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Ecco Intrinsic Knit Review Facts

Touted by its Danish designers as being a mix of the best of the past with the best of the future, the Ecco Intrinsic is a functional, fashionable sneaker perfect for casual use.  With its knitted fabric and soft leather uppers it is tough but flexible and it has an easily removable insole if a consumer would like to replace it with a favorite.  A polyurethane midsole-outsole combination rounds out its flexibility and the array of colorways available ensures a modern styling option for whatever is in the closet.

Ecco Intrinsic Knit Review

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • True to size and width.
  • Offers superior ventilation.
  • Sufficient arch support.
  • Insole easily removed.
  • Roomy toe-box.
  • Ample cushioning for impact.
  • Slim, narrow build.
  • Upper reported to be stiff.
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  • Nice arch support and comfort. Very Stylish.
  • Although they do take a few days to break in these are great shoes.
  • I was pleasantly surprised at the comfort level during my vacation. These are highly recommended for long walks.
  • My Eccos have helped my pain in my foot. I won't wear anything else.
  • After a motorcycle accident, I've had trouble finding shoes that didn't hurt my feet. The Eccos are the most comfortable shoes.
  • I really like Eccos, I have at least 16 pairs in various styles. They are so comfortable.
  • These are a keeper and would definitely buy again. Great support and stylish.
  • Brush up on European sizing to ensure a perfect fit. Eccos go the distance and are very comfortable.
  • Eccos are well made and comfortable.
  • I purchased two pairs. These are comfortable and a good fit for wide feet. I've received several compliments.
  • Nice quality but they run a bit smaller.
  • Can't speak to how long these shoes will last, but I like them. They have great arch support and are lightweight and good grip.
  • These were a good buy. Great for errands and casual walking. Very comfortable.
  • Purchased these days before a trip to Europe. Great for walking and no need to break them in. Nice and light.
  • Standing 10 hrs at work in these on a daily basis, love them.
  • Very comfortable even wearing them without socks all day.
  • I am comfortable with recommending these. I've had many pairs as they are comfortable enough to wear all day.
  • My knees don't hurt after wearing these for two days. These are fantastic.
  • With my bunions and flat feet, I am careful what shoes I wear but I love these shoes. I wish I could live in them because they are comfortable and cute.
  • These work perfect for me and my narrow feet. Very comfortable.
  • They hurt my feet. Only could wear for a short time.
  • Expected a better quality shoe and better comfort from Ecco.
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Made from direct-injected polyurethane, the outsole of the Ecco Intrinsic is thought to be lightweight and flexible while also being rugged and grippy. The low-to-the-ground construction of the sole also offers a natural position for the the foot's on-surface placement allowing for normal step motion.


Combined with its outsole, the polyurethane foam midsole offers exceptional cushioning and support for the feet. The Ecco Intrinsic also comes with an anatomically shaped insole that can be removed and replaced with an insole of personal choice or medical suggestion.


The Ecco Intrinsic's upper is made of knitted textile with full grain leather details, hence including 'Knit' in its name. Offering excellent ventilation, the sneaker is designed with breathability in mind and has a fabric lining on the inside for a bootie-like, next to skin feel. Additionally, a good arch support was reported by many consumers which adds to the comfortable structure of this upper.


Built to be a lightweight, minimalist and functional pair of sneakers, the Intrinsic is not at all on the heavy side. Overall weight will be determined by the size of the shoe but tends to hover around a 9 ounce average.


Superior breathability is offered by the Ecco Intrinsic Knit due to the knitted textile of the upper. The generous ratio of textile to leather supports optimal airflow and the roomy toe box adds extra space for circulation. This is a sneaker that will provide a light, airy feel for users.


Comfort was a careful consideration in the construction of the Ecco Intrinsic. From it's airy, highly ventilated upper and the internal fabric lining to its removable insole for customization and the flexible, polyurethane foam midsole made to cushion every footfall - the majority of consumers have stated that this pair of sneakers delivers excellent comfort across the board.


Minimalist. Modern. Sleek. These are some of the words used to describe the style of the Intrinsic. With a diversity of colorways, like Black/Dynasty and True Navy/Concrete, fashionados will be able to find a pair to fit whatever the wardrobe of the day and consumers have reported owning multiple pairs. Where knitted textile meets leather details, the Knit is suitable for a variety of casual settings limited only to the creativity of the wearer.


Despite its lightweight design, the Ecco Intrinsic is just as durable as it is flexible. From the polyurethane combination midsole-outsole to the leather accents, this sneaker provides rugged structure around its lightest material, the knitted textile. Users purport to having pairs that last long and stand up notably to heavy usage,

Toe box

The toe box of the Intrinsic does not toe the line; rather it gives more room than the average sneaker. Particularly for people who suffer from bunions, or other toe issues, the extra room provides a level of relief from pain that users rave about. Some elderly wearers have cited their Intrinsics as their most comfortable pair of overall shoes in large part because of the toe box.

Width & Length

Largely dependent on the size purchased, the width and length of the Ecco Intrinsic Knit will vary; though for those with wide feet comfortable sizing may be a challenge. For women, sizes range from US 4 to 12.5; for men, sizes range from US 5 to 13.5.


Solid support underlies the Ecco Intrinsic. Featuring an anatomically correct insole that promotes natural motion and a combination midsole-outsole made from polyurethane, the Intrinsic gives wearers structural support for every step. Additionally, the low-to-the-ground sole construction for a normal position of the foot does not sacrifice adequate cushioning and shock absorption that wearers rely on in this sneaker.


Styling your foot is easy with the Intrinsic as it comes in a number of colors ranging from the subtle to the bold. Wearable with blue denim, khakis, joggers, jeggings, shorts or skirts, color choices are available in simple Black/White, Black/Concrete, True Navy/Concrete and more.


Though some users have stated that these sneakers can be on the pricey side, the overall value has rarely been questioned. Depending on where it is bought, the Ecco Intrinsic has posted pricing in dollars as low as the mid-60s to as high as the 150s. These prices do not reflect hard limits and it is encouraged that consumers shop around for the price of their comfort.


Walking in these shoes feel seamless as the foot comes into contact with the ground due to the grippy outsole of the Intrinsic. The low-to-ground sole construction also helps add to the overall traction wearers will experience in these sneakers.


Lightweight and bendable, the materials of the Ecco Intrinsic knit together to form a highly flexible shoe. Whatever the casual use a pair is put through, it will react with the movement of the user's feet. The extra room in the toe box also helps.


The low-to-ground construction of the sole in the knit is meant to mirror the natural positioning of the feet to allow for a very stable stance and easy gait. The polyurethane midsole-outsole combo gives good shock absorption upon movement and reinforces stability in each step.


Ecco is known for bringing a well-thought approach to their shoe designs since the company's inception in 1963. In the Intrinsic Knit, a breathable knit upper, anatomically shaped insole and flexible outsole are the features that speak the most to their technologically-inclined methodology.

Key Features

- Leather and knit textile combination upper
- Anatomically shaped removable insole
- Direct-injected polyurethane foam midsole-outsole combination
- Low-to-the-ground sole construction
- Rounded heel and roomy toe box

Bottom Line

Lightweight, flexible and durable, the Ecco Intrinsic Knit is a functional casual sneaker that will stand the test of time. With it's trendy leather-meets-texture knit detailing and multiple colorway options, it's also a fashionable shoe that will go well with the most inspired styles. Finally, in terms of comfort, every stride will feel like walking on cushions due to the care taken in constructing the Knit in a way that supports the natural shape and movement of the feet. This isn't a cheap shoe, in design or in cost, and the value walks for itself; that said, shopping around is suggested to find the desired Intrinsic if price is a major concern.