserved for layering, but if you chose not to put additional layers, you can just wear a simple shirt and a sports bra underneath. It’s totally up to you and your preference.


You’ll be protected from head to the hips with this model that’s for sure. A great thing about its option to wear the hood when the weather calls for it, and when the weather is sunny, bright and clear you can pop it back in the back. The hood much like the entire jacket itself is storable and will be there for your hour of need. But aside from the presence of the protective hood, there’s plenty to be said regarding the protection. Because it comes from various places you know. And not just from the waterproof and very protective nylon. Yes, the nylon works just fine, but the small details are the ones that really give the finishing touches. And what those details might be? Well, let’s start with the cuffs on the sleeves. They’re easily adjustable and you can lose them up or tighten them as much as you please. The protection that you’ll feel is quite impressive, and so is the cropped hem.

It’s designed straight and it will sit comfortably at the top of the running tights’ waistband. Yes, this jacket can be purchased with very similar tights (in the female version of course), and the hem will fall nicely on that waistband. But the hood is also fantastic in providing the protection that you need. It has nice and very soft elastic on the hem and will allow you to feel protected and very comfortable. Once you’re done wearing the hood, just tuck it back and carry on with your day. Oh, and last but certainly not least…

One small detail regarding the protection that we just simply can’t forget to mention. The stash pocket. Yup. The stash pocket is located on the left side of the jacket. It’s zipped and it’s the perfect place for storing small items like money, car keys and everything else that you need to be stored. It’s a very protective detail and will save you a lot of heartaches. You’ll be feeling a lot safer knowing that your most valuable items are safely secured within the jacket that you wear.


Nike suggests this jacket be used for outdoor activities. It doesn’t specify which kind and where these activities should occur, but the responsiveness, flexibility and the versatility of the item allow for it to be used in the urban areas, as well and the rural wilderness. So, this is a perfect option for you on your next hiking adventure, for your next camping trip and for your next jog in the park.

And the practicality and versatility of the model don’t end with the wearing options. The fact that you can pack it into a small log, and store it wherever you please, really adds volumes to the usage aspect of the item. What’s the purpose of a jacket and especially versatile model like this, when you can’t store it properly? No, this will fit practically everywhere because it will become the size of a folded umbrella once it’s packed into storage. It will fit everywhere and especially in your backpack.


At just 2.8 oz, the impossible jacket by Nike is one of the lightest the company has ever produced. Think about it. It’s the weight of one peeled banana. You can’t really feel the weight of that model, but you can definitely feel it. It feels nice and comfy, and the options for light or more heavy layering are always welcomed.


You’re in luck. Although unclear as to how many color options and patterns the Impossible light item actually has, the sizing is clear as a day. Men’s regular sizing starts from XS size and goes up to XXL, and so does the ladies regular sizing charts regarding this item. However, just like with any other inclusive company, Nike offers additional plus sizes charts for male and female customers that go all the way up to 3X in size. You can easily find your size if you take a quick stroll on the measurements and sizing charts located on Nike’s official website. Over there you can find a handy manual about measuring the bust, waist and hip ration, along with your height and weight in order to find your size better.


Because the impossible jacket was designed by an artist, you can easily find traces of that artistry on the model. She basically used the model as her blank canvas and the end result is a jacket that’s fit for the finest gallery. Just look at it. She used the same brushstrokes that can easily be found on her paintings, but this time with more vigor and artistic temperament. Her style is colorful with a dash of meditative artistry and very reminiscent of the nature that surrounds us all. According to an older interview, the inspiration for the style of the model came to her while she was actually running.

Oliver used the time to think about her paintings, about the environment and how can she connect these two things in order to create an intricate style that could be worn with the same passion that she has for the art. The use of color and bold brushstrokes are evident, but subtle and stylish nonetheless. So, the end result is something, different, something stylish and something that is bound to impress.


After all, that’s been written about this item, what is left to be added? Seriously. This is one of the lightest items in Nike’s long list of sports apparel, and when you add the materials used in the construction, the design and the fit into the mix, the end result is high levels of comfort that are just too damn impressive to be ignored. The loose fit, standard fit allows the body to move easily, and the fit itself offers great potential for layering. You can add light or much heavier layering underneath the jacket, in order to keep yourself supported, but the nylon will do that as well.

The nylon used in the construction will keep you dry and warm and the hood in the back of the jacket can easily be adjusted. You can pop it out when it starts to rain and hid it back in the pocket located in the back of the jacket when the rain stops. There are multiple practical ways of wearing the impossible jacket, but obviously, the best and the most recommended day is by wearing it outdoors. Sure you can add it to your gym attire and you’ll look amazing, but it’s mostly designed for outside conditions. No amount of rain and cold win can damage the construction, and you’ll be left with a comfortable and supported feeling all the way through.


The Impossible jacket by Nike is machine washable but make sure not to use very hot water when you try to wash it. Any temperature up to 30 degrees Celsius is optimal, as the higher temperature can damage the nylon. Also, Nike advises not to use any heavy and abrasive detergents and fabric softeners and under no circumstance, the ironing is not allowed.


Well, the functionality of Nike’s jacket is actually endless. Although it’s designed for outdoor activities, it can easily be swamped for the indoors activities as well. Yes, it’s easily packed and can be stored nicely in a small backpack, but the fact is that by being ultra lightweight, comfy and because it's open to layering it can easily be used for your daily gym sessions. Sure, it will come in handy while prepping for your first marathon or at your first hike, but it will work just as well on the treadmill. In fact, the possibilities are endless, and so is the functionality. Never underestimate the power of a good, practical jacket that weighs less than a peeled banana.

Bottom line

This is a great jacket. Although the style and design are not for everyone’s taste, the fit, the comfort, and the practicality will certainly become everyone’s favorite. Nike has another winner in the Impossible jacket.