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Did you know? The term windbreaker is mostly used in Japan, the UK, in the US. The term is currently in a trademark war between these three countries. All three of them want to trademark the name as its own. But currently, it's registered in the Trademark office of the USA.

The origins of the windbreaker can be traced some 500 years before the popularization (in the late 70’s), and the Inuit parkas. The windbreaker is a modern-day version of the parka. In fact, the Inuit’s first made parkas out of thick furs and animal skins, but it was later customized to a variety of synthetic materials.  And why did they made the parkas? To be able to withstand the harsh and cold climates of course.

The windbreakers as we know them today became more prominent after the WW2, and in that time the use of synthetic materials like nylon became the new mainstream norm. Back in the 70’s plenty of sports fan became purchasing the windbreaker jackets in order to watch the games uninterrupted, and today, practically everyone owns such a jacket. They’re great for outdoor jogging and for every activity that’s out on the open.

But for now, let’s take a look at Ether Driclime by Marmot. What’s so great about this jacket? Scroll down to find out more.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Easy to pack

Wind and moisture resistant

Reflectivity that expands to 360 degrees

Wicking Lining




Made entirely from 100 % polyester nylon and re-enforced with DriClime mesh (made out of 22% nylon and 78% polyester) in the lining, the Ether is understandably very lightweight, very breezy and very comfy. But what exactly is DriClime mesh? Well, trademarked by the company, and used in the majority of its product, the mesh is actually a special type of knitting that repels moisture, wind, and cold.

And it’s mostly used in the underlining of the garment in question. It’s a type of yarn formed with a bi-component type of technology, and it’s a source of great pride for the company. Aside from the repellent properties, the yarn has also has very prominent antimicrobial, stain resistant and anti-static properties. We’ll get into the specifics and the practicality of the mesh later in this post, but for now let’s recap with the very practical and awesome features that the mesh brings to the entire structure of the jacket.


Having the DriClime mesh is a great source of comfort for sure. But just like with any other product (being a shoe, a purse or a jacket), the materials don’t paint the whole picture. And in this case, the material alone is not responsible for the comfort, but in the much colder environment. The lining limits the wearing in warmer weather, as it becomes increasingly warm.

It’s great when you have a jacket that keeps you warm in cold weather, but when it does the same in much warmer weather, there could be a slight problem. But plenty of other factors contribute to the comfort, and in this case, it’s the little things that help. Little things like the Drawcord style of the hem and the cuffs on both sleeves. Both the hem and the cuffs are highly elastic and in the newer models of the jacket are easily adjustable. In the prior models, they were not, but the company solved that problem as well.

Oh, and last but not least, the underarm vents are a great source of comfort. As the name suggests, they’re located under the pits, and they’re quite generous with the size and the aeration that they provide. Made also out of the DriClime mesh, they’re a great source for ventilation throughout the entire construction, and therefore of great comfort. They are able to balance the warmth delivered by the lining and make your jacket breathe a little.


If you choose the version that has the attached and very practical nylon hood (that can be easily rolled up in the back when not in use), the Ether model has the protection covered from the top and all the way to the bottom.

However, the Ethel doesn’t’ rely solely on the protection provided by the materials. Sure they’re great providers of comfort and protection from the external influences, but on amazing thing gets the job done in another very practical way. The Reflectivity that can be seen through 360 degrees rotation. Every inch of the jacket can be easily spotted in conditions that are lit poorly, and in areas with very limited visibility. That’s the protection that you’ll actually want in your hour of need, should it come to that.


The Marmot’s official website states that the Ether Driclime has an athletic fit, it’s actually very roomy and comfortable in every inch of the garment. Although the athletic fit applies for bodies that are more muscular on the top, and with a pronounced wider set of shoulders, the jacket is, in fact, spacious and comfortable to be worn by just about anyone, regardless of the body build.

In fact, the athletic fit of the jacket was one of the most praised features from the customer review section. Most of the customers that have bought the Ether Driclime praised the roomy, comfortable and relaxed feeling that you get with the athletic fit, and the movement is provided as the result of that.


Yes, the materials are a significant factor on the overall durability, but frankly so is the fit. Thanks to the athletic fit and the use of the polyester nylon in the construction, the durability is really top notch. But one cannot exist without them either, and it’s hard to single out one particular feature as most beneficiary, compared to the next. No, the durability is really a team effort and it’s really down to both components equally. You can’t really say that the materials have a bigger significance in durability. You just can’t.

However, if you’re concerned about the durability regarding the external influences than you’ll have to be much more careful. The jacket will be fine after exposure to sun, rain and strong winds, but the big branches, pointy rocks and other items found in nature will cause some problem. The nylon is a very durable material, but even the most durable materials are bound to be damaged under the pressure.


Marmot offers the Ether Driclime in multiple sizes, and according to the official website, each of those are actually fit and true to the actual size. There’s no need to going up or down a size in order to fit better. Every jacket is and always be true to a size that was given. And the sizes in the male version start with an S and end with an XXL size, the female version of the jacket starts with XS and end with XL.

Marmot does not cater to the individuals that tend to go more in the much plus size category (3X or 4X). But if you’re having doubts about the size, you can always go to the official’s sizing chart where you can measure the different body parts and compare them with the charting that was provided by the company.


This particular jacket is extremely lightweight. In fact, it’s so lightweight that it weighs less than a bag of chips. That’s right the Ether Driclime weighs little under 280 grams, and with that, you won’t even feel that it’s on your body. You’ll be able to feel the benefits of the jacket, without actually feeling the weight of the materials. Which is awesome and pretty much everything that you’d want from a windbreaker. To get the job done, without feeling the presence on the body.


Since it’s a windbreaker type of a jacket its main use and practicality is the block the wind, the rain and the cold. And it does a fine job at that. There’s the addition of the hand-pockets (re-enforced with strong zipper) and the main zipper located in the middle of the structure. Both zippers are firm and easy to use. However, the practicality isn’t limited to the user when it’s on the body. The practicality applies when it’s of the body and stored somewhere else. How’s the jacket performance then, and how can the practicality be described on such occasions?

Well, on point again. You can easily roll the jacket, pack it in a pocket and store it, in its now storage unit. The pouch has the very practical 3 X 5 inches (approximately) shape. You have the option to pack the jacket as it is. It’s so thin and lightweight that will basically appear as a thin sheet of paper or to roll it and pack in in its own pocket. It’s up to you and the type of equipment you use. If it’s a small backpack that you’re using on your hike, then there’s the option not put it in the backpack or, to hang it on the side thanks to the tab attached on the zipper.


It’s really unfortunate that for a jacket this awesome and practical, there’s only 1 color option available for purchase. The black is the only available option in the male department, while the deep lake is the only available option in the female department. Seriously. A jacket that’s so great, so protective and so versatile deserves a lot more options. One color is never enough.


Regarding the care and the maintenance of Ether Driclime, it’s important not to wash it on high temperatures. Machine washing is allowed but with water under 30 degrees. Water with much higher temperature can severely damage the materials, and so can the ironing. Do not iron the garment, and do not fry clean it as well. If you’re using detergents, try to find a less-abrasive one and milder fabric softener that wound damage or shrink the fabric.


Because of the wind/cold/water resistance that the Ether Driclime contains it’s best to be used for outside activities. However, plenty of the customer reviews mentioned that the jacket is less efficient in warmer climates and although can be water repellant, it cannot withstand heavy rainfall. A flipside of this is that if you do get caught in a heavy downpour, it will dry out fairly quickly.

The mesh used in the construction’s lining and in the underarms vents will allow it. But because of the athletic fit, there is enough space for layering. You can choose to have only a simple t-shirt underneath it, but if the weather conditions call for it, you can have multi-layered insulation underneath. It’s totally up to you.

Bottom line

Although with very poor color selection in the male and female version, and with fairly limited sizing option, the Ether Driclime is truly a fantastic protective and comfy garment that will come in handy on your next hiking journey. Made specifically for outdoor adventures, this is a jacket that you can fold and pack easily in your backpack.

Weighing at 283 grams, it’s very easy to wear under several layers of warm clothes, as it won’t make you bulky or uncomfortable. You’ll be able to move freely and you’ll be kept warm, dry and protected at all times. It’s truly an amazing purchase that is sure to stand the taste of time and the weather that comes with it. You’ll love it and you’ll find yourself packing this jacket on your every trip, regardless of where it may be. Hailer by the many satisfied customers as one of the most protective and durable items in the Marmot's long list of products, this is one hell of a model to own in your wardrobe. It's great for every outdoor occasion, and you won't regret buying it.