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Just because you have a new member in your family does not mean that you can't still go outside and do the things you love. The Bob Revolution Pro jogging stroller is very versatile and can go just about anywhere you want to go. You can still head out for your daily jogs, go to the shopping mall, enjoy a day at the beach, or trek through the woods. This stroller will move smoothly through a plethora of terrains while keeping you and your little one comfortable and happy. Don't let the price tag scare you away; it is highly durable and comes packed with features that make it well worth the cost. Parents love this, and it comes highly recommended.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Highly durable

Safe for your child

Great versatility

Lots of storage

Comfortable for you and baby


Steep price tag

No reflective features


It can become a bit overwhelming when adding a brand new member to your family, do not let that be the reason that you cannot still take care of yourself and your fitness. Just because there is a little one at home is no excuse to skip out on getting outside and going on an adventure. The Bob Revolution Pro jogging stroller can make your morning run or outdoor adventure practically hassle free, well as hassle-free as you can get with a youngster. It is easy to use and is excellent for almost any activity. Whether you are heading around the neighborhood for a jog, going to an amusement park with the family, enjoying a day on the beach, or hiking through the woods, this stroller will help you and your child get to where you need to go safely and comfortably so you can both enjoy the ride. The large air-filled tires are strong and durable, allowing you to easily travel right over debris without it slowing you down at all. The front tire swivels for better maneuverability in crowded places but can lock up when you need more stability such as when you are running or hiking. There is almost nothing that you cannot do with your little one in this great jogging stroller.

Ease of Use

Having a little one can be hard enough, you don't want to worry about your stroller making it even more difficult. Thankfully, the Bob Revolution Pro stroller is easy to use from beginning to end, and it will take a little bit of the hassle out of leaving the ones with your child.

The buggy, according to customers, is easy to put together when you receive it, no confusing instructions or extra parts to make you think you messed up somewhere along the way. Once it is put together, using it is a breeze.

The stroller folds and unfolds easily so that it can fit in your vehicle or closet with ease. The wheels are rather large so they can be removed, easily, if needed to store in more compact spaces. It uses an enhanced quick-release design to take off and put on the wheels (both front and back) making it super easy to do this when it is necessary.

Reviewers commented that the buggy is easy to push, giving you a smooth ride that you and your little one will enjoy. It can be stressful enough trying to run with your little one, and you should not have to worry about your stroller holding you back too much. The one-handed recline adjustment lets you lay the seat of the stroller down for your child only by squeezing a button, so you barely have to slow down when your little one wants to lay down and get more comfortable.

Everything about the Bob is designed to make your life much more comfortable.


The front wheel of the stroller swivels around so you can maneuver tight turns more easily, making it easier for walking around in tight spaces, such as shopping malls or amusement parks. The great news, however, is that the tire also has a locking mechanism so you can get a bit more stability if you decide to take it out for a run or are heading out on rougher terrains.

This buggy can go just about anywhere and traverse on almost any terrain with ease. The swivel wheel is made for smoother surfaces and places where you need more maneuverability, whereas the locking features are reserved for when you need additional stability. The large air-filled tires are going to allow you to smoothly run right over sticks, roots, and stones without jarring the stroller or your little one, allowing for a smooth ride for both you and the child.

Whether you want to head around your neighborhood for a morning jog or you plan on taking a hike in the woods, this stroller will allow you to take your little one along for the adventure with little hassle.


When heading out on an adventure, you want to try to make sure that everyone involved is as comfortable as possible. The Bob Revolution Pro jogging stroller strives to help keep you and your child as comfy as possible while you are out and about. For the runner, it features a padded handlebar that can adjust into nine different positions so you can get the perfect height while you are running. This is going to ensure that you can keep your hands and arms where it feels the most comfortable while you are running.

You can rest easy knowing that your baby is going to stay nice and comfy in the stroller as well. Starting with the seat of the buggy, it sits fully upright, so your child can explore the world around them when you are out on your adventure, but the seat also reclines with the squeeze of a button, so you can lay them down when they get sleepy to keep them as comfortable as possible.

The five-point safety harness has a lot of extra padding on the straps and the seat to ensure your child is safe and secure while still having a cozy place to sit for the duration of their trip. The chair may be well cushioned, but it also allows for a decent amount of air to flow through it to ensure they are keeping cool while you are out on warmer days.


This stroller is excellent for children from the ages of 8 weeks old up to a maximum weight of 75 pounds and/or 44 inches. If your little one is younger than the recommended eight weeks, you can still use the buggy, but for safety reasons, you will want to use an infant seat adapter and a compatible car seat for the safety of the baby. If your child is older and exceeds the weight or height limit, then run the risk of causing your little one discomfort or injury because they will be too big to use the stroller properly. As long as you follow these guidelines, this product will work hard to keep you and your child as safe as possible while out and about.

The buggy features a hand brake to help control your speed when heading downhill, and you do not want the stroller to get out of control and roll down the hill without you. It also has a foot-activated parking brake that you can use when you are resting, so it does not roll away from your unintentionally. The stroller comes equipped with a tether strap that you throw around your wrist, ensuring that the stroller will go nowhere without your knowledge. If you stop on an incline for a bit of a rest, you do not want it to roll away without you, or you are not going to have to think about someone walking off with the buggy, as you will be attached to it even if your hands are not on the handlebar.

The seat features a five-point harness that keeps your little one secure inside the seat, so they do not go flying or fall out of the stroller while you are out and about. If you have to come to a sudden stop of any reason they are not going to be thrown from the seat, they will stay securely in place.

Additionally, if you are out and about on sunny days, the extra large canopy features UPF 50+ sun protection to keep the sun's harmful rays off their skin. The awning can also help shield them if it starts to drizzle while you are on the go, helping keep them dry and help protect them from some wind that you may encounter. There is, however, a large peek-a-boo window designed into the canopy so you can still keep a watchful eye on your child, even if you have them covered up for safety.

One thing that the Revolution Pro does not offer that similar products do is reflective detail integrated into the design for better visibility when heading out in low light conditions. Keep this in mind and dress accordingly when heading out, you want to make sure that you can baby can be seen while you are out and about.


The Bob Revolution Pro jogger comes packed full of lots of features that consumers love. As mentioned above, there are a lot of safety features integrated into the design to keep both you and your little one as safe as possible while you are out and about. But there are more features than that for customers to love.

One thing that many people love about it is the amount of storage available when using it. The stroller has an extra large Low Boy Cargo Basket that can give you a decent amount of storage space so you can be sure to have enough room for all the essentials you will need for taking the baby along for the ride. Additionally, there are pockets integrated into the design, so you have a place to store snacks, drinks, toys, or anything else you might need while you are out and about.


Everything about this stroller is designed to take quite the beating. It is, after all, intended for parents who live an active lifestyle. It is not going to rip or tear easily when your little one gets in it, and you will not have to worry too much about the abuse it will take when heading out for your run. Customers have had no complaints about premature wear and tear with the buggy. Of course, you want to ensure that it is being cared for properly; otherwise, it might not last as long as you'd hope.

You can keep the stroller seat clean by using a sponge where it needs to be cleaned with warm water and mild soap. You will want to rinse it thoroughly with clean water to get rid of all the soap and then let it dry. Make sure that you are not using detergent as that can cause unnecessary damage to the materials.


The Bob Revolution Pro jogging stroller has a pretty high price tag and is definitely on the high end when compared to some of the other products on the market. That being said, the buggy is highly durable, so it is going to last you quite a while (if it is correctly cared for) so you will not have to make that initial investment again for years to come (if at all). Most consumers were happy with their purchase and commented that they thought it was worth the cost. One thing that frustrated many, however, was that if you need to add an infant seat, you need to purchase an adapter for an extra cost.


Customers have mentioned that this buggy is a bit bigger than they expected, but it does not seem to be overly broad for a jogging stroller. It might not work the best if you are taking it shopping, due to the bulk, but other than that it is not too bad.


The Bob Revolution Pro stroller comes on a couple of different color options so you can pick something that your family will like the best. You can choose from black, canyon (burnt orange), meadow (green), or lagoon (blue).

Bottom Line

If you have a little one at home and still want to be able to head out in your daily runs or you are looking for a bit of adventure for your lives, then you might want to take a look at the Bob Revolution Pro jogging stroller. The large wheels allow you to take it almost anywhere with ease, allowing you and your little one the freedom to where you want without hesitation. It has a high price point, but most consumers can agree that it is well worth the cost as it is full of great features and is highly durable. Do not let the addition of a new family member make you feel like you can get out and go exploring, let this stroller help get you and your family out of the house and enjoy the freedom of the outdoors.