Adidas Questar Ride Review

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Adidas’ Questar Ride is an adaptable running shoe that delivers a lightweight and flexible feel perfect for everyday athletics. Its neutral cushioning helps to better absorb the shock of impact while lessening the pressure felt in both the knees and hips, alleviating unnecessary aches and pains. An innovative Cloudfoam midsole literally hugs every contour of the foot and makes this a must-have choice of footwear for both casual and athletic wear! The Questar offers the perfect combination of style and performance, with its bold array of features and impeccable appearance that seamlessly come together to form this high-powered pair.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • OrthoLite® Sockliner
  • 9.8 Ounces (size 9)
  • Breathable Knit Upper
  • Neutral Cushioning
  • Cloudfoam Technology
  • Narrow Midfoot
  • Inconsistent Sizing


The Questar’s innovative Cloudfoam midsole promises reprieve from painfully fatigued feet while still allowing for un-restrictive movements. This new and improved EVA material literally conforms to the structure of your foot to perfectly hug every contour. In turn, the chance of improper foot positioning is eliminated! Many users find walking on Cloudfoam liken to walking on pillows thanks to its supple surface and superior responsiveness that takes the strain out of every step.

This comforting midsole offers extra cushioning that helps to protect your feet from shock, while also making for an enjoyable ride! Your feet will feel less fatigued when you're done with training so you can focus on your performance rather than recovery time.


What’s not to love about the materials used to construct this pair?! Let’s start by talking about the Questar’s knit upper that lets your feet breathe thanks to its airy design which is ideal for allowing natural air circulation inside of the shoe. This innovative material also works to provide a more supportive structure which is ideal for athletes who live to push their bodies to the max! Its unique Cloudfoam midsole provides superior comfort and a customized kind of fit that hugs every contour of the foot for total comfort. You won’t have to worry about the weather while wearing a pair of these shoes thanks to a non-slip rubber outsole that prevents any accidental slips or falls which means you won’t have to miss a step just because it’s a little rainy out!


The Questar is one of the more flexible pairs on the market today! Its synthetic upper materials allow for a full range of motion that really lets you move the way you were meant to. A molded heel counter provides just the right kind of fit for a natural foot feel and helps to optimize your movements so you can achieve your best performance goals with ease. Innovative Cloudfoam material in the midsole is super lightweight and movable, helping to make this option one of the more flexible choices.

Its specially designed rubber outsole put an emphasis on the forefoot and rear of the shoe which makes for superior traction. This allows you the flexibility of being able to run in any weather conditions without having to worry about slips or falls.


A dual-tone knit upper unit sets the Questar apart from the competition and keeps your core body temperature down while you exercise. No one likes hot sweaty feet and unfortunately, running makes you perspire pretty quickly. This shoe utilizes Adidas’ lightweight knitted fabric which lets air flow freely around the skin while also delivering a lightweight and flexible ride. Not only does this pair feel amazing, but it looks incredibly stylish too! With its classic three-stripes and Adidas logo at the tongue, this is one smooth looking upper unit that will have you looking sharp while you train!


Runners and athletes alike know that a lightweight shoe is a must if you’re going to achieve the best performance possible. This is exactly why choosing a shoe that won’t weigh you down is so imperative! When it comes to running, a heavy shoe can affect your overall speeds and even cause a worsening of foot and leg fatigue because of the added weight you have to carry with every step. This means that you’re using more energy while you run just to carry your shoes around. While some of the lightest running shoes available come in at less than five ounces, the Questar weighs in at 9.8- ounces (for a men’s size nine). This means its not a super lightweight option and probably wouldn’t be the best for sprinters who need the lightest shoe possible. However, its modest build is still great for everyday athletics and runners who find the overall density to be quick light and movable. The other bonus to its weight is that the shoe is meaty enough to wear for everyday occasions too so you won’t have to worry about it being to thin for walking around on the city streets.


Trendy runners can rejoice with the Questar Ride’s modernized appearance! Its smooth lines and contoured finish come together to form the ultimate in buzz-worthy looks. The Ride boasts Adidas’ signature three-stripes at the side and offers rear and tongue tabs that help to bring an athletic vibe to its overall demeanor. This pair was styled for runners who enjoy working the city streets and features some of the most impressive technologies available. Anyone who is searching for a cool looking option should consider the Questar based on its attention-grabbing style and performance-geared wearability.

The Ride’s rear pull tab allows for easy on-off wear so you won’t have to waste any time when you’re ready to go! It’s designed to keep you comfortable even after long periods of activity and features added midfoot support which puts less pressure on the Achilles.


The Questar Ride comes in a few different colors including Cloud White, white/grey, black and grey/blue. While there’s nothing spectacular about the lineup of hues available, this shoe still comes off as being amazingly stylish and can look great with nearly any kind of apparel. The crisp vibe that the Cloud White gives off is perfect for more casual wear and will look great with a pair of blue jeans, while the grey/blue option holds more of an athletic appearance that may look misplaced with other styles of clothing.


Adidas really put in the effort to make this shoe a high-quality choice for runners and athletes. Its unique materials and careful stitching ensure long-lasting enjoyment and help to make this option outlast the competition. When it comes to off-trail exercise, the Questar Ride won’t hold up too well but that’s fair enough considering it’s designed for the pavement. A solid rubber outsole helps to better equip this option for wetter weather and ensures that your shoe won’t fall apart because of a little rain. While its knit upper allows for flexible movement so it prevents stress spots in the fabric which can happen from the movement of your foot under the fabric. Trendsetters can rejoice at the wonderful appearance the Ride offers that stands equal beside its roster of performance-enhancing features.


The 11.5mm drop is an area of great discussion among runners, many of whom prefer less of a heel-to-toe rise. A 12mm is considered to promote a moderate heel strike that some athletes dislike because you can really notice the heel of the shoe. While it’s still possible to strike with the midfoot (considered to be safer than striking with the heel) it will be slightly uncomfortable because the shape of the shoe will promote a heel strike. While this is still a matter of personal preference it’s definitely something to consider if you’re thinking about purchasing a pair.


The downfall to this shoe is that Adidas just can’t seem to get the sizing right! Most wearers agree that the Questar Ride doesn’t fit true to size and is often found to be much larger than the actual size. It seems the larger the size you buy the more accurate it might be because people with smaller feet reported more of a difference with the sizes. Usually buying a half-to-full size smaller than your regular size should do the trick. With that being said, This shoe offers the kind of fit that athletes need in order to prevent foot pain and lower limb fatigue. Its molded heel counter makes for a more natural feel, promoting a healthier environment for your feet. At the same time, its anatomically molded shape allows for unrestricted movements and optimal foot positioning. While some wearers feel that the midfoot is a little narrow, this won’t be an issue unless you have a wider foot structure. In which case, you might consider buying a half-size up to accommodate.

Bottom Line

Adidas promised the Questar Ride would be a well-rounded running shoe that combines all the best of both style and performance, which it delivers nicely on! This pair looks incredibly stylish and is trending enough to wear for both athletic and casual occasions thanks to its smoking hot design that would look amazing with practically any style of clothing.

When it comes to features. the Ride is jam-packed with innovative and performance-boosting aspects that keep you coming back for more! Its Cloudfoam midsole is a prime example of Adidas technological advances which are strides ahead of the competitors. Cloudfoam is a new and improved EVA material that’s both lightweight and super-flexible so you can move the way you were meant to without feeling restricted by the shoes on your feet. While there are mixed reviews about the Ride’s knit upper, most wearers find that it’s ultra-light and comfortable to wear and love the way it allows for so much airflow. Some people find the knit fabric to be a little tight in the midfoot but this is mostly resolved after the first couple of wears.

An 11.5mm drop is something some runners don’t like about this pair because it tends to promote striking with the heel which some consider being unnatural. An 11.5mm drop still allows for a midfoot strike but it can feel uncomfortable because it will be easy to feel the heel of the shoe.
Overall, the Questar Ride deliver solid performance-enhancing features and a stellar look that outweighs any downfalls. This is a smart choice for athletic individuals and runners who enjoy training on the city streets. Its modern design is perfect for athletes of any age and is stylish enough to wear with practically any style of clothing. This shoe breaks down the barriers between street and athletic wear thanks to its on-trend silhouette that is ideal for all occasions.