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Adidas Iniki Runner Reviewed Review Facts

ADIDAS doesn’t need much introduction as their 3 stripe logo brand is world renowned. The brand was started in Germany by its founder Adolf Dassler who started it in his mother’s kitchen, where he wanted to design a football trainer. However, as we now know this brand has gone from strength to strength and morphed into a multi-billion dollar industry. They have branched out into all sports-related merchandise such as shoes, clothing, and accessories.  Another attribute to the more recent popularity and hype of Adidas is that famous people like Kanye West and Pharrell Williams have switched from other famous brands to the 3 stripe logo brand. However, for this review, we are covering the Adidas Iniki Runner which is in the spotlight. Iniki meaning Hurricane in the Hawaiian language, or strong winds. As with a few of the other Adidas more recent shoe designs, Boost technology comes standard with this sneaker, making comfort a priority for the Adidas Iniki Runner; the lifestyle sneaker.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  •       Excellent price point
  •       True to size
  •       Boost Technology
  •       Comfort
  •       Retro design
  •       Lightweight
  •       Excellent lifestyle sneaker
  •      Toe gets caught between the neoprene and suede
  •      Stiff BOOST


The outsole has a natural gum or translucent color with holes that make the sneaker grip the pavement and retain sufficient traction which is what the Iniki was intended for. The translucent web-like design of the outsole is made with a thicker rubber which was created to withstand possible long periods of time in the sneaker; again, this is what the Adidas Iniki lifestyle sneaker was designed for. The web-like outsole has been cleverly designed to match up with all the retro color hues that the Iniki color palette comes in.


The Boost technology on the Adidas Iniki runs across the whole length of the shoe. It is white on the Iniki’s design and looks really good; not to mention that it’s really soft to touch and has excellent cushioning for the foot. The ankle is wider than other Adidas Sneakers meaning that it would suit a wider foot. The midsole was made with Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) which compresses under pressure for long hours of pounding the pavements. The OrthoLite technology has been used for the sock liner which makes for great cushioning and attempts to eliminate smells and sweat.


The upper is made from suede and a breathable fabric called Neoprene. It’s a soft flexible fabric that allows the sneaker to be really breathable and flexible, but it doesn’t really hold its shape and structure for strenuous exercising. The 3 stripes logo on the sneaker is soft leather as well as leather at the back of the heel. The tongue is attached to the shoe and the laces are connected to the tongue so when putting the shoe on it feels like putting on a sock, adding plush comfort with ease. The combination of suede and neoprene makes this sneaker an attractive modern spin on the design from the 70’s, with modern technology of course - which the shoes from the decades past didn’t have the benefit of having. The combination of Suede and Neoprene was a clever move from Adidas, making it a comfortable and an attractive sneaker.


This is a very lightweight shoe, so the chance of strain on the feet and inevitably the body is lessened. The Adidas Iniki lifestyle sneaker is perfect for spending long periods of time in. The weight of the sneaker contributes to an easy and comfortable experience. Between the Neoprene, the Mesh and Suede- they all contribute to making this a very lightweight sneaker as well as a very comfortable one. A real Bonus for those who will be spending long periods of time on their feet. The sneaker has a slipper-like feel effect because of its weight and its sock-like, slip-on feel.


The shoe is designed and manufactured with suede and a breathable nylon fabric called Neoprene. The Neoprene fabric has a wider weave which allows for air rotation around the foot and sneaker. The fact that the shoe has a mesh surround on the inside of the sneaker also contributes to the breathability of the Adidas Iniki. The sock liner has also been specifically designed to absorb sweat and smells as well as for breathability within the sneaker. There is nothing worse than spending time out and about with smelly and sweaty feet. The Adidas Iniki lifestyle sneaker technology has manufactured a sneaker that will withstand the disadvantages of sweaty feet.


Because of the BOOST technology the ADIDAS Iniki is super comfortable. The Neoprene is a very flexible and comfortable fabric for touch and this has been used on the sneaker. The midsole is raised for extra comfort and flexibility. The mesh and cushioning in the midsole provides a plush feel when wearing this sneaker. One of the attributes of Boost technology is that it is known for its ability to help you preserve your energy - in fact, energizes the foot and the body. So you could quite easily forget you have spent hours wearing shoes, it feels so comfortable. Your feet are cushioned comfortably in the Iniki and this sneaker is focused on comfort.


The fact that the shoe is made from the Neoprene fabric and Suede as well as the translucent color of the web-look outsole makes this shoe very durable. Suede brushes are readily available as are protection products for the suede. There are cleaning products on the market for extra protection and durability which also allows the Adidas Iniki to be a longer lasting sneaker. What also adds to the durability of this sneaker is the flexibility of the fabric including the mesh on the inside of the midsole. So through the flexibility of the sneaker there is little chance of breakages, as it was designed to move freely as the feet move.

Toe Box

The Adidas Iniki toe box is designed for toe movement and the design on the upper is a mixture of suede and the nylon, which some people love. Yet, others have said that the design at times catches the toe. However, this Adidas Iniki toe box is designed for the wider foot which allows for toe movement and very little restriction. The toe box, does have some stability due to the two types of fabrics surrounding it which keep it intact and secure. The sneaker is slightly rounded too.

Width & Length

So some sneakers tend to cramp the foot somewhat, especially around the heel and the width of the broadest part of the foot including the toe section and around the toe box. However, the Adidas Iniki Sneaker has had positive reviews stating that the sneaker is more inclined to be suitable for the broader foot.


The Adidas Iniki has sufficient support with the Boost midsole and the more solid sock liner in the shoe. However, the flexible Neoprene fabric on the upper doesn’t hold the foot very securely for long runs and there doesn’t seem to be sufficient support around the ankle of the sneaker, unless the wearer is more inclined to a broader foot. If that’s the case, then this sneaker would work for you. The sneaker is not designed for strenuous sport and running, but rather as a good lifestyle sneaker. Some reviews have also mentioned the fact that the toe area is a bit thin and doesn’t provide enough support.


Different countries have different color palettes available. Not all the countries carry the same colors as they do in the US. The initial colors were Navy/White and Red/White, with the iconic 3 stripes all in white - a real throwback retro look. However in the USA there is now a large selection available. Here is to mention but a few-Navy and White, Red and White, Forest Green and White, Sky Blue and White, Grey and White, Black on Black and a Retro Yellow. ADIDAS seems to be bringing out new colors all the time depending on the seasons. They just recently launched their pastel spring selection too-mostly for the ladies.


As the Adidas Iniki is not a running shoe in the real sense of the word it is a perfectly suitable lifestyle sneaker and with this in mind, the traction is sufficient for the day to day of the average person. The webbed rubber on the outsole is made from a translucent color and its thickness makes for good traction when walking, or doing some less strenuous sports. The web-like grid of the rubber grips the pavement so there is little chance of slipping or falling.


The flexibility on this shoe is amazing. You can bend it backwards and forwards and it will not break or snap. The choice of fabric attributes to this. Both the neoprene and the mesh inside the item are especially flexible fabrics. This is really beneficial for the molding of your foot into the Iniki sneaker. This lifestyle sneaker is designed for movability in the shoe and allows the foot muscles to be used. So whether you walk, or do a basic run, or climb on and off public transport or climb the stairs, the Iniki sneaker bends and flexes with the movement of the foot. There is little chance of injury due to this and makes for a longer lasting sneaker.


The Adidas Iniki is a trendy daily lifestyle sneaker for walking, standing in queues or spending a lot of time hanging around the neighborhood, the sneaker will keep the foot stable. However, if you plan on running marathons there will not be sufficient stability for your foot and ankle. The Adidas Iniki was designed for the busy person who often spends a lot of time on their feet yet would still like to remain fashion conscious people too. Having said that though, the heel cap and sock liner do in fact contribute to some stability. Some reviews have mentioned that the Neoprene, although a great breathable and flexible fabric sometimes allows the foot too much flexibility which then makes the foot wobble in the sneaker too much. The foot needs to have substantial stability for the slightly more strenuous sports such as running and also requires more arch support so as not to injure the foot. Unfortunately, the ADIDAS Iniki has neither sufficient arch support nor stability.


The wonderful Boost technology makes the Adidas Iniki a comfortable sneaker. The midsole has a full-length Boost padding for comfort and stability. OrthoLite technology has also been used in the sock liner for extra comfort and Boost cushioning. The Adidas Iniki was remodeled based on a design from the 70’s but that particular sneaker was designed a running trainer. The Boost technology is here to stay and is part of the new Adidas trainers that are launched.

Key Features

· Various colorways
· Full-length boost midsole
· Bootie Construction
· Neoprene upper


This is an excellent remake of an original Adidas sneaker from the 70’s. The updated Boost technology and the large selection of colors makes this sneaker extremely desirable. It is geared for the everyday person, who enjoys fashion and comfort. This Adidas sneaker is designed for spending long periods of time walking around and doing occasional short and not so strenuous bouts of sports. Mostly however this is a daily wear sneaker with sufficient traction for these uses. The suede and Neoprene upper is durable and breathable. The Adidas Iniki is not meant for marathon running as there is not sufficient arch support or stability around the heel. However, the soft Neoprene and suede as well as the sock liner makes for a very comfortable sneaker for the busy person on their feet daily. The item allows for a plush feel when on foot and a well- priced sneaker.