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Skechers GoRun 5 Review Facts

Looking for a vibrant, comfortable shoe to run in? Looking for one that provides the lightweight effects that various shoes nowadays are simply missing? Look no further than the Skechers GoRun 5; with its relatively non-existent drop and natural feel, the shoe is designed for those who are looking to optimize their performance while receiving maximum comfort during use. Another crazy thing about this shoe is that even though it has a relatively small frame, it is one tough cookie.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Lightweight
  • Snug
  • Responsive
  • Stylish
  • Narrow
  • Not very supportive
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  • These shoes are great. I tested them out already in a few runs both outside and on a treadmill. They are very light and I anticipate faster track related runs. Overall this is an excellent shoe and I look forward to a lot of running in them.
  • I'm happy with Skechers they make a great running shoe. They're simple, no-nonsense and not overly technical. Built for running.
  • Skechers Go Run 5s are some of the most comfortable shoes I've ever run in. I am extremely satisfied with this purchase. These are more comfortable than even the Go Run 6.
  • My husband who is training for a marathon, it's his 28th, has been having issues with his feet in his Brooks brand that he has been wearing for over 20 years. He decided to order these Skechers to do a regular run and has been doing well in them with no pain. He said that they have the perfect cushion and doesn't interfere with speed.
  • Since I've been running in these I've been really surprised by the comfort of the run. My stride feels fluid and I experience less pain. I can't speak to the durability because I've only run up to about 70 miles so far.
  • I wear my Skechers Go Run 5s as everyday shoes. I am gradually increasing my run time in these because they feel differently than the shoes and I'm used to running in. I'm not sure about how the soles will hold up running on concrete or pavement.
  • So far these are my favorite running shoes. To compare them to the go run 4s they are a little tighter, the midsole is softer and the tongue is longer. They also have more rubber foam which I would assume will make them last longer.
  • I buy these whenever I get the opportunity. The fit is perfect. I'm up to three pairs currently, however, I wish the design would stop changing each cycle.
  • Skechers GoRun 5s are my all-time favorite. They're flexible and springy and they have the right amount of cushion. I have run and won several 5Ks in these shoes. The only downside is they do wear out quickly but I will definitely buy again.
  • These are my favorite cross country shoes. I've purchased several pairs of these because they fit the best and because I love them.
  • It's been about 4 years since I started wearing the Go Run shoes and I love them. The GoRun 5 has a different sole but these are true to form better than the previous version.
  • So far these are a great shoe. So far I've had no knee pain while running like I used to in other shoes.
  • I would recommend these for anyone who's looking for a solid running shoe. These are lightweight overall excellent choice.
  • You get the best of both worlds when you buy the Skechers Go Run 5 because you can use them casually or for running.
  • These shoes are roomy and very comfortable. They are as advertised the sole is responsive and the weight excellent.
  • This model works great for what I was looking for-- a minimalist shoe that had enough cushion and was lightweight to use for marathons and 5k run.
  • These Skechers fit very well and they are comfortable. I am a little concerned about how long they will last though. I do see a little chipping and it's only been a little while. I've run about 5 miles so far other than that they make a great shoe to train in.
  • I'm never disappointed with Skechers, in fact, they are the only shoes that I currently buy. I own several pairs.
  • I don't write reviews but I had to for this one. These are really lightweight and good for jogging and they have a nice feel. I really like this shoe a lot.
  • These are really great for the gym and they're very comfortable trainers. They look good too.
  • My husband had to send these back because they ran narrow too small for him.
  • The arch is not very good, not very supportive.
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The outsole of the GoRun 5 is basically a thin layer of rubber that keeps the wearer’ foot from feeling the effects of the rough surfaces that they are used to run on. With that being said, the shoe does its job to provide the wearer with both ample comfort and durability during use. The rubber layer of the outsole handles very well on roads and does its best to ward off the roads wearing abilities. The fact that the outsole is so minimal should affect the shoe’s ability to provide the wearer with any sense of grip as well; the shoe has a stretch web design that thoroughly spreads the shoe’s gripping abilities throughout the outsole of the shoe.


The midsole of the shoe is basically the entire sole unit. The GoRun 5 has a midsole designed from Skechers’ special 5Gen cushioning. This cushioning works very well to provide the wearer with a responsive and comfortable ride during use; while running, the cushioning works to take in the impact of the ground and prevent the wearer from feeling the effects of the harsh ground that they are running. The cushioning effect of the midsole also works to provide the wearer with the natural-feeling ride that they are accustomed to feeling.


The GoRun 5 was designed with an upper that is meant to accentuate all of the things that make the shoe what it is. The upper of the shoe has a snug fit that also works to promote the comfortable feel of the shoe. Also, to this effect, the upper, much like the sole unit, makes the shoe feel extremely natural while on foot. The mesh make of the upper is without various overlays and is, in effect, of minimal design. The lacing on the upper of the shoe allows for an even tighter fit and is accentuated by the slim design of the upper as a whole.


The materials used throughout the design of the GoRun 5 add very little weight to the design of the shoe. The s GoRun 5 weighs in at a surprising 7.5 oz for a men’s size 9; this can be attributed to the minimal upper and the material used for the midsole of the shoe. The fact that the midsole of the shoe was also designed from Skechers special foam material also shines a bit of light on the shoe’s ability to keep its overall weight down. The mesh on the upper of the shoe is known for being relatively porous as well, also aiding the shoe in its efforts to keep its weight down. Overall, the lightweight feel of the shoe aid in the runner’s performance, allowing them to keep the natural feel that is necessary during runs.


The shoe features a mesh upper that is known for allowing the wearer of the shoe to retain a high level of breathability during use. The upper of the shoe has very little overlays and is designed from a thin cut of mesh that improves the overall level of air circulation that the shoe attains. This means that the constant accumulation of heat by the shoes and the torturous feel that is usually experienced by running shoes is forgone by these shoes. This effect also allows the wearer of the shoe to experience more comfort during their runs.


As mentioned in previous sections, this shoe provides the wearer with ample levels of comfort during runs. The upper of the shoe is designed from purely mesh with very little in the way of overlays that could restrict the wearer’s foot in any way. Also, the mesh that makes up the upper has a decent level of cushioning placed throughout, further enhancing the comfort felt by the wearer of the shoe. The lightweight effect that these shoes were given provides an even greater level of comfort to the wearer of the shoe; while the cushioning in the sole unit may not provide this, the feeling that the shoe is barely there greatly enhances the feel of the shoe.


The GoRun 5 was given a slim cut with a burst of color that would appeal to a variety of runners. The shoe has a sleek design and blends right in with the style of today’s clothing; to that effect, the shoe can be worn with several different outfits and blend right in. The variety of colors that the shoes were released in also greatly enhances the wearability of the shoes and the comfort that is felt by the wearer. The sole unit on these shoes is rather thick, giving the shoes a bit more flair; the added flair also comes from the fact that the sole unit of the shoes is designed from a base color.


To be such a minimal lightweight shoe, the GoRun 5 last for a rather long time. The mesh material on the upper o the shoe work rather well to prevent the shoe from ripping and tearing during a strenuous activity such as running. The foam on the sole unit of the shoe also retains its responsive nature even after a multitude of runs which is outstanding for this lightweight shoe. The most surprising thing about these shoes is the quality of the outsole; the thin rubber that makes up the outsole of the shoe works very well to provide the wearer with a high degree of traction and despite its appearance, wears down very slowly.


Due to the minimalist design of the shoe, the protective features that are present throughout the design are rather nuanced. The shoe has several reflective coverings that allow the shoe to be worn in darker areas while allowing the wearer of the shoe to be seen. On top of this, the design and cut of the upper allow the shoe to be worn in a variety of places without the wearer having to worry about constant rollover or misstepping. The solid design of the sole unit also works to this effect and allows the wearer of the shoe to experience a great deal of comfort and stability while worn; this is due to the traction that is provided by the sole unit and the firm feel of the foam.


The foam that makes up the majority of the GoRun 5’s sole unit is rather responsive in nature. The foam, while being relatively firm, works to provide the wearer of the shoe with a decent level of responsiveness during use; it conforms to the shape of the wearer’s foot, allowing them to feel a great deal of comfort during use. This feature of the foam also allows the shoe to absorb a great deal of the impact of running and to provide the wearer with a natural-feeling ride during their wear.


In terms of support, the GoRun 5 provides the wearer with a decent level. The midsole of the shoe provides the wearer with a great deal of cushioning which in turn works to provide support for the curves of the wearer’s foot. The lightweight design and the low drop that the shoe is fitted with doesn’t allow for very much support in other areas such as the arch; this means that the wearer will not experience a great deal of comfort in the arch of their foot when running for extended periods of time.


The look of the shoe simply screams, “Take me on the road with you!”. The design of the shoe unit is one that allows the shoe to be worn on roads and other developed surfaces; the outsole of the shoe wouldn’t last for very long on the other types of surfaces because of the thin cut of it. The upper of the shoe is designed entirely from mesh and has very little in the way of overlays. The lack of overlays prevents the shoe from providing the wearer with a sense of security when the shoe is used on undeveloped terrains such as trails.


For a running shoe, the GoRun 5 is relatively inexpensive. The shoe has a few design features that allow the shoe to provide a decent level of functionality to the wearer of the shoe. With that, the shoe costs very little and lasts for a decent length of time. All of the features of the shoe combined and the longevity that is experienced by these shoes do more than enough to justify the price that is attached to these shoes.


While the sole unit of the GoRun 5 is minimal, it does provide the wearer of the shoe with a decent level of traction. The GoRun 5’s handle relatively well on developed terrains and do their best to provide the wearer with a sense of grip on the more developed terrains such. Although the outsole of the shoe is extremely minimal, it was given a parametric web patterning that allows the shoe to function very well on various surfaces; the parametric design is one that purposefully promotes the traction gaining abilities of this shoe and allows it to function relatively well on the developed surfaces.


The design of the upper of the GoRun 5 is one that promotes flexibility. The upper of the shoe is designed primarily from a thin cut of mesh material that allows the shoe to provide the wearer with a high range of motion during use this is only enhanced by the shoes utter lack of coverings throughout the design. The sole unit of the shoe balances out the flexible design by restricting the movement of the shoe somewhat. All in all, the design of the shoe is one that promotes flexibility and should be sought if that is what is sought after in a shoe.


The sole unit of the shoe allows for a certain level of stability to be found. The midsole of the GoRun 5 is relatively firm while also providing the wearer of the shoe with a decent level of responsiveness; this balance that is found in the midsole results in the excellent footing and allows the wearer of the shoe to have a great level of security in their movements. The snug fit that is provided by the mesh upper and the lacing that is present also allows the wearer of the shoe to retain a high level of security in their footing and overall movements.


For a running shoe, the drop on the GoRun 5 is amazing. The shoe features a relatively non-existent drop of about 4mm. The drop on the shoe allows he wearer to experience a high level of comfort and works to improve the energy return of the shoe as well. Overall, the drop of the shoe, coupled with the lightweight features of the overall design makes this shoe a pleasure to run in.

Key features

• 4mm drop
• 5Gen cushioning
• Go Knit design
• Inner support strap


The design of the GoRun 5 coupled with all of the features present, makes the shoe a top choice for most runners. The shoe has a relatively low price and provides the wearer with a sense of style that is unparalleled by most running shoes today. The responsive nature of the upper of the shoe coupled with the lightweight design makes the shoe a somewhat ream to run in on it’s intended surface; this is only enhanced by the shoes ability to achieve a decent level of grip on various surfaces. One thing to make sure to consider is that the shoe lacks a high level of support.