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The Crazy Explosive franchise was the first assignment line for Jesse Rademacher, the Adidas basketball’s design director, and it was launched back in 2016. Made specifically for playing basketball, the Crazy Explosive series by Adidas was met with positive feedback both from the fans and form the athletes.

Especially from the then Celtics draft pick Jaylen Brown who praised the futuristic design and the fact that the Boost technology is even more featured in these shoes than ever before.

It’s a performance basketball sneaker that will look and feel good while you’re playing on the court or you’re enjoying a street game of basketball with your friends.

They’re colorful, they’re sturdy and they do well under pressure. They’re crazy too. But more on the details about the Adidas Crazy Explosive sneakers bellow in the detailed review.

Hope you’ll like it.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Updated lacing system

Comfortable textile lining

Tinted TPU wrap over boost midsole


Complaints in the sizing of the sneakers


The rubber is the main compound of the outsole but what a rubber outsole it is. Thick, sturdy and beautiful outsole that just complements the look of the sneaker. Seriously. Just look at it. It has several designs, several thickness levels, and several colors. Back in the heal area, the outsole is designed to have little windows of rubber often made with a different color, and the designs in the rest of the surfaces are beautiful and innovative. The outsole starts with a top piece at the toe area and ends with a thick structure at the heel area of the sneaker.

Oh and let’s not forget that this is Adidas after all. The entire outsole is made with the famous Boost technology. The boost in the outsole will let you return some of the energy that you gave away while being active and on your feet.


You’ve never quite seen anything like this right? The outside of the midsole being all gorgeous and translucent. Well, it is, and it makes for one very stylish sneaker. Why because the aforementioned outsole wraps around the midsole, providing another thin layer of rubber that just looks wonderful. The thin layer of tinted TPU wrap is nicely designed not to cover the beautiful design of the upper or the outsole, and to make room for the laces to be placed.


There’s a lot going on in the upper, but we’ll introduce this part of the sneakers one step at a time. Textile and synthetic upper with mesh is always a winning combo, and Adidas Crazy Explosive is all about perfection. Seriously, the mix of fabrics really works in the upper, and unique anatomical lace system wraps the entire foot. But there’s a bit of trick there. A lot of the customers complained the unique design of the shoelaces does looks interesting, but the eyelets broke just after a few months, and for some, it was nearly impossible to get a good lockdown of the shoe, precisely because of the unique lacing system. Also, most of the sneakers that have this particular shoe lacing system they tend to not have a tongue.

The Adidas Crazy Explosive sneaker does have a tongue, and not only it’s quite big, but the mash is also located mostly on the tongue. But this particular sneaker has a high opening that starts above the ankles and over there you can find the tying up of the laces. Yes, while most of the sneakers tend to have to tie down system that sits comfortably on the bottom part of the foot, the laces are this model goes all the way up, just above the ankles. An last but not least, there’s the Achilles arch cushioning that sits on the back of the shoe, and that gives you heel nice comfort whenever you need it. Oh and the Shaft measures 5.18" from an arch, but the infamous shoelaces mentioned earlier come either with the same color that’s featured in the upper, or similar to it, with slight deviations.


A big number of customer reviews have praised the comfort and the stability that the Adidas Crazy Explosive gives to the foot. The comfort is due to the Boost cushioning that’s been associated with Adidas for quite some time. The boost cushioning in the sneakers gives energy returns to the foot without jeopardizing the overall comfort and lightweight feel of the sneaker.


There’s nothing like extra set of support, especially the outside of the shoe. The thin tinted TPU wrap that was mentioned in the midsole section of this review is solely responsible for the support of the sneaker. It not only ties the midsole to the outsole, the support goes through that thin layer of rubber. Support at its finest, made possible by one of the thinnest materials in the Adidas’s laboratory.


The durability portion is high in this sneaker. The outsole is thick, sturdy and equipped with the Boost technology, the midsole is strong and connected to the outsole via TPU wrap, but probably one of the weakest points in the durability portion of the sneakers are the shoelaces. Some of the customers complained that because of the unique lacing system, the eyelets tend to break very quickly and very easily. The shoe lacing system although looks fantastic, it does not proves to be too practical and durable on the long run.


They’re lightweight, comfortable, and good-looking but flexibility is not one of the sneaker’s strong suits. The Adidas Crazy Explosive have a lot of reinforced material in both the midsole and the upper, and the thick synthetic materials used in the upper make this sneaker a lot less flexible than the rest of the sneakers in the long list of Adidas performance shoes.


The flexibility maybe is in short supply, but the stability is abundant in the Adidas Crazy Explosive. The stability can be found all around the sneaker. The sneaker has been reinforced with the Boost technology, and with a mix of materials in the upper that make the stability greater than ever. And you’ll be able to feel that stability with every step. There’s, of course, no chance to forget about the tight opening, just above the ankles, and in that area, there’s the padding that’s been added in the Achilles heel portion of the sneaker.


The airflow of the Adidas Crazy Explosive may not be all that great, but it’s satisfactory to a certain degree. Why? Because of the textile and synthetic used in the making of the upper and because of the mesh that can be found on the tongue of the sneaker. The mesh provides most of the ventilation, and aeration of the sneaker, despite the fact that tying down the shoelaces require going all the way up to the ankles. Yes, the foot will be secured, but the inside of the shoe (along with your feet) will be ventilated and kept moist and odor free. Because this is a performance sneaker, and most of the customers use it for sports activities like basketball, the sweating in these sneakers I much greater than the shoes made for casual outings.


And because this is performance style sneaker, there’s practically no limit on the terrain on which it can be used. Anything goes here, and no amount of rough terrain can scare off the performance of that fantastic outsole. The thick rubber outsole is made to withstand all types of terrains, and weather conditions so you shouldn’t be too scared to test the limits of these sneakers.


Just like with the terrain, the traction is high with the Adidas Crazy Explosive sneakers. The thick outsole keeps your feet from slipping on wet or slippery surfaces, and when you have them on you, there’s no need to think twice when you enjoy your weekend basketball game with your friends. Go ahead, put these sneakers on and enjoy your day being active. The traction that these sneakers will provide you is immense and you can thank Adidas for that.


Do you know what the first sentence that describes the sneakers is? Explode with power every block, steal and run-out dunk all while wearing Adidas Crazy Explosive sneakers. They’re one of the best performance sneakers that happen to be loved with the basketball aficionados. Actually, there’s a good reason for that too. Basketball is a game that requires a lot of jumping, sliding, running and short movements that have the potential to wreak havoc on the feet, especially to the ankles.
And there’s a good reason why these sneakers go all the way over the ankles. By securing the sneaker above the ankles, you’re also securing your ankles. And the sturdy upper along with the thick outsole will do the rest. The comfort that the sneakers give is only matched by the stability that exudes from that famous Boost technology. And yes the laces are present to secure the grip even more. But the style is gorgeous. Monochromatic in color, the sneakers have mash tongue on which the logo of the company comfortably sits, in order to remind you who it is that you’re wearing in that particular moment.

„Shoes are perfect in every way. Light, soft material yet fully supporting, and Boost sole. I ball in them with Speedwraps and it’s a perfect combination. Great job Adidas! “ Said one satisfied customer on the Adidas’s official webpage, and form all of the comments that were left there, 80% of them had a 5-star rating. It says a lot about the style and overall quality of the shoes, but also about the company itself, which only strives to make the shoes better and better with each passing year.

Key features

100% Textile and Synthetic
Rubber sole
Shaft measures approximately 5.18" from arch
boost Technology
Xeno upper
Updated lacing system
Comfortable textile lining
Tinted TPU wrap over boost midsole

Bottom line

Adidas Crazy Explosive sneakers are the perfect addition to any sports nut wardrobe. Especially when that sports nut love basketball. Because, you’ll be able to play the game in them for quite some time, without feeling restricted, They have the wonderful Boost technology, textile and synthetic upper with mesh tongue that is sure to keep your feet aerated and less stinky, and Unique anatomical lace system that wraps around the foot for a better snug feeling. Oh and the thin layer of tinted TPU wrap just adds to the style and the stability, without being too ostentatious.

They’re one of the most comfortable sneakers that came out of Adidas’s factory, but just like with any other shoe, they too can be improved with adding and removing some parts. Like what? Well, for instance, the anatomical lacing system is fantastic, and it’s great that it goes all the way up to the opening of the sneaker. But a big flaw in this particular detail is the fact that eyelets are also made out of fabric materials, and according to some customer complaints, they tend to break down and tear very easily. It would have been a better option if those eyelets were made out of rubber o plastic and they were fixated to the shoe in a more secure way. Also, the opening of the sneakers is designed too high, just above the ankles. Some of the customers also noted that this feature made them a lot harder to put on and to take off, despite the fact that they do have a tongue.

But all in all, the Adidas Crazy Explosive are quality sneakers that should be purchased. They do have some flaws, but the virtues overpower the flaws and make for one fantastic performance type of a shoe.