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Adidas is a company that has been all about sports for many decades. They have remained at the forefront of modern technology since the beginning, but always staying true to their brand All Day I Dream About Sports. The Adidas Cloudfoam Ultimate Shoe has one thing in mind and does so many things right, like being the most comfortable breathable shoes in the sports arena.  Whether you’re ripping it up and down the court or running for fun, you can rest assured that the Cloud foam shoes are going to help you run faster, jump higher and at the same time keep your feet in enveloped in the most cloud-like feeling shoe you can find. What makes Cloud foam Adidas’ patented memory foam the most comfortable? To answer that, one must understand the entire makeup of the shoe. Many celebrities have called the Adidas Cloud foam Ultimate Shoe their favorite shoe to wear on or off the field or the court. Celebs such as Kylie Jenner and Emma Stone have been spotted wearing and loving these comfortable shoes. So as many are looking for the ultimate comfort, and the ultimate shoes, many look, and have fallen in love with, the Adidas Cloud Foam Ultimate.

Editor's Pros & Cons

CloudFoam Midsole

EVA Outsole

Knit Mesh Upper

Webbing Tongue 


Sizes Run Slightly Large


As the name implies, clouds give the sense of weightlessness and eases pressure. The memory foam that comprises the insole of the shoe is Adidas’s patented Cloud Foam, provides the perfect pressure relieving memory foam that also has the ability to provide support using an EVA compound that gives the best level of support to those with high arches. The knit upper gives this shoe a great ability to breathe. When running and sweating the importance of the knit upper becomes apparent. Many customers have loved the Cloud Foams’ ability to keep their feet cool and supported throughout the most strenuous of exercise. Cloud Foam has a lot of give, allowing the foot to be surrounded by softness, but it also is springy, giving a sort of bouncy feel. Super-soft removable insole is made with Cloud foam. The upper of the shoe is designed and built like a sock that many who have purchased these shoes claim it provides great ankle support. Comfort is one of the most important Comfort with the ultimate style makes the Adidas Cloud Foam Ultimate one comfortable shoe.


The importance of breathability or airflow as many call it, is usually very important when choosing an athletic shoe. The Adidas Cloud Foam Ultimate has been designed with just that in mind. The knit mesh has the ability to allow air to flow giving the feet within the shoe the feeling of being on a cloud, cool, comfortable. Customers that have purchased the Cloud foam Ultimate, have commented that they can feel the breathability and that it has kept their feet cooler than ordinary shoes. The knit mesh design can be found throughout the entire Adidas Cloud Foam line. Although the Cloud Foam Ultimate is designed to be a lifestyle shoe and not perfect for any particular sport or activity, airflow and breathability is still an important feature that can make a difference in the usability of the shoe. As many who wear this comfortable shoe report everyday wear, the cool factor of the breathability is one of the main reasons many enjoy this shoe. The mesh upper of the shoe gives great airflow that can really be felt.


Just above the rubber sole of the Adidas Cloud Foam Ultimate, lies what has given the shoe its iconic name, the Cloud Foam layer. Cloud Foam is exactly what it sounds like, it provides a weightless feel but also a very supportive feel. Many who have complained of high arches have found relief with these shoes. The support of the EVA contour foam provides the higher arches the support they need to run faster and jump higher. The midsole of any shoe is where the rubber meets the support system and the Cloud Foam Ultimate has support in spades. One customer claimed many years of foot pain in other shoes and because of the support in the Cloud Foam Ultimate, they felt like a new person. They also said that the midsole gives a springy and almost bouncy like feel that helps propel the most serious athlete in any game. Cloud Foam comes from Adidas’ NEO brand, which is their research and development department. New can be either good or bad, but many who have purchased the Cloud Foam Ultimate have been ecstatic with the feel and the sizing.


So as you run your longest race or hike a long hike you may become concerned with the constant motion of walking. The concern of weight always comes up whenever the wearer is in a constant of motion, and usually the lighter the better. Lightweight shoes have always been sought after by those who run both recreationally or professionally. The Cloud Foam Ultimate is one of the lightest shoes on the market today. How does the Cloud Foam affect the weight of the shoe? Cloud Foam as mentioned before is straight out of the research and development side of Adidas. The foam is designed to be lighter combined with the upper knit which is a light synthetic composite. Many who have bought the Cloud Foam Ultimate, are exuberant at how light the shoe is. The feeling of walking on air is a term thrown around a lot. Don’t take our word on it, many celebrities also love how light these shoes are making them part of many of their entourages.


We’ve covered a lot of the shoes main focus of being very comfortable and keeping with the theme, what about the outsole? The outsole is the material known as the bottom of the shoe or the last layer of the shoe. The outsole of the Cloud Foam Ultimate is comprised of a rubber sole. The rubber-like sole is more of an EVA material, that combined with the Cloud Foam midsole, it gives a more bouncy and springy feel that is both squishy, but very supportive for even the most sensitive feet. What is EVA? It is a term thrown around a lot in the shoe industry, but is it? EVA stands for Ethylene-vinyl acetate, this is just a fancy term to describe the chemicals in the synthetic outsoles found in many of today’s shoes. EVA does not have a universal density; rather the shoe manufacturer determines that. Comfort is a combination of the three layers that make up a shoe, the outsole, the midsole, and the upper. Many shoe manufacturers have determined what density of foam meet whoever is going to wear the shoe. The designers at Adidas thought of the perfect combination of support and give, to give the wearer a weightless feel.


The upper of any good shoe determines what most would consider the style of the shoe. Many times color and design make everyone’s eyes downward at the most stylish shoes out there. The Adidas Cloud Foam Ultimate is designed to look and feel like a sock. The sock-like feel gives the wearer the feeling of a soft hug and the knit is a soft textile feel. The upper on this shoe is designed with Adidas’ classic three stripe design that makes you know that it’s a pair of Adidas. The mesh knit is designed to keep feet cool and be able to breathe through whatever sweaty activities may come about. The tongue of the Cloud Foam Ultimate fits well within the knit mesh to give the shoe a more sock-like feel. Reviewers have been increasingly excited about the lack of pressure points and the soft and smooth for the ultimate comfort shoe. Where can you wear these stylish, good looking shoes? Many have chosen to wear these shoes in their everyday lives because of how comfortable they are, and with many different colors, they fit in just about anywhere.


Ever run a race in stiff shoes? Or better yet ever walked in a pair of shoes that just wasn’t broken in? Not many people would sign up to race in such stiff shoes and Adidas didn’t design the Cloud Foam Ultimate to be anything but flexible. The EVA outsole has the perfect density to provide great support to the arches, while still being able to flex to give the foot a more natural movement. Adidas as mentioned before, the three main focuses of comfort are: support, breathability, and flexibility. The Cloud Foam Ultimate provides the wearer the ability to feel like they are not wearing anything. The flexible knit upper surrounds the fit in a natural way. Unlike many other shoes that have a form that the wearer’s foot has to fit into, the sock-like knit forms around the wearer’s foam. The Cloud Foam material is often described as being like walking on a cloud. The springy feel of the insole flexes with the wearer’s every move.


Many who work while standing or just walk a lot, many wearers agree that the Cloud Foam Ultimate provides adequate support, especially in the arch. Support encompasses the entire foot from the middle of the heel, to the back of the heel, the Cloud Foam Ultimate delivers support. The EVA in the outsole is designed to be dense towards the back of the heel which provides great support with heel strike which is necessary while running. Many who have worn the Cloud Foam Ultimate claimed that they have never found a more supportive shoe. The Cloud Foam in the midsole molds and forms to the wearer’s feet, and the outsoles’ of the Cloud Foam Ultimate is denser, firmer EVA foam that is the bedrock of the shoe. One reviewer claimed that her husband was able to work a sixteen-hour shift at work without any discomfort, while shoes prior to the Cloud Foam Ultimate, could not compare. The Cloud Foam Ultimate shoe is often looked at as one of the most supportive shoe on the market today. Whether you run, wear for a job, or just go for a hike, you will surely notice the high level of support.


Whether you spend a small amount of money, or a large fortune, no one wants to purchase something that falls a part or fails to live up to expectations. When Adidas builds and designs a shoe, they understand the concept of getting more than you paid for when it comes to longevity. The longevity of these shoes is very comparable to others in its category. The Cloud Foam material lasts long and provides support and comfort for many years. Many who have purchased these shoes have said that the shoe holds up to normal wear and tear, they are not however designed for long runs. Adidas Cloud Foam Ultimate shoes have carried on the long Adidas tradition of quality and durability. The EVA out sole of the Cloud Foam Ultimate has been noted for its durability and light tread wear. When deciding on the most durable shoe it’s important to consider the construction and with Adidas stitching the outsole to the upper, the quality is there. Many reviewers have exclaimed the extreme quality and durability in the construction.

Bottom Line

When choosing a shoe the first thing to do is to determine what the shoe is going to be used for. That being said, many who have purchased this shoe have done so due to its comfortable feel as well as its stylish three stripe design. Many have said that as for a running shoe, they are perfect for a quick jog and even cross training. The Cloud Foam midsole is all the rage when many put these shoes on, wearers love the springy and bouncy giving the right amount of support. Reviewers also really flipped for the knit mesh design which many claim is a completely breathable and cool shoe. So when looking for the ultimate comfortable and durable shoe; look no further than the Adidas Cloud Foam Ultimate.