Adidas CrazyTrain Elite

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Adidas CrazyTrain Elite Review Facts

Adidas hit the shoe market hard with their release of the CrazyTrain Elite. This shoe packs in just about everything someone who is serious about training could need. Not only is it a stylish training shoe, but the revolutionary material that comprises each part of the product makes the CrazyTrain Elite a jack of all trades in the sneaker world.  Adidas has combined some of the best characteristics of its various lines of footwear to make a training shoe that is hard to pass up.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Flexible while remaining structured
  • Comfortable
  • Stylish
  • Incorporates Boost technology
  • Responsive to intense training
  • Sizing varies
  • Bulky design


The Adidas CrazyTrain Elite outsole resembles the pattern found in the Adidas CrazyPower shoe. This pattern does a good job of allowing the wearer to feel comfortable walking, running, or training on just about any surface. The outsole on this model is also built with a lip that extends next to the rope guard on the side of the shoe. This lip allows for the sole to have a wider surface area, making the shoe feel more stable. The wider parts of the outsole will give you the confidence to perform when you are training. When it comes to training, the design of the outsole is a top priority, and Adidas seems to have done a good job with the CrazyTrain Elite.


The midsole of the Crazy Train Elites is perhaps one of the more interesting qualities of this shoe. It is made up entirely of Adidas Boost technology, meaning it has a full-length Boost midsole, more typically found in Adidas running shoes. This is unique for a training shoe because Boost midsoles are usually associated with comfort and not stability; however, due to other characteristics that will be covered throughout this review, stability is not compromised in the Crazy Train Elite. The Crazy Train’s midsole is designed from a Boost material but, it also has certain stylistic elements incorporated into the design of its magnificent midsole section which, again will be touched upon as we get further along in the reviewing process of this wonderful trainer.


This is where the stability comes in and why the CrazyTrain Elite is a unique shoe. The upper is composed of close-knit, which is a woven synthetic material. This material blends the knitted-feeling upper, commonly found in Ultra Boosts, with the more traditional structured material. The combination of materials the close-knit upper provides truly gives the best of both worlds. It feels structured while still allowing the shoe to move well with your foot.


When it comes to training shoes, the Crazy Trains are a bit on the heavier side, weighing in at approximately 13 oz., depending on the shoe size. The weight is a small sacrifice and one that may easily go unnoticed due to the shoe’s effective responsiveness. While it may be heavier than other training shoes on the market, it is a small sacrifice to make for everything else you, get out of it. Remember that this is a training shoe, so naturally it is going to be heavier than a running shoe. With that in mind, this shoe does still get the job done while in use and, due to the fact that it is considered a training shoe and is supposed to provide wearer’s with a bit more security during those heavy lifts, should retain a bit of weight in its design.


Breathability is not particularly the CrazyTrain’s forte. While the woven style of the upper does allow for some ventilation, there are far more breathable shoes on the market. Airflow is not restricted to the point of overheating, but the CrazyTrain is not the most breathable shoe. Which implies that the shoe still does prove to be a viable option for those who need a shoe that will consistently provide airflow; it just wouldn’t make complete sense to purchase a training shoe like the CrazyTrain for air circulation when that isn’t what it was designed for.


Comfort, on the other hand, is one of the Crazy Train Elite’s top strengths. Its cushiony insole allows for comfortable absorption of high impact movements that are often performed during a workout. The compression of the insole contrasts nicely with the sturdiness of the shoe’s midsole. The combination of compression and rigidity creates a very comfortable shoe. It is important to note that the shoe runs long, so you may want to purchase a half size to a full size smaller to increase comfort. The shoe was designed to run big to accommodate those with Morton’s toe or bunions. The shoe is impressive in its ability to perform in training while always remaining comfortable.


The shoe is designed slightly differently from many training shoes on the market in that it is not bright or flashy; it has a very clean and simple style. The CrazyTrain remains consistent with the “Adidas” look. The shoe looks tough enough to survive any training session, yet sleek enough to still be worn for style. It is more athletic looking than an Ultra Boost, but the qualities that make the CrazyTrain a great training shoe do not sacrifice style. Overall, the make of this shoe is not incredibly complex, and its style is quite simple as well.


The CrazyTrain has all of the makings of a shoe that will be able to handle a high level of activity with grace; the CrazyTrain is a high-quality shoe. Parts of its design, such as the close-knit upper, gives the shoe a reliable rubberlike toughness. Also, in high-stress areas such as the toe, the shoe is protected with TPU to improve its longevity. Buyers should feel confident purchasing Crazy Train Elites as they are manufactured with precision and can even be examined for stray stitching or errant glue. The attention to detail with which these HIIT shoes are designed makes them an extremely durable choice.


The material of the upper on the CrazyTrain is built to withstand the wear and tear of training. Its rubber-like quality protects the shoe from the intense friction that may be experienced, for example, during a rope climb. However, the shoe is not bulletproof. There are some areas, like the interior lateral part of the shoe, that could use more protection. The TPU is focused, instead, on the areas of the shoe that are most vulnerable to abrasion and/or prone to stress. The shoe is designed for training and does a good job combatting the effects of an intense workout.


The incorporation of Boost technology into a training shoe is an immediate red flag for many potential buyers. Nevertheless, it is important to note that with the CrazyTrain Elites, the Boost foam is denser and does not allow midsole compression. While the insole is not nearly as comfortable and “cloudlike” as the Ultra Boost, the shoe is still plenty responsive. Although there is little compression of the midsole, the insoles still give that springy feeling that help you absorb the impact of intense training. The shoe has TPU midsole casing on the side along with a TPU bar to assure the shoe remains structured while continuing to be responsive. The use of Boost technology, which was originally created for running shoes, and the aspects that increase shoe rigidity, allow the CrazyTrain Elites to perform both comfortably and effectively in an intense training environment. This is an overall highly responsive shoe.


As far as protection and comfort for the heel and other various curvatures of the foot goes, the CrazyTrain has everything that the wearer’s foot could possibly desire. The Boost used in the shoe design gives the user a sense of flexibility and structure. It also has a wider outsole to give the feeling of being planted on the ground, which is good for Olympic lifts where a supportive base is vital. The shoe also has a neutral arch and therefore is best fit for people who have neutral arches.


While the outsoles are designed to provide traction on most surfaces, the CrazyTrain Elites are best used in a gym. These shoes are perfect in environments such as a CrossFit gym where exercises such as squats, deadlifts, cleans, and rope climbs are common. Again, these shoes are made for training, as opposed to running, and therefore are most effective on regular training surfaces such as the gym.


While these shoes retail on the more expensive side when it comes to training shoes, the extra money invested will be money well spent. If the price is a large factor in your shoe buying decision process, these shoes may not be for you. The increase in price is likely due to the fact that this is a Boost shoe and Boosts are high-quality shoes. In reality, there are plenty of other training shoe options out there for more palatable prices, but by no means are the CrazyTrain Elites not worth the extra money.


The CrazyTrain Elite is built with a multidirectional patterned outsole which has been reviewed as giving the wearer top-notch traction while training. This design gives the shoe the ability to provide traction throughout any movement. As the shoe is designed for the gym, it naturally performs best in that environment, but the shoe can also be effective on concrete or asphalt. It is important to consider that the shoe’s traction durability may become compromised over time when used on harsher terrains.


Due to the TPU guard and TPU bar, the shoe is very rigid in its midsection. The shoe then becomes flexible again closer to the toe. This shoe is probably not the best choice for major running but is still very effective for sprints and short distance runs if they are incorporated into your workout. The CrazyTrains are extremely flexible for a training shoe and are still able to keep their structure to provide optimal support.


The use of Boost in the midsoles may initially create a lot of skeptics; however, Adidas did its due diligence is adding characteristics to the shoe that would guarantee proper stability. Stability is one of the most important aspects of a training shoe; they increase their stability by having a raised outsole. The shoe also comes with a TPU guard on the lateral side and a TPU bar in the inside, which creates rigidity in the mid part of the shoe. Rigidity in the mid part, along with a flexible toe, makes this the perfect shoe for CrossFit-type training. This shoe seems to have what it takes to remain stable throughout the toughest of workouts.


The heel-to-toe drop is about 6 mm; this is not a substantial drop. The small difference lends itself nicely to a training shoe. This is primarily because of the ease of movement that the smaller drop typically introduces the wearer to.

Key Features

• Boost midsole
• Rope guard to protect from the wear and tear of training
• Close-knit upper allowing for flexibility, structure, and support
• Extended outsole lip for more surface coverage
• TPU bar and midsole casing for stability
• Multidirectional tread pattern
• Extremely responsive


With a great look and great performance to match, the Adidas Crazy Train Elite is one of the best workout shoes on the market. Its masterful combination of materials and design shows why the shoe lives up to its name. Using Boost in a training shoe is simply crazy, and a shoe that allows flexibility, structure, and support for overall comfort is truly elite. The fact that the shoe still manages to provide wearer’s with such high levels of functionality while still having the material in its sole unit, is truly something that can be considered unique. Adidas will silence a lot of naysayers with this shoe as they continue to prove they are one of the top dogs in footwear.