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The brand new Windrunner jacket by Nike is the company’s pride and joy. Why? Because first and foremost, it’s a great homage to the past. And also it’s a great reminder of an era that was dominated by a creative boom within the sportswear industry. The Windrunner was in fact created by the company when the company was solely recognized by their sneakers. This was a good way for Nike to branch out and expand the merchandise in different areas.

The Windrunner was in fact presented in 1978, and quickly become one of Nike’s bestsellers. The fans of the jacket really appreciated the design, the style, and the practicality so it’s no surprise that it stood the test of time. And not only that. It even managed to fashion a great comeback in their Originals section.

But what makes it so great? What are the pros and cons of the Windrunner and of course the specifics of this item? Has it been improved since the first introduction back in 1978 or the state of the jacket has remained the same?

Find out more about The Windrunner in the following review. We hope you’ll like it. The review and the Windrunner as well.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Zipper closure

Machine Wash

Ripstop fabric in the construction

Stretch cuffs

A hood that offers custom coverage


Lack of color variety


Completely made out of polyester, the Windrunner is water-repellant, lightweight and comfy. But the material alone is not enough to make this item, great. The little things help tremendously and actually paint the bigger picture. And just what those details might be? Well, let’s start with the lining. Also made from nylon, the lining is complementary to the overall texture keeps the waterproofing in check. It’s always nice when you have nylon to do all the heavy lifting, but when the item has a double the support (and also made from the same material) things get a little bit easier for sure. And you know what else is great when it comes to the materials? The soft elastic in the hood area.

Since this item is used for running, climbing and other highly physical activities, it’s important that the hood stays on your head even during the grueling exercise. Think about it. Nobody wants a hood that keeps falling f during the actual running. Especially in less than pleasant weather conditions like strong winds and rain. But having that elastic means that the hood will stay on your head, and will not interfere with your activities. Speaking of things that nobody wants, nobody wants a headache from the elastic as well.


Made with a classic and more relaxed fit, the Windrunner allows maximum comfort and plenty of room for your body to move. Which is all you need actually from a classic fit. It allows for your body to move freely without any restrictions and the mere fact that there’s room for movement, means that the comfort will be that much greater. The classic fit, of course, adds plenty of room for extra layering underneath the jacket. When there’s plenty of room for adding other clothes underneath the jacket if you feel that a T-shirt won’t be enough. But it’s up to you, your personal preference and the weather conditions of course. You can leave it as it is, and wear it with a simple shirt, or you can add more layers in order to feel more secure, warm and comfy. There’s plenty of room for lots of layers.


The comfort is not a one-man show in any item, let alone in the jackets like this. Why? Well, because several factors play a huge role in comfort, and basically allow it. The materials are of course important, and so are the fit, the details and the design itself. But let’s start from the start. By having nylon in the construction of the body and the lining, you just know that the comfort will become that much greater, especially in the open spaces. The great outdoors and the unpredictable weather it brings will have nothing on this jacket because the nylon will make it waterproof and windproof as well. No amount of rain and strong cold wind can penetrate through the body of the jacket, and that will leave you dry and warm at all times. Even if you choose to layer underneath the item. Secondly, the classic fit of the item brings plenty of more room for movement in every part of the body that’s been covered with the jacket.

That applies about the hood, but the design is truly a real marvel as well. Why? Because all the details that are easily spotted on the jacket are part of the intricate and well-balanced design. Little details like the soft elastic and drawcord in the hood area, the elastic cuffs on both of the sleeves that also stop the cold of penetrating through the sleeves, but one of the most bad-ass moments are the presence of the little vent in the back. Did you notice it? Well, if you haven’t already take a closer look, because that vent is awesome. In ventilates the inside of the jacket without letting the cold and the moisture to get on your body. The vent is long and covers the length of the entire item. But don’t let the length scare you off in buying this item. It will gently ventilate and aerate the jacket without letting the cold and the rain to penetrate through your body. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by this vent.


There’s plenty to be said about the protection as well. And we don’t mean protection solely from the water-repellent finish of the nylon. Yes, the nylon is great and can be easily found on the body and on the lining as well. But the protection from all the small details is truly the amazing one. What small details? Well, the small cuffs on the sleeves, the drawcord on the elastics hood are truly great providers of protection from the external influences. Rain, wind, cold and occasional branches pose little to no threat thanks to them.

But the zip closure at the very front of the construction is a provider of protection, and so are the side pockets which are also sealed with a strong zipper. Extra convenient storage is always good for protection right? But aside from keeping valuable items like keys, wallet, and phone, you can actually be kept warm thanks to those pockets. They’re also waterproof, sealed with a zipper and with plenty of room for everything.


The nylon used in both the body and the lining is an excellent choice here. Not only it makes the jacket lightweight, but it also makes it very durable to pretty much everything. The wind, the rain and the cold are no threat from the start. Because of the waterproof and windproof nature of the material, you won’t be experiencing any type of damage caused by the weather conditions. And as for the durability of the external influences, well don’t worry. Nylon is a very firm and durable material that works best when it’s worn outside. So, any objects like stray branches, pesky insects or even the sun won’t be able to case too much damage to the surface.


Because it’s made out of the very lightweight material like nylon, the Windrunner is you’ve guessed it. Very lightweight. Weighing less than a pound, the item feels comfy, and breezy to the body. Yes, layering is possible underneath the structure, but if you choose to wear it with a simple T-shirt underneath you’ll experience a leather-like material on your body that will do nothing but offer protection and warmth. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the weight and the comfort that goes along with it.


Well, if there’s one thing that this jacket is not… It’s not boring. Just look at the use of color in every single option. Both the male and the female version of this jacket offers great color options. Each item comes with at least three different color options, and the great thing about it is that all of the colors used on just one item, complement each other and form a fantastic fun unity. The color-blocking that’s been done gives it a nice retro-inspired look and there’s plenty of options to choose from. The big Nike swoosh is easily spotted on the side of the body, and the rest of that body is covered with fun and whimsical color. All you have to do is choose the best one for you.


Talk about inclusion. The Nike’s official sizing chart states that practically every version (regardless if it’s the male or female version of this jacket), can be easily found in sizes ranging from Small to XXXX Large. The larger sizes are truly amazing, and they’ll big enough to accommodate everybody. The chart gives a detailed description of the inches about your chest waist and hip ratio, and that description will help you greatly in finding the best size for you. Use it.


Nike Windrunner was inspired by a great item from the past, and the company made sure the brand new design stays true to the old one. Some things should remain a classic. The color-blocking details are the ones that give it a nice retro-inspired look, but the design itself is pretty much the same in its bare essence. And you know what else? Designed by the great Geoff Hollister, the original was actually inspired by the capes worn by the Native Americans. They had an amazing rain-shedding style of capes and Hollister took that idea and implemented it into a sports jacket. How cool is that?


Nike advises that you wash the Windrunner on low temperatures. Machine washing is allowed if it’s done on very low temperatures. Because of the use of nylon and polyester in the construction, the Company advises against drying the item on a direct source of heat, as it may damage the fabric and the model itself. Don’t use heavy and abrasive detergents and be careful when using fabric softener. They can do some damage to the nylon as well. And last but certainly not least, under any circumstance do not iron the Windrunner. It will ruin the jacket instantly, and you’ll be left with big holes. Nobody wants that right? So, follow the care and maintenance instructions carefully and you’ll be fine.

Bottom line

If you take a closer look at the comment section of the Windrunner’s Amazon page you’ll notice an impressive fact. Over 80% of customers gave this jacket a positive 5-star rating. That’s right over 80 % of the customers loved this purchase and gave it a glowing review. That should say something. The quality, the design and the added details really complete the whole picture of this fantastic jacket, and the size inclusion gives it a great finishing touch. But if that’s not enough to buy it, by all means…. Look at the fantastic retro-inspired look of the jacket, and if you’re a sucker for 80’s inspired fashion that this is the jacket for you. It’s fantastic for the great outdoors, you next hiking adventure and even for your next camping trip. It won’t let you down as it’s completely waterproof and very comfy. You’ll end up loving every inch of it. The hood, the cuffs, the hem and everything in between brightens the jacket and gives it a more pleasant wearing experience. It’s a great purchase for sure. Yes, it’s slightly expensive but it’s something that you’ll be wearing for a long time as it’s very durable. You’ll love it.