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Did you know? The inspiration for them modern hoodie-styled jackets as we all know them today come from Medieval England? Yes, monks from the early 12th century wore garments with hoodies on them. You’ve probably seen them before. But back in the early 20th century, they were brought to the mainstream fashion thanks to Champion. The sportswear type of company revived the hoodie styled look, and they have been beloved additions to the wardrobe ever since.

Regarding the hoodie, there’s a difference in public perception in various countries. In some are associated with rebellion and poverty, while in others are a steeped into the culture that they’re ubiquitous. Back in the ’90s the FBI drawing of the Unibomber, pictured Ted Kaczynski wearing a hoodie. Surfers, skateboarders and most of the athletes love wearing hoodie styled jackets. So does Mark Zuckerberg, the founder, and CEO of Facebook. He’s been vocal of his love for hoodies and jeans and even opts for the look. You know… Instead of wearing a business suit.

But for now, let’s focus on a particularly fascinating jacket with a hoodie. The Incendo by Arc'teryx. What makes it so great? Is it worth buying and what are the specific details that make it stand out?

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Editor's Pros & Cons

Made out of lumin fabric



Made for outdoors running

Hip- Length


No other length available


Made out of lumin fabric, the Incendo model is breathable, flexible and extremely lightweight. It provides fantastic protection against external influences like different weather conditions. Why? Because the lumin fabric is a type of nylon. Despite the lightweight feel, it’s very strong fabric and durable at the same time.

The nylon-based ripstop taffeta contains 6.6 nylon yarns, which will become quite enough to protect you from basically everything. The sun, the branches, the insect and of course the weather conditions. Wind, cold and rain are going to become a joke thanks to this lumin fabric and it’s very practical water resistant type of finish.

You’ll be able to feel the fabric doing its magic each and every time. Underneath the base lumin fabric sits the very fine and comfy layer of Dot Air type of mesh. It’s also made out of synthetic material (polyester) and it also has a water resistant type of finish. So, this particular item has two separate layers of water-repellant fabric, which really ads up to the waterproof nature of the garment itself.


What is there to say about comfort? Well, the comfort in most of the cases doesn’t come all by itself. In this particular case, several items, fabrics, and even the style and the fit of the jacket contribute to comfort in one way or another. But let’s start from the beginning. Sure the water-resistant layers of fabric from which this jacket was made really top the comfort levels.

The fabrics are pleasant, they absorb the moisture and allow the jacket to dry fairly quickly. The quick-drying ability is one fantastic advantage that this item has when compared to the rest. It’s one thing to repel all the moisture. But it’s quite the other to allow the moisture to dry and to disappear at a moment’s notice.

That will come in handy out in the open, but at the same time right after you take the item out of the washing machine. But more on that a bit later in this post. One other thing. Although the fit of the jacket is very trim, you’ll definitely notice that the jacket lacks stitching on the surface. Sure there is stitching present, but that’s done so the parts of the garment are able to hold on to each other.

Any other stitching on the surface of the material is omitted. Why? Because of the moisture-repelling properties of course. The stitching is done with a thread, and it stores the moisture so it makes it more difficult for the jacket to dry. The less stitching the better. The less stitching it has, the quicker it will dry. It’s as simple as that.

Oh and last but not least… This particular item has a technology called Composite Mapping type of technology. What does it mean? Well, it’s a form of technology that put each fabric on strategic places around the structure of the jacket, in order to get the best effects.

The elastic cuffs on the sleeves are a nice touch that accentuates the comfort but from a different area of the model, and so is the chest snap at the front holds the unzipped jacket and allows the airflow to be at the max. Talk about comfort right? Arc'teryx is well aware that different part of the body reacts differently with the climate. It’s the best form of protection, and Arc'teryx has been using it on plenty of other models.


The jacket doesn’t rely on the nature of the material to offer the protection that’s needed. No. Sure, the lumin fabric and the Dot Air type of mesh underneath the fabric are great sources of protection. And they do a fine job at that.

But the protection isn’t just from the weather conditions. Sometimes you actually need protection from the external environment. Think about for a second that you’re in a dark and potentially dangerous situation. You have no velar vision, and none around you has a clear vision of you.

How will you let everyone around you know where is your location? Well, you’ll let the jacket to do that for you. The logo inserted on the chest, and blazes have a reflective power and allow you to remain visible even in the poorly lit environment. That’s the protection that’s actually needed for sure.


The material, the design, the fit are the big important things that make the jacket practical and comfy. They’re the big players in the Incendo. But just like in everything else (a great movie, a fantastic book or a play) the supporting characters are extremely important. And over there the supporting details really paint the picture. What are they?

Well, the zippers, the hem, the hoodie, and the fly. And this garment has them all. It has an elastic set of cuffs, a chest snap at the fort, a front zipper which is full length and a wind flap. The hem is made with a drop back style, and it has an adjustable and very comfortable hem cord. The details are really intricate and each of them is made to last for a long time. Even the zipper.


The Incendo is available in sizes that start with an XS size and end at the XL side of the sizing spectrum. The sizing doesn’t go beyond the XL, and the company doesn’t offer plus size models that range in the 2X and above. The same goes for the female version of this jacket.


The Arc'teryx Company’s advice on using the Incendo jacket is for outdoor activities. That’s mostly because of the water-repellant finish that’s been given to the layers of moisture-wicking fabrics. They’re the real MVP of this item, and because of them and their quick-drying abilities, you can actually wear it out on the open for lengthy periods of time. But the use goes beyond the wearing.

The practical way of storing and transporting the Incendo pays a huge role in the use as well. What’s the use of wearing it, when you can’t store the Incendo properly? No. the Jacket has a nice practical way of storing and transporting the jacket because you can actually roll it up in and secured it with a handy snap. That way you can store it in your backpack and it won’t take much room.

It’s easy to roll into a nice little log, and you won’t even know that it’s there. Just like you won’t even notice it on your body. It has a hanger loop if you chose to hang it on the side of your backpack, and that very same loop is laminated and extremely durable. So it’s up to you to decide.


Prepare for a shocker. The Incendo weighs only 125 g. That’s right it has the weight of a small bag of potato chips. Think about it. The jacket that will protect you from evert possible all kinds of weather conditions, is extremely lightweight and comfy. Easy to store, to transport and to carry whenever you need it.


Available in only 4 different color options, the Incendo really needs improvement in the color choices. The black version of the jacket is the most in demand, according to the company’s comment section, but the female version isn’t that great either.

A serious improvement in the color options is needed, but all of the color options that are available are monochromatic. There is no available color-blocking patterns or any other type of patterns for that matter. The monochromatic look lives on with the Incendo jacket.


Just like with most other jackets made out of synthetic materials, the Incendo requires the same care and attention. Do not wash it on temperature above 30 degrees Celsius, and try not to use fabric softeners and washing detergents that are too abrasive and strong. They can damage the quality of the fabrics really quickly.

Also, it’s best advised to was this jacket with dark clothes separately. The color of the jacket may transfer to the other lighter items of clothing in your machine and they’ll be dyed. Do not iron the item, and definitely don’t expose it to any other source of direct heat, like electricity powered heating body.

Bottom line

This is a fantastic jacket. The core of the garment is the fantastic lightweight, water repellent lumin fabric, but the little things that accompany the construction are the ones that really give it life. The reflective logo, for instance, the elastic cuffs, the chest snap on the front of the body, the front zipper and he fitted hood that can be rolled up in the back and secured with a nice snap. But you know what else can be rolled up in a nice log and secured for better transportation? The entire model.

With just 125 grams of weight, the Incendo is light as a feather. It will come in handy at your next hike or camping trip and will never let you down. It’s an item that’s worth buying, and worth owning especially if you enjoy outdoor activities. Although the color variety is somewhat disappointing, it very well makes up for in ingenuity, practicality, and comfort.

You’ll love every moment spent wearing the Incendo, and you will be surprised by the ergonomically efficient style that just screams from every seam. It’s truly an amazing jacket for sure.