New Balance Fresh Foam Arishi Review

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The New Balance Fresh Foam Arishi is a lightweight and versatile running shoe! It offers all-day comfort and a breathable structure which make it a good choice for both runners and athletes alike. The Arishi boats a Response 1.0 Performance Insert that delivers the ultimate in cushioning without adding any bulk. This shoe is ideal for wearers with a medium to high arch and is recommended for people who tend to overpronate or who struggle with supination. Despite the Fresh Foam’s mildly dull appearance, this shoe packs a powerful array of performance-enhancing features and is sure to propel you in the right direction while you’re on the run. Its unique foam insole ensures the least amount of energy is lost with every step so you're able to reach higher speeds and use less energy while you train. 

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Response 1.0 Performance
  • Over/Underpronation Support
  • Mesh Upper
  • Rubber Outsole
  • Narrow Toe
  • Basic Appearance


The Arishi boasts an impressive non-slip rubber outsole that’s ideal for running in all weather conditions. Rubber is a durable material that offers excellent traction on both wet and slippery surfaces. Its tough texture helps to better protect your feet from the hazards of running on the city streets and ensures that your shoes will last as long as possible even with the tough wear and tear you put them through. Rubber is also the best material for water-resistance and offers 100% protection from damp or wet conditions.


This pair was designed with a breathable mesh upper for the ultimate in comfort and enjoyment. No one wants to have sweaty feet while they train which is why the Arishi is a solid choice that will help to prevent a build-up of sweat and odor-causing bacteria. When we perspire, our shoes can quickly turn into a breeding ground for all sorts of nasty germs that will eventually lead to smelly shoes. By controlling the moisture level, it effectively helps to eliminate odors altogether for a fresher all-day feel. Despite mesh having a tendency to fray and tear, this pair is built with specially engineered materials that wearers agree is both strong and enjoyable.


Anyone with a medium to high arch will find that this shoe is the right one for them! The Fresh Foam Arishi offers neutral support that is ideal for both supinations, as well as, overpronation. Supination occurs when the foot has a tendency to roll in an outwards motion and is commonly seen with higher arch types. It’s best to correct this issue because it can lead to problems with both the legs and feet due to the added stress on both areas. Overpronation is when the foot rolls inwards excessively and can cause all kinds of issues like shin splints, bunions, lower back pain, and many more.


This pair was designed with an 8mm drop from the heel to toe. The drop refers to the difference between the height of the heel area and the forefoot of a shoe. In the past, a greater heel-to-toe drop was considered to be the best style of running shoe, with most pairs averaging an eight to 12mm difference. Today, a growing trend among athletes is seeing shoes (barefoot or minimal) with no difference at all between the heel and toe. While some wearers might consider 8mm to be too great of a difference others find that it’s the perfect level of cushioning to help support the arch area and protect the delicate underside of the foot from the hazards of the road beneath them.


The Fresh Foam’s midsole was designed to offer the ultimate in comfort and luxury. Its responsive ride is a favorite among wearers who are in search of a shoe that lets them connect with the ground beneath them. Its full-length Response 1.0 Performance Insert adds, even more, cushioning which makes for a snug and enjoyable fit that’s perfect for running and other athletics. This pair’s midsole hugs every contour of the foot for an unbeatable feel and helps to support the underside of the foot. The Response 1.0 insert allows for better energy transfer and ensures that none is lost from every step you take.


New Balance has been a trusted name in footwear for over 100-years. They specialize in athletic apparel and deliver nicely on their promise of comforting and reliable shoes for running. Their innovative technologies include blended gel inserts, unique heel counters, and even half-sizes for their shoes. What started back in 1906 as William J. Riley’s one-man business has blossomed into one of the world’s leading manufacturers of athletic footwear.


The Fresh Foam is made from a comforting and breathable combination of materials which include mesh, rubber, and foam. Their lightweight mesh upper is perfect for keeping you cool while you’re on the go thanks to its open-weave design that allows for adequate airflow inside of the shoe. Rubber is an excellent choice of material that offers slip-resistance and weather-proofing so you can run year-round without worrying about accidental slips or falls. This pair utilizes a cushion material made from foam that doesn’t add any excess weight and keeps you ultra-comfortable no matter what activity you’re engaging in. When combined, these materials help to make these shoes a superior athletic option that will help to better your performance overall.


This pair is a relatively lightweight option and weighs in at just 7 ounces (women’s size 7). Having a running shoe that’s too heavy will affect your overall speed and performance, which is why it’s important to take into consideration the overall bulk. Excessive padding or cushion made from a heavy material is one of the main things that make shoes heavier, but the Arishi is designed with the lightest possible fabrics. Its insole and midsole are made from an airy foam material that doesn’t add any extra mass to the structure. A nearly weightless mesh upper unit only adds to the overall appeal of this pair and helps to make it an ideal option for runners and athletes.


Despite the overall comfortable feel that this shoe offers, some wearers find that it’s too tight in the mid and forefoot. Most people find that sizing is inaccurate and that buying a half or full-size up is a must in order to be comfortable while wearing them. Other than the issues with sizing, the Arishi is overall, a supportive shoe that delivers a solid array of performance-enhancing benefits. For individuals with a narrow to normal width foot, this shoe is a great choice that will fit quite nicely


Despite the many performance-enhancing features of the Arishi, it fails to impress with its appearance. This shoe offers the kind of plain outward design that one might expect from a standard running shoe and provides little in the way of originality. Its "blah" looks are likened to the apparel worn in the music video for Olivia Newton John’s "Physical". Despite its ‘80s-like looks, the Arishi comes in a ton of different colorways like silver mink, blue, white, and indigo just to name a few.

Bottom Line

Overall, the New Balance Fresh Foam Arishi delivers nicely on its claims of comfort, stability, and performance enhancement. Despite its somewhat modest appearance, this shoe packs a plethora of innovative technologies that help to make it a likely choice for athletes of all skill levels. It’s an ideal option for anyone with a medium to high arch and it helps to correct improper placement of the foot as seen with over- and under-pronation. An 8mm heel-to-toe drop leaves something to be desired for some wearers, though most find this to be the perfect level of drop.

The Arishi’s breathable mesh upper unit will keep you cool and dry thanks to its superior airflow and open-weave fabric. Runners enjoy the lightweight and bouncy feel they experience while wearing these shoes and are happy with the overall fit of the shoe. Though people with wider feet are likely to experience discomfort because of the shoes somewhat narrow toe and midfoot. In this case, consider opting for a larger size to accommodate the narrowness.

This shoe is a responsive ride that ensures no energy is wasted with every step. Its Response 1.0 Performance insert add an additional full-length layer of cushion that helps to support and protect the delicate underside of the foot.

This shoe is a great choice for anyone who isn’t overly concerned with appearances but needs a pair that’s going to do more while they train. The materials used are of high quality and help to make this pair an enjoyable ride.

The downside to this shoe is its relatively unimpressive appearance that comes off as somewhat plain. Despite its less-than-thrilling looks, you're able to choose from a wide array of colorways that help to make it more adaptable with all sorts of clothing choices.