New Balance Fuelcore Coast V3

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New Balance Fuelcore Coast V3 Review Facts

New Balance has come out with a running shoe that closely resembles the likes of the famous lifestyle shoes that are on the market right now. From the style of the sole unit to the blend of the upper, this shoe has one of the features that make these shoes unique; comfort. When New Balance created this shoe, they were working on having something that could give any runner that feel as if they weren’t running on several layers of asphalt and could potentially damage themselves while doing so; this shoe was really made to give the wearer everything that they’d need in order to succeed(see what I did there?) But, enough of that, lets get into the nitty-gritty.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Inexpensive
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable upper
  • Supreme comfortable 
  • Not the most durable shoe
  • Not for long distance runs
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  • I am not new to New Balance but they've outdone themselves with this shoe. These are comfortable and light and I've been recovering from knee surgery. Love them so much will be getting another pair.
  • I've never worn a sole like this one. It is very springy. Breathable fabric. I can feel the air between my toes. Runs a little narrower than other NB that I've own but still comfortable and very stylish.
  • New Balance Fuelcore Coast V3 is a very comfortable shoe. These are just right for me and I usually have trouble finding my size, 4E. These are so comfortable and lightweight that I am always wearing them. I wish they were in stock because I would buy another pair.
  • With my wide feet, it is difficult to find shoes that don't hurt. These shoes are very comfortable.
  • I feel like I am walking on pillows in these New Balance Fuelcore Coast V3s.
  • My son got these and he says that these shoes are lightweight and very comfortable. He also likes the fit and look.
  • These shoes are great for fast short distances. They do run a little smaller.
  • Been loyal to Nike for years but got these and they fit great. Amazing comfort and no blisters. They fit like a glove. The shoes go on and off with ease and great for travel. They offer great support for running.
  • So for these are a great shoe. The break-in period can be uncomfortable for a lot of shoes but not the case for these.
  • These caught my eye even though I don't usually go for shoes with a thinner material at the toes. These are amazing to walk in and the material is just right for winter or summer. I had these on for over 12 hours traveling and then walking about 7 hours the next day and my feet felt great. These shoes fit my feet perfectly and my wide foot but the narrow heel is sometimes difficult to fit.
  • These New Balance Fuelcore Coast V3s are great for Zumba class. I've owned a better pair of shoes for New Balance. The material breathes nicely and it is easy to keep clean.
  • These shoes are very comfortable even though my orthotics slip a little but gets better with more wear. Very satisfied.
  • These are an awesome looking sneaker and I am not usually a fan of the New Balance brand. I intend to use these more for lifting and walking and not so much for running.
  • The New Balance Fuelcore Coast V3 got me out of my habit of not writing reviews. I had to for these. The most comfortable shoe ever for running. These are great at absorbing the pounding from running that the body takes. Great price too!.
  • My husband is so picky about shoes that he will wear because of foot problems. Most shoes cause him pain but not these. He finally felt relief.
  • With no arches and standing in these all day at work these are very comfortable.
  • Although these shoes stain easily, they are very comfortable. They have lasted well even after 40 miles of running.
  • I am happy to add the New Balance Fuelcore Coast V3s to my collection. This is my first purchase of this brand. They fit perfectly, are very comfortable and look good.
  • I went looking for another shoe after a foot injury in my other shoes. Very pleased with these shoes. Since running in them, I've felt no discomfort or pain and it's been several weeks. I have done distant running and sprinting. Highly recommended.
  • This is the first day wearing these and I got them yesterday and I find them to be great. Both stylish and comfortable.
  • A few wearers complained about the tongue bunching up and not being comfortable while walking.
  • Some users complained that this shoe ran too narrow while others complained that it ran too big.
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The outsole on this shoe is meant to give max traction when used on its intended surface. It is designed from an EVA material which can be used on the ground without instantly wearing down and being deemed unusable. This fact, the materials ability to be used on the ground makes it something that can be considered borderline, amazing. As we all know, EVA is known for providing a layer of cushioning between the wearer’s foot and the ground that they are running on; the fact that the outsole on the shoe is designed from this material allows these shoes to give the wearer a bit more in the way of cushioning for their feet.


The midsole of the Fuelcore is designed from, yes you guessed it, EVA foam. EVA or to be a bit more precise, ACTEVA doesn’t compress as quickly as the regular foam and allows the shoe to remain lightweight as well; these properties open the shoe up to living the long life that runners would like for it to have and keeps one on their toes. To allow the shoe to be more responsive, New Balance fit the shoe(or the upper layer of the midsole) with their beloved Response 2.0 insert; this insert allows an already comfortable shoe to provide even more comfort and cushioning for the various movements of the wearer’s feet.


The Fuelcore’s upper is a blend of materials that work to give the wearer what they’d need regarding durability and comfort. From merely looking at the shoe, one can tell that it is designed from a highly durable blend of synthetic mesh and textile materials; before anything else is said, this blend of materials allows the shoe to give the wearer the circulation that they’d need when running in the shoe. The make of the upper on the Fuelcore also provides the wearer with the comfort that they’d need and, due to the construction of the shoe itself, does so seamlessly. The upper features a bootie construction in the heel of the shoe(or the entrance) which allows the shoe to really give the wearer what they’d need in terms of comfort and keeps the shoe fitting snugly around the wearer’s foot; this ensures that the shoe doesn’t come flying off of the foot while it’s in use which, if you’re ever done sprints before in an ill-fitting shoe, can be a dangerous activity.


A great thing about the design of this shoe(other than the fact that it’s completely stylish) is that it is much lighter than various other models of similar shoes that are on the market. The Fuelore has a design which allows it to retain the 7.1 oz weight for men’s models and the 6.2 oz weight for women’s. For those who don’t know, a shoe that can provide the wearer with a level of cushioning such as the Fuelcore’s and still give the wearer what they’d need in terms of a lightweight feel is something that is borderline unprecedented. This is primarily due to the efforts on the part of the sole unit’s materials and the upper’s; they both use ACTEVA and mesh respectively to give the wearer what they’d need in terms of a lightweight feel.


Regarding breathability, the Fuelcore has a blend of materials that allow it to give the wearer what they’d need. The upper of the shoe and the use of the mesh keeps the wearer’s foot ventilated and allows the wearer to do what they’d need to enjoy the use of their shoe. One of the main properties of mesh (it’s accentuated in this model because of the shoe’s lightweight design) is that it consistently provides the wearer with what they’d need to have a lightweight and comfortable experience while in the shoe. It just happens to keep the foot from experiencing an excess level of sweat when the shoe is being used.


The incorporation of mesh into the shoe’s design isn’t the only thing that allows this model to provide the wearer with any sort of comfort. The use of the various other materials that the shoe has in its design also works to allow this shoe to provide the wearer with what they’d need in terms of comfort. The midsole and the sole unit of this shoe both work to give the wearer a bit of comfort while the shoe is being used; the ACTEVA midsole and EVA outsole really allow this shoe to provide the cushioning for the underfoot that is necessary for action in a shoe. The bootie construction of the upper also allows the shoe to give the wearer what they’d need when it comes to comfort in this shoe and, when combined with the seamless construction, keeps the wearer’s foot from experiencing discomfort from blisters on the foot.


This was kind of hinted at the beginning of this review but, the Fuelcore has a look which allows it to give the foot a wrapping in a shoe that looks to be of the lifestyle model. The sleek, wedge cut of the outsole and the foam that is used to create it is one of the reasons for this stylistic element to be provided by this shoe. The upper of the shoe has a mesh material incorporated which is something that many of the lifestyle model shoes that are present in nowadays are designed from. All things aside, the look or design of this shoe is one that imbues the wearer of the shoe with the ability to wear virtually anything with it without having to worry about looking overly “sporty” in them; that is a feat since many running shoes have a bit too many overlays and aren’t able to give the wearer everything that they’d need in order to enjoy the shoe.


The longevity provided by the Fuelcore isn’t too shabby at all. One of the only complaints about the shoe was that the sole unit doesn’t provide the wearer with all that they’d need in terms of durability, simply because of the change up between materials; the sole unit is designed from EVA foam rather than the typical rubber. With that being said, the sole unit does still provide the wearer with what they’d need to have the shoe for a few months; it doesn’t wear down at too fast of a pace meaning that it won’t lose it’s traction (gripping abilities) too fast.


One of the downsides of the shoes upper being designed with the weight of the shoe in mind is that t doesn’t have as many protective features as it probably could. The mesh being the most prominent feature takes away from the shoe’s ability to guard the foot against any potential damage from incoming materials. The sole unit is slightly thick and does do an excellent job of keeping the wearer’s foot from being damaged via piercing; the cushioning does it’s best to stop jagged materials from entering the shoe and injuring the wearer’s foot, which isn’t the most important thing since the shoe is used for less technical terrains and shouldn’t encounter surprises such as this.


Another great thing about this shoe is that it will provide the wearer with a responsive feel while in use. The ACTEVA midsole really does it’s job to conform to and provide for the curves of the wearer’s foot; this is the meaning of responsiveness and the ACTEVA seems to embody it quite nicely. Let’s not forget that the foam material also works to give the wearer a bit of energy return; a level of energy return that is increased by the outsole of the shoe and the use of the EVA foam that it is designed from.


The sole unit of this shoe does make sure that the wearer receives a decent amount of support for their foot. While they don’t provide the best support for the arch of the wearer, the rest of the foot is covered just fine by this shoe. The Response insert in the shoe’s design does work to give the wearer everything that they’d need in order to genuinely feel comfortable wearing this shoe; since it’s backed up by the rest of the midsole, it does its job to provide the wearer with a responsive feel and to keep the wearer supported for the various parts of their foot. The bootie construction of the upper also works to give the wearer the support that they’d need during their shoe’s usage period; it protects the curves and keeps the foot locked in place, providing ample support for the wearer’s heel.


From the use of EVA in the outsole of this shoe, one can tell that it was meant to be used for the less technical terrains; indoor terrains, roads, and things of that nature are the things that are meant to be covered by this shoe. The EVA material wouldn’t last for very long if used on technical terrains simply because of its thin design and inability to really provide the wearer with any sort of lasting grip. With that being said, if used on the terrain that its meant for, it will definitely provide the wearer with what they’d need to get by and flourish.


It was mentioned that there were only a few great qualities held by this shoe but, that was a lie. The Fuelcore has a price that makes its purchase one that very few would actually regret. The shoe makes great use of the technologies that are used in its design and allows the wearer to do all that they’d need in order to enjoy the shoe’s use. Another thing to keep in mind about the price tag of the shoe is that it works to make the lack of durability in the outsole seem like much less of an issue.


The traction provided by the EVA outsole is “okay”. The ground contact EVA is a bit stickier than some of the materials that make up various other shoes and so, work to provide the wearer with what they’d need in order to simply “not fall over” when running; the material does much more than this but, in a very basic sense, provides the wearer with what they’d need in order to effectively traverse the terrain. Keep in mind though that since the outsole of the shoe is only made of EVA it will not provide wearers with all that they need in order to manage wet terrains and so, shouldn’t be used to run on those surfaces.


Surprisingly enough, the EVA that’s used throughout the shoe’s design does help it achieve a high level of flexibility. Aside from the material’s innate ability to move alongside the movements of the wearer’s feet, EVA also provides wearers with a high range of motion; this works in tandem with the mesh upper of the shoe to provide the wearer with all that they’d need in order to enjoy a comfortable and responsive overall ride while in the shoe.


Even though the majority of the shoes upper is designed from a mesh material, it still works to provide the wearer with what they’d need in order to enjoy a bit of stability and security in their movements. The saddle on the upper and the blend of synthetic elements helps the shoe be somewhat stable for the wearer. With that being said, the shoe doesn’t have the most stability providing features incorporated into it’s designed due to the fact that it is meant to be, primarily, a neutral shoe.


The drop on this bad boy is roughly 8mm; this is somewhat average for a running shoe.

Key Features

• EVA foam outsole
• ACTEVA midsole
• Response Insert in midsole


Overall, the design of the New Balance Fuelcore Coast v3 is one that is multi-faceted. It has all of the features that a shoe would need in order to really provide any sort of functionality in its respective field. The materials that it features really allows the shoe to do all that it must in order to provide the wearer with an experience that is above that provided by many other shoes in its respective field. With that being said, for the price, this shoe is a must and should be considered for everyone’s respective cycle.