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We all love summer! Hot days, chilling at the pool or lying on the beach drinking mojito’s – who says no to that?  Enjoying the sun rays as they create a beautiful bronze tan? We are in! Everything seems ideal, and as you walk to the pool, your shoes slip, you lose balance and… it’s not that pleasant anymore.

For this reason, we all need to learn that shoes play a crucial role in our lives,  whether it’s a sporty one, lifestyle design, slippers, heels or athletic styles. It is vital to have sandals you can rely on for such places, where the danger of slipping and injuring yourself is very high. Well, you are lucky if you are in need of such pair of slippers, since today, we are going to talk about the Puma Popcat - the famous slide sandals that every 10th person wears during summer. Not only do they keep you safe, but provide you with excellent comfort, and they keep you cool too.

Additionally, the Popcat features a lightweight EVA outsole and a premium synthetic-leather strap, making it the ideal pool slide summer sandal. Made in Vietnam, this easy slide design is an excellent blend of comfort and style for anyone looking for an easy ride.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Quick-drying strap
  • Chevron-textured footbed
  • Injection-moulded EVA outsole
  • Easy slide design
  • Value for money
  • Sizes run small
  • Not for wide feet


With a wide range of color availability, the timeless bath sandals by Puma can be matched with almost any colors in your wardrobe. The model is very practical and unisex and comes available in more than 10 color combinations such as black (Black-black-white), green (Olivine-puma Silver), red (Imprima fleur/blanc), Pink (Winsome Orchid-puma White), White (Puma White-fair Aqua), Red (Hibiscus -Puma White), White (Puma White-surf the Web) and White (Puma White-puma Black) just to mention few. With such a variety of colors combinations, you will look great for a relaxing day at the beach, or a lazy day in the house. Moreover, with a price like that, you will definitely want to get at least three colors of the Popcat slide sandals.


Although at first glance the Popcat model looks like a flat plastic slipper, they are actually really comfortable sandals. When you put together the cushioned footbed, breathable materials, and soft EVA outsole, you get an ideal sandal for the summer. The EVA gives cushioning to the underfoot so you won’t have tired feet at the end of the day. Some customers said that at the beginning the strap may feel snug and rub against the skin, but after some time the Popcat breaks in nicely. Others noted that the design seemed too firm on the sole, which hurt their feet for the first few days, but that overall it’s just a nice, summer, comfortable pair of sandals. They are fun, easy to slip into and with a variety of colors, you will get to feel stylish too.


Due to the materials used in the Puma Popcat design, they are known to last you for quite some time. The upper is made of high-quality synthetic leather which is easy to clean. In addition to the leather upper, this design uses an injection-molded EVA outsole, which in many ways is better than rubber. Not only is the EVA the best shock absorbing material today, but it’s also water and corrosion resistant. As such, durability remains high in both the upper and outsole even after one year wear, according to some customers. Others said that after they washed the sandals, they looked brand new. On top of this, you get an excellent deal for the quality. For the price point, the Popcat sandals, as many agreed, are a highly durable item.


Many of us have experienced pain from blisters or rubbing materials on the skin due to a wrong fit. Walking in uncomfortable shoes is very painful, and the consequences can be long-lasting and harmful for your overall health. You wouldn’t expect issues in this department when you look at these sandals. Unfortunately, this is the area where many customers agreed that they don’t fit true to size. In fact, they are not made for those with wide feet too. Even though the leather may stretch in time, it is better to choose from half to one size bigger, as they run small. However, when you do find the right fit, they are quite enjoyable to walk in. Have in mind that the next time you buy shoes, they have to be the right fit, or you won’t get any comfort out of them. It is always recommended to try them on before buying them, which can be easily done in a store, but if you are purchasing online and you are not sure what size you should order, it’s always a good idea to go through the sizing chart.


Puma is known to always apply innovations and different technologies to their models in order to keep up with customer’s needs. This time around, although a very simplistic and straightforward design, the Popcat model utilizes many features that work together to keep durability factors at a high level. First, the upper is made of synthetic leather which is known to last a long time. Unlike real leather, faux leather can withstand marks and scratches, and it doesn’t peel or crack like leather. Furthermore, the synthetic leather on the Popcat is stain resistant and doesn’t fade as quickly in UV light. The inside of the strap is covered in jersey lining that feels soft against the skin. The great part about the upper is that it dries very fast.

Second, the material that keeps the Popcat amongst the top-ranked summer sandals is the EVA applied to the outsole. Unlike rubber, the EVA ( ethylene-vinyl acetate) material is more shock absorbent. In fact, it is one of the best shock absorbent materials nowadays. In addition to that, the EVA material is also lightweight, contributing to the lightness of the sandal. When compared to rubber, the EVA material is softer, allowing better flexibility. Although rubber provides better grip than EVA, the Popcat, according to some customers, delivers grips well to the surface, whether you are at the pool or in the bathroom. EVA has water and corrosion resistance properties, enabling you to wear your Popcat sandals without much worry.


The outsole plays a significant role in keeping your feet on the ground, especially when the surface you walk on is wet and slippery. This pair of easy slip on slides utilizes a molded EVA outsole with flex grooves for cushioning and comfort. In addition, the wave pattern on the outsole ensures a better grip on wet surfaces, such as poolside, beach bars, bathrooms, garden, or fishing docks. The EVA outsole is also known to be water resistant, corrosion resistant and it’s the lightest amongst all outsoles.

Furthermore, EVA is one of the best shock absorbing materials available today. As a result of the materials used in the Popcat model, rest assured they are going to last you for many beach days on the Caribbean islands. Many customers who have had the Popcat sandals for over a year, said that they are in very good shape, and after every wash, they look brand new. The design also features the Puma cat logo on the bottom.


Some reviews said that the sandals were cheaply made and the glue is visible, while other said that the label was crooked, for instance, one was centered and the one on the other shoe was off centered. Overall, the majority of customers were happy to say that they have had the Popcat sandals for over a year and they still feel and look like they were just purchased from the store.


Support is needed when you are on your feet the whole day, whether working, walking or running. The Puma Popcat is made for relaxing moments and depending on where you wear these cozy sandals, you are going to get moderate support. One might not expect a lot of support when they see one strap across the foot. However, if you are at the beach or by the pool, you won’t be doing too much walking anyways so you won’t be needing the same level of support as you would when standing on your feet the whole day.

Also, if you get the right fit, you will prevent your feet from sliding forward. Have in mind when purchasing these sandals that even though they may be the perfect summer sandal, they are not meant for walking, or standing in them for hours. Be extra careful where you go with them outside the intended areas, because they also have an open toe design, which means your toes are exposed and left unprotected. On the other hand, when it comes to arch support, the specially contoured footbed will provide you with a moderate amount.


The upper of the Puma Popcat is very simple. There is a padded synthetic leather strap across the forefoot, dressed with jersey lining for a soft fit. For a stylish appeal, Puma embellished their logo to the strap, and that’s about it from decorations and logos on this design. A good thing about the strap is that it dries very fast, which makes them perfect for the pool, the beach or your garden. The design is very straightforward with an open toe and back.

The Popcat is very easy to wear and customers agreed that it doesn't make your feet slip forward. They are also easy to clean and they don’t get dirty quick. Some customers recommended cleaning them with wet wipes, and most agreed that after they wash them, the Popcat looks brand new. On the inside, you can notice a chevron-textured footbed for added traction and slip-resistance which has enough padding, feels soft against the skin and keeps your feet in maximum comfort.


The Puma Popcat beach and pool slides weigh around 325 grams per pair in size 6 which is super light when compared to other similar models. They are summer sandals, and Puma made sure to do it right with this model. They are designed with lightweight materials, such as the EVA outsole and the synthetic leather strap. Even if the strap or the footbed get wet, they dry quickly, and there is no added weight to it. It’s a perfect style for cooling by the poolside bar on a hot summer day. Many customers agreed that they feel like there’s nothing on their feet.

Bottom Line

Puma always manages to deliver one of the best shoes in the market. What’s even better about this model is the low price tag, which makes them affordable for anyone. This Puma classic is a unisex model and can be found in a variety of colors and styles, making it ideal for chilling on hot summer days, whether that's hanging by the poolside bar, relaxing on the beach, walking around the house or taking a shower in the bathroom. Featuring a synthetic strap across the foot, the Popcat slide has a very simple and straightforward design, that can match many laid-back summer styles.

The model has a brand new injection-molded EVA outsole added to it that is water and corrosion resistant and works perfectly as an excellent shock absorbent. There is a chevron-patterned footbed, which is padded, feels soft and is also slip-resistant. As a result, the feet won’t slide forward when they get wet. The large brand logo and name are embellished on the strap, and on the outsole. Many customers said that the sizes run smaller, and they recommend getting half a size to a size bigger than your standard size. They are not designed for people with wide feet, although some said that the fit was perfect. The Popcat model is also very lightweight, which means it won’t slow you down and make it look like it’s a mission walking in it. Overall, this timeless classic is a favorite amongst Puma fans, and it’s an ideal staple for those hot days by the poolside.