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Spring is coming faster than we think. When the snow melts and the birds start singing again, it’ll be time to put away your snow boots (finally!) and pull out your sneakers again. This year, why not add the Adidas Cloudfoam Advantage to your collection? This pair is simple, refreshing, yet timelessly stylish at the same time. What’s more, they’ve got a high-tech midsole that provides all-day, every-day comfort through cushioning and internal structural support. They’re essentially an ordinary pair with hidden powers waiting to be revealed. With versions for both men and women, this pair is a must-have for everybody’s new spring wardrobe.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Shock absorbent midsole
  • Heel/arch support
  • Reasonably-priced
  • Versatile appearance
  • Water-resistant
  • Uppers feel cheap
  • Few color variations
  • Narrow fit
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  • Great shoe, Cloud foam feels like you’re actually walking on foam.
  • Lovely shoe, very comfortable and fits true to size.
  • Purchased online for my daughter who loves these shoes. She loves the Cloudfoam in them, they’re extremely comfortable for her.
  • Very comfortable pair of sneakers, they look great and are a perfect fit.
  • Perfect shoe for those who need a sneaker for walking, but decent looking.
  • I bought myself a pair after my husband had been raving about these. I didn’t understand what was the big deal, but now I do. They’re so comfortable.
  • Great shoe, I love the old school feel. Not expensive which is great!
  • My wife has been wanting these for her birthday, she loves the CloudFoam in them. These are her favorite shoes.
  • I stand all day in these, and they’re great. I get a lot of compliments on them.
  • I love the thick foam insole, which makes walking in these a dream.
  • Great quality shoe, very well made. Provides a ton of comfort.
  • I’m very happy with these shoes, they fit great and really cushioned!
  • Super simple, stylish shoe. I love these and want a pair in every color available.
  • My daughter loves these shoes, she wears them every day. Super soft and made amazingly.
  • I got a pair of my granddaughter to wear for her first day back to school. She absolutely loves them, they look great!
  • Great shoe for jeans or leggins, super easy to clean and feels like I’m walking on clouds.
  • Great fit, true to size. Once I broke them in, the comfort seems to get better and better.
  • Great shoe for those who live on a university and do tons of walking. Great comfort and super stylish! Adidas Cloudfoam Advantage are always a win.
  • I really love these shoes, I can’t stop talking about them. They’re so my style, and very form fitting and so soft on my feet. I wish all sneakers felt like these.
  • Great shoe once broken in. I’d recommend making sure you buy the proper socks. I love them, these are my go to shoes and after consistent wear for months they still look new!
  • Some customers complained about ankle irritation.
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We all think we know Adidas because we see them everywhere, but few really know their history. This brand actually began in a wash kitchen in Germany in the early 1900s. It gradually grew, and put its name out there with the German win in the 1954 World Cup final. Today, Adidas is a world-dominating sportswear brand that provides reliable quality and great style, and the Cloudfoam Advantage is no exception. To show off their pride, this pair’s got an embossed heel logo and also a woven tongue label - not to mention the three stripes it wears on its side!


Footwear by this brand tends to be quite simple and refreshing. Even when there are bold colors, they don’t tend to be tacky, which is great. But in this case, they are almost too simple. Only black-and-white options are available. It’s true that there are still four different options (stripes, perforations, black, white), but there’s no other color to make them pop. If you’re looking for some color, you’ll have to check out some of their similar casual sneakers such as the Stan Smith or the Gazelle shoes.


Both short-term and long-term comfort are provided by this pair, and it’s all thanks to their high-tech midsole. The cushioning allows the shock impact of every step to be absorbed evenly rather than taken out on the joints, reducing foot fatigue and keeping you energized during a long day. Meanwhile, the arch and heel support keeps the foot in its healthy alignment, which can prevent foot issues that only surface in the long run due to several years’ worth of poor foot care.


Adidas supposedly runs true to size, meaning that the sizes that mark the shoes match with the Brannock device, which is a standard foot measuring tool. This means they have a high chance of being a comfortable fit. However, reviewers have noted that the Cloudfoam Advantage is not completely accurate, but runs a bit narrow in size. It is especially narrow across the toes and is, by consequence, not a great choice for those with wide feet. Those with average feet might just need a bit of extra time to break them in.


As you can probably tell, this pair is low-top. The low collar allows the ankles to be fashionably exposed and also gives them more flexibility than high-top sneakers can offer. As a result, it’s less likely to get blisters, discomfort, or a sense of restriction when walking around. Though this ankle-flexibility can be undesirable in shoes such as basketball shoes (exposed ankles mean less protection is provided), it’s a virtue in everyday ones because the only “footwork” you’re doing is walking and there’s little risk for injury.


Leather is a durable, flexible, and luxurious material. Here it is used in the uppers. However, customers have complained that the leather feels cheap and plastic-like and does not meet the expectations nor the typical high standards of such a material. The textile lining, however, appears to be comfortable and just fine, but this part of the shoe is much less noticeable. If you prioritize style and material quality, consider this downside before making your purchase.


The word “cloudfoam” in the name of this model refers to Adidas’ clever technology that’s employed in this pair. It is essentially a newly developed EVA compound that forms a heel pad in the midsole. With every step, it provides underfoot cushioning and, through this, prevents foot fatigue by returning some of the energy to you in your next step. What’s more, cloudfoam provides support to the heel and arch so that you won’t need to rely on additional inserts of insoles. It’s safe to say that with a pair of these, you really will feel like you’re walking on clouds.


Compared to similar models by Adidas, the Cloudfoam Advantage is on the lower end of the price spectrum. Other models like the Gazelle can cost much more. They’re a great bargain considering their versatility given by their simple style, and the functionality and support give by their technology. The only downside is that their uppers supposedly feel cheap, so the money you spend on them might not be reflected in their material quality.


When talking about protection, it’s important to keep context in mind. The most protective footwear is work shoes and boots, which are meant to protect you from a long list of things, including a hammer accidentally dropped on your toe. However, this pair obviously isn’t meant to be worn in such hazardous conditions, so it’s also not as protective. But relative to the environment in which they’re typically worn, they can be considered fairly protective, as customers say they can be worn in wet weather and that they uppers are protective against water.

Bottom Line

The Adidas Cloudfoam Advantage is an excellent choice for streetwear. They’re versatile and can be worn with all kinds of outfits. They are also supportive and shock-absorbent, which keeps the feet healthy and comfortable throughout long busy days. The disadvantage is that they come in few color variations and have uppers that feel cheap, but depending on your preferences and standards, that may not be a problem. They also run narrow, so make sure to evaluate if they’ll provide a good fit and maybe even consider ordering a size up. Overall, they are a great, reasonably-priced option for everyday wear.