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Adidas Deerupt Sneakers Review Review Facts

Are you a minimalist shoes lover? Do you enjoy running or maybe just going for a walk with your friends? Besides, having a great style has never hurt anyone, has it? If you are reading this, it is because you are interested in buying or you have already bought the Adidas Deerupt. This new model is both minimalist and bold; the silhouette looks to the archive for its grid design inspiration, while also debuting a new profile that remains undeniably stylish. The Adidas Deerupt features an allover mesh design which acts as a purely unique design element. Today, we will review the things that make the Deerupt so amazing – it will effectively make you love them even more.

All shoes, as you probably know, have different sole levels in which each one of them is as important as the other. Adidas, the well-known brand, once again surprised us by incorporating this into the Adidas Deerupt design, which makes it fantastic because it gives you all the comfort you need for your day-to-day activities – probably so comfortable that you won’t want to take them off.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Variety of colors
  • Both comfortable and unique
  • Easy to put on
  • Fashionable design
  • Net durability proved
  • Not waterproof.
  • Sizing inconsistent
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  • The Adidas Deerupt fits perfectly and they are comfortable and stylish.
  • These shoes are so nice looking that I get random people with many questions about them. The fit is true to size also.
  • These shoes are great for travel as they are light and pack away nicely.
  • My Adidas Deerupt are pretty unique. For my job in the ER comfort is important. These are comfortable at a great price.
  • Ok for my review I want to point out that these shoes fit perfectly. They are exactly as I imagined. These shoes are very comfortable and I intend to take them on my trip where I intend to do a lot of walking.
  • Although I am not fond of the shape, these were purchased for my son who loves them. He says they are comfortable so that's what's important.
  • These shoes get a lot of attention because of their unique look and they are very comfortable.
  • In my opinion the Adidas Deerupt are a little on the snug side so get a half size larger but overall the style and fit are lovely.
  • I can wear these on my feet all day and my feet are never tired. Love the look and my favorite are the black, white and blue.
  • Love how these just conform to my feet instantly. They are so comfortable that I own more than one pair.
  • Adidas Deerupt are an awesome running shoe and very comfortable.
  • Comfortable and amazing looking with most attires.
  • I'm so impressed by these running shoes, comfort and style, that I intend on purchasing every color.
  • A bit tight for me but looks great and very light.
  • Can't say enough about my Adidas Deerupt, they are lightweight, easy to clean and very comfortable.
  • These shoes are so comfortable and fit perfectly on my feet that sometimes I forget that I have them on.
  • At first these are tight but they break in quickly. So I would say they are true to size and they are comfortable.
  • These trainers are very comfortable and look good with jeans and shorts. My new favorite shoes.
  • You can go wrong with these shoes. The comfort and the price are prefect. Really happy with my decision to buy.
  • Perfect fit and they are comfortable. These shoes go perfectly with my outfits.
  • Even after going a half size down the shoe still slips off my feet.
  • I like the way the shoe looks but not the durability. Strings are breaking after only a month and I don't wear these everyday.
  • These shoes are hard to put on.
  • Not true to size and they look cheap to me.
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We might also know this part of the shoe as the “sole”. It is comprised of an extremely thin layer of rubber which contributes to the lightweight and comfort of the shoe. One of the main reasons these Adidas net shoes are full of comfort when wearing it, it is because the outsole allows you to walk in the way that you are accustomed to walking. The structure of the ultra-light sole expands to the head of the shoe, so it can protect your toes from any accident. This allows your feet to maintain the relaxed feel that they need.


In between the upper and outsole, we have the most important part of the shoe; the midsole. This section is designed to give cushioning and shock absorption. This particular style was designed with a thin midsole, using a compressed EVA material mold. This material makes it firm and long-lasting, and, because of its softness, provides the balance that your body needs when walking. It will aid in giving one the correct posture when running, sitting, or just walking around!


This design upper part (main characteristic) is one of the most interesting sections of these Adidas net shoes; connecting to the sole by a strip stitched between them. It features the webbed design that basically extends from the outsole all the way to the top of the lacing. A distinct feature of the design is the difference in the color present – it’s present to increase the overall attractiveness of the model.


As we have mentioned, the Adidas Deerupt runner is made of both ultra-light and soft materials that are in place to make you feel as if you are walking on clouds; since they’re designed for runners, the weight is important. The weight of this particular model is definitely insignificant mainly because of the fact that it makes use of both a minimal mesh material and a thin rubber base.


The breathability of the Adidas Deerupt is achieved through the use of both the mesh and the net which wraps around its design. When worn, the Deerupt prevents your feet from perspiring which also allows them to remain fresh and cool. Also, take note of the fact that the netting regulates the temperature of the foot and provides warmth if need be.


As we can see all the ideas of this item were well thought out. Something that always catches the buyers’ attention is how comfortable you feel when trying this pair of shoes on. The Deerupt gives you the comfort and relaxation that you need for your daily activities through the use of either the netting and mesh in the upper or the minimal design of the sole unit. Make note of the fact that the foam in the sole unit directly allows the shoe to conform and comfort one’s foot.


This is basically the first thing we see when we want to buy something; just as important as the many other things already mentioned in this review. They feature a bit of a new aged style, which stems from both the netting material that flows all around the design as well as the use of coloring in the design of the shoes. The innovation achieved by the netting makes this shoe look increasingly stylish due to the way that the materials come together and the way that they’re colored- they’re color-blocked. So, when we first see them, we see the net that surrounds the whole shoe itself from the bottom to the top. It leaves the small part that is around your ankle free and it gives the perfect look. It is definitely a shoe that will not go unnoticed; this innovative design combines safety, style and differentiates it from others.


The durability of the Deerupt will vary depending on how often you use them. If you are one of those who likes to run three times a week, then you should consider buying two pairs. There is something that is for sure, it does not matter how long you have them, you will always feel relaxed in them.


Our feet hold our whole body weight that allows our locomotive activity to work. We are in constant movement all the time. When talking about protection, Adidas uses materials, especially for this model, that gives the flexibility, stability, and structured cushioning design that allows our feet to have more support when wearing them.


The responsiveness of the Adidas Deerupt is said to be rather decent. Due to the use of the thin rubber material in the sole unit, the Deerupt has no issue providing individuals with an above-average level of range of motion. This range of motion translates into the shoe providing wearers with the ability to move easily while their shoes are being worn. The foam in the midsole area has a rather high level of shock absorbency which allows it to easily provide a level of responsiveness to the wearer. This responsiveness stems from the way in which the materials in the sole unit of the shoe send energy back out to the wearer while they are being worn.


Besides the modern and unique style, these shoes also give excellent support. As we talked about before, all the materials and shoes’ design were thought and implemented in this model to allow you to have the guarantee that you are purchasing a functional pair of shoes. When talking about support, zoned foam pockets molded along the shoes’ interior lining ensure the highest degree of it by locking the foot into the shoe to allow for reduced compression during use.


The design of these shoes is specifically but not limited to runners, so the terrain where it can be used are developed areas; this is in fact due to the urban design and selection of materials selected when creating them. It can be used in elevated terrain or flat lands, but you can also use them for your daily activities in say, a home, or any other type of building.


If you compare the price of this and other styles you will understand how many benefits we receive when buying this pair - not only functionality-wise but also because they are adjusted to our budget. The Adidas Deerupt can also be used for a casual occasion without having to worry about spending more money on buying other styles to match our clothing – they’re incredibly versatile in this way.


The outsole of a running shoe must give enough traction for the athlete to avoid slipping during running. This can make an enormous difference in it. The Adidas Deerupt design does not forget about safety because it features the thin layer of rubber in its outsole which allows it’s users to easily attach themselves to various different types of surfaces. The design of the Deerupt’s outsole may not have many indentations but, the rubber used suffices to provide users with the traction they need in order to function easily in their shoes.


The whole shoe perfectly adapts to the foot because of its flexibility. Since it is designed for runners, being as flexible as it allows for a greater level of control and agility over several types of terrain. Besides, it is easy to put it on and it gives you the feeling that your feet are in fact very well protected state.


The way these shoes are structured gives our body the correct posture because Adidas thought about the importance of not only the style but the spine position. The studies on ergonomics made by professionals in the field refer to how our body interacts with our place of work, stay or displacement.


The Deerupt will help you improve the pain in your back because of the difference in height between the heel and the forefoot (or toe box). This footwear simulates the natural action of walking barefoot on soft ground evenly distributing the weight, helping the correct posture and the alignment of the step. While the feeling the drop gives when worn can be mentioned, it’s actual specs don’t mention actual features that it provides.

Key Features

• Net and Mesh upper
• Thin rubber outsole
• Bootie design
• Insole cushioning
• Ortholite sockliner


It was really fun and entertaining to review the innovative design of the Adidas Deerupt. This shoe features a colorful, playful and youthful style; it is really interesting to find a pair of shoes that can adapt to your daily life style and it will also give the comfort, stability, support and help to our own health. Today we live in a world that is in a state of constant work. We are forced to sit in front of computers all day and do things that we like to do, at times; the design of the Deerupt somewhat takes our minds off of that. Thanks to Adidas, we can enjoy a shoe with a design that provides both a level of value due to the materials that were used to make it and it’s style, as well as an incredibly comfortable.