Adidas Futurecraft 4D

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I can assure you that you’ve never seen a shoe quite like the Adidas Future craft 4D. This shoe is Adidas' answer to those who have been seeking something that is unique, comfortable, and full of functionality. Incorporated into its design are various cushioning features as well as concepts that have never before been seen in a shoe before. The cause of the uniqueness that this shoe provides is the midsole; no shoe producer has ever before been able to design a shoe with a 3D printed midsole. This, along with various other unique features is what allows this shoe to provide wearers with the (for lack of a better word) extreme feel that it has. Read our detailed Adidas 4D review and decide for yourself.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Unique design
  • Stylish
  • Bouncy feel
  • Comfortable
  • Supportive midsole
  • Expensive
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  • While running in these I have to say that the energy return and the Mid sole bounce makes running feel effortless, these feel like they are designed to personally work with you, so far I have managed three ten mile runs and the breathability, support, grip and overall performance of these are simply the best.
  • As soon at I set off in these I noticed the fantastic springy quality and these shoes ride very comfortably, the right parts of the midsole feel firm, while others parts were rightly flexible and soft. The level of spring in these gives good running and remind me of the Ultraboost.
  • These are super radical shoes, The uppers are fantastic, I have always liked the prime knit, the uppers are thick but really well perforated so my feet feel very cool, even when I use these on very hot weather on hot sweaty city streets. I got these for the new midsole tech and I was not disappointed, I get all the support and performance expected from high quality shoes and much more. I can’t fault these, yes the price is high but with these you get what you pay for, outstanding running shoes capability for using for any type of running.
  • From the moment I easily slipped my feet into these and ran, the bounce factor was phenomenal, the mid-sole is so unique and seriously high performing, the heel spring is so impressive and feels like it is physically pushing me forward. I feel faster with less effort and the comfort from these is highly impressive. They cost more but I feel that I have invested in high tech shoes designed to enhance my running performance and comfort.
  • These are a dream to wear and run in, I prefer the continental rubber outsole because traction and grip are the best. As for the midsole which is why I got these, it makes all the difference to support and propulsion, these shoes are in a class of their own, the energy return works so well that I feel like I’m being propelled along. Wet or dry surfaces, these shoes grip, the prime knit uppers are wonderful for ventilation. This rates as the best performing shoe that I have ever had.
  • Tried these out on the streets of NY, they cost more than most shoes but I felt the better propulsion, very high quality cushioning effect, possibly the best stability, the mid sole is constructed from thousands of struts and looks very different to what I have tried before but the level of energy return is better than anything else I’ve experienced. These are great running streets and local parks, I have no doubt these shoes are good for short and long distances.
  • Running in these gave me a new experience, bags of comfort and performance, the uppers are perforated to allow a flow of cooling air and my feet felt naturally cool, I have put in a lot of miles on the roads and the out sole shows nothing for wear. The midsole performance is so well balanced, perfect energy return, it’s a combination of firm, flexible, supportive and soft.
  • Love the shoes, the tech in these is the future for runners, just wish Adidas could bring down the price.
  • For running these can't be faulted, they feel perfect, but for prolonged casual wear while walking, the bounce in these did cause my calves to ache, these are designed for running not casual walking.
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This shoe is definitely of the more durable variety. The design of the outsole on the Adidas FutureCraft 4D is made of Continental Rubber. This material is the brainchild of both Continental Tires and the designer, Adidas and resulted from Adidas recognizing that there was a need for a more durable rubber material to be placed in their outsoles. With that being said, the outsole is made of a rubber with the same consistency of rubbers that are placed in bike tires. The use of this rubber also gives this shoe a bit more grip than that experienced by the average running shoe.


The futuristic look isn't just for show and actually results in the shoe having a higher than average level of energy return. One look at the midsole of the shoe you see various porous features, which does help to explain the bounce that one feels as they run in it. The funny thing about the midsole of the Adidas 4D is that while the midsole does look to be 3D printed, it actually isn’t. The midsole of the shoe is designed from a resin of Adidas own design that they heat up then mold, slowly allowing it to cool over time.


The upper of the shoe is designed from a Primeknit material as many of the more expensive Adidas shoes are. The use of this material gives it the airflow that they need as well as the space that they may need in terms of expansion in case the toes swell up during a run. The cool thing about the upper of the Adidas Prime Knit 4D is that it actually doesn’t have any overlays in place in the design which is helpful for keeping the shoe's appearance minimal. As for lacing, the shoe makes use of lacing that goes directly into the fabric of the upper (there are no eyelets in place).


To keep the shoe’s design relatively lightweight, it makes use of minimalism in its design; the lack of overlays in the Futurecraft’s design means that it won’t weigh very much on the foot. The porous nature of the material in the Futurecraft’s sole unit is also a great contributor to the shoe’s lightweight nature; unlike most foams, this shoe has various holes in its sole unit. The fact that the resin used to print the midsole is relatively lightweight, allows this shoe to be what wearers would need in order to fully provide a lightweight overall experience.


The Primeknit upper of the Futurecraft was definitely made with the foot and the likelihood of a compilation of sweat occurring, in mind. The design of this shoe features various holes in the toe box and sides; these are in place in order to provide the wearer with what they need in terms of airflow and to ensure that sweat doesn’t simply stick to the inside of its design. Another cool thing about this futuristic shoe is that it makes use of holes along the heel of the shoe as well a lining in on the inner region; these ensure that wearers have what they need regarding comfort and security.


While the material in the midsole of the shoe is definitely incredibly comfortable, it doesn’t provide the highest level of comfort to the foot. That is simply to say that the shoe doesn’t have the cushioned feel that various other shoes of its kind provide. The upper of the Futurecraft however, is meant to provide an incredibly comfortable feel to the foot of the wearer. The sock-like feel, as well as the air holes in the side of the foot, enable this shoe to provide wearers with what they need in terms of comfort and security for an adequately long period of time without worry.


Another area that the Futurecraft simply excels in is that of style. The shoe closely resembles several of the various different lifestyle Boost sneakers that have been made by Adidas; they all have a slim design and the thicker than normal midsole area. The cool thing about the design of the Future craft is that it can be worn almost anywhere. It can be worn with both athletic gear, as well as with various different types of casual clothing. The best part about all of this is that regardless of what you wear with these sneakers, individuals who see them will automatically wonder what it is that you have on your feet.


The continental rubber that lines the outsole of this wonderful shoe will definitely do the trick in terms of keeping it looking lively. The main reason why this material was created in the first place was so that the longevity of the material would improve and it would be able to consistently provide wearers with a sense of grip; it does just that. The primeknit upper, on the other hand, is very thin and doesn’t last anywhere near long enough to provide wearers with a real sense of longevity. With that in mind, as long as the shoe is kept out of harm’s way and experiences areas that open it up to minimal use, it will last for a reasonable length of time.


Again, protection is relative to the activity that the shoe will be used for. These are minimalist running shoes, so you can’t really expect it to provide one with all that much protection. The upper is made of primeknit and has very few overlays; the utter lack of overlays is one of the main contributors to this shoe’s inability to provide wearers with what they need in terms of security and protection. On that same token, the entire shoe seems to be porous (full of holes, so to speak) meaning that it won’t provide any level of security in regards to liquids entering the shoe’s design either.


While the outsole on the shoe won’t provide the same level of comfort as that experienced by say, a Boost shoe, it definitely gives a higher than average level of responsiveness to the wearer during use. This can be said to be because of the firm nature of the material in the design of the midsole; the resin, when it hardens, gives snaps back as pressure is placed onto it. The resin’s ability to snap back when pressed on is noticed by the midsole of the shoe and its ability to give wearers what they need regarding responsiveness when in use.


This may actually be kind of hard to believe since it was just said that the material in the sole unit of the shoe is a bit firmer than that of foam midsoles but, the midsole of this shoe is actually very supportive. The midsole is ergonomically designed to be ergonomic and blend with the curvature of the wearer’s underfoot. The cool thing about what Adidas did with the midsole of this shoe is that they said that someday in the future, they plan on making it so that wearers would be able to get shoes made (in store) that blend directly with the support that they need for their foot.


The material in the outsole of these shoes is made to be able to function on a variety of terrains without experiencing wear issues. These shoes function best when used on road terrains though; the design that they have actually screams that they have a need to be used on a road. They have a slim-lined upper design and, due to them being lightweight, function very well to give wearers what they need in terms of security.


There is no doubt about it, these shoes are definitely expensive. You can’t really expect anything more from them, it makes complete sense for them to sell for the price that they do. In addition to this, the outsole of the shoe is made from their signature Continental Rubber material; seeing how this material stemmed from a collaboration with a major tire retailer, it makes sense for it to be as expensive as it is. The good thing about all of this is that all of the things that make up this shoe come together to be something great, the Futurecraft 4D. This shoe will definitely turn heads and give you a somewhat “different” experience while doing so.


You have an outsole made of Continental rubber, what do you expect for it to do. The design of the sole unit on the Adidas Futurecraft 4D provides wearers what they need in terms of grip due to the naturally “sticky” nature that the material has. On a road surface, wearers will definitely be able to feel the shoe’s need to stick to whatever surface it is that the shoe is being worn on. The funny thing about the outsole on this shoe is that it doesn’t have any patterns; other than the slight raises of the material, it does still grip incredibly well.


The midsole of the shoe isn’t the most “lax” material meaning that it doesn’t have the highest range of motion. The use of Primeknit in the upper of the shoe also gives it what it needs in terms of the range of motion; the primeknit in the upper is meant to flex almost without effort and provide wearers with what they need in terms of the range of motion. The design of the shoe provides wearers with what they need in terms of comfort and allow for an adequate range of motion when in use.


If purchased in the correct size, these shoes will definitely deliver a fit that provides them with what they need in terms of stability. The lacing on the upper of these shoes and the way that they directly into the shoe’s upper allows them to have what they need in terms of stability when in use. This stability stems from the fact that the lacing pulls directly at the fabric instead of being controlled by the eyelet featured in the shoe’s design The firm, 3D printed midsole in the shoe’s design does give it the security that it needs in order to feel secure when on foot. The great thing about the Primeknit upper is that it doesn’t feel shifty in the way that other mesh uppers do; it fully provides a stable feel when worn.


No drop has been specified for this particular shoe, but it can be seen that isn’t the largest in the world. Although no stack height has been specified for this shoe, the stiff design of this shoe’s midsole is one that would need to have a naturally low stack height in order to feel provide smooth transitions.

Key Features

• 3D printed midsole
• Primeknit upper
• Bootie design
• Continental rubber outsole


I told you that this is one unique shoe. All of the features that this shoe has as well as the various different technologies that this shoe has allows it to provide wearers with what they need in terms of security and functionality when in use. Although this shoe is relatively expensive, it still has a design that is functional and worth the money.