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Puma Carson Runner Review Facts

If you’re looking for amazing, budget-friendly running shoes, the Puma Carson Runner gets the job done. The shoe provides a high level of comfort and despite the price, has a moderate level of longevity. In terms of running shoes, Puma has been doing a fairly decent job of creating and pumping them out one after one. The shoe also features a few of Puma’s better technologies, which make this shoe quite the steal.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Stylish
  • Breathable
  • Low-priced
  • Comfortable
  • Sizing may be a bit off
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  • I'm so glad I was able to purchase these and I would definitely buy them again. I've had these for about a year now and they still look brand new. These are very comfortable shoes to wear all day. I run in different shoes but I can run an average of 6 to 7 miles a day so I want to make sure that they support my feet in such a way that I can continue to run.
  • As soon as I opened the box I liked these shoes and I knew that these would be the perfect shoes to get back into exercising with. I jogged in these the first day that I got them. They are very comfortable and super light. I'll have to get insoles for these as there is no arch support. They feel good and look great.
  • I'm not sure why these are not that popular but I love them. I use mine for school and they're amazing shoes. I recommend these for everyday slip-on and general use type shoes.
  • Puma Carson Runner is a very comfortable shoe and the mesh is great. Well ventilated and almost feels like I'm not wearing any shoes. The sole is good as well.
  • I think these shoes would be best for people with narrow feet. I don't think I would run in these even though they're called runners. The soles are very comfortable and these shoes are extremely light. I would definitely love another pair.
  • I can easily wear these all day and as soon as I put them on they were my new favorite. I use them for work where I'm always running around. But I don't think I would use them as running shoes. These are really more for comfort and maybe some light running. They are great stylish shoes and great to walk in. Very comfortable.
  • When I got these I bought two pairs but I wish now that I had bought more. The Carson Runners are very durable and lightweight. I get a lot of compliments when I wear them.
  • I'm giving this a five-star. I ordered my size and they fit perfectly. I knew to do so because I had ordered Pumas previously. My feet are narrow and these hug them nicely.
  • These are really a good shoe but I question whether or not they're made for a lot of exercising. I use these for around the house and going on errands and they're very comfortable.
  • I would use these for the gym and possibly daily wear but not for a whole lot of running. Great fit and very comfortable. I would definitely buy these again.
  • I got these Pumas for my son and he loves them. They provide good support for when he stands on his feet at work. Very lightweight.
  • The Puma Carson Runner fits perfectly and they are very affordable.
  • I have a lot of shoes but these are the most comfortable pair. I love how super-light they are and they make running easier.
  • The shoes are light and comfortable. I like them for running on any surface. I usually run about 3 miles and can encounter concrete, grass, and rocks and these shoes do great. The upper is both breathable and comfortable.
  • I love the memory foam and these are the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn. Having said that though I don't believe these are ideal for a lot of running. Best used for daily walks or if you have to wear shoes for many hours.
  • Perfect fit as expected. I would definitely recommend them. In fact, I've already bought two pairs in different colors. Comfortable and a very light shoe.
  • I can easily work in these all day and the material is breathable.
  • I ordered my normal shoe size but should have gone up a half size as these are a bit snug when running. Overall these are great for someone with high arches and they're very comfortable.
  • I have a difficult time finding shoes because my feet are wide and I wear a size 13. These shoes are great for travel. I went on an unexpectedly long walk while on my trip and my feet didn't hurt at all.
  • I have a larger frame and a wide foot and I was looking for a shoe that would offer support to my heel. These shoes offer sufficient cushion because they have a thick sole and they fit very comfortably.
  • The fit and sizing are not always accurate. I bought two pairs of these and one pair fit fine the other pair was too small.
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Puma decided to fit this shoe with an outsole that would provide the wearer with both a high level of longevity and functionality on developed surfaces. The outsole of the Puma Carson is designed from Puma’s Ever ride material. This material is simply a blend of carbon rubber that improves the longevity of the outsole and gives the shoe a nice grip. On the outer edges of the forefoot and heel of the shoe, Puma fitted Ever ride material on the Puma Carson. This gives the shoe that extra bit of cushioning that’s necessary for the more rigorous workouts.


The midsole on the Puma Carson is also designed to provide the wearer with a decent level of comfort during use. The shoe was fitted with a midsole designed primarily from injection-molded EVA foam. There isn’t really anything too special about the foam in the midsole but that isn’t to say that it doesn’t do its job. The EVA foam provides the wearer with an extra bounce in their step and also responds relatively well to the pressure that is placed on it during wear. Much like the outsole of the shoe, the midsole doesn’t really have anything special about it; it just does its job very well.


To keep in line with the design and nature of the materials in the sole unit, the upper of the was designed from a standard mesh. The mesh make of the upper gives the shoe a high level of breathability and ensures that it is comfortable as well. Puma has designed the mesh to provide somewhat more airflow than the average mesh, which is a plus for runners. The upper also has a built-in antibacterial liner that prevents the accumulation of unwanted smells and also improves the comfort provided to the wearer of the shoe.


The minimalist design of the Puma Carson ensures that it retains as little weight as possible during wear. Both the upper and the sole unit of the shoe have very little in the way of excess technology; this allows the shoe to weigh in at an astonishing 7 ounces. When compared to other minimalist running shoes in the Puma Carson’s category this is exceptional, especially considering the longevity provided by the shoe. The lightweight design of the shoe aids the wearer in activities that require more speed and allows the shoe to provide an overall natural feel to the wearer of the shoe.


The mesh design of the upper allows the shoe to provide the wearer a high level of air circulation during use. Puma fitted the Puma Carson with a modified mesh upper that allows the shoe to achieve a higher level of air circulation than other shoes of its design. The air flow is only enhanced by the shoe’s built-in antibacterial liner. The liner on the inside of the shoe prevents the wearer of the shoe from experiencing the effects of extended use in the shoe. As with the other materials used in the shoe’s design, the mesh upper of the shoe delivers the wearer a pretty standard level of air flow during use.


The materials used in the design of the Carson allow for a high level of comfort to be attained during use of the shoe. The sole unit of the shoe and the EVA foam used within conforms to the shape and natural curves of the wearer’s foot. The shoe also features a mesh upper that works to provide the wearer with both a high level of breathability and cushioning; the mesh on the upper of the shoe conforms to the shape and size of the wearer’s foot with very few restrictions placed throughout. The lack of restrictions (overlays) enhances the natural feel of this shoe and allows the wearer a bit of freedom during use.


The shoe is extremely minimal in its design. It comes in basic colorways which allows the shoe to be worn in various situations with very little to no clashing. The upper of the shoe is relatively sleek, allowing it to blend in with the design of shoes nowadays; the sole unit also has this effect, making the entire shoe somewhat sleek and stylish. The lack of overlays on the shoe makes it somewhat resemble a lifestyle shoe frame wise. Overall, the shoe was very well designed and has a sense of style that appears somewhat effortlessly.


As is to be expected by a shoe designed from this level of materials, the shoe has a fairly average level of durability. The sole of the shoe should last fairly long despite the inexpensive make of the materials that were used throughout. The upper and the engineered mesh used within shouldn’t experience any extreme levels of tearing after periods of use either. The midsole of the shoe is designed from an EVA foam that retains its responsiveness after extended periods of use. The bounce experienced by the shoe also lasts for a very long. The outsole doesn’t wear very easily because of the carbon rubber that is used in this area of the shoe.


In terms of protection, the Puma Carson has very little. At least on the upper of the shoe. The upper is designed from primarily a mesh material that, while being extremely comfortable, does very little to provide the wearer of the shoe with any protection; it has no overlays to stop materials from damaging the wearer’s foot and the material itself is extremely malleable; other than providing the wearer with a thin layer to prevent their feet from coming into contact with the materials of the outside. The sole unit of the shoe provides the majority of the protection to the wearer primarily because of the EVA foam that is present in that area of the shoe. The EVA foam provides a level of support to the wearer during use; this, when considered in tandem with the outsole of the shoe and the Ever ride material used, the sole unit of the shoe, does a great job of providing the wearer with a high level of protection.


The EVA foam in the midsole of the shoe allows for an extremely high level of responsiveness to be attained by the Puma Carson. EVA foam is known for the bounce that it adds to the wearer’s step during use. This bounce is due to the EVA materials springy and shock absorbent quality. The material used in the creation of the upper of the shoe also works to this effect; while it isn’t the best at providing the wearer with shock absorption, the mesh on the upper is extremely malleable and reacts to the wearer’s movements quite easily. This is only bested by the lightweight design of the overall shoe; the lightweight materials used also allows the shoe to respond very easily, resulting in quick snappy movements.


The sole unit of the Puma Carson does it’s best to provide the wearer with a sense of support during use. The sole unit of the shoe has an EVA portion that does most of the work of providing the wearer with a sense of support. The EVA provides the wearer with a high level of cushioning for the arched o the feet which then translates into the support. The upper of the shoe works to provide the wearer with a snug fit during use and prevents unnecessary movements to give a heightened sense of security.


The Puma Carson was designed for primary use on more developed terrains. The outsole of this shoe, while having durable, traction-capable material used throughout doesn’t work very well on terrains such as trails; this is because the sole unit isn’t very raised and wouldn’t have a high level of longevity if used on these terrains. The Ever ride material on the outsole is designed to provide the wearer with grip primarily on roads. Another thing to mention is that the material handles relatively well on damp surfaces as well.


One of the best things about these shoes is that they are extremely affordable. The materials used throughout the design of the shoe allows it to provide the wearer with a fair level of functionality, improving the look of the price of the shoes. The shoe has longevity as well, allowing the wearer to get their money’s worth out of the shoe and then some. Aside from these things, the shoe is stylish and comfortable, some qualities that the wearer doesn’t always find in a shoe at the same time.


The Puma Carson provides the wearer with an amazing level of traction during use. The outsole of the shoe is designed primarily from Puma’s Ever ride material. This material aids the shoe in achieving a high level of grip on developed surfaces such as roads, treadmills and the like. The patterning on the outsole of the shoe itself isn’t anything too special but it gets the job done. The sole unit of the shoe also allows the shoe to work surprisingly well on surfaces that are damp; this is a function that is rarely present on lightweight shoes of the Puma Carson’s design.


The shoe is designed from materials that are rather malleable and bend a decent amount under pressure. The mesh on the upper of the shoe bends to the will of the wearer’s foot rather easily allowing the wearer of the shoe a relatively high range of motion during use. The EVA midsole on the shoe also allows an extremely high range of motion during use; EVA is known for being relatively responsive and works to the same effect as the mesh upper on the shoe.


The snug fit provided by the shoe as a whole allows the Puma Carson to provide the wearer with a sense of security during use. The upper of the shoe, despite the lack of coverings, functions rather well and provides with surety in their movements. The outsole and the grip provided reduces the possibility of missteps, further improving the stability provided by the shoe. The midsole also works to improve this area of the shoe due to its firm shock absorbing quality; it reduces rollover and since the shoe is designed for use on developed terrains, there shouldn’t be much anyway.


The drop on the Puma Carson is actually a bit less than that usually seen on trainers such as the Puma Carson, about 8mm. The small heel-to-toe ratio on the shoe allows for a high level of cushioning and provides the shoe with an above average natural feel during use; this is only enhanced by the malleable nature of the materials used in the design of the shoe.

Key features

• EVA midsole
• Lightweight
• Inexpensive
• Ever ride sole unit


Overall, Puma did a decent job with this inexpensive shoe. While it doesn’t have all of the bells and whistles that are present on the majority of trainers nowadays, it does its job relatively well. The upper is extremely breathable and bends to the will of the wearer’s foot relatively well. The sole unit also functions to the same effect, allowing the wearer a great deal of movement and a natural feel during use. On top of all of these things, the is relatively lightweight, providing snappy movements and quick a great deal of comfort. Oh wait, did I forget to mention that it does all of this while providing a very high level of value to the wearer?