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The SpeedFactory initiative began a few years back, and since then has totally revolutionized and rejuvenated the Adidas sneaker manufacturing process. The initiative has groundbreaking automated shoemaking process that allows the customer-made sneakers to be crafted faster and easier.

But let’s talk about one particular sneaker from the Adidas AM4 Series, the Adidas SpeedFactory AM4 Sadelle's Shoe. Who would have thought that a New York-based restaurant can inspire a pair of sneakers? Well, it has, and it’s one of the best pairs of sneakers in the entire series. Yes, they’ve teamed up with one of Soho’s most exciting restaurants and made the Adidas SpeedFactory AM4 Sadelle's Shoe. So, yeah. Sadelle’s team stopped by Adidas’s kitchen and the result was a recipe that’s sure to become a classic in the years to come.

Editor's Pros & Cons


Very comfortable

Flexible stretch-web outsole

Floating torsion bar

SPEEDFACTORY patch reinforcement


No leather version

Limited Edition Only

No other colors


The outsole is both beautiful and practical, despite being so thin that you think it’s unnoticeable against the thick and very white midsole. But no. The Torsion bar located in the outsole is very practical, because it offers stability and flexibility and most of the traction properties will come from that thin black outsole.


There’s something very crisp and classic about a clean white midsole, and especially a midsole that is made from Boost material. The boost technology developed by Adidas is the key component here. The Boost foam included in the midsole is three times more temperature resistant than most of the EVA materials, more efficient and delivers the best results. The much-regarded Boost technology may look like spongy packing peanuts compressed into one block but is actually made up of hundreds of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) threads. It’s one of the most responsive, glue-less cushioning systems in the entire series, and it works. The more energy you give by working out, the more energy the cushioning returns to your feet.


The upper is quite something. Just look at it. Isn’t it beautiful? The design and the style of the upper is inspired by one of the most beloved eateries in all of New York, and at the very first glance, one of the most noticeable things is the gorgeous blue color that dominates throughout the entire upper. It’s a lighter shade of blue. The one you can find on the blue salt and pepper shakers in the eatery and it’s slathered all over the Primeknit upper. The lime accents are printed on the upper in a very distinct diamond pattern, and there’s more to them. The musical keys and Beta signs add a whimsical touch, but they’re not the key players on these designs. They’re the supporting characters, and they blend well with the vast blue ocean of the upper. The typical Adidas branding is done with a classical black color, matching the lacing system and heel, and over there you can find more symbols that relate to the restaurant. On the tension patches of the upper you can find sketches of fish and a coffee cup that just remind you what inspired this shoe. A great restaurant that happens to serve fish and coffee on a daily basis.

Those black patches on the back are added for the much needed reinforced stability of the shoe. They’re located in the heel area and carry that stability to the rest of the foot. The knit-synthetic base of the upper is carefully selected to match the black no-tie shoelaces that sit perfectly on the tongue of the sneaker. Oh and the best thing about this pair of sneakers? Well, each shoe has an implanted NFC chip in the tongue area that offers authentication and a unique digital experience. Because there are no shoelaces that need to be tied, getting them on and off your foot is as easy as putting gloves on your hands.


The comfort comes from various areas of the Adidas SpeedFactory AM4, but mostly from the stretchweb outsole and from the Boost responsive cushioning. The addition of that cushioning is crucial in maintaining comfort through the entire day and it’s exactly that glueless cushioning will help you to achieve the feeling of having more rested feet.


The lace enclosure gives the sneakers a more secure fit, the stretchweb outsole offers flexibility, and the speedfactory torsion bar adds support. The three most important things that you can look for in great sneakers, this model has all of them. But one can’t deny that the boost technology isn’t important too. In fact, most of the support to the arches come from the Boost cushioning, so the feet get more of a lift during the day in a very understated and unnoticeable way.


The synthetic knit in the upper makes the sneakers extremely durable. But the quality and durability are not solely based on the upper. The no-show laces secure a more firm fit, and because they’re not meant to be tied manually, that alone will make them more durable in the long run. The Boost cushioning in the midsole is their most responsive cushioning ever, and another factor that contributes to the durability of the sneaker. Adidas’s moto about this cushioning is The more energy you give, the more you’ll get. So, the cushioning will additionally make the sneakers more durable.


The SpeedFactory Torsion that floats in the outsole is put there to ensure that the sneaker has maximum flexibility in every part of the day. The responsive Boost cushioning in the midsole helps to get the job done in a very unnoticeable, yet comfortable manner, and the synthetic knit material that’s dominating the entire upper of the sneaker is well renowned for its flexibility properties. You won’t get a more flexible sneaker in the entire AM4 series than this model, that’s for sure.


Although many factors contributed to the flexibility of the Adidas Speedfactory AM4, the Speedfactory Torsion bar and the Boost cushioning combined are the main stability guardians in the sneakers. One manages the stability factor from the outside and one from the inside of the shoe, and it’s a team effort worthy of appraisal. The state of the art technology helps things run smoothly in the shoes and your feet will feel the benefits of that.


Look at the upper - Made from synthetic knit material, the upper is solely responsible for the encouragement of airflow within the shoes. Although there isn’t a visible mesh on the sides of the shoe, the material is enough to ensure filtration and to promote a good amount of airflow.


This shoe is perfect for any type of terrain and weather. Although more of a summer sneaker, the Sadelle shoes can be worn on smooth and rough surfaces, and can withstand any type of weather. Because of their shape and the light material, they’re also perfect for indoor activities, like working out in your local gym, and they pair well with your choice of sportswear. Because they don’t have the standard type of shoelaces, they’re much easier to put on and take off, and that will truly come in handy if you’re in a hurry and you’d like to put them on before your cardio cycle.


The outsole is designed to withstand some amount of slippage, but not a lot. The black ridges on the outsole provide traction, but because the outsole is so thin, they’re not the most reliable and they can be worn down after a prolonged time wearing the shoes. It would be ideal if the ridges on the outsole were a bit thicker and higher but the traction is present even with the provided outsole.


Just like the eatery that they draw inspiration from, the Adidas SpeedFactory AM4 is full of crisp elegance, clear cut lines and high tech features that make them irresistible; and, there’s plenty to be found on the upper. Designed with precision, love, and inspiration there are musical keys printed with a lime green color, and fish and coffee on the back of the shoe. You can clearly see that a lot of love was put in the style of the sneakers, and that love pays homage to one of the best restaurants in New York.

What happens when gastronomy and footwear design merge? The result is one fantastic sneaker designed by one of the best sportswear companies in the world. The light blue shade at Primeknit upper is just accented with the raw lime details. In fact, the blue shade of the upper is directly inspired by the salt and paper shakers that can be found on the tables inside Sadelle’s. Oh, and the lacing is done in both a stylish and very practical way too.

Key Features

* Knit-Synthetic

* Speedfactory floating torsion bar

* Speedfactory patch reinforcement 

* Boost responsive cushioning

Bottom Line

The Adidas SpeedFactory AM4 just might be the only sneaker that was inspired by a restaurant. There are similar examples of footwear inspired by superhero movies, or sports teams, but not that many sneakers are designed after the fish and cups of coffee that are served in one Soho restaurant. But, that’s the truth about what makes them so special and interesting. Of course, right when you look at them, the first thing you’ll notice is light blue color that’s slathered all over the upper of the shoe. That very same shade of blue is easily recognizable, because it’s on the salt and pepper shakers in the Sadelle’s restaurant.

This shoe may be inspired by a New York institution, but they’re assembled in the high tech and very innovative SpeedFactory facility in Atlanta. So, they’re designed in the north of USA and assembled in the south. That festive and celebratory spirit of Soho’s finest is brought to life thanks to the southern charm and touch of Georgia’s culture. The big and thick midsole is reinforced with incredible features like the glueless Boost cushioning that gives the feet a gentle boost of energy.

These were built for runners, but they were also crafted for the daily challenges of the modern individual. Worthy of the modern era that we live in, these shoes are a great choice for almost anyone who wants to look great, feel great, and stay comfortable no matter what they are doing.