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Newton Distance Elite Review Facts

Newton designed a rather basic looking shoe that can be worn by anyone; especially by those who require a lightweight, flexible shoe that will provide a decent level of support for those neutral runners. The design of this shoe allows runners to really go all out while in use; it has none of the overlays that are customary in a shoe’s design, which allows runners to get that stride that they feel is right. Newton is simply one of those brands that is overlooked by many but provides wearers with a tremendous level of value due to the materials that are in use throughout the shoe and the comfort that they seek to provide to the wearer. Also, don’t forget the beloved sole unit of the shoe; it does a lot for a shoe of its size.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Lightweight
  • Shock absorbent
  • Versatile
  • Variety of colors
  • Quick drying
  • Design must me broken in
  • Not a whole lot of cushioning
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  • The year I started running in Newton shoes was 2012 and they remain an exceptional shoe for my needs. I have a history of ankle, knee and IT band pain and these have been eliminated because of the Newton design.
  • I prefer a snugger fit and these shoes have it. These Newtons are my 4th pair. I like that they are light too.
  • The Newton Distance Elites are helping the pain in my knees.
  • I love my Distance Elite but they run small--about a half size-- so order up.
  • These shoes are a step up from the 7s and they are lightweight. I wish the white fabric didn't get dirty so easily.
  • These Newton Distance Elites are stylish and great.
  • I am a woman and I love these shoes. I got them in size 8 for men and I am a women's 9 ½ and they fit perfectly. These are both a neutral shoe and running shoe.
  • The Distance Elite is by far the best shoe for neutral runners who want a marathon shoe.
  • These feel like running between barefoot and with cushioning. They do take some getting used to but they were fine in the 5k and working out on the track. Felt it in my calves so might not be the best for distance running. Still, love them.
  • I really like how the Distance Elite feels on my feet.
  • I like the Newton Elite for running and everyday use. They are very comfortable.
  • Even though I have plenty of other brands in my closet, when I need some motivation, I come back to the Newtons. I hit the road in these and they are very comfortable.
  • I came to the Newton family about two years ago. I love these running shoes. I can't and won't run with another brand of shoes.
  • I will buy again for sure. These are comfortable and give me a great run. They are light and my feet don't hurt.
  • I am a repeat customer because I love the brand. These are comfortable and light.
  • I was a user of the Nike Zoom before moving over to the Distance Elites. This is a great shoe. And so much lighter and give a much better feedback.
  • As a ultra-marathoner and an Ironman triathlete, it's imperative that I have a shoe that will provide hours of comfort. I was impressed with these as soon as I put them on. Light and still provides the right cushioning. That's why I've been with Newtons since their inception.
  • I needed more cushion even though I've always worn minimal shoes. I had to get used to these but after a few miles, I love them.
  • Needs breaking in
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The outsole on this shoe is honestly superb; it’s one of the reasons why this shoe can be classified as a racing shoe. The outsole consists of a high-density rubber that is focused solely on the midfoot section of the wearer’s foot; this allows the wearer to really strike down on the ground and get amazing levels of grip while the shoe is in use. Besides the grip, this design of the shoe also allows the wearer to gain a decent level of stability, primarily because of the focused design of the rubber. Transitions are made much easier by the cut of the rubber as well; the shoe provides the wearer with what they need in terms of smooth transitions due to the fact that the sole unit is raised off of the ground and essentially is the first thing that touches the terrain while in a running position.


Much like the outsole of the shoe, the midsole is designed from a thin cut of the material that allows the wearer to really gain a nice level of energy return while in use. Since the midsole comprises the majority of the sole unit that is actually in touch with the ground, it must also have the ability to provide the wearer with a bit of traction enhancing properties; the midsole has Meta-flex grooves in the heel that allow for a decent level of flex and also work to provide the wearer with what they need in terms of grip. The midsole doesn’t have very much in the way of cushioning though, but it compensates through sheer comforting features. The addition of the lugs in the sole unit of the shoe also adds to the shoe’s ability to provide the wearer with what they need in terms of shock absorption.


The upper of the shoe is designed to give the wearer what they need in terms of comfort; it’s designed from a mesh material, so comfort should be its main priority. The mesh on the upper of the shoe is highly perforated and features so few overlays that it becomes relatively difficult for the shoe to not provide the wearer with a flex-full experience while the shoe is on foot. The perforated design of the upper also allows the shoe to dry much faster than the average shoe; considering the lightweight design of the shoe, it should be able to give the wearer a feel that allows for a decent level of airflow and a quick-drying experience. The lacing is slip-resistant and are honestly placed in such a way as to allow the shoe to stay tied (and snuggly at that) while in use; for anyone who has possibly experienced the effects of a loosely tied shoe while running at high speeds, you will understand how pertinent it is that a shoe has this feature.


A running shoe such as this one must have a design that allows one to really achieve high speeds without being bothered by a feeling of being weighed down; this shoe does just that due to the fact that the cut of it is relatively thin and the overall design features very few unnecessary add-ons; the upper has almost no add-ons or overlays; this is one of the main reasons why the shoe itself is so lightweight. The sole unit of this shoe, as mentioned earlier, is out of this world in that it doesn’t have any extra pieces and can move at a level that is very much on par with the movement provided by the upper of the shoe. The weight of a shoe is one of the things that can really make or break a runner; with this shoe being on the minimal side, the wearer doesn’t have to really worry about it holding them back at all.


A decent level of airflow is one of the things that most runner’s desire in their shoes; it cuts back on the sweat that accumulates throughout the design which results in the shoe having much less in the way of smells being present in the design. The upper of this shoe is designed from a mesh material that really allows one to feel the material; the upper is so porous that air seems to be forever present throughout the design. Again, the lack of overlays on this portion also helps the wearer to have the comfortable feel that they need from a running shoe. Lastly, the level of airflow provided by the shoe also aids it in it’s drying efforts meaning that the shoe basically dries very quickly.


All of the features that were mentioned about the shoe leading up to this point discuss the fact that the shoe has a design that gives the wearer what they need in terms of comfort. The upper of the shoe is highly breathable which is a factor that adds to the overall comfort that is achieved by the wearer of a shoe. The sole unit is very minimal and lacks some of the cushioning effects that most other shoes have but, makes up for that through the flexibility that is provided by the shoe; it moves very easily and somewhat allows the wearer to do what they need to in terms of movement and results in a feel that is very much on par with the general racing shoe.


This is a racing shoe down to the core. The cut of the shoe is very thin and is meant to give the wearer a rather flexible and comfortable overall level of movement; for a racing shoe, the flex that it is able to achieve is one of the most important factors. Aside from this, the shoe comes in a variety of colorways that just make the wearer’s feet “pop”; the colors are rather vibrant and really stand out when on foot. The outsole of the shoe really stands apart from the rest of the sole unit and allows that section to have a bit of contrast from the rest of the general shoe. Also, the design of the shoe doesn’t feature the many overlays that have become customary with shoes of its design which is another plus for those who require a minimalist feel from their shoes.


These shoes may not have all of the extra bells and whistles that are customary, but they do work to provide one with a decent level of longevity. The sole unit, primarily the outsole, is designed in such a way as to give the wearer what they need in terms of protection and is relatively thick which ensures that it works on the more developed terrains such as roads and things of that nature. The midsole of the shoe works in much the same way and has a decent amount of durability in its design considering that it must be able to handle touching the terrain itself without breaking off. The upper works in much the same way and doesn’t rip very easily or give the wearer any problems in the way of deformations in the design.


The upper of the shoe doesn’t have very many protection providing capabilities; this is just how it works, seeing as this a shoe that must be able to provide the wearer with smooth transitions and a decent level of comfort. That isn’t to say that the shoe itself isn’t hazardous or anything like that, but it does have a bit of flimsiness in its design that implies that it won’t do much for the wearer in terms of protecting their feet from impact or things of that nature; impact shouldn’t be one of the things that wearer’s pay a whole lot of attention to, primarily because of the fact that it will be worn on extremely developed terrains and shouldn’t come into contact with obstacles that may result in a dangerous impact. When used for a run in a regular run on a regular terrain, this shouldn’t become a problem.


Now, the sole of the shoe doesn’t have very much cushioning, this is just one of those things that people have to accept about shoes that are used for high-speed activity. The shoe gave up a high level of responsiveness for the much more appealing lightweight and flexible feel that is needed from it. That isn’t to say that the shoe doesn’t provide wearers with any level of responsiveness, just not as much as that provided by many other shoes; the Distance Elite does have lugs that enable the shoe to be a little bit responsive though; the shoe’s lugs move rather easily and allow for a decent level of energy return to being achieved by the shoe that then results in an added bounce for the wearer.


This is a running shoe, one that is designed for extremely high-speed activities; it doesn’t have the extremely cushiony support that is generally expected from shoes but, it does its best to give the wearer what they need. The sole unit of the shoe works, rather well at that, to provide support for those runners who require a more neutral level of support. The design of the sole unit prevents the wearer from feeling the effects of overpronation and results in a more comfortable feel for the wearer while in use; with that being said, the shoe is still only a racing shoe and doesn’t have all of the support that one may need. Not a deal breaker though, mainly because of the design of the shoe and what it is designed for.


The Distance Elite can be used on a plethora of the more developed terrains; that’s it. It has a sole unit that will be able to gain a level of traction that lasts and does so without causing the wearer any level of worry about degradation of the material; the rubber on the outsole is highly efficient and won’t lose its gripping abilities after only a few uses of the shoe. With that being said, the shoe doesn’t handle “technical” terrains very well; the design of the outsole simply isn’t one that welcomes these terrains due to the simplicity of its design and the overall thin cut of the materials on the outsole. These shoes also handle best on terrains such as roads because of this.


Something to mention is that these shoes may hit one’s pockets for quite a few dollars. The shoe features various technologies that enhance the feel of the shoe while in use and that also work to give the wearer what they need in terms of overall performance; this somewhat justifies the price of the shoe. To be honest, the functionality of the shoe is of a level that is on par with the top-tier brands such as Nike, Adidas and the like; this should also make one consider the effectiveness of this model of the shoe. In all, if one is seeking a great deal of functionality all packed tightly into a lightweight shoe, they could look at this model; the price may be a bit on the higher side, but, due to the level of functionality may not be wholly considered.


The forefoot of the sole unit is where most of the magic happens in terms of traction gaining ability. The outsole of the shoe features a cut of plastic that covers this area of the shoe and allows the wearer to really dig into the ground while the shoe is being used. The flex grooves in the shoe also aid in this feature of the shoe by allowing the wearer to work their angles and move in a way that enables them to gain a decent level of traction while running. The rubber in the outsole of the shoe is also highly abrasive which adds to the level of traction to be achieved. Also, although it may appear to be almost non-existent the heel of the shoe has a bit of rubber that allows it to also aid the wearer in getting that level of grip that they need from the shoe.


The flex achieved by this shoe is almost out of this world. The heel and forefoot of the shoe are disconnected to give the wearer a higher range of motion than that otherwise achieved. There are lateral grooves in the sole unit that actually help the wearer in that they are able to gain the sideways movements that they may need from a shoe. The upper of the shoe lacks any physical overlays and is also cut rather thin which allows the shoe to make the movements that it needs when in use; the upper is highly flexible because of this feature and allows the wearer to move with a great deal of ease.


Very few, if any stability providing features in the design of this shoe whatsoever. The upper of the shoe has no overlays and is cut rather thinly, two features that promote movement and don’t limit it whatsoever. The shoe does fit rather snugly which means that it will provide the wearer with a bit of stability in that area but, other than that, it doesn’t do much.

Key Features

• Very small drop
• Open mesh upper
• Asymmetrical lacing
• EVA midsole
• Reaction lugs


If you’re looking for a shoe that provides one with much of what they need in terms of transitions and comfort; the low drop and the open mesh design of the upper are what really allow the shoe to provide these things. The overall design of the shoe is one that is aesthetically pleasing and gives the wearer a decent level of functionality. For the price tag, the question is whether or not the shoe is worth it; for most, it is.