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Adidas Swift Run Primeknit Review Facts

Adidas has become a world leader in innovative shoe design. When you begin to look at their brand both microscopically, and as a whole, you can see why. They feature both fresh designs and contemporary choices that are pleasing to any palette. This figurehead of fashion has impressed far and wide since 1949 beginning in the town of Herzogenaurach, Germany. These humble roots in central Europe have lead to a phenomenon few could have foreseen. The level of care that goes into every design is especially evident in the Adidas Swift Primeknit running shoe, the product of focus today.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Soothing for both wide and flat feet
  • Features lightweight, breathable material
  • Offers extreme comfort during wear
  • Fashion-forward design for everyday usage
  • Ventilates easily for better overall sanitation
  • Less durable than traditional sneaker options
  • Not built for intensive workouts
  • Offers little protection from potential hazards


Adidas chose a durable rubber outsole, which is likely the heaviest part of this design. While it is radically different from contemporary choices, the Primeknit stays true to other running sneakers in this way. The rubber encases a lovely layer of EVA foam which serves to absorb the shock from every step. Both traction and flexibility are improved by the subtle slots engraved in the outsole. The heaviness of the sole acts as an anchor point. This allows for a more intimate connection through the outsole into the ground and is an entirely perfect match for the more lightweight upper.


EVA cushioning is used in this in-between area that is so crucial for a runner’s continued comfort. The shock absorbing qualities of EVA foam ensures better mobility and ease of motion. This foam layer also takes the brunt of the impact when walking on hard surfaces. Although the general support provided by this shoe leaves something to be desired, this EVA foam may the Primeknit’s saving grace. The color chosen is stark in contrast to the upper of the Primeknit. The midsole is a solid white line against the color of your choosing. Adidas is widely known for this clean aesthetic and made sure that the Primeknit was no exception.


The first noticeable feature of the Primeknit is the unique, textured material used in the construction if it’s upper section. This lightweight knit is crafted from a breathable material that keeps your feet mostly free from sweat. While this perforated design allows quick evaporation, it does little to keep out the elements. This is important to keep in mind for runners who prefer trails to treadmills. Skin can be weakened by excessive moisture which can cause blisters to form. Because of the lack of waterproofing, this can spell disaster if there is rain in the forecast. The textured upper allows for a snug yet flexible fit which is greatly appreciated during long days spent on your feet.


Low weight is one of the most-loved features of this product and the main purpose of the design. The perforated knit used in its production has a dual purpose. This knit is not just responsible for the quick evaporation of sweat. It is also is to thank for keeping the shoe from the bloated fate of other designs. Having such a slight build allows for an easier workout with less strain on your body. Minimalist runners will especially appreciate the lack of bulk weighing down these airy Adidas sneakers. Lessening your load means a faster mile, after all.


If there is a shoe out there that offers optimal breathability, it is this one. Adidas aimed to craft a sneaker which could allow sweat to more easily evaporate from a runner’s skin. With this lightweight, textile product they have absolutely succeeded. The secret to their success lies in the material itself. The perforated knit that Adidas chose to craft this product from allows superior ventilation to other choices. This is, undoubtedly, the most attractive feature of the Primeknit Swift design.


You can expect an experienced highlighted by flawless comfort right to the finish line. Choosing the Primeknit is choosing a sneaker that won’t leave you in searing pain even after intensive walks. The key features in the design that allow for maximum mobility are the same features which create such a cozy atmosphere for your feet. Both the perforated knit and the lightweight design are meant to cushion you from every blow the road can throw. The midsole is crafted from a thick layer of EVA foam to create padding underfoot. This foam is the key element in the shoe’s shock absorption, which takes the impact so you don’t have to.


It is no secret that some athletic-inspired footwear leaves something to be desired in the way of fashion. Being able to find the best of both worlds is rare, but it does happen. Case in point: the Adidas Swift Primeknit. The expert craftsmanship takes both quality as well as style into consideration. Adidas has often left the “Athleisure” crowd swooning, and with the Primeknit it seems that they’re pandering directly to this group. The textured upper of this shoe sports a textile treat for sore eyes. This material is crafted from a color of your choosing and is juxtaposed alongside a traditional bright white sole. In essence, you can easily take any athletics inspired outfit from “tryhard” to “trendy” by slipping into these sneakers.


Unfortunately, this may be the one area in which this Adidas design is the most lacking. The comfortability the Primeknit lends you is also the reason it does not stand up as well as other sneakers. Porous knits have a tendency to wear out more quickly than traditional materials. As with anything, it is a trade-off between fashion and practicality. While it does tolerate indoor running quite well, you’ll find that trail running, or other outside activities will lead the Primeknit to an early retirement. In short, while this is not a great choice for athletes that prefer the presence of nature, those who more regularly hit the gym will seldom have a problem. It also means that it works best as a casual walking shoe than as a true pair of running sneakers.


There are two parts to this section: upper, and outsole. On a positive note, your feet will be well protected by the ample layer of foam provided in the outsole. These carefully crafted cushions keep your feet free from impact related damage. Choosing a shoe with lesser quality footing can spell disaster. On the other hand, the upper portion provides little in the way of protective layers. In allowing for ample air circulation Adidas had to trade off some other features. One of these is the hard top that would normally provide a layer of defense against dropped dumbells or other gym-related dangers. The sole of this shoe may protect a runner from impact, but the top leaves you wide open.


Minimum material always makes for a quicker response time. This is why runners dress down. An aerodynamic design makes these sneakers less resistant to your movements, which is great news in terms of responsiveness. The material used to create them also molds to your feet in a way that tougher materials would not be able to. This translates into a consistently snug fit and quick step when tackling any task. The cozy layer of EVA foam is also partially to thank for their quick reaction time. While there is enough material to keep you from taking the full impact of your movements, the foam layer is thin enough to keep you fully grounded.


While stylish and comfortable, these sneakers are severely lacking in support. Although they do sport a snug fit, as well as quality EVA foam, that isn’t enough to provide true support. Even the reinforced rubber of the outsole cannot make up for the crucial design flaws which limit their supportiveness. The knit material that makes up the upper portion of this sneaker is too flimsy for adequate support. This isn’t to say that they’re completely out of the question, however, for serious runners. Those who are prone to impact-related injuries, however, should beware and perhaps invest in sneakers specifically made with support in mind. On the other hand, the gentle slope of the heel-to-toe drop and generally wide berth is good news for those with flat, or wide, feet.


Realistically, these shoes are not meant for running outdoors. This is mainly due to their lack of support and the perforation that dots their entire upper section. Rain can easily permeate your socks and quickly soak your entire foot. This is not only terribly uncomfortable, but it also puts you at a higher risk for developing blisters. If you’re going to choose them for exercise then stay indoors. As a statement sneaker, however, they’re fine for strolling the city. The usage dictates their adaptability, which is important to keep in mind when choosing them.


Although on the higher end of the spectrum, the Primeknit is not unreasonably priced. Adidas is well-known for their well-styled products, after all, and you can expect a larger price tag because of this. The Primeknit may not be fantastic as a running sneaker, however. It is because of this that it loses some points in practicality. In spite of that, or perhaps because of it, they are a much better choice as a fun, sporty addition to an outfit. The price is justified by the quality Adidas is known for, as well as the versatility it offers. While not a first choice for runners, the Primeknits can certainly work in a pinch and adds an athletic pop of color to any wardrobe.


As mentioned prior the Adidas Swift Primeknit sneaker has a grooved outsole. This gives you a higher degree of grip when in contact with the ground. On the other hand, the grooves lack the true traction only true running shoes bring to the table. This is because of their shallow nature which does not lend as much grip during usage. The Primeknit is better used as a more casual walking shoe rather than a true running sneaker. It offers better traction than a sneaker purely made for fashion purposes, so for long days in the city, it is a superb choice. If you’re a fan of trail walking these sneakers will allow for much better footing than some other, less comfortable choices might. Another key point in the design is the inclusion of both horizontal and vertical grooves. This somewhat minor choice makes all the difference for their gripping ability.


As you may have guessed Adidas included a great margin of flexibility in this line. Brands have become more intent on putting out sneakers which have a higher degree of flexibility than more traditionally rigid counterparts. This fad has clearly taken hold in the overall design of this shoe. The lightweight, breathable upper section allows for a wide range of movement, and the ability to pivot with ease. This suppleness is greatly sought after. Horizontal and vertical grooves on the outsole also lend some better pliability.


The stability offered is fairly specific to the activity level you are pursuing. Although this may seem strange in this case it makes perfect sense. If you are out on the town, walking around, you want a sneaker that is soft, supple, and relatively snug. The Primeknit is perfect in this regard. As an athlete, you’re looking at things through an entirely different lens. The focus in that regard is on maximum stability in relation to running. What makes it a comfortable choice for walking is what makes it less popular as a running sneaker.


Adidas provides a delightful, gently sloping line from heel to toe. This provides an extra degree of support for your feet in the way the drop hugs your natural curves. A nearly non-existent drop is fairly standard for Adidas, however. You can find this feature in any number of their designs. The Primeknit has a slightly more pronounced heel-to-toe drop, however, because of its versatile range of use. Unfortunately, we could not find specific measurements for the drop of these sneakers. It is not significant enough to warrant real concern, however. After all, the Primeknit is a mostly level sneaker. Lovers of minimalism will find a fantastic match with this sneaker, and still enough curvature for a higher level of comfort.

Key Features

• A breathable upper fabric which provides sweat-resistance
• Effortless style to complete any athleisure look
• Low durability when exposed to heavy usage
• A dual-purpose design which lends both leisure and practicality
• A nearly non-existent drop for a more natural fit
• EVA foam soles which are designed to absorb the brunt of the impact
• A design created for ample flexibility and responsiveness

Bottom Line

Their enforced sole, which encases high-quality EVA foam, adds more support than sneakers made specifically for fashionable purposes. Although it does lack the support you might find in a more contemporary design, the Adidas Swift Primeknit offers supreme suppleness instead. Runners may not favor the Primeknit because of this. However, it is an excellent athletic shoe for long, intensive walking as well as light workouts. Overall, the Primeknit is of the caliber you can expect from this well-known and beloved brand. Adidas never fails to impress, and the sheer beauty of the Primeknit line will surely do just that.