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Adidas NEO Cloudfoam VS City Reviewed Review Facts

The new Adidas NEO Cloudfoam VS City is truly a great running/ everyday shoe to hit the market. Adidas is already a brand name everybody knows, and justifiably so. They make one of the world's best shoes when it comes to quality and performance. The NEO Cloudfoam features their Cloudfoam cushioning technology, making this shoe extremely comfortable to wear not only in the gym or on the road, but for everyday use as well. The sturdy, yet flexible construction of this shoe conforms to the natural flexing of the feet, making for smooth wear. The style and color schemes of the NEO Cloudfoam make it very sleek and modern looking, perfect for casual wear as well. To top it off, the price tag is also very eye-catching.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Very comfortable
  • Durable
  • Supportive cushioning
  • Lightweight and breathable upper
  • Excellent shock absorption
  • Flexible
  • Great color options and style
  • Affordable
  • The insole is not supportive enough
  • Not for long distance running
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  • Finding a shoe that provided all day comfort for me so do my job, was hard. When I came across these, I loved them. Very stylish, super comfortable, my feet never hurt.
  • My wife and I both own a pair, we are huge fans. Super lightweight shoes and perfect for walking or standing for a long period of time.
  • Purchased these a size bigger thinking they were like most athletic shoes, however my true size fits better. These are great shoes perfect for exercising.
  • Loved the price of this shoe, and how comfortable it is.I love them.
  • Very durable for them to be so light weight. I use these for everything including working out and as a work shoe. I would definitely buy again.
  • The soles on this shoe is so comfortable, they truly resemble clouds. Great shoe, great price, you won’t regret buying.
  • Purchased these shoe in an emergency when I needed a decent pair of shoes to walk in pretty much all day. These are a lifesaver, most comfortable shoe I ever worn
  • Very relaxing shoe for people with arch issues. Comfortable for running, and very supportive sole.
  • Great shoe, they fit my wide feet and I have great arch support with these too.
  • I have health issues so swelling in my legs and foot was common. So far these are perfect for my feet, allowing me to walk comfortably.
  • My husband says these shoes are very supportive and super lightweight. He loves them.
  • I typically get blisters with other shoes, but these help tremendously with comfort and taking the impact when I’m going for a long walk.
  • Great shoe, purchased these for style but after wearing I realized I didn’t need my inserts that I was recommend to wear since I broke the ball of my foot. These provided enough support for me.
  • Great shoe that was priced great too. Purchased them to wear for a trip, I have no complaints.
  • The Adidas NEO Cloudfoam VS City fit amazing right out the box. I would recommend this shoe if you’re looking for a reliable shoe for a great price.
  • Purchase these shoe for style, but was surprised when I took them for a run. Lots of comfort, Great purchase.
  • My spouse says that this shoe feels like he is actually walking on clouds.
  • I’ve owned a few older pairs, which I always used for running shoes. This are still my go-to after injuring my foot a few years ago. Enough room to add extra cushion if needed.
  • Great shoe for the cost, after settling into the shoe this shoe fits my feet perfectly.
  • Very great footbed, my son loves these shoes. His feet are narrow and these fit him very well.
  • Shoe may run narrow for some.
  • Some customers feel that the shoe needs a little more support.
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The Adidas NEO Cloudfoam VS City features a durable rubber outsole unit with rubber treads cleverly placed in the high-wear areas, like the forefoot and the heel of the shoe, to make the outsole last even longer and provide excellent grip and traction as well. The outsole has a rather intricate pattern to it with Flex Grooves in between for enhanced flexibility with every move. Runners and casual wearers alike agree on the quality of the outsole and its above average durability. It performs great in both indoor and outdoor scenarios thanks to its excellent traction.


As the name itself suggests, the Cloudfoam VS City features the Cloudfoam cushioning technology. It comes in the form of an EVA foam pad, which is located in the heel of the shoe, providing a stable cushioning to the underfoot by absorbing the shock from each foot fall. Heel strikers will especially appreciate this feature of the shoe. The sides of the midsole sport additional Flex Grooves, further enhancing the flexibility of this running shoe and ensuring a smooth heel to toe transition. The midfoot, although not qualified to correct overpronation, is quite supportive for flat feet as well. Thanks to the superb cushioning this running shoe provides, many users wear it as a casual shoe too.


The upper of the Adidas NEO Cloudfoam VS City is made of a very breathable and lightweight mesh material that will keep your feet dry and cool, even after wearing them for long hours. Inside the shoe, there is a soft lining, that helps with breathability and the overall comfort of the shoe. Additionally, there are synthetic leather overlays in place to help give the shoe some structure and support.

For extra security, a toe cap has been incorporated into the design of the upper, which blends in seamlessly with the rest of the shoe. The heel cap is also reinforced for additional support and stability. The tongue and collar of the Cloudfoam VS City have additional padding, which makes the shoe extremely comfortable around the ankles. This, combined with the standard lacing system, helps lock the feet down in a secure and snug fit without causing blisters or irritation. Further adding to the comfort of this shoe, is the Cloudfoam sockliner, that provides a lightweight cushioning.


Unfortunately, we were not able to find anything specific about the weight of the NEO Cloudfoam. However, thanks to what we know about the materials that were used in the production of this shoe, as well as all the customer reviews, we can safely say that this running shoe is quite lightweight and will not leave your feet feeling tired even after long hours of use.


Since the upper is made of a mesh material, it is very breathable, and not even the synthetic leather overlays can take away from the free air flow in this shoe. Additionally, the soft lining inside the shoe contributes to the breathability as well as provides the wearer with a comfortable feel. The NEO Cloudfoam is excellent for running, workouts indoors and outdoors, as well as everyday use, as it will keep your feet dry and cool even after long hours of wearing it. One customer from Arizona said that the shoe performed well under the hot Arizona sun, and that he had no issues with overheating or blisters caused by sweating and rubbing on the inside of the shoe.


One thing that all reviewers agree on is the overall comfort that the NEO Cloudfoam provides. Most of this comes from the EVA foam midsole, that provides stable cushioning to the underfoot. Aside from the midsole foam, the upper is made of a very lightweight and breathable mesh material that lets the feet breathe, while a soft inside lining makes it incredibly comfortable to wear. The tongue and collar have additional padding, that in addition to keeping your ankles well protected, also add to the overall comfort. Last but not least, the NEO Cloudfoam has a Cloudfoam sockliner for a lightweight cushioning. People from many different walks of life use this shoe on a regular basis, from pregnant women to people whose jobs require them to be on their feet for long hours, all the way to runners and gym enthusiasts, and they are all satisfied with the comfort his shoe comes with.


The Adidas NEO Cloudfoam VS City managed to combine the classic and the modern into an effortless and sleek design. They kept the look pretty standard for a running shoe, with their famous three stripes on the sides and the heel. The most interesting thing about the look of this shoe, however, is the color schemes. You can find anything from the more subdued and basic colors, to more colorful combinations. Adidas made sure that there is something for everybody. This shoe is a great choice for working out in, as well as everyday use and can be easily incorporated into any wardrobe.


Most of the durability of the NEO Cloudfoam comes from its outsole, which is made of a durable rubber material. Special rubber treads have been strategically placed in the areas with the highest risk of abrasions, namely, the forefoot and the heel. This not only ensures durability but provides excellent traction for the wearer as well. While the outsole is the main durability component that keeps the rest of the shoe safe from wear and tear, there are others as well.

The upper is made of a lightweight and breathable mesh material with synthetic overlays. These synthetic overlays help keep the feet secure and stable, as well as help keep the shape of the upper. The toe box features a seamless toe cap, that protects the toes, as well as keeps the toe box secure from wear and tear. The heel also has a heel cap for extra durability. Many customers were very satisfied with the long lifespan of this shoe and would buy a second pair.


As far as protection goes, the Adidas NEO Cloudfoam VS City delivers a good amount. Starting from the outsole, the rubber treads help the shoe grip to the surface and protects the wearer from injuries caused by slipping. The EVA foam heel pad helps keep the underfoot stable and absorbs the shock of impact from each foot fall. The upper features a mesh material with synthetic leather overlays, which together with the padded collar/tongue and laces locks the feet into its proper position, thus reducing the risk of injuries, like sprained ankles. The cushioning in the midsole also relieves the knees and the back of stress caused by exercising which makes these great running shoes for knee pain.


The Adidas NEO Cloudfoam VS City has a good amount of support to offer. It features an EVA foam heel pad, which supports the underfoot by absorbing the shock of each foot fall. The upper has synthetic leather overlays, which when the shoe is laced up and tightened, help keep the feet in their right position. The padded tongue and collar keep the ankles supported without causing blisters or irritation. While the arch support is reportedly good for supporting flat feet, it is not going to correct the issue, and if you are looking for a long distance running shoe with arch support, you should probably check out some shoes in that category.


The rubber outsole delivers excellent traction, thanks to the rubber treads added to the forefoot and heel of the shoe, as well as the intricate sole pattern. However, one should have in mind that this is not a trail or a long distance running shoe, and should be used on the recommended surfaces above, such as roads, tracks, gym or just for walking around in.


Both the outsole and the midsole feature Flex Grooves, making this running shoe highly flexible and allowing the wearer to move freely and naturally, since it follows the natural movement of the feet. The upper is also made of a flexible material that wraps around the feet when the laces are tightened and follows the feet’s natural flexing patterns. This makes the NEO Cloudfoam a very versatile running shoe, that can be used both outdoors and indoors for a variety of exercises, as well as an everyday shoe.


Although not a stability running shoe, the NEO Cloudfoam has a good amount of stability. The rubber outsole keeps the feet stable on the ground, thanks to its grippy nature. The EVA foam heel pad keeps the heel in place and stable, thanks to its shock absorbing qualities. The upper does not lack in stability either, with its padded tongue and collar and synthetic leather overlays. The feet are in a stable state throughout the exercise. Some reviewers even commented that this shoe is great for standing in for long hours as well.

Key Features

  • Durable rubber outsole for excellent grip and traction

  • EVA foam heel pad for shock absorption

  • Lightweight Cloudfoam insole

  • Flex Grooves for enhanced flexibility

  • Lightweight and breathable mesh upper with synthetic leather overlays for structure and support

  • Seamless toe cap

  • Reinforced heel cap

  • Padded tongue and collar for extra support

  • Standard flat laces
  • Bottom Line

    The Adidas NEO Cloudfoam VS City is an excellent running shoe, that can double as an everyday shoe due to its comfortability, thanks to the Cloudfoam cushioning in the midsole. The outsole is made of a durable rubber material with rubber treads placed on the areas at the highest risk of abrasions, the forefoot and heel. Additionally, they provide a good amount of traction to the wearer, as long as they stick to flat surfaces.

    The upper is made of a breathable mesh material with synthetic leather overlays for a well-ventilated, yet structured feel. There is additional padding in the collar/tongue of the shoe for extra comfort and support. Many people use the NEO Cloudfoam as an everyday shoe, or take them to work, thanks to the comfort they provide. The style and colors of this running shoe make it easy to incorporate into any wardrobe and the affordable price tag is appealing as well.