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Having casual footwear is very important - sometimes you have to look simple, casual, sporty and attractive. That being said, you might wonder what type of sneakers to wear. Wouldn’t you rather wear something lightweight if you’re likely to be wearing it all day? The Puma Roma is the ideal sneaker to bet your money on. It first came into the market in the 60s and was originally designed for short distance. This new Puma Roma is perfect for both short and long distance excursions. This means you can either wear them around the house or for a walk around the city without a problem. The arch support, color schemes, faux leather construction and logo placement at the side are some of the most noticeable changes. This shoe can be worn as either a casual sneaker or for fitness purposes without an issue.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Stylish retro design
  • Comfortable features
  • Lightweight
  • Good price
  • Provides arch support
  • Narrow design
  • Durability issues
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  • My husband has had several pairs of Puma Roma and says they are very comfortable shoes. He's even hinting that he wants another pair for work.
  • I used to compete in my Puma's but these days they are for leisure activities. The fit is still comfortable and snug. On that note purchase a 1/2 size larger for optimal comfort.
  • Love the old school style and they fit perfect.
  • I've worn my Puma Romas in heavy rain and walked all day in them too and they felt great and still looks good.
  • I live in New York City and if you didn't know that means a lot of walking. I do that walking in my Puma Romas. These shoes are up for the task and they last in inclement weather.
  • I know my Puma because I've purchased many pairs. They tend to run narrow so buy a half size bigger. The comfort and durability can't be beat even by Nike, or Adidas.
  • Shoes are narrow and will take a little while to loosen up but I just love them so it's worth it.
  • Durability and comfort is what you can expect from Puma. I work on my feet long hours as a bartender and my feet don't ache. These are great shoes for servers and bartenders.
  • These shoes have great grip and they are sharp looking.
  • Puma Romas are super comfortable but they do run small so if you are a sock person you should purchase a size larger.
  • These are my first pair of Pumas and I love the fit and the quality.
  • These shoes are always comfortable and I have even purchased another pair.
  • It's been over 20 years since I've put my feet in a Puma. These are made much better than the ones back then. Love the fit and feel.
  • These are old school classic with a twist. They are much more comfortable and better than ever.
  • Love the grip and how comfortable these shoe are.
  • If you want style and comfort this is the shoe for you.
  • These sneakers are extremely comfortable and the other reviews are accurate so buy a larger size because they do run narrow and smaller.
  • My sneakers are so light that sometimes it feels like I'm not wearing them.
  • These are most definitely my favorite pair of sneakers.
  • Too Narrow
  • Runs small so you have buy a size or two larger
  • Sole starts to peel overtime.
  • Not meant for wide feet
  • Squeaky sound when walking at first
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You might be wondering what the underside of the Puma Roma's footwear is made up of, it will interest you to know that it is mill rubber, which also makes it very lightweight. The rubber outsole provides decent traction for normal everyday wear. What many wearers might not have observed is that the outsole is not very durable. A few users experienced this durability issue and mentioned how it peeled off after a short-term usage. When seen from a general point of view, the outsole is good enough for the average casual user.


You don’t want to wear footwear that makes your legs uncomfortable due to it having poor midsole cushioning. Designed to provide stability to the foot, the Puma Roma midsole contains EVA foam which also makes it quite comfortable. The EVA midsole is well cushioned making it perfect for everyday use. So if you feel like walking around the town, going for an early morning jog or going to the gym, the Puma Roma has got you covered. The Roma’s EVA cushioning also enables it to easily provide one with the rebounding level of comfort that they’d need in order to easily retain the level of comfort they’d need when worn.


Initially, the Roma was made from a thick leather which caused a lot of controversies among users, because it made cleaning the shoe a bit difficult while increasing the time it took to maintain the design as well. In the changes, Puma made sure to take note of the upper’s needs as well. The upper of the Puma shoe is made of faux-leather. The upper features a classic retro style and design. But one setback about the upper is that just like the outsole, the upper also lack durability. The lacing appears to be of the standard nylon material, which pays homage to the initial basic design of the original model as well.


The Puma Roma can be considered nothing short of lightweight; it’s one of the features that stand out the most about the shoe. Though there is no specific weight since it ranges but it has been confirmed even among all users that the lightweight of this shoe is one of the major reasons they are in love with it. The reason for the light weight associated with the shoe is that it’s made from a faux leather; this material isn’t as heavy as the original thick leather material. If comfort via lack of weight is what you’re going for I suggest taking a look at this particular item.


This aspect has not been welcomed in a positive way with many users complaining about its lack of ventilation. And in terms of breathability, it’s been confirmed to be stifling, which means that trying to roll your leg or move your leg while wearing it might not be too easy or even possible, but that is not a serious issue as that only happens in the first few days of wearing the sneakers. Breathability is reduced due to the composition of the faux-leather. After a few days of breaking in, it becomes highly breathable and comfortable.


The Puma definitely gets 5 stars when it comes to comfort. The EVA midsole is a major contributor to this rating – it cushions and conforms in a way that is very much unlike that achieved by other footwear. Generally, there has been widespread happiness among wearers due to how comfortable the shoe is. The mid-foot arch support is also a widely appreciated feature of the model. Most users do not have any problem wearing the shoe all day because of how comfortable it is. Do take note of the fact that the leather upper featured in Roma does stifle the breathability which in turn results in a bit less than optimal comfort. This doesn’t have the worst effect on the model simply because of the fact that it doesn’t result in the Roma being rendered unusable.


Another area the Roma get a thumbs up in is style. Puma did their best to keep this model’s design in line with that featured on the original model. This means that the style brings back the memories of the original '60s version. The only major difference is that there have been a few major updates made in things such as the materials the addition of more modern color schemes. For instance, Puma made note of the fact that not all of us are in love with grey. Some people prefer white while others might settle for black. These sneakers work for those who are looking for a more casual style from their footwear.


While the Roma is definitely a great sneaker, Many say that the durability is simply not the best. The main thing is the fact that the outsole has a habit of being threaded after only a short period of use. Some also mention the lack of longevity provided by the faux-leather upper – it manages to crack and crease quite a bit after only a short period of time being worn. The negative parts of the shoe make one think about it’s being worth the purchase. When all things are considered though, if it’s used sparingly the Roma will still provide an adequate level of value.


When you wear your shoe, you obviously want your feet to feel protected. The Roma doesn’t disappoint in this respect, the lovely outsole provides enough protection which in return provides decent traction for a normal user. The presence of the EVA midsole ensures that your feet have a level of impact protection. This is one of the greatest things about the material being relatively responsive. The leather upper also makes sure your feet are well protected from elements. If protection is one of the things that you pay attention to the most when you purchase footwear, you definitely won’t regret purchasing this pair.


Though the Puma Roma isn't as responsive as you would expect for a normal average shoe, but it does serve its purpose. The EVA in the midsole does react and move alongside the needs of the user which effectively allows it to provide users with a fair amount of functionality during their time using it. Most of the lack of responsiveness stems from the use of faux leather in the upper; this is relieved with time. Since most wearers wear it as normal everyday fashion footwear for walking around in, a lack of responsiveness at the start isn’t the worst thing in the world.


The Puma Roma features a breathtaking supportive mid-foot design that is highly recognized and appreciated among wearers of the shoe around the world. The arch support is located at the mid-foot and protect users from both excess movement (support in the upper) and lack of movement in the sole unit; the cushioning makes the foot feel locked snuggly in place. So in terms of support, you can be assured that Puma did a good job of providing it for their users with the Roma.


Though the Roma is not a shoe you can wear for years, you can are guaranteed that for the time you will wear it, it’s likely to be your favorite shoe. Due to it being used for casual activities it’s best that it’s worn on developed surfaces such as asphalt. Also take note of the fact that the rubber outsole works for both indoor gym surfaces and for outdoor surfaces such as those mentioned above.


The price of Puma Roma sneaker is considered to be very affordable by many, including myself; especially considering the quality of the shoe, the comfort, flexibility, traction, and its overall weight. Again, the one thing to make note of when it comes to the price is the durability issue. For some, it may cause a bit of worry over whether or not it’s worth it to actually purchase a shoe that does last for such a period as this. The issue of durability only comes into play when used rigorously though; as mentioned, if worn sparingly it shouldn’t cause too much of an issue.


When it comes to traction, this shoe is working perfectly in that aspect and has not disappointed users. The design of the outsole is ridged which automatically allows it to have a bit of grip on several surface types. It’s definitely not a shoe you would be taking out for serious technical trail runs though. The rubber in the outsole also does a great job of allowing the shoe to stick to any given surface. Do keep in mind though that the Roma is not a model known for the traction it’s meant to provide. It’s known for it’s level of style.


Maybe not your preferred super flexible casual or sporty footwear, but the mid-foot is somewhat firm to guarantee a steady arch movement. The faux-leather upper is additionally quite resolute, which has not given room for much flexibility. But overall, it’s flexible enough for an average user, and no buyer has complained about its flexibility, which means the sneakers might not be super bendable like a real sporting shoe, but its lack of flexibility is still highly acceptable by users from around the world.


The Puma Roma do not really have a place in the stability category. With that being said, this isn’t really considered the largest issue in the world. The intended usage of the shoe allows users to overlook this small issue simply because of the fact that it doesn’t really affect one’s ability to use it. The lacing can easily be adjusted to keep your foot secure but, it doesn’t really do much to allow individuals to have what they would need in terms of security but, the way in which the various other features-such as the cushioning in the midsole-are in place, doesn’t really allow the sneaker to provide users with what they would need in terms of stability. Also, the creasing experienced by this shoe also takes away from the stability experienced over time.


So far, the drop height of the Puma Roma has not been revealed, but the facts gathered shows that it’s about average.

Key Features

• Traditional lacing system
• EVA midsole cushioning
• Faux-leather upper design
• Arch support in the mid-foot
• Rubber outsole for grip
• Strengthened Toe and Heel


The Puma Roma shoe is the perfect sneaker for everyday use. Whether you are going out, exercise or participating in some other light activity, the Roma will make a perfect addition to your wardrobe. This sneaker may have its setbacks but, what doesn’t? The so-so circulation of air and lack of amazing durability don’t do much to reduce the level of value achieved form this model. The Roma is for those who like to look stylish while also not having to worry about constantly cleaning it; does it get any better than that? you won’t have to be sweating to clean it as the faux leather has made it quite easy to wipe off the dirt. Aside from those things mentioned, it’s also incredibly affordable.