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Puma is a company that has been making clothing for decades. In particular, their focus is on sporting apparel but have ventured into fragrance lines and other products. Puma is a world-renowned brand. It's known for its premium quality creations. Many products purchased from Puma are build to last and the Puma No Show Socks are no different.

These are a great pair of versatile socks for any occasion. They are comfortable enough that you can wear them all day. On top of that, they are soft and irritant-free. Puma designed their socks to be invisible. But they also designed their socks to stay in place. So they can fit easily into shallow shoes or hold their own in boots and will not sag or droop.

The Puma No Show Socks are an affordable product that comes in value packages, giving you your money's worth. They match almost anything because they come in subtle colours with simple patterns. It's no wonder that these socks have turned many customers into loyal Puma fans.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Ergonomic and comfortable
  • DryCell Technology
  • Good Grip and Traction
  • Temperature Management
  • Strong ventilation properties
  • Not enough colors
  • Packaging may damage socks
  • Heel wears down quickly

Arch Support

One of the main reasons why people struggle with foot and arch pain is because the ligaments, bones, and tendons that make up the arch are not strong enough. The arched area of your foot is incredibly important as they help you support your entire body weight. If there is not enough support, it affects the way you stand and sit.

Because of the amount of pressure these arches have to withstand daily, having extra support for them is crucial. In particular, the Puma No Show Socks have fantastic arch support sewn into their socks. This allows the sock to follow the curvature of your foot while providing a supportive arch. This can enable you to stand taller and more straight for longer periods.

Wearing the Puma No Show Socks allow you to go about your day and participate in all sorts of activities without feeling any foot pain or tiredness at the end of the day. The arch support also alleviates the pressure off your natural arch, giving it more time to rest, recover, and get ready for the next day.

DryCell Technology

Our feet naturally grow warm when we move around in our shoes all day. They start to get warm and sweaty after a while. Once your feet start to produce sweat, it can be very uncomfortable if there is no way for the moisture to dissipate. In more serious cases, the sweat can accumulate and make your feet incredibly slippery.

The Puma No Show Socks have moisture-wicking technology built into the sock to prevent these uncomfortable experiences. The Puma No Show Socks have patented technology known as DryCell Technology to help remove moisture from your feet. When the moisture starts to build upon the surface of your feet, it is picked up by the inner layers of the fabric of your socks and moved towards the surface.

Once it reaches the top few layers of your sock, it is close enough to the outside environment where the moisture can start to evaporate. Any remaining moisture that has not evaporated will continue to move to the surface of the sock where it has a greater chance of being shaken off or blown away. The DryCell technology in these socks allows your feet to stay cool and comfortable all day.

Grip & Traction

Having slippery socks can be both dangerous and uncomfortable. Having socks that are unable to create a bit of friction against the inside of your shoe will lead to the socks slipping and moving all over the place. In some cases, it makes cause you to lose your footing or balance when you are walking. While having less friction means reduced wear and tear on your sock, it is necessary for your socks to keep some grip and traction so that you can wear your Puma No Show Socks comfortably all day.

To prevent an uncomfortable wearing experience the Puma No Show Socks are made using a non-slip design. The outer layers are sewn together using subtle patterns that go in every direction. This is to break up the seamless continuity of your socks. These changes may be subtle but can also make a difference when you are walking around in your socks. The different direction threads allow them to grip the floors better and have a tougher hold. This non-slip design will allow you to walk around with confidence and know that you will not suddenly slip even if the floors have been recently polished.


One of the best materials that a sock can be made with is cotton because this is a material that is versatile and can bring your sock to the next level. Cotton does not insulate well and is very breathable, meaning that your feet will stay cooler when you are working out. The sweat that may be produced from your feet will also dissipate quicker because of the positive airflow in your sock. This is very ideal for when you are training, exercising, or even just walking around in the summertime.

The Puma No Show Socks are made of up to 35% cotton, making them a much more breathable alternative. Because cotton dries at incredibly speeds, this will come in handy when you take your shoes off to rest. The moisture that is absorbed into your Puma No Show Socks will evaporate quickly through the pores of the cotton and cool down the inside of your sock. This creates a comfortable environment in which your feet can continue to move and walk without having to worry about producing sweat.

No Show

Most people enjoy wearing socks regularly because of the support it gives them and because they provide an extra layer of protection for your feet. However, a lot of socks have the collar piece that extends past your ankle and up onto your shin. Often the extended area will stick out of your shoe and make the outfit you are wearing look odd. While a lot of shoes are designed not to be worn with socks, many people prefer to wear socks because it is much more comfortable than having your feet rub against the rubber.

The Puma No Show Socks are the answer to those problems. These socks are designed so that they do not have an extra piece that extends past the ankle. As the name implies, the Puma No Show Socks are meant to be invisible. These socks stop right below your ankle and are held on your foot by your heel. These socks are meant to be worn inside a shoe where you don’t want your socks to stand out. Most users have verified that these socks will not be exposed even when worn inside something as shallow as boat shoes.


One of the greatest things in life is being able to get your bang for your buck. Most of us work hard to make our money and it contains our blood, sweat, and tears. It is only natural that we want every dime and dollar to stretch as much as possible. The Puma No Show Socks come in pairs of three of six and come in a small little plastic package.

To keep the matching socks together and prevent confusion, there are little plastic tabs that have been pushed through each pair of socks. While this does help identify which socks belong together, users have reported that the socks can become damaged by these tabs. Because the plastic pieces are pushed through the sock, you have to pull them out before you can wear the socks.

Sometimes these pieces of plastic snag and may cause a thread to unravel, while other times it creates a slightly bigger hole. Because of this, users have speculated that it may decrease the lifespan of their Puma No Show Socks. The socks should not become damaged if you are careful with removing the plastic.

Slip Free Design

One of the risks of purchasing a pair of socks is not knowing how well they will handle the material inside your shoe. Some shoes have a rougher cloth on the inside of the shoe that will rub against the sock and cause it to sag and droop. This can become very uncomfortable and irritating as you spend all day trying to fish your sock out of your shoe.

To reduce the chances of this occurring when you wear the Puma No Show Socks, they have a ribbed design. There is a ribbed collar that goes around the sock-like an elastic band from the surface of your foot to the bottom. This collar is to prevent the sock from moving around when it is in your shoe and to hold it in place. The sewing machine has gone back and forth in the same place multiple times to make grooves and bumps so that it offers your foot more traction when you are walking. The disruption of the smooth surface can prevent you from sliding and also your Puma No Show Socks from sagging.


Wearing an uncomfortable sock can leave you distracted and irritated all day. Rather than focusing on the important things, your brain will be distracted with the thoughts of fixing your sock. The Puma No Show Socks have something that gives it a leg-up against their competitors.

Rather than just using the generic fabrics and materials to make these socks, the Puma No Show Socks have a layer of terry cloth embedded into the sock. This makes the socks feel thick, plush, and very soft. Most users that have worn these socks find it very hard to find a sock that is softer than these. They are comfortable and ergonomic, meaning that your feet won’t feel tired even after wearing them for a whole day.

The terry cloth also provides an extra layer of protection against the rough materials of your shoe. The constant friction and rubbing can start to chafe and rub against your skin, which can create painful blisters. The terry cloth provides a soft layer for your feet to walk and rub against, thus decreasing the change of getting hurt.

Temperature Management

One of the things people often forget to consider when they are purchasing a pair of socks is whether these products are suitable for all seasons. Winters are much colder and require warmer socks while summers need socks that can dissipate the heat quickly. However, not all socks can do both wells and may be better suited for the colder or warmer months only.

The Puma No Show Socks are made with at least 60% polyester, which helps increase the insulation during the winter months. Polyester is a material that can insulate by trapping the heat that your feet produce inside the sock, thus keeping your feet warm for longer periods. The Polyester material in the Puma No Show Socks also have an additional function and serve to increase the durability of the sock.

Because this material is one of the toughest fabrics on the market, creating a sock that contains polyester fibres can greatly increase the lifespan of the product. Coupled with the properties of the cotton material, this is a product that is making waves and disrupting the sock industry.


Trapped heat in your sock can be very worrisome as it can make your feet incredibly hot. This will cause discomfort and difficulty in bringing your overall body temperature back down if you are exercising. The warmth and moisture will also create an ideal breeding ground for bacteria and germs to multiply. If the shoe is not ventilated properly, the bacteria can grow out of control and start to emit foul odours.

The first step to prevention is to ensure that your feet to do not end up being so hot that it sweats profusely. The Puma No Show Socks have great ventilation properties on top of using cotton as one of the primary materials. The design of the sock allows for larger gaps on the outer layers of fabric while maintaining the integrity of the sock. This allows for trapped heat to escape more easily without having to maneuver through as many layers of cloth. The Puma No Show Socks have moisture-wicking properties that can aid in reducing body heat at a faster rate. Together, this can prevent your socks from becoming overly sweating and encouraging bacteria to grow.

Bottom Line

The Puma No Show Socks have the potential to be your new best friend. Because of their blend of fabric, these socks have become one of the most durable and trusted products on the market. Their terry cloth material gives off the feeling that you are walking on clouds and together with the arch support, these socks allow you to wear them for long periods without feeling uncomfortable. They are ideal for hiking, extreme sports, or even just going about your daily chores.

The Puma No Show Socks have an edge over their competition and that is their ability to manage your body temperature. These socks have great ventilation properties that allow the trapped heat to escape from the sock and cool air to come in, thus generating positive airflow. This can reduce the heat your body feels and also ensures that bacteria and germs do not develop inside your sock. Coupled with the great value each package offers, this is a product you do not want to miss!