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Adidas Arkyn Review Facts

Adidas Arkyn buying guide

Adidas footwear has done it again- this time, with the women-inspired versatile athlete shoes. The latest debut is the Adidas Arkyn footwear- the new entrant in the Adidas Original line. The brand-new all improved release provides you with a few surprising add-ons but also still retain the same feel and compassion of the Adidas tradition. Deriving inspiration from the passion and personal actualization of five great women of the modern time, the shoe manufacturer has delivered iconic footwear – designed to fulfill your wildest imaginations. It’s meant to be your daily companion, tackling every step you take. Nevertheless, the Arkyn will provide superb support and maximum comfort.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • The shoes are readily available
  • Comes in many colors
  • Conveniently camouflages dust
  • Perfect fit sizes
  • Light and flexible
  • Unique Design Specs
  • Better grip with bottom tread
  • Reinforced leather toe tip enhances safety
  • Increased cushioning
  • Breathable mesh offers plenty of aeration
  • Retracted rubber outer sole offer added support
  • Easy to put on and remove
  • Relatively pricey in comparison to alternatives
  • Difficult to maintain the different components
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  • Love the color of these shoes. They are also very comfortable and lightweight. But, they do appear to run bigger, I had to buy a half size smaller.
  • In my opinion, Adidas gets it right all the time. These shoes are great for training and they are comfortable.
  • I’m impressed with how well these shoes fit.
  • I love how these shoes go with my wardrobe. They are lightweight and comfortable to wear.
  • I certainly would buy another pair of these as they are perfect for training.
  • These shoes are worn to the gym and they are extremely comfortable.
  • I get a lot of compliments when I wear my Adidas Arkyn, oh and they are comfortable.
  • I actually was inspired to by these because I saw someone who I admire wearing these. Now these are my everyday shoes for the gym and school.
  • Comfortable and light and I love how they go great with my casual wear.
  • Three words for these:cool, perfect fit and gorgeous.
  • Standing all day in these and they are comfortable.
  • Love the original design of these they really stand out.
  • Got these shoes for my wife as a surprise and she loves them.
  • Read reviews that said to buy half size smaller but for me I had to go a half size larger. These shoes are nice and stylish and love that I can just slip them on.
  • My Adidas Arkyn are the prefect traveling shoes. I can quickly slip them off and on going through security. They have great give as my feet tends to swell on the plane.
  • I highly recommend these. A person could walk for miles in these shoes.
  • Looking forward to buying more colors. These shoes are comfy.
  • The Adidas Arkyn are so comfortable they feel like you are wearing socks. Highly recommend these.
  • Whenever I wear these shoes I get tons of compliments.
  • I’m flat foot and these shoes are comfortable. Would recommend for people with the same issue.
  • Some wearers complained that this shoe runs small while others say they run bigger.
  • A few users complained the heel rubbed
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The outsole of a shoe is your lifeline to the cold and hard ground. It maintains the traction that dictates your functionality in all your physical activities. -Adidas knew this when they designed the outsole to protect your feet. The outsole comprises three distinct shades; black, white and blue on the base and a white color over it. These colors also band (depending on the tone) the middle of the back section to the thickened and protruding white back casing. The aerodynamic structure of the outsole is functional in many respects. First, the enlarged back cushions impacts emanating from the heavy stamping of the heel. Secondly, the mid-section is contoured to follow the mid heel curvature of your legs. Again, the front section is narrowed to slice through the wind resistance during avid jogging.

But these are not the function derived from the wide saucer-like outsole. The bottom section of the outsole is treaded to provide maximum traction for enhanced stability. The TPU material specifically tagged underneath to withstand even the roughest frictions on sharp and rocky surfaces. Further, it has a triangular outspan with a contoured surface to further improve grip and minimize side impacts. The outsole is perfectly meshed to the upper sole to provide perfect insulation against the surrounding elements, while also allowing for a seamless flow of fresh air to the mid sole.


Your midsoles are essential in keeping your balance; Arkyn has gone beyond the minimum to enhance your stability. They have considered all possible scenario to enhance this function. First, the midsole comprises the section that supports your heel. It’s raised in this section to support the heavy calcaneal tuberosity (heel) fully. Safety and balance are given priority here. The materials are padded with an air cushion to enhance your bounce. This feature also withstands the shocks emerging from the outsole against straining your heels. Further, it’s contoured to snug both your medial and lateral parts of plantar aponeurosis (mid sole) perfectly, never causing any discomfort. The front section is lowered to fit your digital slips (toe pads) for a better fit. The segment blends well to enhance the roomy design of the hind outsole further.


The upper sole completes the design parameter of the Arkyn athletic shoes. Waxing and meshing about eight different components accentuate the beauty and the beast phenomenon, which makes this segment the most distinct of all the shoe’s components. It’s also here that the different color schemes take root. The materials used include suede, mesh fabric, and polyurethene. The neck of the shoes is narrowed, allowing the entrance to clamp around your foot in the way that one would likely need. The mesh allows air to permeate in and out of the shoe in a way that has never before been felt by a shoe of it’s design. Yet it’s gelled to dispel water droplets and paddles from reaching your encapsulated feet.

The front section is curved to mimic the skew of your toes from big toe to the smallest. The center sides are ribbed with suede texture to enhance the side support of your feet. Triangular suede patterns are also installed on the sides to protect your feet from the side impacts and reinforce the mesh on the side – two sections. It also acts as the lace anchor for maximum grip. Further, it’s along this section that you find the iconic Adidas logo prominently etched. The back ankle support is comprised of a suede material. This fabric enhances the comfort provided to your achilles tendons while withstands the sheer stress exerted from outsole design. Besides, the top of the suede at the heel of the shoe, there is a pull tab – conveniently placed for making any shoe adjustments.
Although the material used for lace is not specified, it offers a tough tear-proof tie around your feet for maximum support between the upper, midsole and outer sole.


There is no data available on the weight of the shoes, but it’s been said to be about one pound (per pair), which is actually relaively light.


The breathable upper mesh is designed to allow fresh aeration from the outside to enter the inner portion of the shoes. Further, the mid sole has air pockets which also suck in air. The air trapped in these vents act as the shock absorbers from the outsole. When you run or walk, the air from the midsole pockets is forced out of the upper sole under pressure. The flow is channeled so that your feet are in a constant state of feeling refreshed. The air movement results in continuous air circulation; this keeps your feet hydrated and improves comfort and endurance even under sweltering temperatures.


The shoes are comfortable from all angles. The stretchy and flexible upper composition allows for enhanced comfort. Further, the breathable upper mesh also maintains ideal temperature even under strain. Besides, the robust and thickened sole units also magnify the comfort provided by the heel while the foam in the midsole constantly cushions every step that one takes in their pair. The recessed back pad allows for a roomy back heel as well, which enhances comfort.


The iconic three stripe logo of Adidas accentuates the timeless beauty of this new product. Better still, the overall styling of the upper, midsole and inner sole makes these shoes a sight to behold. The sleek, minimal design of the various elements in the Arkyn’s upper allows it to provide individuals with an incredibly high level of style. The various colored bands available accentuates the styling and uniqueness of each model. Similarly, the numerous shades offer perfect blends with any apparel you put on.


Although the shoes just debuted in April 2018, their durability is not questionable. The shoes, made from high-tech composite materials able to withstand extreme weather, are obviously designed for the long haul.


The toughened outer sole, the padded mid sole and the flexible upper provide a much needed protection for your feet. The cover for the front part of the shoes is the rough and non-slip TPU tongue, cushioning your toes from front impacts. Again, the big toe is further protected by a reinforced leather strip to enhance the possible impact from the top of the shoes. The shoe offers protection for your tibia as well. Soft yet flexible material pads the opening, affording a hugging touch to the fibula areas of your legs. These features provide all-round protection of your feet.


The overall responsiveness of the shoes is excellent. This gain is due to the kind of materials used in the Arkyn’s construction. The lightweight and highly flexible material make lifting your feet effortless. Further, the stretchable materials enhance responsiveness while minimizing stiffness.


The general support mechanism for the shoes is fantastic. A thicker outsole supports the heel. Further, the mid sole offers cushioned materials which conform to the contours of your feet sole. Additionally, the rigid leather toe stub, coupled with the upwards facing TPU front material offer more support to your toes. The lace supports the upper feet while your ankle, the tibia and fibula lower ends are covered by a puffed ring around the shoes’ opening. Finally, a versatile suede material braces the heel at the midsole and a protruding lower outsole guarding against back impact.


The TPU outsole allows for use on all types of surfaces. From the wet sandy beaches to the rocky mountain crevices and in between, the shoes are designed to withstand all sorts of terrains. Hence, if you love jogging in a turfed field, a tarmacked pavement, a cobbled park or a tread mill, these shoes are just fine for you. Further, any practice on clay, graveled or grassed court is also convenient. But this doesn’t mean you can’t put on these shoes for an extended drive and shopping excursion. You find these shoes handy if your job demands plenty of standing and walking around. It doesn't matter whether on flat ground or inclined plane.


The Arkyn sells for a price that is very much considered to be affordable. But this doesn’t seem to bother most potential buyers who appreciate the value of these shoes. The price may vary depending on where you purchase the model from but, it should be noted that there are quite a few places who (seeing the value of the model) sell them for a price that has a relatively high markup.


The outsoles bottom treads are designed to offer maximum traction on all ground surfaces. From rough to smooth terrains, the enhanced grip is perfect for slow walk in the snow to running in the rain. Besides, mud puddles and sandy beaches do not pose any risk of slipping.


All the materials used for the construction of the shoes are highly flexible and malleable. The suede conforms to the heel. The outsole material is a tough polyurethane that bends and twists universally. Further, the neoprene and mesh fabric is a soft but sturdy fabric that flexes with the bending leg but without the exerting any stiffness on the legs. Also, the top cushioning material allows for the smooth, gentle brace over your tibia and fibula joints (the bottom neck of your leg connecting to your feet).


The massive threads on the outsole enhance the traction of the shoes. They are designed to break any slip - lateral or horizontal. Further, the protruding outsole enlarges the surface area of the outsole, making it more stable. The outsole also features a trapezoidal shape designed to increase stability.
And that’s not all, the laces hold your foot to the entire shoe, making it a secure casement against accidental slips.


No drop has been specified for this particular model.

Key features

● TPU rubber outsole
● Boost midsole
● Pull tab equipped
• Colors: The shoes come in eight color shades – semi solar yellow, raw steel, clear orange, blue tint, cloud white/ash pearl, trace maroon, sesame and core black. Further, there are sub blends of these colors that magnifies the range available
• Primeknit variation


The shoe designers considered all scenarios during the design of the Arkyn. The safety, practicality and convenience of these shoes are impeccable. Further, with the vast color schemes, multiple online and offline outlets sources, as well as a full size range, you derive all the advantages, quickly and effortlessly. The benefits far outpace the seemingly steep price chargeable. Certainly, the Arkyn has a good value for money.