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Marmot was founded by two passionate climbing enthusiasts Eric Reynolds and David Huntley. And due to the lack of quality equipment in the early ’70s started making their own. But the truth is their own production wasn’t enough to get the company founded and noticed.

What helped tremendously was the inclusion of their merchandise in the 1972 movie The Eiger Sanction. Starring Clint Eastwood, the movie is about an art collector and mountaineer who in order to fund his passion, has to work as an assassin.

The cameraman who actually worked on the movie saw the equipment from Eric and David and ordered a huge shipment. The rest is history, and although a Marmont Mountain does exist in Alaska, it’s unclear what the inspiration for the name of the company actually was.

But let’s move on to one of the company’s best items. The Precip jacket. What are the pros and comes of this particular item? Is it a purchase worth making? What can be improved and added in order to make it better? Scroll down to read the review. Hope you’ll like it.

Editor's Pros & Cons



Adjustable hood that can easily roll into the jacket’s collar

Chin Guard lined with DriClime

PitZips on both of the sides




While the majority of the construction is made out of NanoPro fabric, one small area of the item is made with a specialized DriClime style of mesh. But first thing first. Let’s start with the NanoPro fabric used in the making of the Preclip. In its essence, it’s a mesh-like type of fabric that’s made from two different types of yarn. It’s also a type of gradient made from two bi-component yarns. One is bigger than the other yarn, and the bigger is always on the outer layer of the fabric.

The smaller yarn is always located on the inside and together they form a great base for any type of moisture repellent clothing. It’s a strong type of yarn, very structured and layered, with fantastic moisture-wicking abilities as well. But what’s its main purpose in these particular types of garments?

Well, it makes the person that’s wearing it, a lot less clammy (according to the company’s official description) and a lot more comfortable in the whole set of temperatures and weather conditions. You can wear it in the sun, in the rain and in areas where strong wind is present.

The mesh-like fabric prevents any condensation to stick to the skin or to the layers of clothing underneath and keeps you dry and warm at all times. The prevention is done by spreading the moisture over a much larger surface thus allowing it to quickly evaporate than stick on your skin or on your clothes.

This mesh will really come in handy during intensive and very grueling physical activities. Everybody sweats during those activities, but why not make things easier for you and eliminate the sweat form you and your clothes? This is a fairly quick and easy way, high doses of breathability and comfort.


The classic, more relaxed and regular fit is truly the way to go here. It offers a great deal of comfort and allows layering to be added underneath the item if the weather and the temperatures allow for them. The classic fit doesn’t mean that the jacket will become too loose and flimsy.

o, the classic fit will give you space to move freely and to add layers of other clothing underneath. It’s a perfect fit for such an item. Regular is truly the best fit. The official website states that this particular fit will give you a special Angel-Wing type of movement especially to the arms/torso area, and it’s a special type of feature that’s trademarked by the Marmot Company. It’s used solely by Marmot and can be found on many of the products from this particular company.


The comfort doesn’t happen all by itself. It’s usually very complex teamwork by many of the other sections, materials, and details. No, item or material is solely responsible for the comfort, but we have to start from somewhere now don’t we? Let’s start with the material. As previously mentioned, the NanoPro fabric is really the star of this item. It composes the majority of the construction, and it’s a complex, sturdy and moisture-wicking type of mesh-like fabric.

Made from two separate yarns (one bigger than the rest), it allows the moisture to evaporate quickly and not to stick on the body or on the clothing underneath the jacket. The hood is attached to the rest of the jacket but very much adjustable. You can easily roll it out when you please and roll it back into the collar pocket. You won’t know that it’s even there. And you know what else is adjustable?

The Velcro cuss on the sleeves. They can be loosened or strengthened according to your needs, and you can choose if you’d like to penetrate through them or don’t. Just tighten the Velcro and no air, no moisture or no col can penetrate through the sleeves.

The Drawcord Hem is elastic and flexible enough to keep you protected, but the chin guard is truly an awesome feature here that just puts the finishing touches on the comfort. It’s lined with the same material that was used in the making of the body of this jacket and will offer the same amount of protection and support as the rest of the model. The comfort will start from the head, will continue to the mouth guard and will goal the way down to the hem.


There’s a fine line between protection and comfort, but sometimes the same features are responsible for both. Features like the fantastic adjustable hood add the chin guard that’s been lined with the NanoPro fabric. But over here, the real golden ticket is the addition of the Pit Zips.

What are those you might ask? Well, according to multiple sources, they’re relics from the past, but they’re still heavily used in the modern industry. As the name suggests, they’re small sized pockets located under the pits of the body. They’re usually vertical, and they’re sealed with a small zipper. They’re in fact perfect for protection of your valuables.

You can hide your phone, your keys, your credit cards or even some money there and nobody will even notice. They’re even great for stashing a small granola bar. That bar will really come in handy after a long hike and will help you bring back your energy levels.

Some say that it’s their only practical purpose, and go as far as to say that they’re basically useless otherwise. In most of the cases, those zippers break down easily and you’ll be left with an exposed patch of the jacket easily susceptible to cold and rain exposure. But that’s not going to happen here. The Precip is a very strong and durable model, that won’t just break down that easy.


Practicality first comes to mind when describing the Precip jacket. If you take a closer look at the item, you’ll notice that every aspect, every detail and every feature serves the purpose of high practicality. Sure the comfort is there as well, but the practicality is truly the number one virtue here.

From the adjustable hood to the Velcro cuffs on the sleeves, to the regular/classic fit to the chin guard and all the way to the use of the NanoPro fabric in the entire construction. Every single part of the model screams practicality and it’s awesome.


The practicality mentioned earlier even steeps into the use of the jacket. Yes, this is a special model designed for outdoor use. You can go hiking, jogging, mountain-climbing with this model, and you’ll be kept dry and safe at all times. Oh, and warm. Can’t forget about that. But the greatest use of this jacket you’ll be able to find when it’s not on you. That’s right.

The thanks to the fantastic fabric, and the lightweight comfy feeling that it gives, the possibility of packing the jacket into the very own pocket has never been easier. Just roll it and pack it. This type of packing is very convenient for travelers and backpackers who like to take up as less space as possible. You can literally fit it anywhere and will make the transport of this jacket a breeze. Whether is a regular suitcase or a backpack you’ll carry on your back.


When it comes to the size, Marmot has a fairly reasonable variety of sizes. The model is available in sizes ranging from S up to XXL, but it doesn’t cater to any other plus sizes beyond that.

The female version of this item is pretty much the same regarding the sizes, and just like with any other company you can easily look up the sizing chart if you’re having doubts about which size to order. Everything will be perfectly explained, and according to the comments left by the customers, the majority of them agree that the fit is true to the size.


The company’s wash and care section advise that you wash the jacket on the lowest possible temperature. By washing it in relatively cold water, you can easily avoid the risk of damaging and ruining the fabric or at the very least the risk of shrinking the size of the fabric.

Also, if you can try to use non-abrasive washing detergents and fabric softeners. They can run the material as well, and try to rub the dirt out of the surface before putting it in the washing machine. Just jointly rub the dirt with a paper towel or any soft brush and put it in the machine.

Also, try not to dry it under a direct source of heat and definitely try not to iron the garment. Ironing is a big no-no in this particular item. It will ruin the fabric, and you’ll be stuck with big holes in the middle of the jacket.


While the sizing wasn’t all that impressive, color option’s variety sure is. There are 30 recorded color options for this jacket both for the male and the female version and it’s up to you to choose your favorite. Whether it’s Black, orange, green or at least 6 shades of blue, you can easily find your favorite color.

The abundant color options are fantastic, and it’s worth mentioning that each and every option is monochromatic in color. Each option has only one color and that’s pretty much it. No mix of colors, not patterns or anything else. No. This is a quite simple jacket, and that’s the theme even in the color selection. You’ll love it.

Bottom line

Made entirely out of NanoPro fabric, and with fantastic features, the Precip is a practical option for your hiking, climbing and jogging adventures out on the open. It’s water-repellant, it’s comfy with a regular standard fit, and you can easily fold it, and pack it in a small log. The lightweight nature of the fabric and the fantastic design make this feature possible, and it won’t even take too much space when it’s not folded and packed in its own little pocket.

Speaking of pocket, the item has even PitZips and one big practical zipper that starts at the chin guard and ends at the bottom of the hem. The Precip is a fantastic option for every occasion, but its best performance is when it’s exposed to the weather conditions and harsh environments. It’s truly an amazing piece of clothing that you should definitely own. It won’t let you down, and it will become a constant source of support. It’s really great.