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Adidas’ Flashback taps into the nostalgic side of athletic footwear, in a good way! It brings back that vintage style wearers can’t get enough of but with a touch of modern influence. Its mesh upper unit and suede overlays are likely to bring back more than a few memories while its serrated outsole is reminiscent of the 70s disco era. This running shoe was designed for athletic ladies who need a pair to hit the road in style. Its mesh upper is breathable and lightweight so you can move the way you were meant to. The toe box has print overlays that look super modern while the signature Adidas’ side stripes let the world know the brand of shoes you’re rocking.

These athletic sneakers are the perfect combination of performance-enhancement and on-trend appearances! They’re responsive enough to let you connect with the ground beneath your feet and cushioned enough to protect your feet from the aches and pains you get after long periods of time spent running or walking. The Flashback is a reasonably priced options, though some wearers found that it doesn't hold up well under daily wear and tear so that's something to consider when you're making your decision.  

The Flashback comes in a few different colorways which make them pretty easy to style with almost any outfit. Choose from options like scarlet, red night/off-white, black, and grey just to name a few. These cute sneakers are very on-trend and offer the kind of performance runners need while they're on the track. But don't think that you have to wear these only while you run! They're cute enough to wear anytime you want to.


Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Mesh Upper
  • EVA Midsole
  • Serrated Outsole
  • Retro Appearance 
  • Prone To Tears
  • Gets Dirty Easily


The street style and retro appearance the Flashback delivers is perfect for runners who enjoy looking fashionable! This pair boasts Adidas’ signature side stripes and an exaggerated rubber gum sole that’s totally 1970s! The old-school look and ultra-comfortable wearability that these minimalist running shoes offer make them a great choice for both athletic and casual occasions. Overall, these shoes will blend well with almost any style of clothing which makes them a versatile choice. Their lightweight build and cooling mesh upper is an ideal combination for busy ladies on the go who need a shoe that’s not going to slow them down.


Wearers like the fact that these shoes are very lightweight which means they won’t slow you down while you’re on the move. When a shoe is too heavy it slows you down and can cause all sorts of aches and pains. It takes way more energy to run when you’re heavier which is why it’s important to have a lightweight pair of shoes. The Flashback is made with a mesh upper unit that is practically weightless. Mesh is one of the lightest materials that is used to construct footwear. Its EVA midsole is also very light because its made from a foam resin material that adds hardly any bulk to the shoe so overall its a great choice for running.


No one likes wearing hot shoes! One of the best things about this pair is that it’s so airy and allows for perfect ventilation. Some materials are very heavy and restrict the airflow which causes your feet to overheat and once they get too hot they’ll start sweating. Once sweat starts to build-up it lets odor-causing bacteria multiply and your shoes will quickly start to stink. The Flashback’s mesh upper unit is perfect for keeping you cool and comfortable because mesh has an open-weave that lets air flow freely inside of the shoe and around your skin. It can also slow you down if you’re too hot because you won’t feel as well as you should and you’ll actually start to get quite dehydrated if you’re exercising.


The Flashback features a serrated rubber outsole that provides superior traction on paved surfaces like tracks and city streets. The serrated tread pattern handles well in both wet and dry conditions and will help to stabilize you while you run. It’s not so grippy that it will weigh you down or feel sticky which is why wearers like this style over the traditional tread patterns available.


This pair has a midsole that’s made from an EVA foam resin material. This lightweight foam provides superior cushioning because its responsive enough to effectively reduce the energy lost from every step. It also adequately protects the delicate arch and heel areas of the foot to help prevent pain and injuries without weighing you down like some of the materials do. This is a great choice for runners because of the enhanced ground feel and bouncy ride that EVA offers.


The Flashback offers a unique lining material that’s made from jersey fabric. This cooling and lightweight lining help to wick excess moisture away from the skin which is important for controlling odors and keeping you as comfortable as possible. No one likes running in hot sweaty shoes which is why the lining material is so important because it can make the world of difference when it comes to how comfortable you are and how hot your feet get. If your feet are sweaty they tend to slide around inside of your shoe which can lead to blisters when the fabric rubs against your skin.

Upper Unit

The Flashback offers a breathable mesh upper that will help to keep you cool and comfortable while you train. The mesh material allows for plenty of airflow inside the shoe and around your foot which helps to prevent a build-up of sweat and odor-causing bacteria. When our feet sweat it creates the perfect breeding ground for bacteria that can lead to athletes foot, unpleasant odors, and more! This is why it’s so important to wear a pair of shoes that aren’t going to restrict airflow. Mesh is one of the best materials for breathability!

This pair has aquatech print overlay at the toes which help to give it a unique appearance, especially overtop of the mesh because that pattern still shows through. Its suede details and signature Adidas three-stripes at the side help to show the world just who’s shoes you’re wearing.


This pair of running shoes is fairly affordable which is one of the selling features with wearers. Nowadays it can be tough to find an affordable pair that still looks good and offers a good line-up of features. These shoes aren't one of the cheapest options available but they do provide several benefits that will keep you more comfortable while you train. Overall, the selling price is quite reasonable for these running shoes, though they're noted for their lack of durability so you have to weight the price with how long they'll last.


Despite the big brand name behind these shoes, some wearers find that they’re anything but durable! With a tendency to tear around the upper unit, especially where the sole attaches, this pair can be somewhat of a hassle. Once they tear your best option is to have them professionally restored or to simply throw them away and start fresh. You don’t want to be running around with holes in your shoes because this puts your feet at a greater risk of injury and exposes you to the elements. To extend the lifespan of your shoes try to wear them on pavement only and don’t over exert yourself while wearing them. If you can, try to wear this pair in good weather conditions because dry days are much easier on your footwear than rainy ones.


This shoe can be difficult to keep clean because the fabric tends to easily attract dirt and mud. If you choose a lighter colored option this will only make matters worse. There are a few ways to easily clean your running shoes once they get dirty though.

  • Perhaps the easiest is just to wipe away dirt using a toothbrush. Just mix a small bit of laundry soap with some water and use the mixture to clean the fabric, lightly brushing with the toothbrush.

  • For shoelaces, you can simply through them in a washing bag and wash them on a gentle cycle. For heavily stained ones try pre-treating with soap prior to throwing them in the washer.

  • If you prefer not using a toothbrush, you can also wipe them clean with a soft washcloth and a mixture of soap and water. Just be sure to use gentle pressure when you’re scrubbing so you don’t weaken the fabric.

Bottom Line

Overall, the Flashback by Adidas is a good choice for runners and athletes who require a lightweight pair. It offers a retro style with modern undertones and is fashionable enough to wear while you’re training or just for when you’re hanging out with your friends. This pair is reminiscent of the classic Adidas looks of the past and brings something unique to any wardrobe.

A mesh upper unit helps to keep you cool and comfortable while you train thanks to its open-weave that allows for adequate airflow inside of the shoe. An EVA foam resin midsole makes for a responsive cushion that pads the underside of the foot without causing you to overexert yourself and waste more energy with each step.

This pair is a good choice for light activity and casual wear but it might be the best choice for heavy athletics because it’s known to come apart at the seams. Some wearers report that the material picks up dirt easily.