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Adidas Gazelle Review Facts

The Adidas Gazelle is one of Adidas original creations. The shoe has most of the things that one can ask for in terms of style; it’s sleek, comes in a variety of colorways, and has been worn in some rather elaborate outfits by some of the worlds outgoing artists. On top of that, the shoe gives wearer what they need in terms of comfort, which results in the shoe being one of those go-to shoes regardless of what the venue. The Gazelle just has a design that makes it versatile in that way.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Versatile
  • Attractive
  • Fits perfectly
  • Inexpensive
  • Squeaky outsole
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  • The Adidas Gazelles are a quality product. My wife says they fit like a dream and she has bunions.
  • These shoes are great and they are very comfortable but just know to purchase a half size larger for optimal comfort.
  • Couldn't find these in my local shops. Found them on Amazon and they cost less. My son loves his Gazelles and they are a perfect fit.
  • The overall item is perfect and would certainly recommend the suede for the quality.
  • Almost two years ago my partner got these and still loves them. After all this time they are only showing a little wear.
  • Another pair that I purchased for my son who says that they fit great and are comfortable. He likes that the color is different.
  • Got these at a great price and they arrived in a timely manner. Highly recommended.
  • When my son is happy, I am happy. Got these for him as a Christmas gift and he loves them.
  • Popular design that are well made. The fit is great and these are very comfortable.
  • So pleased with these shoes that I am looking to get an additional pair in another color.
  • My Sambas is more comfortable but my Gazells are comfortable also and Ive walked a lot in these and they feel fine. The tongue does squeak a bit but it's not a big deal to me.
  • Despite the squeaking sound coming from the tongue, I love these shoes. They are very stylish and I don't mind the narrow fit.
  • These Gazelles don't have the best arch support but I can still wear with my orthotics with no problem. Still really comfortable.
  • Love the look. A bit tight when I first started wearing them but they begin to expand with wear. Overall a great shoe.
  • I am a third time buyer of Gazelles. My last pair lasted for year and I wore them on a daily basis. My current pair are tighter and I got the same size as my last pair.
  • Love how cute these are and they are comfortable but a bit narrow for my feet as they are wider. As others have mentioned the noise coming from the material on the tongue is a little annoying.
  • All I can say is get these while they last. These shoes look great and the comfort is not the best but my feet are wider. But the style factor outweighs that.
  • I am fine with how these look although I think I may have gotten the wrong color. These are my first pair and the fit is narrower than expected but I've still worn them.
  • Not a good idea to get these wet as they are suede but these are timeless and retro.
  • Would like a little more arch support but I can wear a long time with no issues. The suede stretches to conform to your foot,
  • There's been several complaints of the shoe being fake and to beware.
  • Several wearers have mentioned the squeaking noise coming from the tongue rubbing against the laces as being annoying and a little embarrassing
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The Adidas Gazelle, when originally released, was meant to be a trainer that could be used to run in and would provide the wearer with what they needed in terms of grip and functionality. The shoe’s outsole still provides a decent level of grip, which attributes a bit to the outsole design but, just not as much as other more specialized shoes. The outsole of this shoe is designed from a hardened rubber(the norm); this material gives the shoe the ability to be of use in terms of stopping power during certain running activities. The patterning on the outsole of the shoe isn’t anything too special either; it’s a rectangular patterning that runs the entire length of the unit.


The midsole of the shoe is, like most other shoes, designed from an EVA foam; the EVA foam allows the shoe to provide the high level of comfort that the shoe is known. The shoe also features a raised insole as part of its design; the raised insole really allows the shoe to give the wearer what they need in terms of comfort as well; the insole is raised in the inner portion of the wearer’s foot to allow them to have a decent level of support for their inner curves, a topic that will be discussed a bit more in-depth as this review develops.


A fascinating thing about the design of this shoe is that it fashioned from a suede material rather than the mesh that has become overly typical nowadays. The upper’s use of the suede makes the shoe rather flexible and responsive to the movements of the wearer’s foot. This becomes increasingly important for those who require a high level of comfort from a shoe and for it to really provide one with what they need in terms of flexibility. The downside of the upper is that it just soaks up water like it’s nobody’s business; seriously steer clear of damp areas when wearing these shoes, you won’t like what happens to them.


The weight of these shoes is honestly not that bad. The shoe is incredibly minimal and has everything that one would need to really be able to function in a shoe such as this one; the upper of the shoe is designed from mesh and, since it isn’t really meant for much outside of casual wear, doesn’t have any overlays in place to add to the weight of the shoe. This lack of overlays in the design of this shoe really cuts down on the added weight to the shoe’s design. The sole unit of the shoe doesn’t really have any added surprises either and so, doesn’t really do much to add to the weigh to the weight of the shoe overall.


The suede in the upper of the shoe, unlike mesh, works to keep air inside of the upper of the shoe; in short, this shoe is not the most breathable thing in this universe. Suede is very closely knit and doesn’t allow air to flow freely when the shoe is in use; this simply means that the wearer of the shoe will most likely deal with a small accumulation of sweat that will likely result in an odor becoming present in the design of this shoe. The lack of overlays helps the shoe in this respect somewhat but, overall the shoe doesn’t really provide the wearer with what they need for airflow.


One thing that can be said about the design of this shoe is that it does provide one with a decent level of comfort. The upper of the shoe and its mesh make really does provide the wearer with a bit of comfort since the material does have a decent level of cushioning in place throughout its design. The shoe has an insole that also provides the wearer with a cushioned supportive feel that lasts for a relatively decent length of time as well. The use of EVA foam for the midsole of the shoe really does enable the wearer to have a bit more comfort due to EVA’s ability to conform to curves of one’s foot in a seemingly effortless way.


The Adidas Gazelle is a sleek looking shoe, that’s for sure. The cut of the shoe falls directly in-line with the cuts of various other type-line shoes of today’s day and age. The shoe in its entirety is color-blocked as well to give one that feeling of having a shoe that can be worn, effortlessly at that, with various types of clothing items. The shoe could be considered another lifestyle/ skater shoe. It doesn’t have a deign that makes using it for activities such as running and things of that nature very enjoyable. The shoe comes in a variety of colors as well, which really allows the shoe to do what is necessary and give one the ability to wear their shoe’s almost anywhere.


If used for everyday wear, this shoe should give the wearer a decent length of time for use without breaking down incredibly fast. The hardened rubber that makes up the outsole of the shoe delivers a decent level of grip, and if used only for everyday use, shouldn’t break down very easily. The real thing that one should think about when considering purchasing this shoe is if the cushioning in the midsole and insole unit will last for long enough to give the wearer what they need during use; the cushioning in the design of the shoe does last for a very long time and, since the wearer isn’t pounding on it the same way that they would pound on a running shoe it lasts for much longer.


To be honest, the shoe doesn’t really require much protection simply because of its use. The sole unit of the shoe is rather thick and does allow the wearer to have a decent level of protection in terms of its ability to keep materials out of the shoe. The upper of the shoe, on the other hand, doesn’t do much to protect the wearer’s foot; the suede material is somewhat thin and gets soaked through rather easily, which results in a level of discomfort being applied to the wearer’s foot.


In terms of responsiveness, the material in the sole unit of the shoe does give the wearer a bit of it. The combination of rubber and EVA foam really does allow the shoe to provide a sort of pop to the wearer’s foot during its time in use; the suede upper of the shoe only helps in this respect and allows the wearer to do what they need to have decent transitions while in the shoe.


The material in the sole unit of the shoe does give one what they need in terms of support. EVA simply conforms to the shape of one’s foot with no problem and allows the wearer to do what they need to be comfortable while in the shoe; after all, comfort is one of the things that the Adidas Gazelle is known for providing to the wearer. The cut of the shoe is rather thin and does give the wearer what they need in terms of support for the sides of the foot. On top of this, the shoe has an insole that is slightly raised and gives ample support for the inner curves of the wearer’s foot. Another great model with good ankle support is Adidas Pro Model.


To be honest these shoes can be worn on the more developed terrains; the rubber on the outsole is rather durable and should hold up rather well when worn indoors or lightly used in an outdoor setting. Keep in mind though, the Adidas Gazelle doesn’t have a design that really allows it to function as a shoe for high levels of movement when running or things of that nature; I’s retro design holds up well but, won’t really provide one with the functionality that other shoe models can.


Another good thing about these shoes is that they are incredibly low-priced. The shoe is a lifestyle shoe and does give one what they need in terms of comfort. Something to keep in mind is that the shoe doesn’t really have a whole lot of materials incorporated into the design that improve the user’s overall experience; with that being said, the materials that are present in the design (other than the suede upper) does provide one with a decent level of longevity while in use, which is a good thing. The suede was mentioned simply because one will really need to make sure that they purchase a water repellant for their shoe to make sure that it doesn’t start to run.


The rubber does have a decent level of traction gaining features, which is one of the reasons why the shoe is able to function as a skate shoe; it is able to really stick to the board and makes it so that they have a very hard time falling off while the shoe is being used. Other than that, the traction provided by this shoe isn’t anything too special; there aren’t any new technologies added into the design to allow the shoe to really give the wearer an enhanced experience in this respect.


The suede in the upper of the shoe moves rather easily, which is something that suede is really known for being able to do. There aren’t any extra features on the upper of the shoe other than the toe cover and the heel counter; the lack of these things does work to give the wearer a bit of range of motion while the shoe is in use. The sole unit and the EVA material in the midsole also allows the shoe to move with relative ease when in use, which is another great thing about the shoe.


To be honest, there aren’t really very many stability providing features in the design of this shoe. The upper has almost no overlays, which implies that the shoe doesn’t have much structural integrity; this isn’t very bad considering what the shoe was designed to do. The sole unit of the shoe achieves a decent grip during use; the sole unit gives the wearer a bit of grip due to the shoes of the hardened rubber. The grip provided allows the wearer to have stability in their movement when using the shoe for activities such as skateboarding.


A drop for this shoe has really been specified but, from looking at the design of the shoe one could say that it’s about in the 4mm area. A drop of any kind shouldn’t hurt anyone while in the shoe because remember, the shoe isn’t really made for the more active activities anymore.

Key features

• Hardened rubber outsole
• EVA midsole
• Suede upper


Well, the shoe does it’s best to provide the wearer with a decent level of comfort and does so regardless of the type of support that is required for the foot. The upper of the shoe is designed from suede, which somewhat takes away from the durability of the shoe but, if taken care of properly should do a fine job of providing one with a decent level of longevity. Keep in mind that the shoe can be purchased for an extremely low price; when the style of the shoe and it’s price is considered in tandem, it becomes a relatively easy decision whether or not one should look to purchase the shoe.