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Adidas UltraBoost Clima Review Facts

Imagine that you’re a runner, and a very fast runner at that. What would be the most important part of your ultimate running shoe? It would have to be lightweight, comfortable, and breathable. Does such a shoe exist? You bet it does. Introducing the Adidas Ultraboost Clima: the ultimate in comfort, lightweight, and breathability.  Adidas has long been associated with an athletic shoe so they have a lot of years of experience making high quality long lasting comfortable shoes for the runner serious about improving their time and endurance. The Ultraboost Clima is a running shoe designed for more neutral runners which means that they are designed for runners with normal gaits. The Ultraboost Clima also boasts the best at being breathable with a knitted upper mesh that is perfect for long miles and perfect at keeping runners’ feet cool. That isn’t the only feature that Adidas has added to the Ultraboost Clima. The rubber sole on the Ultraboost Clima is made from durable Continental rubber. Continental is a company long associated with manufacturing performance tires from everything from farm equipment to race cars to even regular everyday cars. The Ultraboost Clima also comes with an engineered torsion system that allows for a more stable movement, giving a more fluid motion.

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Boost Energy Foam Mid Sole

Primeknit Mesh Upper

Continental Rubber Sole

Torsion System

Fit Heel Counter


Sizes Can Run Slightly Smaller

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  • The Ultraboost run big and I was able to go down a half size than my normal size and they fit perfectly. These shoes are stylish and comfortable.
  • Got these for my son and he is very happy. Would buy again.
  • Amazing shoes and they provide comfort all day. I am standing for work 8 hours and my feet feel like I am on clouds. Hard to keep clean as they are white.
  • Pricey but well worth it!
  • Adidas Ultraboost Clima is very comfortable and a great shoe overall.
  • What can I say, my son loves them and that means I love them too!
  • Adidas Ultraboost Clima is a perfect shoe. It looks great and feels light and comfortable.
  • The sizing for this shoe depends on the type of fit that you like. I got a half size smaller. They are comfortable and has superb cushioning.
  • It has been a while since buying a pair of Adidas but I love the fit of these. True to size and they look amazing.
  • I am sure that when you try them you will be happy. They are very comfortable and these are my 2nd pair.
  • My husband is extremely picky as it pertains to shoes but he loves these. He loves the comfort and the fit. Got him two pairs as an anniversary present.
  • These are great sneakers!
  • If you are looking for tennis shoes that are comfortable, this is it. Breathable, lightweight and comfortable.
  • I am very pleased with my decision to purchase the Adidas Ultraboost Clima.
  • Awesome colors and very comfortable!
  • The Adidas Ultraboost Clima is the most comfortable shoe that I've ever bought.
  • The breathability is on point due to the added vent holes. The ultra boost is very comfortable you can't go wrong.
  • The soles are not as durable as expected for some wearers
  • Runs small
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The best place to start with a shoe is from the ground up. As with the Ultraboost Clima the outsole is made from Continental™ rubber. The durability of the Continental ™ rubber is designed for longevity. The Continental ™ rubber is more flexible than normal rubber or even synthetic outsole. The tread pattern on the bottom of the outsole gives this shoe great traction on multiple surfaces. The Ultraboost Clima is primarily designed for more urban environments. Many users have agreed, stating that they are the perfect shoe for pavement running and not for off-road or even trail running. The flexibility of the Continental ™ rubber helps with the torsion between the heel and the forefoot making a more stable, more natural movement that the runners from the most amateur to the most professional, can feel the difference. Continental™ rubber outsole and an asymmetrical tread pattern make this shoe down for most whatever you can throw at it. The Ultraboost Clima as mentioned before, is designed for a more neutral runner with a neutral gait. The Ultraboost Clima’s torsion control has helped with many runners’ ability to develop a more natural gait.


When Adidas decided to build this shoe, they took one of their most heat wicking materials they have ever designed. The material described above is Boost energy foam. Many shoes that are made nowadays are made with EVA which stands for ethylene-vinyl acetate. EVA is a dense artificial foam that is designed to be supportive. The downside to traditional EVA Foam is that it can cause a slightly warmer foot especially when running. The Ultraboost Clima implements the modern technology of Boost technology. Boost technology is a highly breathable polyurethane that is more flexible than traditional EVA foam. Boost started its life in 2013 and through a lot of trial and error in Adidas’ research and development lab, out came Boost. The Ultraboost Clima’s midsole is infused with Boost material that gives the wearer a springy and airy feel. Boost wicks the sweat and temperature away from the feet and out through the knit mesh that keeps runners many more degrees cooler than an average shoe. The midsole is also where a lot of support comes from. The Ultraboost Clima is a shoe that is designed for people with normal arches. The Fit Heel counterpart of the midsole allows the wearer's Achilles tendon to move freely providing greater relief and support.


Adidas has focused a lot of their efforts in finding ways to keep feet cooler. Adidas has developed many of their shoe lines with a mesh knit that helps with the breathability. Not only is the mesh knit breathable, but it also helps with the flexibility of the entire shoe. From the outsole and throughout the shoe, flexibility is one way the Ultraboost Clima stays more comfortable. When a foot is allowed to keep a more natural gait, the foot is allowed to be more comfortable. Many reviewers have been ecstatic about the natural breathability and the natural feel of the Ultraboost Clima. The design of the upper wouldn’t be complete without the traditional most recognizable three stripes that Adidas is not only known for but also celebrated. The lace closure of the upper gives a snug but comfortable fit and keeps the shoe in place. The upper can also be described as a prime knit. The Adidas Primeknit technology is a closely guarded secret, but the gist of it is that Adidas has fused the yarns of the upper to determine the flexibility they want for whatever shoe they’ve designed. The primeknit allows the wearer to experience a very flexible and comfortable shoe.


As many who run know and Adidas knows, to be fast, a shoe should feel like nothing is there. The Ultraboost Clima is one of the lightest shoes on the market. The combination of the Continental™ rubber and the Primeknit are made from lightweight materials that also give great support and comfort that the average or the seasoned runner will definitely appreciate. The Ultraboost Clima shoe was designed when the engineers at Adidas were perplexed with a problem of making the ultimate running shoe, what emerged after many trial and error came the lightest and most breathable shoe. How does the weight of a shoe affect performance? Many long distance runners that have purchased and worn these shoes equate the weight to be a more weightless feeling. The combination of the Primeknit, the Continental rubber sole, and the Boost energy foam midsole all way less than many comparable shoes. Adidas has always designed their shoes with athletes in mind and has always focused on what athletes want. One of the three things important to athletes is a lightweight shoe.


An athlete isn’t just someone that goes out when it’s nice out or even if there is a breeze out, many athletes go out when it’s hot and steamy out and keeping cool is a must. The upper of the Ultraboost Clima is designed to keep the common “sweat zones” that many athletes have complained about over the years. These sweat zones in normal shoes can begin to heat up quickly causing unnecessary sweat and an uncomfortable athlete. The solution to help keep these shoes cool faster and more efficiently comes through the patented PrimeKnit upper. The mesh of the PrimeKnit is designed to breathe. Every time the runner’s foot hits the ground air is being circulated throughout the shoe. Many runners have raved about the air circulation, even saying how they enjoy the air circulation. The Boost energy foam midsole also helps with cooling the shoe as it is designed to wick away the runner’s sweat. As the many have purchased this shoe specifically to use as a running shoe, keeping cool and having a shoe is one of the best features about these shoes.


The art of running has always been a dance and a balance between comfort, support, and weight. Every shoe that has ever been designed has attempted to address one or more of these attributes. The Ultraboost Clima is one of the few running shoes that not only addresses all three of these attributes, but they exceed them. The Ultraboost Clima also addresses an attribute that not many think of and that is flexibility. Flexibility comes into play when you look at the natural gait and movement of a runner. The foot flexes and arches and stretches to propel the runner. The Continental ™ rubber sole was designed to flex and mold to the runner’s foot to provide a more natural movement. The Primeknit upper is connected to the Continental ™ that completes the patented Torsion system that as mentioned above that helps with the natural movement of the foot. The reviewers of this shoe have stated that the flexibility of these shoes has helped with improving their running times as well as being a completely natural comfortable movement. Having a more natural movement makes for a more comfortable run and thus makes for a happier runner.


The Ultraboost Clima is as mentioned before designed for a more natural foot. People with higher arches may not find these shoes to be extremely supportive, but those with normal arches or slightly flatter feet will find these shoes to be extraordinary at being supportive. The Boost Energy foam in the midsole absorbs the punishment of a runner’s heel and returns it back to support the feet. Basically the harder you run the more support you’ll get back from the Boost foam. The support of the Ultraboost Clima is comparable to many of the best highest performance shoes. The Fit Heel Counter allows the foot free motion that allows the runner’s Achilles’ tendon free movement. This is important because much of what causes plantar fasciitis is lack of support of the Achilles’ tendon. Many reviewers like that they feel as though their feet are better supported by wearing Ultraboost Clima than many other shoes. So how important is the support to a runner? It’s not only important it’s essential. Without proper support, a runner’s foot can experience discomfort and if not supported soon enough, injury.


If you’ve ever walked on a slippery wet floor or an icy driveway, you know the importance of traction. Traction helps propel the runner wherever they’re going and helps them get there faster. Traction also helps keep the runner safe as often times the terrain can change at a moment’s notice. The Ultraboost Clima partnered with Continental ™ not only for their superior rubber composite sole, but to improve the traction on the bottom of the shoe. Asymmetrical treads that measure about an eighth of an inch tall that are designed to dig into less firm ground and gain grip. Many runners where asked where they typically liked to run, most claimed they preferred running in these shoes in a more urban setting. The treads on the bottom of the sole are better at gripping concrete or asphalt than mud or snow. Traction is another important facet of a running shoe and many would agree that the Ultraboost Clima does a great job with providing runners with adequate traction for normal urban running.


The cost of running shoes is all over the board, some are extremely expensive and some are very inexpensive and everything in between. The Ultraboost Clima runs in the slightly moderately expensive.

Bottom Line

So we’ve covered the Utraboost Clima from the ground up and some important discoveries and points have been found. Adidas remains one of the premier sport shoe companies in the world and always seems to listen carefully to what its athletes want. The Continental rubber sole gives the Ultraboost Clima a unique flexible outsole with asymmetrical treads. The Boost energy foam of the midsole is a responsive, springy foam that gives the wearer the ultimate support no matter what the terrain. The overall weight of the shoe is one of the lightest in its category of shoe. The Ultraboost Clima keeps wearers’ feet considerably cooler than competitors with its Primeknit mesh upper which is designed to continue to breathe while the runner runs. The Ultraboost Clima is lightweight, cool, and comfortable to give the runner or athlete the ultimate run. As many who run will continue to seek out the latest gadget, the latest trend or the latest technology, the Ultraboost Clima is today’s latest and best of today’s shoes.