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It’s easy to find a sport flat nowadays; the hard part is choosing one for yourself. Most brands create a line and stick to it, constantly adding new and improved models to their collection. With such competition on the market, we are left with thousands of shoes to choose from. The bigger the selection, the harder the choice; well, at least some will agree. Puma is one of the brands that successfully delivers sport-lifestyle footwear, regularly creating innovations and revolutionary designs. For the past 70 years, Puma has been dealing with fashion athletic footwear that feels like walking on clouds.

Today we are going to be taking a closer look at a model that is a sporty sister to the ballet flat. Unlike standard ballet flats, the Vega mesh design not only gives cushion and comfort, but it creates a fabulous athleisure look for every day, with almost everything. There are few iterations of this model, such as the Vega ballet SL flat and the Vega Flume. There are differences between the three, and some of them include the material used for the upper and the price. If you want to know more about the whys and wherefores of the Puma Vega mesh model, stay tuned as we delve into details of this awesome slip-on ballerina flat.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Easy Slip-on Design
  • SoftFoam Comfort Insole
  • Rubber Outsole
  • Breathable Mesh Upper
  • Versatile model
  • Lack of support
  • Makes squeaky noise


The Vega is not just about the looks. Women with athletic lifestyle will love this flat for the breathable air mesh upper with no-sew overlays. Having breathable shoes will stop your feet from sweating and with that keep fungus at bay. Athlete’s foot is not a pleasant thing, and in order to prevent it, you need to maintain a dry and healthy shoe environment at all times. With the easy slip-on design, the Puma Vega sporty flat will let you run from one yoga class to another without much worry.

In addition to the fantastic mesh upper, the SoftFoam comfort footbed not only surrounds your feet in a cushioned comfort, but it also helps create a healthy foot environment. Basically, the SoftFoam comfort insert is a memory-hybrid foam made to inhibit any type of bacteria growth, maintaining a fresh home for your feet. Furthermore, the breathable mesh upper, together with the lightly padded lining makes it possible for you to wear the Vega style without socks. Moreover, with or without socks, this flat ballerina will maintain the same level of airflow and keep your feet dry, cool and fresh throughout all day wear.


Puma started the trend of athleisure, and the Vega sort ballet is a perfect example of that. If you like the Vega ballet so far, then we have even better news for you! The model comes in a range of colors that makes it even easier for you to match it with almost anything in your wardrobe. You can find this sporty flat in colors such as classic black, grey and navy just to mention a few. The grey is paired with the raspberry Puma cat logo, black is paired with white and the pea coat is paired with teal colored Puma cat logo. All models have a white outsole. We all love heels, but this is your must-have sport flat for this season.


Once you get used to your new pair of Vega ballets, be certain you will put a lot of miles on them. Love will be evident. They will surround your feet in comfort on your long commutes to work and will keep them fresh and odor-free. Many customers reported that they only needed a few days to break in the Vega model to their liking. According to others, the break in period seems to be pleasant, not causing rubbing or blisters. Most agreed that the longer you wear the Vega sport flat, the more comfortable it gets. They are your perfect set of flats for running around busy city streets, shopping, traveling or a leisurely walk, and they look great with almost anything.

The reason behind the softness and cushioned comfort is the use of SoftFoam comfort footbed. However, despite that, the Vega ballet flats don’t offer much support for athletic activities. But that is still ok since we really like them for the fashion and comfort combined. On the other hand, customers had noticed that the Vega flats by Puma were a bit squeaky when they walked. That is a noise no one wants to hear, nor make, especially in a quiet area. Besides that, this pair of ballet style slipper sneakers is praised by many for the incredible comfort they provide. Perfect for a night out after your ten hours shift.


Unlike the Vega Flume, the Vega mesh ballet received positive comments about the durability of the shoe. Many said that they took the athletic sneakers to many trips, walked many miles, and they were still in good shape. The textile upper, the SoftFoam footbed and the rubber outsole, work perfectly together to ensure the shoe lasts you for a long time. Being a soft and light shoe may state the opposite, but it is inexpensive, and with proper care, the Puma Vega mesh ballet will last you for quite some time. By good care we mean avoid walking in rain, snow or sandy and uneven terrain.


When it comes to how the Puma Vega ballet fits, we came across positive reviews. As per many, the fit is as expected, and they run true to size. Some customers with wide feet agreed that it’s the perfect trainer for them. With a design like this, it is easy to find your heel slipping out of it, but many customers were happy to say that this was not the case with the Vega model. They provide a snug fit both in the toe area and the heel, and it doesn’t take a long time for the mesh upper to adjust to the feet. You may need a few days to break into them, but the process is far from painful.


Featuring a super cushioned SoftFoam insole, the Puma Vega casual athletic sneaker feels like walking on clouds. Puma applies the SoftFoam technology to most of their models in order to give their loyal customers exceptional comfort. The SoftFoam comfort insert amongst many other things provides the sneaker with a great underfoot feel. But what is it? The SoftFoam insert is actually a memory-hybrid foam that reduces heat retention to a minimum and has an anti-odor coating. In addition, it helps inhibit bacteria growth so your feet will stay cool and happy the whole time. It is soft, cushioned and molds to the shape of the foot. This SoftFoam comfort footbed evenly distributes balance, and as a result, you get a more comfortable experience when you are on the go.


The Puma Vega bottom gets its inspiration from athletic footwear. Designed from lightweight rubber, this model not only will make you go faster, but it has an excellent grip too. In addition, the rubber outsole is known for its slip-resistant properties, and it protects against abrasions. With an outsole like that, you can do your daily chores and activities, without worrying about wearing it out quickly. On top of that, the textured outsole will give you excellent traction on a plethora of surfaces. It is white and sports a super athletic look that can easily be matched with a variety of clothing.


When it comes to styling this model, you won’t go wrong even if you match it with a black dress for a night on the town. You can use it as a workhorse or wear it every day with every outfit, or as a transition to and from the gym or yoga classes, super for commuting to work, or travel in a train or a bus. Many customers were happy with how great the flat felt when they had to use public transportation and then very easy to change once they got into the office. The Vega by Puma is also very lightweight and easy to pack. On top of that, it gives a great silhouette to the foot. It has that classic low profile, and it looks so feminine. The Vega style represents a sporty sister to the ballet flat, meaning you get a little bit more support than a regular flat.


The Vega mesh ballet looks sporty and is very comfortable, but it doesn’t give enough support for athletic activities. The support is enough if you use it as your go-to shoe, but as some customers noted, the Vega mesh style is not for those with arch issues or other foot pain. Some said that this model works better for people with high arches rather than those with flat arches. The Vega will perform great when you need to run from one place to another, or when you go shopping and traveling, however, it is not the best for working out, jogging, or spending the whole day in it.


Vega’s breathable textile upper features no-sew overlays and feels super soft against the skin. It is a slip-on design, making the Vega model easy to slip on an off when you are rushing through town. This sporty yet stylish design is perfect to wear even with a casual dress. The Puma cat logo sits nicely at the lateral side toe and the back of the heel. On the inside, this Vega flat is padded with Puma’s breathable SoftFoam comfort insert to keep your feet dry and fresh at all times. The low profile trainer by Puma is rated number 8 on the best Puma Ballet shoe list out of 98 Puma Ballet Shoes across the web.


The model comes available in a medium width, whole, and half sizes. There is a pair for everyone! Some customers said that there is enough padding at the heel, but the Vega ballet is still too wide for those with narrow feet. According to them, the upper started to stretch on the sides after a few months of constant wear, which made their foot to slip out of the shoe. Others noted that the model is a bit narrow, and even though there were some with wide feet that found the design a good fit for them, there were others that reported it was too snug than usual. To sum up, the model seems to narrow at the toe area, but a bit wide around the instep/arch area. The Vega may have a lower cut than other Puma models, which confused some buyers, but they were happy with the curved midsole that gave the style the athletic appearance.

Bottom Line

Overall, the Puma Vega mesh ballet is your perfect flat for everyday use. Its sporty yet stylish appearance makes a perfect match with dresses, skirts, jeans or shorts. Featuring synthetic mesh uppers and a SoftFoam footbed, you can rely on the Vega design to leave your feet dry and cool at the end of the day. It’s easy to run from one yoga class to another with an easy slip-on construction, and even walk the busy city streets to get to work on time. In addition, they are very lightweight and airy and pack easily. The design doesn’t have many elements on the upper besides the Puma Cat logo on the lateral side and the back of the heel.

The Vega model also features a rubber outsole for excellent grip. It is known as the sporty sister of the ballet flat, offering a bit more support than a regular flat. However, it doesn’t provide the best support for athletic activities or if you are walking and standing in them for hours. As per many, another downside of the Vega sport flat was the squeaky noise it made sometimes. This ballerina is also designed with a SoftFoam comfort insole to keep your feet cool, fresh and odor-free.

The Vega ballet can be found in a variety of colors, including black, grey and navy. It is available in medium width, whole, and half sizes. Overall, the Vega ballet is a great flat that deserves a space in your cupboard this season.