Adidas Sobakov

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Adidas Sobakov Review Facts

Adidas Sobakov is the latest introduction to the Adidas collection. The soccer-inspired silhouette was released not too long after the recently concluded FIFA World Cup hosted by Russia. This gives the reason for the choice of the word “Sobakov”, a word with a root in the Russian language. While Adidas is strongly connected with sport wears for teams, the Adidas Sobakov is designed for streetwear and not the soccer pitch. The model is a blend of the rich elements of the previous releases coupled with a modern style addition for the street.  The Sobakov model is available in two colorways of the white and black. The black model comes with a black/white upper design and shares a resemblance with the popular Samba model. The other is an all-white upper finish.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Tough outsole
  • Made of high-quality fabrics
  • Large toe box
  • It’s suitable for any environment whether wet or dry
  • Not that suitable for running or training purposes
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  • Incredible attention to details. The Adidas Sobakov is sturdy, retro, stylish, unique and comfortable.
  • Ok they killed it with this shoe. It's a shoe that's ahead of its time. Well balanced and extremely comfortable.
  • These shoes are similar to Yeezys 350 but better. Awesome quality, and super light. Support and comfort are on point. A bit roomy possibly because my feet are narrow. Very pleased overall.
  • I suggest getting a smaller size but other than that I love these shoes. They are comfortable and feel amazing on.
  • Because of it's innovation, quality and design I like products made by Adidas.
  • These are so comfortable that I should have gotten two pair. I could wear these everyday.
  • Its unique look gets a lot of looks. They are so comfortable too and I got a 7.5 even though I wear a size 8 normally.
  • It's no secret that these run big, but once I got my size they feel great and are very comfortable. These trainers look great too.
  • The look is clean and these shoes are so comfortable and stylish. I have to thank my wife for demanding that I get these.
  • These look even better on my feet. I am wearing them casually and to work. The comfort is great.
  • They fit perfectly and feel like pillows. Well structured.
  • Love the comfort and they look good on my feet.
  • We got these for our son who says that they feel good on his feet. He also stressed that he receives a lot of complements.
  • These are so comfortable that I am thinking about getting another pair. Hopefully more colors will come out soon.
  • Once I got the right size these felt very comfortable. The shoes materials are of high quality.
  • Excellent and much better than I thought before purchasing them. I wish they were a little easier to put on--excellent shoe nonetheless.
  • I highly recommend the Adidas Sobakov because they are really comfortable. My brother agreed after trying them on too. The white pair are my next purchase.
  • My feet are usually sore after standing at work for 10 hours but not with these sneakers. I love these shoes. I'm thinking of getting another pair. Had to size down for me but got the normal size for my boyfriend.
  • Not good for exercising as advised. Very uncomfortable.
  • What's up with the sizing being off, runs a full size bigger in my case.
  • They don't have enough arch support for my feet. It feels like my feet are turning inward because of poor support.
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The Adidas Sobakov outsole has an attractive finish that is made of a durable gum rubber. The sculpted outsole comes designed in a wavy herringbone pattern to give the Adidas Sobakov its unique look. The ribbed outsole is tough but flexible as well. Its characteristic design gives it that firm grip on the ground which gives one the confidence they need while their sneaker is being used. The unique design on the outsole is one of the features that bring out the innovativeness in the Adidas Sobakov model.


Adidas Sobakov is beautifully designed with a midsole that carries a wavy pattern much like the Kamanda’s nubs. The spiraling midsole beneath the foot is a special inclusion of the Adidas Sobakov model. The all-gum midsole comes in a ripped texture that spreads across the whole length of the sneaker. Its blends between vintage and contemporary designs are what makes it really stand out.


The upper of Adidas Sobakov is made of a thick knit material that gives it an ultra-lightweight touch unlike the suede upper finish of the terrain-inspired design. Each of the colorways is distinct with an all-white upper in one and a black/white in the other. The heel cap and the tongue are still made of leather designs like the terrain-inspired model. Offset laces at the top are added for a good fit and aesthetics when putting on the shoe. The customary Adidas three-stripe trademark completes the outlook of the upper but in a way that is much different from what is known. They aren’t the typical perforated stripes, instead they come designed much like the Adidas Predator model. They extend out from the heel and stretch downwards for a good wrap around the heel.


Adidas Sobakov sneakers are built in various sizes – they still have very few issues regarding their actual weight. It is expected that they are lightweight since they are made of beautifully, lightweight materials. The upper mesh, the leather and rubber soles are products that hold no significant level of weight.


Adequate ventilation for the foot is a property to look out for when buying footwear. This talks about the breathability feature of the design. Adidas Sobakov is adorned in a mesh pattern to enhance breathability. This allows free circulation of air within the sneakers to prevent sweating and discomfort around the foot. The strong textural design of the knit upper as well as the horizontal ribbing pattern enhances the breathability feature of the Adidas Sobakov as well.


The design features of the new Adidas Sobakov are built to enable comfort. The toe box is made large enough for wider feet which allows for adequate range of motion for one’s foot. The leather which covers the tongue gives that soothing feel to the foot as well. The somewhat large upper and the wider toe box allows the Sobakov to have an abundance of space around the foot area for comfort. The quilted mesh and the large tongue components of the upper helps provide comfort by keeping the wearer’s feet dry and well ventilated.


The Adidas Sobakov shoes are sneakers built for the street lifestyle. Made in honor of the modern soccer arts, the design and style come much like the Kamanda model and also holds its roots in the terrace classics released in the past. The sneakers have similar shapes much like the terrain-inspired designs. The lovely stretchy knit sneakers are adorned with rare reflective wavy three-stripes, the unique Adidas trademark. The 3-stripes appear a bit slimmed down to stretch around the shoe heel, which is Adidas way of making a statement of uniqueness with their model.


The soccer silhouette is a durable wear. High-quality leather on the heel’s cap and on the tongue helps in the durability features of the shoes for long use. The leather is known to withstand ash weather conditions and the elements. Tough rubber material in the outsole also adds quite a bit of longevity to this shoe’s design. The unique rugged caterpillar-build of the sole makes the Sobakov model one of the toughest designs that you’ll likely see in a while. The mesh design also helps it retain its durability by keeping it dry and away from moisture.


To make sure these shoes give adequate protection to the feet either against the elements or natural body reactions, the Adidas built these shoes with outstanding materials and added features. The heel caps are raised high enough for protection of the heel with the soothing feel of the leather design as a cover at the backside. The rubber outsole provides cushioning against heat penetration from the ground during hot weather. The caterpillar-like sole unit enables a strong grip on the ground to prevent slipping. Similarly, the Upper which is embroidered is well-covered with adequate fabric is thick enough to shield the foot from any external effects. By using the offset lace, you can both have a good fit and ensure adequate protection at the top.


Shoes like the Adidas Sobakov are designed to provide quite a high level of responsiveness for their users. Adidas Sobakov has a strong cushioning effect to help it adapt to various foot conditions and changes. The extensive knitted Upper and large toe box, respond to changes in your foot. The toe box is wide and provides sufficient space to accommodate expansion during hot weathers. The knitted upper and the leather tongue can be swiftly adjusted by the offset lace when the need arises.


The Adidas Sobakov shoes give adequate support to the wearer. Getting the support the foot needs can be seen spread around the various aspects of the shoe. The leather built tongue and heel cap helps to keep the feet warm during cold periods. The midsole offers a strong cushioning effect that helps you feel comfortable as you move around. The midsole much like the outsole is solidly built with a tough gum rubber to ensure this capability. The imposing outsole is made of a high-quality rubber that is able to support your body weight effectively as you move around.


Since the Adidas Sobakov is designed for street wear, they are built to withstand different terrains outdoors. The gum rubber outsole makes it suitable and useful in dry, rocky and wet environments. For its sneaker design, the low drop of the design makes it a convenient wear to help you freely move around. The rubber outsole of Adidas Sobakov and its characteristic build is suitable to be worn on different floor types with confidence.


Adidas Sobakov is listed on the market at a moderate price comparable to other previous designs on the market. People would have thought of the design to be more expensive but it just isn’t. You may not consider it cheap though but it is quite affordable to have a pair delivered to your doorsteps. For less than $140, it shouldn’t be considered to be on the high side especially for those individuals who require quality over quantity.


The Sobakov is definitely not lacking in the area of traction. This is clearly visible by the way the outsole is designed. Beyond the model’s catchy and unique rubber outsole, it functions to help the wearer’s foot have a good traction with the ground during movement. The low cut also greatly enhances this feature. The wide toe box coupled with the quality gum rubber outsole helps users find adequate traction on any developed surface of their choosing.


The upper of the Adidas Sobakov model is made with a flexible and soft neoprene material. This allows for a smooth texture that will easily wrap-around your feet. The outsole which is made of a durable rubber material is also flexible. A simple test by twisting the shoe back and forth demonstrates the flexibility present in this sneaker’s design. The outsole is made from a malleable rubber that easily gives you that high level of mobility that you need. Besides being worn for enjoying yourself with friends in the street, it may also be used for a slight walk or stroll in the surroundings for fitness purposes.


The Adidas Sobakov sneakers are a sure bet when it comes to stability. The design features and the quality of material used all add up to the stability of the design. The flat gum rubber outsole feature helps the wearer have a good grip on the ground. The drop on the Sobakov is also built such that the heels’ height and the toe box are just a little different in height and low enough for good stability. When worn, you don’t only walk with confidence and assurance, you feel relaxed and comfortable anywhere you go. Because of their stable design, they can serve as a utility wear for most outdoor experience and leisure.


The drop is a measure of the heel height to the toe height measurement. It defines how high the heel compares to the front part of the foot which is the toe box area of the shoes. A look at this feature in Adidas Sobakov reveals a drop which cannot be described nothing but, flat. No specific drop has been stated for this shoe but, upon looking at the design and the purpose of the model, one can come to the conclusion that the drop is relatively small. The low heel-to-toe ratio is the reason it is most suitable for the streets and as a fashionable sneaker.

Key Features

• Wrap-around the 3-stripe branding
• Leather accents on the tongue and heel tab
• Asymmetrical lacing system
• Wide toe box
• Ribbed outsole


The Adidas Sobakov shoes are a great design that showcases innovativeness. The model combines excellent features of the brand's previous models with today’s modern outlook. The ribbed outsole, the stylish 3-stripe trademark, and the wide toe box stand out in the design - the features of this model are built for the street and as a fashionable wear. They simply bring out the style in you regardless of where one decides to wear them. However, the white/black colorway may not appear to fit for everyday use owing to its black-white color pattern that takes much resemblance to a soccer boot.