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Adidas Pro Model Review Review Facts

The Adidas Pro Model is easily one of the most popular basketball sneakers of all time with the main focus being on support, durability and comfort. Drawing inspiration from their renowned Superstar basketball shoe, the 2010 version of the Pro Model features the iconic rubber shell toe cap, but now with a high top for ankle support. The addition of the toe cap greatly improved the protection and support that this sneaker offers to the relatively neglected forefoot area. Adidas used a patented leather for the upper on the Pro Model that comes in many different color schemes, not to mention that the clean and classic style  makes this sneaker a fashion must have.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • High quality materials
  • Durable
  • Very comfortable
  • Good ankle support
  • Lightweight cushioning
  • Variety of color options
  • Affordable
  • Lacks breathability
  • The leather creases easily
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  • I wear these for when I get to dress casual for work, very timeless. I love them. True to size.
  • I got these as a gift for my boyfriend, and they were amazing. He loved them!
  • Perfect winter shoe, they look great and very durable. I was actually able to wear a half size smaller.
  • Very versatile shoe, goes with many different outfits. Endless options.
  • I would definitely recommend this lovely looking shoe, that is super comfortable.
  • I purchased in a few different colors, I did have to size up for more comfortable but other than that they’re an amazing shoe! Great quality.
  • Great shoe for me to work all day in, I’m constantly walking and these are great. Very lightweight.
  • Feels like wearing cushions on your feet, they feel amazing. I love that they’re stylish too.
  • I know these will last me for a many years, these are a really great pair of shoes.
  • Super comfortable to wear, took me a while to finally find them. They look amazing.
  • I love how simple and comfortable these shoes are, perfect for basketball or walking.
  • I’m so happy they still make these classics, I’ve ordered these for years now. I will never not have a pair of these shoes in my closet.
  • Saw these online and ordered them, I wasn’t to sure about them but as soon as I was able to wear them for training they’re perfect.
  • Great design, I’m a huge fan. They fit amazing and the quality is amazing as well.
  • I haven’t bought a pair of shoes this amazing in a long time. The comfort level is outstanding.
  • These are classics, I hope they never do away with these shoes. They are truly great.
  • I’m a very big fan of these shoes, they’re excellent maybe even perfect.
  • I’ve been wearing these shoes for a very long time and they still remain my favorite. Great shoes.
  • Looking for a shoe like this for a while now. I love the look, and the feel. I would recommend.
  • I usually wear shell toe shoes, but after switching to this sneaker, I love it. I save money and they’re just too comfortable to switch to anything else.
  • Some buyers had to size up
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The Adidas Pro Model sports a durable rubber outsole with a herringbone-like tread pattern to serve as traction on the basketball court. Although not the number one basketball sneaker among professionals, it is recognized as a high quality, long lasting sneaker by the general crowd. While not typically seen on pro NBA players during important games, this sneaker is a very popular choice for high school basketball players. The herringbone style tread pattern provides a firm grip on the basketball court and has a decent amount of traction to prevent sliding and enable the wearer to perform well. The outsole’s rubber is very abrasion-resistant as well, making for a very durable sneaker that will serve you well, be it on the court or off it.


The midsole, like many of Adidas’ sneakers, consists of injection-molded EVA foam, which is concentrated mostly in the forefoot area for the 2010 revamped version, providing the wearer with supportive cushioning. Adidas chose to concentrate on the forefoot, since the toe-offs and landings play a very important role in basketball, and the players need adequate cushioning that will both propel them in their jumps, as well as provide a soft, cushioned landing. Not only that, but the injection-molded EVA foam is an excellent shock absorber with great energy return, and if that was not enough, Adidas included a PU insole for shock absorption upon impact. This solid base will keep the feet supported and well-cushioned during games, but will cater to casual wearers as well with its lightweight cushioning.


If this sneaker looks familiar, that is because it is the high top version of the Adidas Superstar, which came out in the 1970s and earned fame as a basketball sneaker. The upper is made of patented leather with perforations placed on the sides between the iconic three-striped logo for breathability. The leather is also soft enough to provide a comfortable feel.

The Pro Model kept the rubber shell toe box design, which not only pays homage to the Superstar model, but serves as protection for the toes as well. The lining is made of a soft mesh material, that enhances the breathability and provides a comfortable and dry in-shoe feeling throughout the duration of use. The collar and tongue feature a good amount of padding for a comfortable, yet stable fit around the ankles that does not cause blisters or irritation. The Pro Model has a traditional lace-up closure, that allows the wearer to fully customize the snugness of the sneakers and create a nice and supportive fit.


The Adidas Pro Model weighs about 15 ounces, which puts this sneaker in the heavier category. This is due to the materials used to produce this basketball shoe, as the focus was on the quality and long lifespan. While this may take away from the speed of movement on the court, it will provide a reliable and sturdy sneaker that will outlast many others in its durability.


Leather is not a very breathable material, but it is durable enough to withstand extensive use, which is why it was chosen as the upper’s material for this basketball shoe. Since the leather does not breathe well, Adidas balanced it out with cleverly placed perforations on the sides of the upper, which provide good air circulation inside the shoe. To amp up the breathability even more, they also added a soft mesh lining for a great in-shoe feeling. This lining helps not only with proper ventilation, but helps combat overheating inside the shoe and provides a comfortable fit. However, even with all these features to ensure breathability, some found this shoe did not ventilate enough.


The Adidas Pro Model is not only highly durable but is also very comfortable for long hours of wear, which is why it is so beloved by athletes and casual wearers alike. The midsole cushioning is lightweight and supportive, especially in the forefoot area, with a PU insole that provides additional support and comfort inside the shoe. The lining is made of a soft mesh material, that is highly breathable. The collar and tongue feature a good amount of padding to keep the ankles secure and in place, as well as provide a cushioned fit. Many reviewers praised this pair of sneakers as one of the most comfortable pair they have ever owned, on and off the basketball court.


The Adidas Pro Model is inspired by their 1979 Superstar basketball sneakers. While the Pro Model kept the classic silhouette with the rubber shell toe box, it features a high top instead of a low for extra support around the ankles. The upper is made of patented leather for a smooth and minimalistic look, with the signature three stripes on the side and the Adidas logo on the heel and tongue. The Pro Model comes in many different color schemes, but the most recognizable is the white leather upper with black and gold accents, the black with white and gold details and the all black ones. People who wore the Superstars back in the seventies were pleased to see this sneaker make a comeback in the form of the Pro Model, and younger generations also enjoyed the clean look of the shoes. This sneaker is very versatile and can be styled many different ways, which is a plus in many reviewers’ eyes.


Just by looking at the Pro Model, one can see that this shoe is not going to fall apart after a few uses. Longevity is one of the driving forces behind this sneaker, as it was made to last a long time. The durable rubber outsole is very abrasion-resistant and will stay in good condition for years, given that the wearer takes proper care of them. The midsole’s EVA foam cushioning will maintain its shape and structure even after extensive use, be it on the basketball court or casual wear. The patented leather upper will also keep its shape and the rubber shell toe box will keep the toes safe and the toe box protected against abrasions that can occur during basketball games.


When it comes to protection, Adidas comes through with their Pro Model. To start off, the outsole consists of a very grippy, durable rubber, which eliminates the risk of slipping on the wooden court during games. The traction is excellent on concrete courts as well and the rubber does not wear out fast, which makes this sneaker a great everyday shoe too. The midsole’s injection-molded EVA foam delivers a supportive cushioning, especially in the forefoot area, while the PU insole absorbs the shock of impact and has a good energy return to the wearer, which they can utilize in their game. The patent leather upper is very durable and abrasion-resistant, and provides a supportive fit when laced up, keeping the feet in their place.

One aspect that makes Adidas stand out from the long line of basketball shoes is the rubber shell toe cap. Namely, the toe box is often overlooked, even though it is one of the most exposed areas in basketball sneakers. Since the toes get stepped on quite frequently during games, not only does this damage the upper, but it can lead to some serious injuries, even fractured bones. The rubber shell toe cap makes sure the toes are well-protected and the upper abrasion-repellent. Another important area that needs protection is the ankles. Adidas raised the collar on the Pro Model, making it a high top, and added padding around the ankles to provide a cushioned support, while still allowing the natural flexing of the feet for an unrestricted feel.


The Adidas Pro Model has a good amount of support, as stated above. First of all, the midsole’s lightweight EVA foam, together with the PU insole provide a supportive cushioning to the underfoot. The leather upper delivers a structured fit around the feet, locking them in place, while the high top wraps around the ankles to provide a supportive fit.


The Adidas Pro Model, although designed as a basketball shoe, is very versatile and can be used both on indoor and outdoor basketball courts, as well as on many different flat surfaces, like street roads, pavement, etc. Many reviewers wear them as everyday sneakers and are very pleased with them.


The Pro Model has everything, some might even argue more than some other basketball sneakers on the market, but unlike other brands, such as Nike, this sneaker comes at an affordable price.


Adidas sports the very popular herringbone-like pattern on the outsole of the Pro Model for achieving a good traction level. This type of traction pattern provides a good grip on the court and does not allow slipping. Basketball players can rest assured that they will have a stable grip on the ground and can play with confidence.


Regarding stability, the main focus is on the ankles and the forefoot for this shoe. The toe box features a durable rubber shell toe cap, which protects against injuries and abrasions to the upper, while at the same time stabilizes the toes. This area of basketball shoes is often neglected, however, it is very important for all the jumping that the players need during games. The ankles are also securely locked down, thanks to the raised collar of the Pro Model.

Key Features

* Durable rubber outsole with a herringbone-like pattern for traction
* Injection-molded EVA foam midsole with a PU insole for a supportive cushioning
* Patented leather upper with perforations on the sides for breathability
* A rubber shell toe cap for enhanced forefoot protection
* Soft mesh lining for added breathability and comfort
* Padded high top collar for cushioned ankle support
* Standard laces

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a durable pair of basketball sneakers that will keep you protected and supported in your game, while making you look effortlessly stylish, look no further. The Adidas Pro Model 2010 features a durable rubber outsole and an injection-molded EVA foam midsole, that will give you a lightweight and supportive cushioning. The patented leather upper incorporates the famous rubber shell toe cap from the Superstar line for forefoot stability and protection, while the cushioned high top creates a comfortable wrap around the ankles for support on and off the basketball court.

Although the upper does have perforations for ventilation as well as a soft mesh lining, some reviewers were not pleased with the breathability of this sneaker. However, the price tag is more than acceptable for a shoe of this caliber. All things considered, the Pro Model is applauded by most for its comfort and long lifespan, as well as its style.