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There are always extremely high expectations whenever Nike releases a new shoe, and the hype surrounding the Air Max Plus is certainly well deserved. It is Nike’s so-called “sophisticated twist on the 90s original” and it boasts a lot high-quality functions for above one hundred-fifty dollars.. They are sold in a variety of colors, ranging from subtle pearly colors to darker hues. Verified purchasers have described the shoes as very comfortable and soft feeling, and this is mainly a result of the visibly thick cushioning in the sole and on the rest of the shoe. The way it was designed makes it very durable with solid protection whilst sacrificing nothing in the style department. We would recommend this to any type of runner because it is great for both the indoors and outdoors and it comes at a lower price than some of Nike’s other shoes.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Sleeker looking than its predecessor from the 1990s
  • Built with premium materials by a well-known brand
  • Extremely comfortable and run true to size
  • Solid structural integrity, meaning the shoe has good durability
  • Great arch support
  • Less expensive than a lot of other Nike Shoes
  • There are better/more high-tech Nike shoes available for purchase
  • Loud and squeaky
  • Not the most lightweight running shoe out there
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  • These shoes are perfect for my wide feet. I am a woman and I love these comfortable shoes. Nike Air Max Plus is great for walking and for work.
  • I have no complaints about these shoes. I do have to break them in. And I am glad to get a wide shoe. These are even wider than I am used to wearing. I love these shoes
  • If I could I would have these in every color. I had my first pair years again. I love them.
  • These shoes are equivalent to driving a Benz, Well worth the expense.
  • I love most everything about this shoe, the fit, the comfort, and color. Too bad the price is a bit unreasonable.
  • Absolutely would recommend the Nike Air Max Plus shoes. No complaints.
  • These are awesome shoes. But if you know Nike, you know to go up a size.
  • I am very pleased with my purchase. Fast delivery also.
  • When I put these shoes on it took me back some years. I remember when I purchased my first pair when they first came out. I like them now as I did back then.
  • I believe that the Nike Airs are worth the investment. They are very comfortable.
  • These shoes are as good as they were when they came on the seen years ago. I had these shoes back then and I have them now and they feel exactly the same. Great sneakers.
  • I love the Nike Airs so much that I am collecting them, I will soon have every color.
  • This is an excellent shoe.
  • These are good shoes. So comfy and stylish
  • Make the transition. You can buy the Nike Air Max Plus with confidence,
  • This is a great quality shoe. I can wear them all day because they are so comfortable. I am glad that I purchased them.
  • Very tight when I first got these shoes but now must better and I am very satisfied.
  • Definitely, recommend these shoes because it's a great product.
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The outsole of a shoe is truly the part of it that makes or breaks the shoe, more so than the midsole and upper do. The bottom part of the Air Max Plus boasts a clearly thicker design than most of Nike’s other running shoes. Though at first this may make the shoes seem bulky, this is critical in getting the right amount of bounce when running. Because of this thickness, it glides easily over rougher surfaces and protects your foot in a lovely way, thus preventing blistering and soreness.


Unfortunately, the midsole isn’t one of the Air Max Plus’ strong suits because it is pitted and slightly uncomfortable. Other than that, it is an attractive looking part of the shoe and offers a well balanced bounce back. The midsole is a very underrated feature of running shoes in spite of the fact that it serves a very important purpose.


The textile of the upper greatly enhances the breathability of the shoes in addition to maintaining a comfortable and luxe feel against the toes. Moreover, it is composed of a sleek mesh overlay with a distinct looking TPU stripe pattern. It has been described as soft to the touch and generally comfortable to wear. One downside is that it is not very water resistant and as a result is susceptible to getting soaked through.


Weight is often a tricky subject to approach for running shoe manufacturers because the goal is to achieve a shoe that feels lightweight and easy to wear but still craft something durable enough to withstand different conditions. They are fairly lightweight like most of Nike’s other shoes, but not paper thin and nearly weightless like the Vapormax or other similar models. Runners have left mostly positive feedback about the shoe, stating that is indeed lightweight but not bulky or strange feeling in spite of the thicker build.


Having a running shoe with optimum breathability is extremely important for the comfort of your feet. When a shoe is not breathable, the inside of your shoes can become congested and extremely sweaty which can lead to rashes and blistering. Luckily, the Air Max Plus shoes are highly breathable in part because of the stretchable weave and advanced design that the creators of the shoe put into them. They are great for long runs because your feet will be dry and happy in them.


What good would it be to buy a running shoe that is uncomfortable to wear? The Air Max Plus prides itself on its amazing comfort and is undoubtedly a top choice by athletes because of this reason. The secret to what makes them so nice to wear is tuned air system in the midsole as well as the stretchable weave. Your toes and foot will feel amazing in these shoes no matter what shape they are as the shoes adapt to you. They are built with high quality materials and were designed by Nike with maximum comfortability in mind.


Nike is infamous for their sleek and sophisticated style that everyone knows and loves, and this principle applies to this product. The Air Max Plus is currently sold in pearly, ethereal shades that are beautiful and unique. This is great because men and women alike will both appreciate these colors. However, the shoe appears a little bit more bulky than similar products because it is built with extra cushioning to ensure durability. It is still a lightweight and stylish shoe, but may not be as tailored and futuristic looking as other designs.


Because this pair of shoes is a lot thicker and more cushioned than most other running shoes, it not only has enhanced comfort but great durability as well. At the same time, this increased thickness does not make the shoe feel cumbersome at all. This is a must have feature for all kinds of runners, as customers want a shoe that will be able to withstand harsh outdoor conditions and still be in good shape after hundreds of wears. The Air Max Plus is ideal for wearing on hikes, trails, and indoor areas like gyms too.


One of the most important aspects of a running shoe that prospective buyers often fail to take into consideration is protection. Thankfully, the Air Max Plus is not lacking in this category due to how it was designed. With the thick, waffle patterned bottom of the shoe, they are able to comfortably travel over rougher surfaces that have rocks and such. The thickness of the body of the shoes means that they are unlikely to tear or become irreparably damaged and maintain comfort at the same time.


How a shoe handles different types of terrain goes hand in hand with the protection of it. Athletes are often exposed to working out and running on many different kinds of surfaces including gym floors, turf, rocky trails, and sandy beaches. This product is awesome because of how well it adapts to each kind of terrain. You will have almost no trouble transitioning from the indoors to the outdoors in this shoe because of how nicely it glides over these different surfaces.


At a price of $170, the Air Max Plus is less expensive than some of Nike’s other high-end running shoes but still comes at a moderately big cost. You definitely get what you’re paying for with this product because it is very well made and stands up to the test of time. Some customers have even purchased more than one pair because they like the shoes so much.

Key Features

Tuned Air technology in the midsole
Leather mudguard that provides advanced durability
Subtle and sophisticated color scheme
Rubber outsole with waffle pattern for added traction
Stretchable weave
Can be tied tightly or loosely to adapt to different foot sizes

Bottom Line

At the end of the day, the Air Max Plus is an optimal choice for any type of runner, indoor or outdoor, hardcore or casual. It has great structural integrity that provides comfort for all shapes and sizes of feet, and has a color scheme that appeals to both men and women. The outsole, midsole and upper of the shoes combine for a luxurious feel that can also stand up to wear and tear. Furthermore, it offers nice arch support and is comfortable for long runs. It is stylish enough to be worn with non-athletic wear, and comes at a fairly standard price. There is almost nothing bad to say about the Air Max Plus, and that is why we recommend it so highly.