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Adi Dassler began Adidas with the goal of creating functional athletic wear. Now a long ways away from his earliest designs created in his mother’s washroom, Adidas has been extremely influential across both the fashion industry and sportswear. In recent years, we have seen Adidas go from their classic sporty styles to sleek athleisure sneakers and streamlined performance gear. This Adidas Cloudfoam Pure is somewhere in between. Offering a slim profile and smart, modern silhouette, with a feel that honors that old school tennis shoe simplicity, the Cloudfoam Pure meets the highest standards of comfort for sneaker connoisseurs and won’t disappoint in the fashion department either. This is weightless and plush pick is ready to be your new favorite accessory when on-the-go.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Incredibly Lightweight
  • Cloudfoam Technology
  • Flexible Sole
  • Breathable Mesh Upper
  • Sock-Like Construction
  • Sleek Silhouette
  • Runs Large
  • Limited Overlays


All-over mesh and a low rise upper make this shoe super breezy for even the hottest weather. Mesh uppers are awesome if you don’t have the patience or time to break in a shoe before it feels amazing on you. Cloudfoam Pure’s ultra-breathable upper is lined with membranes that allow for hot air and moisture to exit the fabric. Preventing against sweaty feet is key for a comfortable shoe that can be worn long term.

When you put on the Cloudfoam Pure, you will immediately feel the difference between their leather styles in the way in wraps around the foot without insulating them and keeping the heat close to the skin. If you have ever felt stuffy and kind of gross in your athletic shoes, this is the kind of solution you should look for. Another unexpected feature of the Cloudfoam Pure technology is that it allows for air-flow, meaning it has a temperature regulating effect, as well as diminishing problems with sweating.


Brand name sneakers can cost exorbitant amounts just for their casual, less functional styles. Whenever there is a trainer that performs at a high level at an affordable price, we don’t hesitate to take a good look at it. Adidas Cloadfoam Pure is a great option for people at any budget, while still having that luxurious aesthetic of a highly stylized athletic shoe. The layers of support technology, sock-like upper, and high-quality materials are the bread and butter of this steal. That doesn’t mean you should forget its sharp look or classic features that make the iconic Adidas uppers instantly recognizable and fashion-forward, displayed by the trending profile we see on some of the hottest recent wears of the season.


Not only can everyone pull off this sporty little option, but it comes in a series of colorways that appeal to those of all personal style. Adidas styles most of the colors to be nearly monochrome, so these Cloudfoam Pure can either be a pop of color, or you can get a pair that fits into your usual outfit palette. Almost pastel hues are chosen for this footwear, steering away from the traditionally bright or neon-accented options of the past. Iconic Adidas stripes come across every side panel on the outside of the shoe in stark white or a color matching the mesh. If you’re looking for a modern update to the usual black or white casual sneaker, you have found them with these.


One of the most frequent rave reviews for the Adidas Cloudfoam Pure is the comfort they provide the wearer. Having already mentioned the EVA midsole, these Adidas have a strong foundation for the padding in the rest of the sneaker. Inside the shoe, there is a slightly contoured insole that is also using an EVA compound. This insole is used on their Neo line as well, which have quickly become a favorite for all-day ease of wear. Adidas commitment to no pain goes even further, as the soft, fully connected upper doesn’t restrict or pinch the foot in any direction. Cool and cushioned, the final product will have you walking among the clouds. Finally a shoe you look forward to trying on.


All that Cloudfoam obviously gives ways to a whole lot of flexible. The light, compound material is extremely pliable because it isn’t stiffened by joining it to a too heavy sole. This sole helps to bounce the shoe off the ground with every movement, diminishing the work for the wearer to expend energy in lifting their heavy shoe on the ground. What this does is allows its wearer to have more energy to deliberately push their foot off the ground creating a more beneficial muscular movement and relieving overall pressure on the body. Their shoe forms to the foot both in the upper and the sole, which means you can expect that with that closer proximity it will often also move more effectively with the foot. The way the upper is engineered to fit closely onto the foot makes for more natural movements of the fabric itself.


Adidas makes midsoles that are in an entirely different league than other shoe companies. This Cloudfoam Pure gets its name in part from its engineered midsole which continues its theme of cushioned technology. A resilient midsole is padded heavily using patented Cloudfoam, an EVA compound, so this material has a lot of bounce back and resilience. While many foam midsole options will become compressed with wear over time. Adidas Cloudfoam Pure won’t give to long term wear, but hold up to even more extreme situations. Firm and reliable midsoles are of tantamount importance in a lifestyle shoe such as this Adidas, which you will be able to immediately recognize while wearing.


Similar to the insanely popularized Yeezy Boost, this upper’s silhouette is clearly an Adidas just by the shape and construction. A low-rise collar pops up at the heel to give a concave look to the two-tone mesh upper, and the heel tab marked with Adidas is a sporty addition to this simple, clean sneaker. With a sole that slightly flares out from the slim top of the shoe, it looks balanced but with a bit of edge. For the lacing, thin cords lace over a completely one-piece upper. The secure lacing doesn’t bunch up the fabric like on some other similarly designed uppers. Adorable trim on the tongue and collar add an air of sophistication to the overall upper of the Cloudfoam Pure. It adds quite a delicate detail that stands apart from similarly styled shoes.


Though incredibly plush, their softness doesn’t lend much by way of support. A slight incline compared to other footwear that is similar in style, may decrease heel strike and weight, but it definitely doesn’t lend anything to the overall support of the Cloudfoam Pure. The arch support is extremely minimal, and you have nothing in the way of protection on the top or sides of the foot. If you have feet that naturally bear their weight towards the inside of the foot, these won’t be able to properly support your feet for a more straight gait and are so soft that they will most likely reflect the incorrect distribution of pressure from the outside. Its wildly comforting appeal is also its detriment when it comes to the overall structure of this Adidas.


While there is nothing inherently wrong with Adidas traction on this shoe, it isn’t the best if you’re looking for a shoe extremely secure in its step. Wide, relatively shallow grips on the bottom of the shoe won’t necessarily catch you slipping on different terrains. You definitely couldn’t consider yourself completely prepared for multiple surfaces with the Cloudfoam. Foam on a whole also tends to be more slippery on the surface than rubber, allowing it to slip much easier on a lot of smooth surfaces. Overall, if you’re doing a lot of outdoor activities or running, especially on grass, these should probably be passed up in favor of a better-equipped pick. Don’t expect this casual option to be able to handle as much, as well as a performance sneaker specifically made for tackling these type of obstacles would.


When considering what shoes to buy, weight can be an overlooked feature that is crucial to the benefits of the shoe. A lightweight shoe decreases fatigue during long sessions in the park or gym. Your gait will be naturally improved from the Cloudfoam Pure not weighing it down. Running can be seriously damaging to your body in too bulky shoes with problematic form, which plays off each other in a very problematic way for your feet, spine, and joints. Heel striking won’t be a problem because the Cloudfoam Pure builds it up with a soft foam, not heavy counterbalanced heels, balancing each step effectively. Throwing on a light shoe feels like no other, this Adidas will soon be your favorite new footwear to gain that carefree experience you’re looking for.

Bottom Line

The Adidas Cloudfoam Pure is loved, and its reviews reflect that it is conclusively a perfect pick for casual wear. For anyone who frequently wishes they had a shoe to run errands in that was as cute as it was simple and cushioned, this is a lovely practical addition to a savvy shoe wearer’s sneaker collection. Combining athleisure look and feel with classic, slightly feminine details, this is the footwear to try when you want something different. That being said, this won’t be for those looking for serious performance, these are a running shoe, but by no means can be expected to hold up to trail running or triathlons. Using these for intensive activities won’t benefit your posture, your feet, or the shoe itself. The value here really depends on how you plan on wearing them if you need a free-running shoe, or something to wear while lifting, there are definitely options that are much better suited out there.