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Ecco Cool GTX Review Facts

From the start of its humble beginnings, ECCO has been a company staying true to its roots. Roots that start with comfort, and end with quality. Family values also help this family-run Danish company stand out as one of the best shoe companies in the world.  ECCO specializes in a wide variety of high-quality dress shoes to luxurious golf shoes. Ecco produces its leather in their own tanneries by quality craftsmen and women. Today we are going to learn about the ECCO Cool GTX, a shoe for serious golfers who want a shoe that combines classic looks with the companys cutting-edge technology.

The Ecco Cool GTX comes from Ecco's golf division and does more than one would expect from a golf shoe. GorTex makes this shoe very water resistant that works for the wearer on a hot summer day or when the golf game gets rained out. The GorTex also helps with keeping the wearer's feet cooler by being breathable.  Ecco added Slim Lok spikes on the sole that gives adequate traction when swinging or walking in the sand traps. Overall golfers enjoy the fit and the feel of the GTX, sizes do run slightly large which can benefit users with wider feet.  Playing 36 holes on a Saturday can be grueling, but with the Cool GTX shoe,  36 holes are just a walk in the park.


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GoreTex Outsole

Dritton Leather

Perforated Midsole

Removable Insole


Runs Slightly Narrow

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  • Great shoes, there's nothing more to say.
  • My Ecco Cool GTXs are the most comfortable shoes. Love that I can wear these for long periods of time without issue.
  • These shoes are well designed and comfortable.
  • These are my third pair of Ecco golf shoes and the most stylish. Well made and recommended highly.
  • Wish the laces would stay tied but other than that I love these shoes
  • Awesome pair of shoes and very comfortable and good fit.
  • These shoes were a Christmas gift for dear hubby. Fits him perfectly. The soft leather upper and substantial padded insoles make him happy.
  • My feet never got time. Comfortable shoes.
  • These Ecco Cool GTXs are made of great quality and fit perfectly as expected.
  • These shoes are ultra high end. Beautiful. Love them!
  • For me, it's about the quality and fit and that's why I wear Ecco. Orthotics fit easily in.
  • My husband loves these Eccos but they do run big so had to return for a size smaller.
  • These golf shoes are expensive but brilliant.
  • Didn't get my color of choice but very comfortable no problem in the rain.
  • Love how my feet are dry in these shoes. Awesome purchase.
  • Ecco Cool GTX is the most comfortable golf shoe.
  • A great price and great golf shoes.
  • This is my third pair. The best golf shoes ever and I have tried most of the brands and there is no comparison. Ecc shoes are highly recommended.
  • Some buyers were disappointed that the spikes don't last.
  • Sizing isn't as accurate as the previous versions. Too big for some buyers who used to be able to buy without trying on.
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A day on a golf course involves a lot of walking and a lot of standing often times while carrying your own clubs, so comfort in a shoe is important. The GoreTex outer sole combines breathability while wicking sweat and water away from feet. The insole is removable allowing the wearer the ability to change the insole for an added level of comfort. GorTex is a miracle of science and aids in keeping your feet dry while being able to breathe.

But, how is this important to providing the wearer comfort? Simply by holding your feet in a more natural state. The Dritton Leather allows for extreme flexibility of the foot during any movement while golfing. When swinging, a shoe that doesn't flex can cause pain and even injury if worn for a long period of time. The rubber sole also flexes to allow a more natural feel. When purchasing a good golf shoe, it is important to note the size of your feet. One expert suggests that you measure both feet and take the larger measurement of your feet to find the size that works best for you.


The Cool GTX is what most would consider as a traditional style golf shoe. Traditional golf shoes are usually made from leather and the Cool GTX is no different. The outsole of the Cool GTX is made out of supple Dritton leather. Dritton leather is Ecco's patented leather that is treated with Ecco's Hydromax technology that aids the shoe to be water resistant. As with combining modern technology with old world classic design, Dritton leather does just that.

The Cool GTX also has GorTex beneath the Dritton leather helps wick the sweat and moisture from within and keeps the feet within the shoes dry and fresh. GorTex is a term that is thrown around a lot without a lot of explanation, and it is definitely worth explaining. GorTex acts like Teflon, allowing liquid to slide off or over the surface while vapor is allowed to pass through, scientifically, the molecules while in liquid form are closer together and can't go through the smaller GorTex pores but, the molecules of a vapor are farther apart and pass through easily. GorTex is found in many different products and has kept many sport enthusiasts dry and comfortable.


Many golf shoes come with screw in spikes and Ecco Cool GTX is no different. The spikes are removable and allow for different lengths depending on the course's conditions. Many golfers claim that the Slim-Lok spikes help with keeping them stable and helps with swinging straighter even in a sand trap. Traction is such an important aspect of golf because of anatomy, the swing, and just how much of a golf game depends on it.

The mid sole is constructed of rubber that flexes to conform to the foot as well as the surface the person is standing on. The treads on a sole of the shoe have an asymmetrical design that works in conjunction with the removable spikes. With just as many options of spikes as there are shoes, the Ecco Cool GTX comes with Slim-Lok removable spikes which are some of the best in the industry. These spikes are designed to not only provide superior stability but they also are designed to be anti clogging, so the wearer doesn't have to waste time cleaning their spikes after a long round of hitting the links. Lotus technology from Slim-lok spreads the weight to prevent ground compacting.


When Ecco designed these shoes, the main fundamental that designers wanted to tune into was keeping the inside of the shoe as cool and as comfortable as possible. By combining GoreTex with Dritton Leather as mentioned before, the foot is able to breathe even on the hottest days, but moving to the midsole, designers added something unique. The midsole of the Cool GTX is perforated helping air to circulate keeping the foot cooler than competitors.

As the name suggests the Cool GTX has an all-around cool system. How does Ecco make the midsole cool? Direct injection molding in a grid pattern allows for the air to flow whenever the wearer puts their foot down. The rubber of the midsole makes this a very flexible shoe that helps with a more natural form. The midsole, the outsole both being breathable, lead to a shoe that provides 360-breathability that can be felt from the moment the wearer puts on the shoe to the last tee box on a ninety-degree day. The midsole also provides adequate arch support even giving relief to those that may suffer from plantar fasciitis.


Comfort usually means maintaining the optimal temperature, when discussing optimal temperature, it couldn't be done without talking about breathability. The Ecco Cool GTX has been designed to breath better than any shoe on the market today while still maintaining it's traditional style. Starting from the GoreTex from within the shoe which as mentioned previously, is designed to breathe and wick away sweat from the feet, and ending on the Dritton Leather outsole, the Cool GTX breathes well and keeps wearer's feet cool and dry. Why is breathability so important? On a hot and humid day, playing along golf tournament can feel long and feet can develop blisters in hot, humid shoes that don't breath. As any golfer can tell you that playing with blisters makes a long day even longer and can even affect the final score at the end of the day. Ecco has not only addressed this, they've perfected it.


When finding the perfect golf shoe, it's important to consider the way the shoe fits. Golf shoes can oftentimes be tight, and the leather that most are constructed from is often times very firm and brittle, Ecco's patented Dritton Leather is both flexible and supple breaking from the normal traditional style golf shoes that are on the market today. Many golfers who have purchased the Ecco Cool GTX have said that the fit of these shoes are true to fit, and are some of the most comfortable shoes on the market. Comfort also comes from the patented GoreTex Surround technology keeps feet dry and cool which obviously leads to great comfort.

One of the unique features of the Ecco Cool GTX is the ability to choose your own support with a removable insole. The insole that comes standard with the Ecco Cool GTX provides great support even helping some golfers' plantar fasciitis. The best way to shop for golf shoes is to take the measurements of both of your feet and choose the larger of the two measurements. Many of the golfers who have purchased these shoes have exclaimed of the comfort of them. A lot of customers love the true-to-fit size that these shoes are.


To craft a perfect shoe, one must start at the beginning and pay attention to the smallest of details. Over fifty years of experience and technology goes into every one of Ecco's entire shoe catalog. The leather is manufactured in Ecco's own tanneries tanned by highly skilled workers. Ecco treats their shoes with their patented method of Hydomax which combines the waterproofing of GoreTex with the supple Danish leather of Dritton leather. The mid sole is a direct injected perforated PU grid which allows for air to circulate throughout the shoe as well as gives cushioning to the feet. It features a rubber sole with an asymmetrical tread pattern that provides excellent traction, which is perfect for a long day on the links. As with most modern day golf shoes, the rubber sole has removable spikes.

The Ecco Cool GTX comes with Slim Lock spikes. The Slim Lock spikes are known for their ability to provide stability throughout any swing and any course condition. The Slim Lock come with a Fast Twist, Tri-Lok systems that help the spikes stay where you've put them. Slim Lok spikes have a lotus pattern for added stability and are anti-clogging. Many times at the end of the day and after a long day on the course, the last thing anyone wants to do is clean golf spikes, not a problem anymore. The Ecco Cool GTX has been constructed by the craftsmen and women at Ecco, mostly by hand, is designed to withstand whatever the elements can throw at it. Constructed by Scandinavian shoemakers with fifty years of experience, the discerning golfer who values a comfortable, waterproof shoe will cherish this shoe for many seasons to come.


The Ecco Cool GTX is designed to protect your feet from mud, water, and many other conditions. The GoreTex in this shoe provides the best protection from moisture. Many golfers enjoyed many rounds of golf through wet conditions in the Ecco Cool GTX. The Slim Lok golf spikes which come standard with the Ecco Cool GTX are designed with a lotus pattern to provide stability which protects the wearer from slipping while swinging or walking in sand traps.

Ecco is so confident in their product, that they provide the owner a three-year warranty which covers the shoe if it ever stops being waterproof. The Ecco Cool GTX provides the beginner golfer as well as the most seasoned pro, a shoe that protects the wearer's feet from becoming wet and uncomfortable.

Bottom line

After reviewing the Ecco Cool GTX lives up to its name of being cool. Cool in the sense that it's stylish and it keeps the wearer's feet cool which begins with the GoreTex Surround Technology and ends with perforated midsoles which continues to breathe as the golfer walks up and down the links. As many golfers are looking for a way to improve their game, one way is to improve your footwear. There is no better way to do that than the Ecco Cool GTX shoe.

When swinging the club it's important to remember that the majority of accuracy comes from the follow through. Swinging puts a lot of force on the golfer's dominate foot, making the traction that the Ecco Cool GTX provides crucial to a good swing. Swinging a club also benefits from a flexible footbed, and the Dritton leather is both supple as well as flexible which gives your foot a more natural movement while swinging. The fifty years of Ecco's quality shoe will make anyone who buys an Ecco Shoe a happy owner for many years to come.


As with many who are serious about their golf game, many will find that the cost of the Ecco Cool GTX to be in the middle of the road of cost.