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Adidas AlphaBounce Beyond Review Facts

First, there was the AlphaBounce but now, there’s the AlphaBounce Beyond. This shoe is designed for those who’re seeking optimum levels of traction and durability while they are out on a court either training or in a game. These HIIT shoes differ from that of the original in many ways; ways that will be touched upon as we progress through this review.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Comfortable
  • Fashionable design
  • Supportive underfoot
  • Suitable for wide feet
  • Arch support is sub-par
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  • Right away the comfort level hit me, the style of these is fresh, the support for my long runs is highly impressive, the bounce in these does a lot of work for me while I run. Nice shoe.
  • The shoe sole told me these are going to be comfortable, I love these, they are certainly a great shoe for nice long distances, good support, serious bounce factor, the platform is nice and wide, generally the shoe is a great running shoe but good for walking to.
  • When I saw these I had to try, they look good, they fit so well, the support is amazing, a nice big solid sole with good traction but I found these are also good in the gym.
  • Serious shoe for my bucks, these are good for daily, jogging far, in the gym, the fit is true, nice wide comfortable shoe base, very easy to keep clean and ventilation is airy.
  • Surprised by how light these are while running or walking, nice amount of support, the base easily houses my wide feet, I run far at a steady pace and these shoes are real performers. Nice workmanship in the build, lots of air and comfort.
  • Fit is spot on and really impressive, the shoe is wide enough as I do have very wide feet and thats a problem usually, I take these on long rides and they are light enough to carry with nice return/bounce, though I alternate running dirt paths and solid sidewalks the shoe takes this very well.
  • Love the sock design or construction, the platform has a slightly chunky solid feel which serves nicely for running yet its not so chunky as I have used these for gym workouts. Happy with these and the fair price.
  • The heel and mid sole look big because they are but in return the bounce and stability are great, comfort is super and breathability feels nice on hot days, I’m onto my 2nd pair because these are value and performance rolled into a good shoe.
  • The shoe feels like a good combination of soft, supportive, amazingly comfortable, there is a feeling of bulk while running but nothing too distracting, overall these shoes are seriously good value and terrific design.
  • I use these a lot for laps and regular cross fit, the fit is right and though the sole has bulk the shoe still performs light, sportively and gives nice traction, these are great for lots of activities.
  • Bit flimsy on arch support, the soles are rounded so I could feel a slight side roll while running but otherwise they are ok.
  • The cushion is good but not enough in the mid sole, this is noticeable during a long ride, the shoes are a bit clumsy to put on, that said, it’s not a bad shoe.
  • The heel makes it difficult to put on these, stability has a rolling motion which distracts me while I run.
  • These were showing sole wear at 90 miles, the heel area is wearing out too fast, these are either fake or durability is bad.
  • I’m surprised, cushion is great until the midsole, not sure why? I like these but I feel aware about the lack in the mid sole as I run.
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The outsole of this shoe is optimal for those who need a lot of grip during their activities. The AlphaBounce Beyond is designed with an outsole made from a Continental rubber material. In case you don’t know, Continental rubber is a material that Adidas paired with the tire manufacturer Continental Tire to make. This material is known for improving an outsoles lifespan and giving wearer’s all that they need in order to truly function in their respective fields. That same thing is not lost on this specific shoe either. The AlphaBounce can be used for several high-intensity activities because of the qualities that the outsole. Since the material was designed by a tire manufacturer, it makes sense for the outsole to also have a tread pattern incorporated into its design as well.


The midsole of this shoe is, much like the name suggests, designed from Adidas’ signature Bounce cushioning. This material runs the entire length of the shoe and is intended to give the wearer a bit of comfort due to its responsive nature. Bounce cushioning finds a happy middle ground between both comfort and stability. This balance is achieved because of the firm nature of the material itself and the use of the grooves along the sides of the midsole which give it that plush feel. For those who need that firm yet supportive feel, this shoe would work like a dream.


The upper of the AlphaBounce Beyond is something that was designed to stand out from a crowd. Instead of the typical mesh material being used in the design of the upper on this shoe, the AlphaBounce makes rather good use of ForgedMesh. This material allows the upper to maintain a supportive feel while also being flexible enough for rapid movement. Per usual, the upper also has a heel counter which keeps the design of the shoe rather stable. Near the entrance of the shoe, both the tongue and the heel are extended. This extension gives the shoe a more stable feel and protects the wearer from injury during quick movements.


This is a shoe that is designed for training. It has excess cushioning in both the upper and sole unit and is designed to give the wearer all that they’d need in order to really perform comfortably while in use. With that in mind, the AlphaBounce Beyond weighs quite a bit. The design of this shoe weighs in at roughly 12.2 oz, for a men’s size 11 which is a bit on the heavier side. Then again, before you rule this out as a viable option for a shoe, remember that it is meant to be more protective. The cushioning is meant to serve as a protective layer so that the wearer doesn’t injure themselves during an intense training session.


There’s nothing too special to say about the breathability of this shoes upper. The ForgedMesh that makes up the upper is perforated which allows the shoe to achieve a decent level of circulation. The only thing about the air circulation in the upper of this shoe is that the cushioning counteracts it. All throughout the design of this shoe, there is cushioning and this results in a stifling in the possible airflow that could be achieved by this shoe design.


One thing that no one can say is below par is the comfort that is achieved by this shoe design. The entirety of the AlphaBounce Beyond is design with ample amounts of cushioning and is meant to keep one from getting fatigued during an intense sprint or game. The ForgedMesh keeps the wearer foot snug during any activity. The same goes for tongue featured on this particular model. The tongue’s design wraps around the wearer’s foot when in actual use and feels amazing. The extended design that it has also helped in this respect. We can’t forget about the midsole and the Bounce cushioning that it has. Although the Bounce cushioning can be said to be on the firm side, it still manages to provide wearer’s with ample comfort due to both the grooves and an inherent plushness that it has.


One thing about training shoes by, really any shoe designer is that they tend to be on the bulky side and take away from any possibility of style or fashion when on foot. The good thing about the design of this particular model is that the wearer doesn’t have to worry about that. The AlphaBounce Beyond comes in various color combinations and has an inherently stylish design. Adidas worked to cut out the various intricacies with the AlphaBounce Beyond’s design and shortened the area that the lacing covers. This actually made the design of this shoe somewhat easier to understand. The contrasting colors in the heel counter also help this shoe stand apart from that of other models. The biggest thing about the shoe design that helps in the style category is the extended features that the shoe holds.


When it comes to durability, it becomes quite apparent that the AlphaBounce Beyond is willing to last for extended periods of time. The sole unit of the shoe, for starters, is designed from Continental Rubber. This material is designed from the same rubber that is used in Continental tires and so, can handle a relatively high level of stress before breaking. Although the shoe hasn’t been tested for how many miles that it can handle, Continental rubber is has been said to last on other models of shoe for well over 500 miles. The upper makes rather decent use of the ForgedMesh material. This material is much tougher than regular mesh and thus, imbues the shoe with a much longer lifespan than a shoe made from a typical mesh material. If you’re going to engage in a heavy-duty activity, it’s best that you equip yourself with a heavy duty shoe; the AlphaBounce Beyond is a shoe of that sort.


The thick ForgedMesh on the AlphaBounce’s upper makes sure that the wearer is well-protected during a training session of any sort. The minimal lacing in the shoe’s design keeps the wearer’s foot snugly in place which, during exercise is something that can make or break a shoe of any design. The extended opening of in the shoe’s design gives the AlphaBounce Beyond a bit of a supportive feel as well. The tongue is what really benefits this shoe design in that it manages to give the wearer what they’d need so that their feet don’t slip around while running. Now, the grip which will be discussed later also manages to imbue the wearer with the ample protection for high-speed activity.


The shoes entire design does a great job of providing wearers with a supportive overall feel. The premium Bounce cushioning blends rather easily to the wearer’s foot and does a good job of providing support for longer duration activities. The design of the upper on this heavy-duty training shoe also manages to give the wearer a bit of a boost in respect of support. The lacing is snug and keeps the foot from moving. The same can be said about the ForgedMesh in that the wearer doesn’t have to worry about excess movement while the shoe is worn. With that being said, the upper of the shoe also has ample cushioning which also works to give that stable feel that is so well-sought after in training shoes.


The Bounce cushioning is definitely a material that can be considered responsive. Although it's said that the material is rather firm (and it is) it still gives that energy return that individuals can’t help but require from their shoe. That energy return gives one that edge in whatever activity that they partake in. Things such as quick-sprints to deadlifts become a breeze when this shoe is on foot. The material in the sole unit makes doing these activities a relative breeze.


The Continental Rubber in the sole unit of the AlphaBounce Beyond makes terrain handling a thing that one can do very easily. This shoe can handle terrain all the way from roads to indoor gyms. As mentioned n a previous section, the shoe features the tread patterning which also manages to make wearing it on a variety of different terrains much easier than many other models. The other various parts of the shoe also manage to be able to handle the various different terrains rather easily. The upper for instance handles very well when the shoe is used on outside surfaces by repelling dirt and staying intact during use.


The best thing about the AlphaBounce Beyond is that it is incredibly inexpensive. This model of training shoe sells for a price that, won’t be crippling but still signifies that it’s many features hold at least a semblance of value; and that it definitely does have. The sole unit for instance, and that Continental Rubber is something that many typically only see in the more expensive shoe models by Adidas. On top of that, Adidas went the extra mile and decided to use ForgedMesh in the design of the upper. The use of high-quality materials and the durability that they present to the shoe’s design gives the AlphaBounce Beyond incredible value. That value makes it’s purchase something that many won’t regret afterward.


The Continental rubber in the outsole is a relatively sticky compound overall. Much like a tire, the Continental Rubber in the outsole has been fashioned into a tread pattern. This enables the shoe to really dig into say, the ground when one is considering doing box jumps. The grip on the sole unit of these shoes is also wonderful for those who are considering playing basketball in them. The tread would make starts and stops a rather simple task for all to partake in.


Some have complained that the upper on the AlphaBounce Beyond is something that leaves a bit to be desired in terms of flexibility. To that, it should be considered that this shoe is designed for individuals to receive maximum stability and protection. The upper moves easily enough for the wearer to achieve ample flexibility for say, a basketball game, but probably wouldn’t be the best option for an individual seeking a shoe to run a track meet in. The midsole does move easily enough though, due to the use of flex grooves in its design.


The design of this shoe is made specifically to provide both stability and comfort. The snug fitting upper contributes to that desire. The tongue of the AlphaBounce Beyond wraps around the foot and is aided by the ForgedMesh which makes movement in the design a simple yet secure. The Bounce cushioning also works to give the wearer a firm surface to land on when running. To that same end, the midsole was designed to be a bit wider than the typical shoe model which allows it to really give the wearer a firm and secure landing area to use.


The 10mm drop on the AlphaBounce Beyond is nothing too special. For training activities and longer runs, it takes away from the fatigue that the wearer feels by lessening the range of motion that they’d have to go through.

Key Features

• Bounce cushioning
• ForgedMesh
• Bootie styling
• Continental Rubber


In all, the design of the AlphaBounce Beyond is one that goes above and beyond expectations. The cushioning in both the sole unit and the upper keeps the foot comfortable beyond measure. Adidas use of the various technologies in both the upper and the sole unit makes the AlphaBounce Beyond a shoe to be reckoned with. For the price, the AlphaBounce Beyond’s purchase cannot be beaten.