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Puma has always been a great athletic shoe brand that designs high-quality products, and the Cell Riaze Cross Training shoe is a perfect example of this. Combining state of the art technology with quality materials and a women-specific design, the Cell Riaze is a versatile shoe that can be worn in the gym, on the track, walking or to work. This cross-trainer will keep the wearer supported and comfortable throughout the day, no matter the activity. Not to mention that the stylish design will turn some heads.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Breathable upper
  • Superb traction and durability
  • Excellent cushioning
  • Stylish design
  • Great ankle and arch support
  • Heavier than normal
  • Narrow fit


The Puma Cell Riaze cross-training shoe was specifically designed for women’s daily workouts, ranging from track and crossfit, to Zumba and even kickboxing. Since all of these are very different activities, Puma had to make sure that their outsole met the challenge. This is where their patented technology kicks in, namely in the form of a durable rubber outsole with EverTrack placed in the high-abrasion areas for superb traction on different surfaces and for a variety of different workouts. Some reviewers like to switch up their routine and found that the Cell Riaze served them equally well while running track, then switching to CrossFit, or even Zumba. They found that the grip on the surface was excellent every time, as well as the traction that the shoe provided. Not to mention how well the outsole held up under extensive use.


For its midsole, Puma went with the tried and tested EVA foam, which is one of the most popular materials used in athletic shoes midsoles for its cushioning and stability properties, a must for any active footwear. The EVA foam stretches from the forefoot, where it is quite thin, to the heel, where an additional 10 Cell unit has been incorporated for a stable and supportive heel cushioning and shock absorption. The arch of the midsole features an ArchTec TPU shank for guaranteed arch support, as well as flexibility and freedom of motion, which is essential for any kind of a workout. This makes the Puma Cell Riaze an excellent choice for a multitude of different workouts, both in and out of the gym.

The supreme cushioning the midsole packs is lightweight and supportive, while the 10 Cell heel unit absorbs the shock of each footfall, keeping the heels stable and well-cushioned. If that was not enough cushion already, Puma placed a cushioned insole for extra support and comfort inside the shoe. Many reviewers who tested the Cell Riaze do at least two types of workouts several days a week, and were all satisfied with the support and comfort the shoe delivered. Likewise, there were some moms among the reviewers who are on their feet most of the day, and found that the Cell Riaze did not leave their feet tired or sore.


In the construction of their upper, Puma used an AirMesh material, a soft and highly breathable mesh, with synthetic overlays covering the toe box, sides and heel for a structured fit and durability. It features a standard lacing system, which allows the wearer to customize the snugness of the shoes to their liking, as well as two additional eyelets, which can be utilized for a more supportive fit, should the need arise. The collar and tongue have a foam padding to help cushion the ankles and keep them securely locked down during activities.

The inside is covered with a soft fabric lining and an EcoOrthoLite sock liner for a comfortable in-shoe feeling and added breathability. The sock liner has antimicrobial properties, which help absorb excess moisture and combat any unpleasant odors. Reviewers were generally satisfied with how the upper of the Cell Riaze held up during different activities, stating that there were minimal signs of wear even after a long period of use. The flexibility of the upper is also worth mentioning, since it promotes the natural bending and movement of the feet.


The Puma Cell Riaze is a highly breathable cross-training shoe, thanks to the Airmesh upper, which is a soft and breathable mesh material, that allows the free circulation of air throughout the shoe, keeping the feet dry and cool during workouts. Inside the shoe, a soft fabric lining offers a comfortable fit and helps keep the temperature inside at an optimal level. The EcoOrthoLite sock liner absorbs any excess moisture and has antimicrobial properties, which will leave the feet dry and odor-free. One reviewer said that she could feel the air move in and out of the shoe, while wearing it, attesting to the high breathability of the Cell Riaze, while another customer wears them to work every day, and says her feet feel nice and dry all day.


Next to durability, comfort is of the utmost importance for any athletic footwear. The Cell Riaze was designed to endure a variety of intensive workouts on a daily basis, while keeping the wearer comfortable in her endeavors. Specifically designed to complement the anatomy of women’s feet, it follows the curves of the feet, cushioning and supporting in all the right places.

Starting from the midsole, the EVA foam provides a lightweight cushioning, while an additional 10 Cell heel unit makes sure the heels are protected against the shock of impact and are comfortably stable in their position. The upper’s Airmesh technology makes sure that the wearer is able to move naturally, due to its flexibility. On the inside, a soft fabric lining and an EcoOrthoLite sock liner deliver superb comfort for the wearer, protecting against excess moisture and bad odors at the same time. The tongue and collar of the shoe have foam padding, keeping the ankles cushioned and locked down in their proper position. If there is one thing reviewers agree on, it is that the Cell Riaze really excels in comfort. Be it for walking, jogging or gym workouts, you can rest assured that the Cell Riaze will keep your feet comfortable the whole day.


Durability is one of the top requirements of every active footwear, since, as the name implies, they are going to be used for different kinds of activities and the last thing the wearer needs to worry about is their shoes falling apart mid-workout. Puma made sure that their Cell Riaze would stand the test of time by carefully choosing the materials that went into the production of this cross-training shoe.

Starting from the outsole, Puma chose a highly durable rubber material and placed EverTrack into the high-abrasion areas for enhanced durability and excellent traction. The midsole features a lightweight EVA foam, with a 10 Cell heel cushioning and ArchTec TPU shank in the arch, ensuring that the midsole will retain its shape and structure even after extensive use. Since the upper is made of a soft mesh to make the shoe breathable, it needed to incorporate synthetic overlays covering the toe box, sides, and heel for added durability and structure. Reviewers were praising the Cell Riaze for its long lifespan, even after prolonged periods of use, saying that the overall quality of the shoe stayed the same.


Designed for women, the Cell Riaze has a feminine silhouette and comes in a wide selection of colors to choose from, making it a popular choice. The design of this cross-trainer is quite modern with its sole unit featuring an ArchTec TPU shank and a 10 Cell heel cushioning unit, and the upper being a combination of mesh and synthetic overlays. Additionally, there are little Puma logos on the forefoot, the side, and the heel, as well as the tongue, making the shoe more attractive. The contrasting colored laces and additional two eyelets are a nice touch to the overall aesthetic and functionality of the Cell Riaze. Owing to its general good looks, this shoe can be worn with almost anything, making it very easy to incorporate into any kind of style and many women choose to buy another pair to wear casually as well. Reviewers liked the slimmed down, feminine look the shoe creates, as opposed to a lot of others that look quite bulky on the feet.


The Cell Riaze offers excellent support to the wearer, be it for just walking around, jogging or working out. The midsole features an ArchTec TPU shank for arch support, as well as flexibility, while the heel is stabilized and cushioned thanks to the 10 Cell cushioning technology placed in the heel for superb shock absorption. An EcoOrthoLite sock liner acts as additional support inside the shoe. The upper has synthetic overlays on the toe box, sides, and heel for durability and support. Together with the lacing system, it provides a customized snug fit to the wearer. The tongue and collar have a foam padding to cushion the ankles and help keep them locked in place at the same time, preventing injuries, such as sprained ankles. The majority of the reviewers were satisfied with the support the Cell Riaze provided them with during their workouts.


One department where the Puma Cell Riaze did not excel is the weight of the shoe. Namely, the Cell Riaze weighs a whopping 11 ounces, more than other workout shoes in this category, which left some people, who were used to the weight of other cross-training shoes with mixed feelings. While the shoe does have some lightweight features, such as the EVA midsole and Airmesh upper, it is still heavier than what is normally expected from a cross-training shoe. This can be attributed to the additional padding Puma included in the design of this shoe and the durability components that make this shoe outlast many others. The reviewers were split into two groups, the ones who liked the extra padding and did not mind the weight, and those who did not get on board with the changes and would rather go back to their old cross-training shoes.


Apart from the shoe’s weighing more than other cross-training shoes, some reviewers complained about the Cell Riaze being too narrow and causing discomfort in the forefoot area. While the shoe is already of a narrower design, being made for women’s feet, the additional padding on the inside of the shoe causes it to fit too snug for some customers who have wider feet. This issue can easily be fixed by sizing up, which many reviewers suggested. However, there are some customers who just happen to like a wider fit, in which case they should consider some other brands.

Bottom Line

The Cell Riaze is a great cross-training shoe from Puma, designed specifically for women. If one had to describe the Cell Riaze in three words, those words would be durable, supportive and comfortable. Namely, Puma put a lot of effort into designing this cross-trainer, from the durable rubber EverTrack outsole, the EVA foam midsole with the ArchTec TPU shank for enhanced arch support and a 10 Cell heel cushioning for excellent shock absorption, all the way to the Airmesh upper with synthetic overlays for high breathability and support, and an EcoOrthoLite sock liner for absorbing excess moisture and keeping the feet dry and fresh.

The majority of reviewers were very satisfied with the Cell Riaze’s performance, not to mention the girly and stylish design of this cross-trainer, as well as the affordable price tag. However, some did have an issue with the 14 oz weight and narrower fit, although this is all due to the extra padding this shoe has. It is advisable to size up on the Cell Riaze, if you have wider feet, or look for a different brand, such as Nike or Reebok, that have a wider fit. Overall, the Cell Riaze is an excellent cross-training shoe with a stylish design that will not drain your wallet.