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Adidas is a company that focuses on athletics, they strive to give athletes great quality products to help them achieve their best. They believe that through sports people have the power to change lives and they want to be right there to help you do that. Their goal is to the best sports company in the world, and they are doing a pretty good job reaching their goal. It might have started out of Germany, but Adidas is definitely a global company and a household name, reaching as many consumers as possible.

The Own The Run jacket by Adidas is designed to help runners get out there and enjoy their workouts, without letting a little rain stop them. The water repellant fabrics make the rain roll right off of you, keeping you dry. The materials will also keep you protected from the wind, keeping you warm as well. Customers love this jacket, and it comes highly recommended. It has a steep price point, but it has a durable construction and it comfortable, making it a decent investment. As long as you take care of the windbreaker, it can be part of your running apparel for years to come.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Long-lasting durability
Elastic cuffs/waist
360-degree reflective detail
Water repellant
Wind resistant


High price tag
Runs slightly large


The Own The Run is constructed out of great feeling, water repellent fabric that will help keep you dry when you are out and about. Do not let a little drizzle keep you from getting out of the house and enjoying your workout. It is made out of thin materials, so it is not going to feel too heavy on your body or weigh you down at all. The windbreaker will also aid in keeping the wind off of your skin, preventing you from getting too cold on those chilly days. It will help keep the wind and the moisture off of you while still being able to keep you comfortable throughout your workout.

The primary material of the jacket is polyester. 56% of it being your basic poly while the other 44% is recycled polyester, helping keep them a little green and helping out the environment. It is constructed with overlocking seams allowing the stitching to remain durable so it will not literally fall apart at the seams.


When you are heading outdoors for your a workout, you are going to want to try to remain as comfortable as possible. Yes, you'll be active and that, in and of itself, is not almost the most comfortable experience, especially when you are going particularly hard. That being said, you do not want to add to that discomfort in any way, including with what you decide to wear. Thankfully, the Adidas windbreaker is relatively comfortable and will not get in the way too much while you are out and about.

More than actually providing you comfort, it does a phenomenal job at preventing discomfort. The water repellent and wind resistant materials that make up the jacket protects you from the elements very well, keeping you dry and warm on those wet and murky days. The lightweight construction doesn't weigh you down at all so you can get your running in without feeling like you're carrying extra weight along with you. Additionally, it has a relaxed fit, so it is not going to feel too tight and restricting, giving you the ability to move freely and comfortably.


Keeping yourself protected while you are out and about is vital to your safety and your comfort. Thankfully, this jacket can do a decent job of keeping you safe and comfy. The Adidas will help keep the wind off of your skin, keeping you a little warmer on those rather chilly days. As mentioned above, it is also water resistant so it is going to keep you dry while you are out and about, you won't have to let the risk of getting stuck in a drizzle stop you from getting out of the house. The stand-up collar will aid keeping the cold breeze off of your neck, giving you an extra layer of protection from the cold and wind.

The windbreaker features 360-degree reflective detailing for added visibility if you are heading out in lower light conditions. The logo on the chest is reflective, as are the three stripes on each of the sleeves, giving you some excellent detail and extra protection. As this jacket is great for those heading out when it is rainy and gloomy outside, having this additional reflective detailing is an excellent addition to keep you safe while you're enjoying your run.


The Own The Run jacket is designed for a more relaxed fit. It should fit you loosely and unrestrictive, giving you the ability to move around freely without restraint. Some customers felt that it was a little on the loose side and ran a little larger than they would have liked. They recommend ordering a size smaller than average to make up for this discrepancy.

Another thing to note, some reviewers stated that the sleeves are just a little too long so if you have shorter than average arms they might not work the best for your body and you might want to consider a smaller size or a different option.


Durability is always essential when you are spending your money on a product, and running jackets are no different. Spending your money on a product only to have it rip and tear after wearing it a couple of times can be extremely frustrating for just about anyone. The good news is that you will not have to worry about that with the Adidas Own The Run windbreaker. It has excellent construction and is made out of quality materials to ensure you will have this as part of your running apparel for quite a while.

The jacket itself is thin, but do not let that fool you. It is built sturdy. The overlock stitching in the seams ensures they are not going to easily come apart, preventing holes in the along the seams. The thin fabric will not tear easily either, helping improve the overall durability of the product.

The Own The Run has a pretty high price tag, coming in high on the spectrum when compared to some other running jackets on the market. It is pretty good quality and will last you a while if it is taken care of properly, so many consumers do not mind the high price tag.


This windbreaker comes in both men's and women's styles and sizes so you can get one that is going to best fit your body shape and give you what you need for the perfect fit. The men's jacket is available in sizes extra small through extra, extra large whereas the women's choices include extra, extra small through extra large. Whichever one you decide to go with, however, keep in mind that customers stated they are running just a little large so you should take that into consideration when making your decision. If you aren't sure as to what size you should purchase, you can always take a look at the sizing chart online to make sure you get what you need the first time you order.

The jacket has a full-length zipper that measures in at about 27.5 inches (69.75 cm) with a mock neck that measures at approximately 3 inches (7.5 cm).


For a jacket that is designed to protect you from the wind and the rain, keeping you warm and comfy while you're heading out for your daily runs, it is rather lightweight. You will barely feel it while you are out and about, no need to feel like you are wearing something that will hold you back and slow you down. The water-resistant materials will have the moisture from the rain rolls right off of it so it will not soak through and create extra weight in the long run. Unfortunately, there is no information on the exact weight of the windbreaker, but customers can agree that it is virtually weightless and feels great when they are wearing it.


The Own The Run windbreaker has long sleeves and a full-length zipper, like your typical running jacket. It also features a stand-up collar to help keep the wind and rain off of your neck while you are out and about. It also comes with pockets, which consumers can appreciate. The pockets are sweat guarded so you don't have to worry about your belongings getting wet from either your sweat or the rain while you're on the go. It also features a zip pocket on the chest that can securely hold your small belongings, like keys and ID, so you don't have to worry about losing them as you are running.

The jacket has elastic cuffs and waist for added comfort and security. This is going to help keep the wind from traveling up the bottom of the windbreaker or through the holes in your sleeves, cooling you down when you are trying to stay warm. One thing this jacket does not have is a hood, but that does not seem to be a deal breaker for most runners.

The Adidas coat is available in both men's and women's styles and you will get different color options depending on which one you choose to order. Men can choose from solid black, black and grey camo, white and khaki camo, or cyan, marine, and ink camo. Women have fewer options, coming on only ash grey or black. Regardless of what color you decide to buy you will get to take advantage of 360-degree reflective detailing so you can be sure to stay visible even in low light conditions.


In order to get the most out of your jacket and ensure you will get long lasting durability, you are going to want to make sure that you are taking care of it properly. You are going to want to make sure that you are following the directions on the tag when it comes time to wash your jacket, keeping it clean and in good shape.


The Own The Run coat is designed for those with an active lifestyle, people who want to get out and enjoy their runs without letting a little rain or chill stop them. The water repellant jacket will allow the moisture to hit it and bead up, rolling right off the material, keeping you dry and cozy throughout your workout. It is also great at keeping the wind off your skin so you stay nice and warm. The stand-up collar is great because it keeps some of the chills off of your neck as well. Do not let a little rain stop you from getting out and doing the things that you love.

Of course, you can use this product for more than just a running jacket, but that is the primary purpose of it. If you just want a nice coat to wear in the rain or something that looks great to wear around as an everyday spring jacket, then this will work great for you. No matter what you are up to, this coat will do an excellent job at keeping you both warm and dry.

Bottom Line

The Adidas Own The Run jacket is excellent for those who like to get out and run but do not want a little rain to get in their way. It has a water repellant construction so the rain will bead up and roll right off of it, keeping you warm and dry throughout the day. It has a full zip front for ease in putting it on and taking it off, as well as a standing collar to keep the breeze off of your neck when it is windy outside. The elastic waistband and cuffs are also there to keep you warm and comfortable. It is running a bit on the large side, so make sure you take that into consideration when purchasing this product. It has a reasonably high price tag, comparatively, but the longevity makes it a pretty decent investment, and customers love it. The 360-degree reflective detailing will keep you visible in low light conditions so you can stay seen and safe while you are out and about. This is, overall, a great jacket that customers love. You will not have to let a little rain stop you from getting out of the house and enjoying what you love.