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The Columbia Glennaker Lake jacket is a lightweight coat that is perfect for just about anyone who spends any time outdoors. It will protect you from the chill in the air, keeping you warm on those spring and fall days. Thanks to the Omni-Shield technology that coats the fabrics, you can get a decent amount of water resistance so you can stay as dry as possible. If you get caught in a drizzle, then you should have no problem staying dry and protected; however, it isn't going to do too much against a downpour. Overall, customers love this jacket stating that it's super comfortable and looks great. There are many colors you can choose from, so there is sure to be one for everyone. If you need a lightweight jacket for any outdoor activity, you might want to consider the Columbia Glennaker Lake!

Editor's Pros & Cons

Affordable price tag

Long-lasting durability

Omni-Shield water-resistant technology

Fun color options

Zippered side pockets


No lining in sleeves

Not very breathable


The Columbia Glennaker Lake rain jacket is constructed out of a variety of different materials, including polyester, nylon, and mesh to make sure you are getting a comfortable and functional experience while you are out and about.

The body and lining are made out of 100% nylon to ensure you get a waterproof experience that will keep you nice and dry while you are out and about. It uses Omni-Shield technology to make sure both water and stains roll right off the jacket, preventing it from soaking in the moisture and muck, causing you discomfort.

Additionally, there is a mesh lining inside the coat that is made out of 100% polyester to give you a more comfortable feeling inside the jacket. The use of poly is pretty standard for athletic apparel, including jackets, because of it's high comfort lever, incredible durability, and its inability to absorb moisture, so you will not have to worry about being soaked through with your own sweat.


One thing that most reviewers can agree on is that the Columbia Glennaker Lake is rather comfortable. Of course, as with almost anything on the market, there are some who disagree, but the vast majority can attest to the overall comfort level of the jacket.

The customers who disagree and have stated that the hoodie is uncomfortable noting that it was because it was not as breathable as they would have liked. However, considering that it is designed to prevent against the rain, there is only so much they ventilation they can provide without allowing the rain to enter the coat as well. Additionally, there is a lack of lining in the arm, which gives you a lot of extra room for some comfort, but that means when you start to sweat in your jacket the sleeves will cling uncomfortably to your arms. These are definitely things that can cause discomfort, but considering the type of product it is, it is something that you might expect.

The Columbia will help keep you dry if you get caught out in a drizzle, preventing you from having to finish your adventure running around in soaking wet clothing, that alone can cause you a great deal of comfort since you won't have to deal with the damp clothing. It's also going to keep you warm if you're heading out in some cooler temperatures which is much appreciated by many people.

The relaxed fit construction will ensure that you have enough room to move around as you need while you're heading out, but it isn't going to be too baggy and appear sloppy either. It is the perfect combination of snug and loose, offering you the epitome of comfort. Of course, this is all dependant on you purchasing the correct size of the optimal fit.


If you are going out for a run in the cold and wet weather, you are going to want to grab a jacket that is going to be able to keep you protected from the elements and thankfully Columbia can help you out with that. The Glennacker Lake is a great jacket that is designed to keep you dry and warm while you're out and about. The Omni-Shield technology will keep you dry by allowing the raindrops to hit your coat and roll right off of it, never allowing it to absorb into the nylon fabric and will prevent it from soaking through to your clothing underneath. It will do a fantastic job of keeping you dry while heading out on a gloomy and rainy day.

The jacket features an attached stowaway hood that can be used if you're caught in the wet, allowing you to easily take it out and cover your head and neck, giving you an extra layer of protection. When the sun comes back out, and you have no more use for the hood, you can take it off and tuck it back in and forget it. For those times you choose not the use the hood and want just a little extra protection from the wind, this product features a stand-up collar, for little additional security. Additionally, the sleeves feature a hook and loop closure so you can adjust it how you see fit to keep the wind and rain from blowing up your sleeves or you can loosen it to let in the breeze if you are getting warm. It features a full zipper in the front so you can lock yourself entirely in the jacket, keeping yourself protected underneath it.

One thing this does not offer in the way of protection that you will find in many other running jackets is reflective detailing. This one does not provide you any kind of this so you are going to want to make sure that if you're heading out in low light conditions that you are bringing something with you to ensure passers-by will see you so you can stay safe while on the go.


When looking around for a jacket to wear when heading out for running, or any other kind of outdoor adventure, you are going to want to try to make sure you get something that is going to be able to fit you comfortably. The Columbia Glennaker Lake jacket is designed to give you a more relaxed fit, so it isn't going to be too tight and restricting on your body, preventing you from doing the things you love. Just because it has a loose and relaxed fit doesn't mean that it will be too baggy and look sloppy while you're out and about. It gives you that perfect blend between fitted and loose that customers can appreciate.

Customers have commented that it fits them nicely and is pretty much running true to size so it should make choosing the correct size a little easier so you can get the perfect fit the first time you order.


Most customers can agree that this jacket is highly durable and will be able to withstand your active lifestyle. Whether you are using it to head out for your daily runs, hiking up the mountainsides, at the worksite, or solely for running errands, the Columbia will be able to keep up with you and your daily activities.

It might be a light jacket, but the materials that are used for the construction are strong enough to withstand a lot and will not easily rip or tear while you're wearing it. Additionally, the seams are strong enough that you aren't going to have to worry about them falling apart and leaving holes in the coat. Finally, the zippers seem to be excellent quality as well, as consumers have had no complaints about any of the zippers throughout the hoodie, whether the full zip front or on the hand pockets.

The Glennacker Lake has an average price tag when compared to other light rain jackets and a pretty reasonable one for one designed by Columbia. The excellent price tag mixed with the remarkable longevity means that this really is a fantastic investment. It is going to be able to remain part of your wardrobe for quite a while before it needs to be replaced.


The Columbia Glennaker Lake hoodie comes in men's sizes small through extra large to try to accommodate as many body shapes and sizes as possible. Customers have stated that they are running true to size so that should help you out when trying to determine what you should order, as you should be safe enough just to grab what you typically wear with no problems. Columbia does provide customers with a sizing chart that you can take a look at if you want to be sure before you place the order.

The long sleeves feature a hook and loop closure so you can adjust the size of the sleeves if you need to for a more comfortable fit. Additionally, the back length of the jacket (for a size medium) measures in at approximately 29 inches, although this is going to vary depending on the size purchased.


The Glennacker Lake is a lightweight jacket designed to be worn to help keep you warm on some of the cooler days and to try to keep you dry if it's looking like rain. It is not an overly heavy coat as it does not have any insulation or extra padding that would be needed in a winter coat.

There is no information on the exact weight of the jacket; however, customers can agree that it is lightweight and feels practically weightless while they're wearing it. It's not going to slow you down, or you hold you back at all while you're heading out for a run.


The Columbia Glennaker Lake jacket features long sleeves with an adjustable hook and loop closure so you can get the perfect fit in the sleeves. It also has an attached stow away hood so you can get coverage on your head when you need it and hide it away when you don't. The stand-up collar helps gives you some extra protection when you have the hood put away. The hoodie has two side pockets that zip up, ensuring that your belongings stay safely locked up and will not fall out while you're running.

There are a plethora of color options that you can choose from when purchasing this zip-up. Some of the options include, blue jay and Columbia navy, black, black and grill, cool grey and petrol blue, boulder and Pine Green, dark Ivy and glacier green, mosstone and shark, mountain red and graphite, Tuscan and grill, yacht and Azul, elderberry and shark, gray ash and graphite, Columbia gray in boulder, carbon, dark mountain and collegiate navy, delta and black, pond and grill, supersonic and shark, Amazon and grill, or fuse green and shark.


It is crucial to your overall durability and style that your jacket is being cleaned and maintained correctly. The good news is that the Columbia Glennaker Lake is machine washable in cold water and can be tumble dried on low heat, allowing you just to throw it in the wash when it is time to get cleaned. The Omni-Shield technology that coats the jacket helps prevent staining, letting mud and muck roll right off the fabrics, but you are still going to want to make sure you are cleaning your hoodie enough.

Storing it is simple, as well. You can always hang it in your closet or on your coat rack, but if that isn't something that you want to do, you have another option. This jacket is packable in its pocket. This means that you can fold it up and it will be able to fit comfortably in one of the hand pockets so you can store it there and throw it in your gym back or hiking backpack, so you have it handy when you need it.


There is almost nothing that you cannot do when wearing this jacket. Whether you want an everyday lightweight jacket to wear when there's a chill in the air, or you want something to take out on your morning jogs in the fall and spring, the Columbia Glennaker Lake has you covered. It has a water repellent feature, which is excellent if you get caught out in a light shower so you can stay nice and dry. Something you might want to note, however, is that if it starts to downpour, then you aren't going to stay dry at all. This jacket can handle light showers and small amounts of moisture, but will not keep the water off of you in a torrential storm.

Bottom Line

The Columbia Glennaker Lake is a great all-around lightweight jacket to protect you from the cooler weather and light rain. Whether you're heading out for a morning jog or merely going to work, this is a great go-to option if you're expecting a chill in the air or a little rain. The affordable price tag mixed with the long lifespan will ensure that you get your monies worth out of the product. Customers love it, stating that it is super comfortable. It comes in a plethora of color options, so you are sure to find a jacket that best suits your needs and wants. It comes highly recommended, many people suggesting that they would happily recommend it to their friends and family.