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Adidas Cloudfoam Ilation Reviewed for Performance Review Facts

Adidas has been coming out with basketball shoes since 1968, and they are still going strong, being one of the best in the business in this category. Adidas paid special attention when it came to the design of the Cloudfoam Ilation, combining lightweight and speed with performance and quality. As the name implies. Adidas made use of its Cloudfoam cushioning technology in both the midsole and sockliner, providing supportive cushioning for the player.

The upper gained in structure with the addition of leather but did not take away from the overall breathability. With excellent traction and a street casual look, the Cloudfoam Ilation is a great everyday sneaker as well. And if that was not enough to convince you, the more than affordable price tag will surely tip the scales.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Durable, yet breathable leather upper
  • Very comfortable
  • Excellent traction
  • Support
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Stylish design
  • Roomy toe box
  • Squeaky
  • Not enough traction
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  • I highly recommend these for a good work shoe. I stand in these for hours a day and my feet don’t hurt at all.
  • This is my Favorite shoe, not only is it very stylish and sharp it’s also soft and comfortable.
  • Great shoe, so comfortable. I used for playing basketball as well as a running shoe. They’re amazing and great for the price.
  • I love a basic and comfortable shoe, these are it. Style is very simple and they fit my very wide feet better than other high top shoes.
  • Great shoe, very durable. I use these shoes in all weather conditions and they’ve been keeping up for months.
  • Great quality and they feel amazing straight out of the box. I feel like I’m walking on cloud nine, great shoe.
  • These shoes are true to their word, very comfortable. I would definitely buy again.
  • They fit great, the insole is like walking on clouds for me. I’ll be buying another pair for sure.
  • I have great ankle support and the inserts are enough. Great looking shoe, exceeded my expectations.
  • The insoles on these are so supportive and soft. I’m on my second pair, because the level of comfort these give is eye opening.
  • My son said these are one of the only shoes that feel comfortable on his feet. Long lasting, doesn’t show wear easily.
  • Wore these through snow season and the shoe feels amazing and the durability is great. Good quality sneaker, great buy.
  • I bought these to play basketball with, my feet felt great and I also noticed my knees didn’t ache the next day either.
  • I easily sprain my ankles, so I purchased these shoes in hopes to support them better. They did just the job. Super comfortable, the regular fit my narrow feet well.
  • I have wide feet, but I purchased these in regular and they were perfect. Extremely comfortable.
  • This is a great shoe. Great impact protection, super flexible, lots of room in the toe area, above all very comfortable.
  • Pleasantly surprised with these shoes. The soles are extremely comfortable, I would recommend these shoes.
  • Purchased for my son, who plays basketball. He loves this shoe and I loved how affordable they were as well.
  • I own two paris of these shoes because they’re so great. Very durable, and super affordable. I would recommend to anyone.
  • My husband loves these shoes. I purchased to replace his work boots. These did the job, gave him some comfort and style, plus they were lightweight for him which was a great change.
  • Customers said that shoe runs wide.
  • Some customer had issues with the rubber on the soles coming off.
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Adidas made sure to make a basketball shoe that performs equally well indoors as it does outdoors, which is why the Cloudfoam Ilation features a durable rubber outsole with excellent traction. Namely, the outsole sports an unusual zig-zag pattern, which is responsible for the superb traction levels in this shoe. Be it on wooden floor courts or asphalted street courts, the Adidas Cloudfoam Ilation grips firmly to the ground and protects against slipping, which consequently prevents injuries, like sprained ankles, shin splints, etc. This basketball shoe will also stand the test of time, since it is made of a high quality rubber material that is very resistant to abrasions. Some reviewers wore the Adidas Cloudfoam Ilation as their everyday shoe, or at work, and were also satisfied with the longevity of this shoe.


The Adidas Cloudfoam Ilation features their famous Cloudfoam cushioning technology in its midsole unit. It consists of a lightweight EVA foam and it delivers a supportive experience as well as a light, springy movement to the wearer. This is especially crucial for basketball players since they need to be able to move quickly on the court, while at the same time have the bounce they require for dunks. Aside from providing great cushioning for the user, the Cloudfoam Ilation’s midsole cushioning is an excellent shock absorbent as well, protecting the feet from the shock of impact from each foot-fall, returning that energy for the wearer to utilize in their game. But the benefits do not stop there. In addition to the Cloudfoam midsole, Adidas included a Cloudfoam sockliner made from molded foam, which provides additional cushioning and support where it is needed the most. Reviewers agree that the Cloudfoam Ilation is one of the most comfortable shoes they ever had and many use them as casual sneakers as well.


The upper of the Adidas Cloudfoam Ilation is made up of a combination of materials for maximum quality and performance. It sports a mid-cut design, and its function is to keep the ankles stable during use. The majority of the upper is made of a durable quality leather with perforations in the forefoot, side and heel areas for maximum breathability and temperature regulation inside the shoe. This is very important since the feet sweat quite a bit during basketball games, and sliding inside the shoe can lead to painful blisters and even bigger injuries.

The leather upper is very long lasting and will keep its shape for a long time. Some reviewers found the upper a bit hard to break in though, but after the initial breaking in period, it should be fine. The tongue, collar, and heel area a covered with a breathable mesh fabric, further enhancing the air flow in the shoe. The lining is made of a soft fabric, that makes the Cloudfoam Ilation that more comfortable to wear, and it helps with breathability as well. The Cloudfoam sockliner provides a supportive cushioning inside the shoe. The Adidas Cloudfoam Ilation has a standard lace-up closure and features the famous three-stripe logos on the side.


The Adidas Cloudfoam Ilation falls on the lighter end of the spectrum with its 12.8 ounces, thanks to the Cloudfoam cushioning in the midsole and sockliner, that make this basketball shoe feel incrediblely lightweight. This makes it possible for players to move easily and fast on the court. However, people from all walks of life will appreciate this sneaker’s lightweight nature.


Some would think that a leather upper instantly means that there is no proper ventilation present in the shoe. Adidas made sure this is not the case with their Cloudfoam Ilation. While the upper is made of mostly leather, they included cleverly placed perforations in the forefoot, side and heel areas, as well as a mesh fabric in the tongue, heel, and collar for maximum air flow inside the shoe. Furthermore, the soft fabric lining is also very breathable, making for a great in-shoe feeling.


The main comfort component of the Cloudfoam Ilation lies in its midsole and sockliner, both made of Cloudfoam cushioning technology. The lightweight EVA foam in the midsole provides excellent cushioning and bounce to the wearer, not to mention how lightweight it is, helping the wearer achieve maximum speed on the court without their feet getting tired. Inside the shoe,there is the Cloudfoam sockliner, which provides even more supportive cushioning. Some reviewers even said it felt like walking on clouds or marshmallows. The lining of the Cloudfoam Ilation is made of a soft fabric, which doubles as ventilation inside the shoe as well, thus reducing sweating and providing a dry and cool feeling throughout use. While the leather upper can feel a bit stiff straight out of the box, after a little breaking in period, it should conform to your foot shape.


Adidas managed to combine quality with style with their Cloudfoam Ilation. This basketball shoe has a mid-cut design with the famous three-stripe logo on its sides and comes in various colors, none of which are too bright or crazy, making them extremely easy to style for casual wear as well. Many reviewers said that they found the shoes very stylish and wore them with plain T-shirts and jeans, with trousers and sweats alike, as well as dressed up or dressed down. Adidas really succeeded in creating a truly versatile shoe in the form of the Cloudfoam Ilation.


In charge of the durability of the Cloudfoam Ilation are the high-quality rubber outsole and the leather upper, for the most part. The rubber outsole provides excellent traction with its zig-zag pattern, as well as being extremely durable. The outsole also protects the rest of the shoe from abrasions. While some found the leather upper to be a bit too stiff, it is nonetheless highly durable and abrasion and dirt resistant.


The Cloudfoam Ilation, being a basketball shoe, has excellent protection. First of all, the durable rubber outsole has a firm grip on both indoor and outdoor surfaces, minimizing the risk of slipping on the ground and injuring oneself. The Cloudfoam midsole/ sockliner provides the user with supportive cushioning for fast and bouncy movement. The midsole cushioning is also an excellent shock absorbent, protecting the balls of the feet, as well as the underfoot from the shock of foot-falls. The leather upper provides great structure and the standard lacing system helps gets a snug fit around the feet. Thanks to the mid-cut design and extra padding on the tongue and collar, the ankles are properly protected from injuries and the feet are stabilized inside the shoe.


The Adidas Cloudfoam Ilation has plenty of ankle support, due to the mid-cut design of the shoe. The collar and tongue also have extra padding, which not only helps stabilize the feet inside the shoe but provide a good amount of blister-free cushioning to the area as well. The Cloudfoam cushioning in the midsole and sockliner deliver supportive cushioning for the wearer, as well as absorb the shock of impact, for a stress-free experience. The upper’s standard lacing system helps the wearer achieve a customized and supportive fit, that holds the feet in place during use.


The Cloudfoam Ilation is a basketball shoe and has been designed for basketball courts, both indoor and outdoor ones. The traction of the sneakers prevents slipping on flat surfaces, which is great for basketball players since they need a steady grip on the court while playing. However, because of the versatile style of the shoe, many users wear the Cloudfoam Ilation as an everyday shoe, and some even take it to work. It is safe to say that this shoe is an excellent casual shoe as well.


Some might be surprised, but the Cloudfoam Ilation comes with a very affordable price tag. Of course, the prices will vary depending on where you buy them, online or in retail stores, but this pair of basketball shoes is quite inexpensive.


Thanks to the quality rubber outsole, the Cloudfoam Ilation has excellent traction. The outsole has a zig-zag pattern for superb grip and traction on the court, be it indoor or outdoor, minimizing the risk of slipping and falling. Many users reported wearing them as everyday shoes with no issues at all.


Since the Adidas Cloudfoam Ilation was designed to be used for sports, it has a good amount of flexibility in the form of Flex Grooves on the outsole and midsole respectively, allowing the feet to flex and bend freely during games. Where the sneaker lacks in flexibility is the upper, since it is made of leather that retains its shape and structure even after extensive use.


As for stability, the Cloudfoam Ilation has a good amount of it. The outsole’s grippy nature helps keep the feet firmly on the ground, with minimal risk of slipping. The midsole’s Cloudfoam cushioning provides support and comfort and helps keep the heels in place. The leather upper in combination with the lacing system offer a customized fit to the user, while the mid-cut, padded collar, tongue and heel keep the ankles stable and properly cushioned.

Key Features

  • Durable rubber outsole with a zig-zag design for maximum traction

  • Cloudfoam cushioning technology in the midsole

  • Cloudfoam sockliner for extra support

  • Leather upper with strategically placed perforations

  • Mesh fabric on the tongue, heel, and collar for breathability

  • Soft fabric lining for a comfortable and breathable in-shoe feeling
  • Bottom Line

    The Adidas Cloudfoam Ilation has a lot going in its favor. Starting from the highly durable rubber outsole with excellent traction, this sneaker will keep you steady on the ground throughout use. The midsole and sockliner feature the Cloudfoam cushioning technology, a supportive, yet lightweight cushioning, that does not weigh you down. This foam material is excellent at absorbing shock as well, keeping the heels stable in the shoe, and providing bouncy and light movement. The upper is mostly made of leather, with perforations cleverly placed in the forefoot, heel and sides for maximum breathability.

    The lining is made of soft fabric, enhancing the comfort level of this shoe, while the collar, tongue and heel have a mesh material for even more ventilation. The mid-cut design of the sneakers provides great ankle support, which is very important while playing basketball, since insufficient support can lead to major injuries. A simple lace-up closure allows the wearer to customize the snugness of the sneakers. Many reviewers use this shoe for casual wear as well, thanks to the stylish design and basic color schemes, since it can be styled very easily and looks cool. But most of all, this sneaker is very budget-friendly as well.