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Adidas Samba Reviewed Review Facts

The Adidas Samba was originally created in 1950 for football players to use to train on frozen outdoor pitches. It was developed during Adidas initial beginnings; the Samba has the honor of being the first ever soccer shoe intended to facilitate players in training on hard and icy surfaces. It is considered to be one of the most popular shoes by Adidas, due to it being the 2nd top-selling design by Adidas ever. However, some sources claimed it to be the best selling Adidas shoe ever. Over 35 million pairs of the Sambas were sold worldwide. This trainer is well-known to be an absolute classic amidst the fanatics of the brand. Undoubtedly, the Samba holds the record for being the longest shoe to run and still be in production. If permanence was an aim of designing the Adidas Samba trainers then Adidas must certainly be proud of themselves since the shoe has almost excelled in the market for over 65 years. The Adidas Samba is a truthful imitation of the vintage Samba sneakers. The Samba is an indoor shoe designed precisely for futsal and casual wear.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  •       Affordable price
  •       Content in-shoe feeling
  •       Flaunts a vintage look
  •       Lightweight and solidly-built
  •       Looks even better in person
  •       Runs true to its size
  •       Wide array of colorways available
  •       Simple, Retro and clean look
  •       Aesthetic design
  •       The squeaking of outsole
  •       Insoles wore out too soon
  •       Lack of grip
  •       The tongue is too big


The outsole of the Adidas Samba distinguishes it from almost every other Adidas sportswear. The shoes are equipped with a gum rubber outsole that is non-marking. The color of the outsole is brownish and the material of the outsole allows for flexibility. The patterning used in the creation of the outsole makes it more stable and allows for an excellent grip on all kinds of indoor surfaces. The gum rubber outsole in the Samba not only allows additional grip for the user but also leaves no marks on the hard court surface. The gum rubber heats up and provides an increasing grip on the surface as you play. Let it be indoor 5, a side futsal, squash, badminton or table tennis, the gum rubber outsole provides the grip that facilitates in improving your game since it’s crucial for these sports. The Adidas Samba is by far the bestselling shoe featuring a gum rubber outsole.


The midsoles of the Adidas Samba are equipped with the die-cut lightweight EVA midsole of the shoe- a material that gives an even better response, especially on indoor places. The midsoles of these shoes are sleek and minimal. The midsoles are translucent and tinged with a light brownish shade. The EVA material used in the midsole of the Samba makes sure that the comfortability and flexibility are not compromised. The EVA midsole of the Samba has a decent amount of cushioning which allows the stretching and giving that forward thrust that makes walking easier. The grip and control aren’t compromised with these midsoles - EVA midsoles are durable and assures their long-lasting use. The cushioning in the midsole allows for better control over the ball as well as makes it effortless to run when it comes to soccer and that makes the Samba the right choice for indoor soccer.


The Adidas Samba is comprised of full-grain soft leather upper. The upper is quite soft once broken in. The upper provides a pleasant leather padded ball touch which additionally makes soccer effortless with these shoes. The suede on the upper covers mainly the forefoot and partly the midfoot. The upper is soft and bendable yet the thick layer ensures that the shoes are enduring and durable. The upper also provides a very comfortable feeling of convenience even when you’re wearing them casually. The quality of leather and suede that is used in the upper lives up-to-the quality standards of Adidas. The upper not only gives the Samba a unique distinctive yet typical Adidas look but also ensures the protection at every level.


The Adidas Samba falls under the category of lightweight shoes with a weight of around 11.8oz. Though, the weight varies with the sizes. But generally considering the fact that the gum sole of the shoes adds to the weight, the shoes are still lightweight. All thanks to the synthetic leather upper, Die-cut EVA midsole and most of the other material used in the formation is carefully selected keeping in mind the weight. Since the gum rubber outsole adds to the weight excessively, the lightweight of the upper and Midsole compensates for that. Compared to the protection and comfort that the Samba offers, the weight is quite low.


The breathability of the Adidas Samba is just satisfactory. Although the EVA midsoles ensure the free movement of the feet and the flow of air within the shoe, the enormous tongue makes the ventilation cumbersome. The soft leather make of the shoes makes them less breathable and constricts the flow of air within but the suede used in the upper is more breathable and allows for the air flow to continue but since most of the shoe is made of leather, the airflow isn’t as effective and affects the breathability of these shoes. Overall the shoes offer a very normal level of breathability. The leather upper does make the shoes more trendy but at the cost of a lower level of breathability.


The Adidas Samba is distinctive in terms of the level of comfort that it offers. The upper is made up of a soft leather that provides a very comfortable feeling – making it a choice for casual wear as well. The Samba fits perfectly and feels exactly like slippers which also helps them be a comfortable option to play sports in. The EVA midsole of the shoes ensure a contended feeling for your foot and the soft leather and suede in the upper contributes further in making you feel comfortable while wearing them. They’re also quite easy to take off due to the slippery suede which further facilitates your comfort.


Adidas Samba provides a perfect blend of sleek and sporty style. The shoe elevates the outfits effortlessly and goes with all kinds of outfits making it a more useful shoe. It’s an aesthetic shoe that looks fashionable. It is a vintage shoe but the fascinating look and the colorway that they offer makes them trendy even while being a classic. Staying true to its root from the 1950s, this sneaker offers full leather structure across the upper with contrasted soft leather that has 3 stripes and the heel tab, as well as the distinctive T-toe panel decorated with the high-quality suede.


The fact that these are the longest running shoes in the industry and are still considered to be one of the favorites by most people even after more than 65 years is itself a proof of its durability. The structure and the design of the shoes play a key role in its durability. You don’t have to worry about the shoes as they remain in good shape even after a fairly reasonable time of use and don’t seem to fall apart in any way. The average pair of these shoes works perfectly for more than a year without getting worn out.

Toe Box

The toe box of the Adidas Samba seems to narrow down from the start of your fit towards the end. Although this does help in making it much easier to fit and gives a sock-like feeling this often proves to be an enormous issue for people with wider feet. The narrow construction is the major cause of this minimal toe room. This could affect the comfort for the people with wider toes.

Width & Length

Majority of the users who bought this shoe felt that their width and length were just perfect. The width and length were neither too wide nor too narrow. Although there were some people who faced an issue with the width and length, they were too few in numbers. People with wider feet did feel like it was not the best fit but generally, the width and the length are satisfying.


The gum based rubber outsole of the Adidas Samba provides the utmost level of support for the arch. The insole of the shoes are highly comfortable and aren’t removable. The insoles are equipped with an additional piece of foam that makes sure that the arch is supported in the best way. However, this arch support might be uncomforting for some.


The different versions of the shoe offer a wide array of colorways but the classic Samba comes in 2 colorways. There’s a black one with 3 white stripes and the other one is a white one with three black stripes.


The thing that has made this shoe by Adidas timeless is the prices. The price of this sportswear is comparatively very low. The features of this shoe and the long-lasting nature of it make the prices seem even more reasonable. The price at which the Adidas Samba is available, you won’t find any other shoe of such quality as these prices. Considering it a classic from the Adidas, the prices are absolutely unexpectedly low.


The classic Adidas Samba provides an enormous amount of traction. The gum rubber outsole provides a great amount of traction and makes it easier to play on all kinds of indoor surfaces. It was originally designed to provide traction on icy and hard surfaces but the latest version provides a relatively significant level of traction. The gum rubber is most suitable for dusty indoors and offers a tantamount amount of grip. As the outsole heats up with use, the gum rubber provides even more grip and traction.


Let it be the stretch ability of the gum rubber used in the outsole, the highly elastic leather and Suede used in the upper and the EVA foam used in the midsole, all these factors combined all together contribute towards the flexibility of these shoes. Being a classic shoe perfectly fit for soccer, the flexibility is ensured by Adidas in every way.


These sneakers are well known for their stability- they perform regardless of how much they’ve been used. There are no signs of being worn out even after that and it continues to perform in the same way. The durable materials used in their making are the reason for their high stability. The everlasting EVA midsole, the strong gum rubber outsole and the premium quality leather and suede used in the upper altogether assures a higher amount of stability.


The Adidas Samba uses the latest technologies alongside the typical classic technologies like the gum rubber outsole. The technology aids in allowing it to keep up with the modern trends as well as being a go-to option for vintage lovers. The technology used in the shoe as well as the leather used in the upper makes sure that the material is soft but provides enough protection for soccer players.

Key Features

· Synthetic leather upper
· Abrasion resistance with suede overlay
· Die-cut EVA insole
· Non-marking gum-rubber outsole
· Imported
· Classic vintage design


This vintage soccer footwear turned casual shoe, even after more than 65 years, continues to take over the market. The classic look is seemingly timeless. Let it be the classic aesthetics, affordability, durability as well as versatility, the sportswear proves its worth in the field. The prominence of the Adidas Samba in the market remains unaffected as the fans; on the whole, choose to tolerate the shoe’s minor flaws. At these extraordinarily economical prices, the good looks and performance as well as the reliable comfort it provides, it is definitely a shoe worth having. I’ll highly recommend this legendary shoe for it has proved its worth over a vast period of around 6 decades.