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The past meets the future in the Adidas Marathon Tech running shoes. The iconic look has been rebooted and improved with great new technology. The end result is Adidas Marathon Tech. A new spin of the old classic shoes that so many generations grew up with. The highly regarded Adidas TRX Competition.

Adidas Marathon Tech has a vintage-inspired upper, mixed with the good old Boost technology in the outsole. A classic retro design, that’s been improved for the new generations to come.

Back in the ’80s, the Adidas TRX Competition was Adidas' first trail sneaker. It was also a source of pride and joy for the company. The 2019 re-emergence from the Adidas’s factory is another great example of how a great sneaker can withstand the test of time in order to make a glorious comeback.

Plenty of runners, who loved the style of the great retro sneakers, will love the Adidas Marathon Tech’s presence on the market yet again. Things have a chance in the past 40 years or so, but the quality that Adidas has the offer remains a constant.

So, let’s take a closer look at Adidas Marathon Tech sneakers.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Regular fit

Lace closure

Mesh and synthetic suede upper

Rubber outsole

Responsive Boost midsole


No vegan version


It just doesn’t get any better than this, now does it? The classic rubber outsole now in the Adidas Marathon Tech makes a return along with the famous upper. But just like the things that were improved in the upper, things have been improved greatly in the bottom part of the sneaker. Namely… The classic rubber outsole. If you compare it to the Adidas TRX Competition sneaker, the new improved upper is not only slightly thicker, it’s also slightly smoother on the bottom (without the recognizable ridging) in order to give the best running performance.


Sitting in the middle of the sneaker is the outstanding responsive Boost midsole. The Boost technology used in the midsole utilizes the tiny thermoplastic polyurethane particles in order to give the best response and of course the best possible boost to your feet. Made by Adidas in collaboration with the German chemical company BASF, the Boost technology brought back the sportswear giants to sneaker supremacy in the early ’90s. What was great about Adidas’s, insoles in the 80’with a touch of science was made even better in the ’90s.

But what is a Boost midsole? A sturdy solid granular material known as Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) is blown up and reshaped into miniature energy capsules. They’re the size of rice grains, and when they’re reshaped, they make the silhouette’s unique styrofoam-esque midsole. And what’s so great about them? It’s believed that they have the highest energy return of any shoe currently on the market, something that’s been a source of a lot of pride and joy to Adidas. Right until the invention of the Boost technology, the EVA midsole was the best possible option for energy return, but the, Boost shook things up quite a bit. So, in essence, the more energy you spend running in the Adidas Marathon Tech, the more energy you’ll get back in return.

You’ll have that bouncy, responsive feel from the very beginning until the very end of your run and you won’t get tired of that wonderful feeling. As a finishing touch, the addition to the net design is added in the center of the midsole. It looks great on the entirely white midsole. Without the net design, it would have looked bare and unattractive, but the net design gives the sneakers a little edge and character.


And what else contributes to that wonderful feeling? The wonderful upper that sits on top of the Adidas Marathon Tech sneaker. Made with a stylish mix of suede and mesh, the upper is a great not to the original. The similarities with the Adidas TRX Competition are evident. You can clearly see that the Marathon Tech is truly an improved version of the sneaker that dominated the market 40 years before. Let’s take the lace closure for instance. Although it looks the same, the holes that the shoelaces fit into, are reinforced with plastic loops for added security and the fact that the plastic hoops offer a better fit, doesn’t hurt either. The lace closure has almost the same design, the same shoelaces, but one great addition can really make all the difference. Talk about the use of new materials and new improved technology.

But what makes the 2019 version so great? The Amazon Marathon Tech has a regular fit, and mesh that provides breathable feel throughout the entire shoe. The shoelace openings on the new improved model have plastic loops that hold the shoelaces tightly in position, and the all too familiar stripes that can be found on the side of the upper, are now (in some models) blended with the surface of the upper. The color of the stripes in some of the sneakers doesn’t stand out in the newer version of the sneakers. The three stripes of the Adidas logo have the exact same color with the color used in the upper, which is great.


When it comes to the comfort of the Marathon Tech, Adidas plays it safe. Seriously. The older version of the sneaker was known for the comfort that it provided back in the ’80s, but with the addition to the Boost technology, the comfort is probably essential. Having the Boost technology on the shoe’s side, Marathon Tech is probably the best option for you. But the comfort isn’t provided solely from the midsole. Plenty of the customer review comments have singled out the comfort to be one of the shoe’s best features and it applies to the entire shoe, not to the specific parts of it.


If the comfort wasn’t specifically pinpointed to one specific part of the sneaker, the support sure is. It’s all down to the wonderful Boost midsole that graces the center of the sneaker, is a great course of comfort to the runner and the support that it offers is unparalleled to any other sneaker on the market. It’s nice when the support comes from the bottom of the shoe, especially if that shoe is running style of shoe. Luckily the support is high in this particular sneaker, and in addition to the comfort previously discussed.


The rubber outsole is the underdog here. When you think of a rubber outsole to a great running sneaker, you wouldn’t expect to be responsible for the durability portion of the shoe, but it’s true. The rubber outsole of the Adidas Marathon Tech is a lot smoother than the one in the original version of the sneaker, and the ridges found on the bottom of the outsole are a lot smoother (with the ridges being less pronounced) but none the less, it offers a great deal of durability and traction to the shoe. But the rubber outsole isn’t the only culprit for the durability. The use of suede in the upper is a fine choice that prolongs the lifespan of the shoe, and so does the use of Thermoplastic polyurethane in the midsole. Let’s not forget the fine craftsmanship that went into the making of the shoe, and all of those factors combined make for one fantastic shoe that’s not only dependable and durable it’s also highly comfortable. Because it’s all you want in a running shoe. A comfy shoe that you can keep by your side for a long time.


Although the outsole of the Adidas Marathon Tech is slightly thicker than its predecessor, the new and improved version of the Adidas TRX Competition has the same amount of flexibility. The high dose of flexibility ensures that your feet can bend easily to the motion of the sneaker and adapt to the terrain that’s in question. The Marathon Tech can showcase the flexibility of smooth and rough surfaces equally, so therefore you can use the sneakers for running on just about any type of terrain. The upper also adds volumes to the flexibility part of the sneaker, and it’s so nice to have a shoe that can bend easily in almost every part of the shoe structure.


Although the stability is greatly attributed to the Boost midsole, the outsole really is the one that’s lacking any stability. Yes, the outsole is slightly thicker than the outsole found in the shoe’s much older cousin, the Adidas TRX Competition but the new and improved version of the sneaker lacks the ridging founds on the bottom of the outsole. Because the ridging isn’t that pronounced (like in the 80’s version) the stability is severely compromised here in the Marathon Tech. The lack of ridging in the shoe’s outsole can make them dangerous for running on several types of terrain. Which doesn’t mean that there isn’t any source of traction, but when you take a look at the outsole of the original shoe, and the outsole to the Marathon Tech you’ll be able to see the difference in the design and the stability that that design has to offer to the runner.


Luckily for any runner, the airflow that the Marathon Tech has to offer is great. And Adidas worked hard to provide the best possible airflow in the new and improved shoes. The mesh is present on several areas of the upper, and the mesh along is enough to give you the breathability and ventilation that you deserve. But Adidas didn’t just added the mesh and call it a day. No. If you take a closer look at the sneaker, you’ll notice that the top of the tongue is also perforated, which just amps up the airflow? With the tongue perforations, the airflow comes also from the top of the upper as well and lets the air fluctuate in the entire upper freely.


With a price tag of 120 dollars, the Marathon Tech sneaker by Adidas is a shoe that sits on the pricier side, but with the price that you’ll pay you’ll get something special, comfy and durable that will be with you for a long time. You’ll get a quality shoe that’s been made with great care and with the help of a great technology like the Boost technology.


The Marathon Tech sneaker by Adidas is a shoe that’s been worn 4 decades prior by millions of running aficionados. Adidas took the 1979 classic called TRX Competition, rebooted it in 2019, and the end result was Marathon Tech. A new and very improved version of the much-loved sneaker that was part of the shoe closed to millions of satisfied customers. Adidas took the design and the style of the TRX Competition, shake things up, and with the use of the Boost technology created the Marathon Tech. If you compare the two sneakers side by side you’ll notice the similarities in the style, design, and inspiration taken from the retro classic shoe.

The Boost technology is the true MVP in the Marathon Tech’s roster and the real example of improving an otherwise great sneaker. The Marathon Tech is a sleek, clean and elegant retro-inspired version of a great shoe form the past. It’s the shoe that makes the past the present merge in one stylish structure, and the benefits of that merger will be felt in the years to come.

Bottom line

Adidas has played with the past in plenty of other shoe styles. The company has been renowned for reviving the old sneakers from the past and giving them a new breath of life with just the touch of new technology. The style and design remain pretty much unchanged (with slight alterations), but the addition of the Boost technology shook things up in the best possible way. The comfort, the flexibility, the durability are all present in the Marathon Tech sneaker, and if you are considering them for your next marathon run, then they’re the perfect choice to make.