Nike Zoom Pegasus 32

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Nike Zoom Pegasus 32 Review Facts

Nike is at it yet again with their quality footwear, and this time it comes in the form of the Nike Zoom Pegasus 32 running shoe. With such a vast variety of colors to choose from, it is no wonder why it is such a popular choice in nearly every demographic. Like all of this company’s products, it is built with quality materials including Zoom Air technology and flywire knit. These types of tiny details make these shoes highly desirable to wear as they are comfortable and durable all at once. Serious and casual runners can get behind this product for these reasons in addition to the fact that they are sold at such a low price.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Much cheaper than typical running shoes
  • Modern and eye-catching design is appealing to men and women alike
  • Excellent traction and shielding
  • Amazing durability
  • Comfortable fit that adapts to wider and narrower feet
  • Up-to-date technology
  • Lining is prone to peeling off rather quickly
  • Toe area can be cramped and overcrowded
  • Very standard shoe; nothing very special or unique about it
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  • I am happy with this shoe and I am happy that they fit my wide feet. I thought the 29s were very comfortable. Didn't care too much for the the 31s but my favorite Pegasus 32. So glad there are more color options too. Eager to see how these perform on the road.
  • My girlfriend loves these. I got them for her as a running shoe for the gym. She says she has increased her time since wearing these and hasn't experienced any discomfort.
  • Love how ventilated these shoes are and super light. The cushion and stability are great too. What I like most is that they are durable without the bulk.
  • After having my feet specialist recommended a shoe for my feet, this was one of the shoes that I decided to go with. He recommended several but the Pegasus 32 was most comfortable. I've taken several walks up to 10 miles in these. I like them so much that I ordered another pair for back up.
  • I started back running because I missed the natural high that I used to get. My feet are hard to fit due to a narrow heel and high arches and I am extremely picky. This is my second pair of Pegasus 32s so that should tell you something. I am up to 20 miles a week running and loving these shoes.
  • This is my first pair of Pegasus. I usually go with Mizuno. These have been very comfortable and light from the beginning. I even got another pair to rotate. The traction is okay, I've had better and I wish these came in more options in terms of color.
  • The online pictures don't do this shoe justice. My daughter loves them and she has no complaints with comfort. She runs cross country in these shoes. And does up to four miles daily for five days. She said that she won't run in any other shoe.
  • The Nike Zoom Pegasus 32 is a lightweight and very comfortable shoe. I ran a marathon with no issues. I can usually run 40 miles a week and I've been running for over 20 years. These shoes are one of my favorites.
  • I purchased these a week ago and love the color. They are very comfortable and there's a lot of cushioning. My feet are happy during my 12-hour shifts. The fit is also true to size for me.
  • The Pegasus 32 is very comfortable. From day one I have had no issues. I wear them to the grocery store and to run errands. They do run small so I got a size larger.
  • Although these do come in wide they aren't too wide. I find them to be very comfortable and best for walking or running. I would again.
  • These are a good fit and I have wide feet. Nice and snug around the instep. Wish the laces were longer.
  • I wore these shoes on vacation and I absolutely love them. I got in 20,000 steps per day and they were so comfortable. No aches or blisters on my wide feet. I am very pleased with these shoes I ordered another pair.
  • My feet never blistered after walking 60 miles over a course of three days in my Pegasus. And the next no issues either.
  • For me, this shoe is the best fit for my high arch and narrow feet. They are the most comfortable too. Extremely comfortable when standing for long periods too. I highly recommend these shoes.
  • I love how comfortable these shoes are. It's only been a month but they have great support and not bulky. Love the style, color, and fit.
  • For me, these are a great trainer. I don't use them to run because I need more support due to nerve inflammation. These are great!
  • My daughter is obsessed with these shoes. She won't wear anything else for cross country.
  • I get pain in my ankles and knees sometimes when I switch to different brand shoes but not with these. Very comfortable.
  • This shoe is great for walking because they are so comfortable and lightweight. They are cute too. They do run small for me so I got a larger size.
  • This shoe was too flexible and didn't provide the support that I needed after my injury. Nice shoe but it didn't do what I needed.
  • Last few versions have been too narrow and I've been wearing Pegasus for some years, so I can tell the difference,
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The upper of a shoe is an extremely underrated part of a running shoe that is often overlooked or only thought of as a stylistic element. In reality, it is actually a key element of the shoe that serves a distinct purpose. Nike’s Zoom Pegasus has an engineered mesh upper with flywire cables which provide for maximum and secure comfortability. It is sleek looking and thin, and allows for great breathability as well.


One of the most unique aspects of the Zoom Pegasus 32 is its midsole because of the Zoom Air technology implemented into it. It contains so-called pressurized air pockets which helps aid in the feeling of the landing impact during running. This helps with both comfort and arch support, and helps generally carry the foot well. Finally, it helps propel the feet forward while still maintaining a natural and pleasant fell.


The Zoom Pegasus 32 makes great use of carbon rubber, one of the most powerful compounds available, in its outsole. It is environmentally friendly and is structured in the classic waffle design which is helpful in combatting impact shock. The outsole is well-cushioned and has fantastic traction which is a necessity when running on wet surfaces.


Having a shoe that is both lightweight and durable can be quite the feat for shoe manufacturers, but this product is not lacking in either of these departments. This is all thanks to the dynamic flywire system and general use of high quality materials used to create these shoes. They are lightweight and extremely flexible, a staple feature of any good Nike shoe. Athletes everywhere will appreciate how pleasant running in this pair of shoes is because of how weightless they truly feel in them.


Thanks to the Zoom Air technology in the midsole as well as the breathable fabric of the shoe, the Nike Zoom Pegasus 32 has a lot to offer in terms of breathability. This is a feature that one cannot live without, as it is necessary in preventing rashes, blistering, and even the potential for fungi to grow. Runners have lauded the breathability of this shoe because it makes for a shoe that is highly comfortable to wear on both long and short runs. Overall, running in this product is literally and figuratively a breeze.


There are a lot of factors which contribute to how comfortable or uncomfortable a running shoe is. Luckily, the Zoom Pegasus 32 is known for its comfortability and luxurious feel because of how the outsole, midsole, and upper beautifully combine to create peak comfort. The carbon rubber outsole helps prevent impact shock and soreness, and the Zoom Air technology in the midsole also helps with this. The fabric of the shoe is breathable and soft, and adapts well to any foot shape.


Sometimes all it takes to get a prospective buyer to purchase a shoe is a stylish design. Sure enough, the Zoom Pegasus 32 features a ton of striking and beautiful colors that can compliment any outfit. They are sleek and sophisticated looking because of their visible thinness and flexibility. Moreover, Nike is known to have some of the best looking shoes on the market so people tend to positively identify with all of their products. These shoes are stylish without sacrificing usefulness or comfort.


One of the most important factors that buyers take into consideration when purchasing a running shoe is how well it stands up to the test of time. Durability in this case means being able to withstand hundreds of even thousands of wears without breaking down and becoming ineffective. The Zoom Pegasus can easily traverse any kind of terrain with ease, and is not known to break down apart from the occasional peeling of the lining.


It is vital for running shoes to incorporate solid protection because without it a shoe can be cumbersome and uncomfortable. The carbon rubber waffle design of the shoe is ideal for this because it provides a nice, cushiony bounce and keeps your feet from getting sore. It is thick enough to prevent discomfort but is in no way bulky or uncomfortable feeling in spite of its thickness.


Running shoes in this day and age must absolutely be able to conquer any type of terrain, whether it is a gym floor, a rocky trail, or a sandy beach. It tackles this obstacle quite well and can be comfortably worn on all types of terrain within reason. One drawback of the Zoom Pegasus is that it is susceptible to water soaking through the shoe, but this is a problem that almost no shoe manufacturer has solved. Other than that, they are a solid pick for either indoor or outdoor runners.


Bargain shoppers, rejoice: these shoes start out around $70 online. For the amount of quality and durability one can get from these shoes, this is truly a great offer. This product still looks sleek and upscale despite it being a low price, and does not skimp on quality either. It is one of Nike’s top sellers in part because of this reason, and is a great pick that even college students can afford.

Key Features

• Zoom Air technology installed in the midsole
• Smooth and reliable design and performance
• Fantastic breathability means dry, comfortable feet
• Flywire technology that helps secure your feet
• Wide variety of color options
• BRS 1000 carbon rubber outsole

Bottom Line

When it comes down to it, this product is solidly built with comfort, style, and utility in mind. The combination of the carbon rubber sole and mesh overlay in addition to solid cushioning make for a truly unique and luxurious experience. They were crafted using state of the art technology and feature special technologies of their own in the midsole and upper. They are durable and can tackle most types of terrain, and still look sharp and fresh even after hundreds of uses. Lastly, they are extremely cheap and accessible to buy so those who don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a pair of shoes can breathe a sigh of relief.