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Puma Cell Surin 2 Reviewed Review Facts

The Puma Cell Surin 2 are neutral cross-training shoes with a good amount of cushioning and a sturdy design. It is an excellent choice for gym goers since it allows for quick movements, which is great for workouts. This shoe can be used for light running, although, preferably on a treadmill, since it is not a running shoe. It is also great as an everyday shoe, thanks to its minimalistic design. It is, however, a unisex model, so sizing can be an issue for women, therefore, it is recommended to try it on in a store before making a purchase. The price tag on this workout shoe is something customers loved as well.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Sleek and minimalistic design
  • Shock absorbing heel cushioning
  • Good traction for gym workouts
  • Affordable
  • Easy to clean up
  • Excellent everyday shoe
  • Narrow fit
  • Not very breathable
  • Stiff
  • Not suitable for daily runs


The Puma Cell Surin 2 features a lightweight rubber outsole, which is suitable for indoor activities, such as gym workouts, and surfaces like pavement and roads, thanks to the traction that the outsole provides. Puma also incorporated textured pods into the design of the outsole, which is cleverly placed in high-wear areas for enhanced durability. Some customers remarked that the shoes felt a little stiff and needed to be broken in before they felt comfortable, while others said that they were not the best road running shoes.


The Puma Cell Surin 2 features the 10CELL cushioning technology in its midsole unit, specifically in the rear of the shoe. This lightweight foam ensures that the foot, especially the heel, is protected and cushioned from the shock of impact since it absorbs it and transforms it into energy for the wearer. It is also highly durable, which is a necessity in a high-wear area such as the heel. The midfoot area features a TPU shank for added stability. Although, some customers reported that even with the TPU shank, the shoe still lacked sufficient arch support, while others said that the cushioning felt stiff.


The upper of the Puma Cell Surin 2 is made of a faux leather material and features perforations in the toe box and the rear of the shoe for adequate ventilation to keep the feet dry and cool throughout use. Inside the shoe, there is a soft lining for comfort as well as an EcoOrtholite sockliner, which has a dual function: it provides additional cushioning and absorbs excess moisture. The collar and tongue of the shoe feature a good amount of padding for enhanced comfort and support to the ankles and top part of the feet, while a standard lacing system is in place for a customizable and snug fit, keeping them locked down and in position during the workout. The famous Puma Formstrip also makes an appearance on the sides of the shoe for additional support and structure, as well as style. Some customers reported the upper being stiff and that they were a tad narrow. However, if you do not mind breaking them in and sizing up, this shoe will more than make up for the trouble.


The Puma Cell Surin 2 weighs around 9.5 ounces, making them quite a lightweight pair of workout shoes. However, this light-weight is achieved by minimizing the cushioning. Most of the 10CELL cushioning is located in the heel of the shoe, leaving the midfoot exposed and without proper arch support. The rubber outsole is also pretty thin on this particular shoe. Thus, if you are looking for a running shoe with more support, stability and cushioning, this one is not for you. However, the Puma Cell Surin 2 will not disappoint you if you need a great pair of workout shoes since the heel cushioning is excellent for exercises involving jumping or fast movements.


While the Puma Cell Surin 2 does offer perforations in the toe box and heel area for ventilation, the faux leather material of the upper traps the heat inside the shoe, causing a build up of heat and sweating inside the shoe. The EcoOrtholite sockliner does help with absorbing excess moisture, but it is not enough to keep the feet dry. Some customers complained that the tight fit of the upper together with poor ventilation caused blisters and irritation during heavier workouts.


The Puma Cell Surin 2 is a comfortable enough shoe for its intended purposes, which are workouts and casual wear. The 10CELL cushioning in the heel with the TPU shank in the midfoot provides sufficient cushioning during activities while the EcoOrtholite sock-liner delivers comfort inside the shoe. The faux leather upper does create some issues, however, mainly concerning the lack of breathability and overheating inside the shoe. This type of material also does no stretch, making them a bit uncomfortable if worn too long. Runners will not appreciate this model, but in all fairness, the Puma Cell Surin 2 is a workout shoe, and it performs well in that category.


Puma kept the design of the Cell Surin 2 minimalistic and sleek. This unisex model also comes in various color schemes and is excellent for everyday use as well. The Cell Surin 2 features Puma’s famous logo on its sides, which not only add to the look of the shoe but also double as support. Because of the faux leather upper, some customers reported the shoes looking almost like plastic in contrast to the previous model.


The Cell Surin 2 features a very durable rubber outsole, excellent for gym workouts or casual use. The midsole also has enough cushioning for these types of activities and is quite durable, while the upper’s material is long lasting as well. However, it is not advisable to take these shoes on runs, especially outdoors, since they were not made for that purpose. The eyelets are also prone to ripping under too much stress.


The Cell Surin 2’s main protection comes from its 10CELL cushioning, which is located in the heel of the shoe. This responsive cushioning unit is an excellent shock absorbent and will keep the heel stable and protected. This is great news for heel strikers, but not so much for forefoot strikers, since there is not much protection in that area in the Cell Surin 2. The rubber outsole is durable and provides great traction during workouts. Customers were satisfied with the amount of cushioning this shoe provides but had an issue with the lack of breathability in the upper.


The Cell Surin 2’s cushioning is concentrated in the heel area and its purpose is mainly shock absorption, with less focus on energy return. This works great for indoor activities, such as gym workouts, and everyday use as well, which is the intended purpose of this particular shoe. Those who tried using it as running shoes complained about the lack of support and responsiveness, however, one must remember that this model was not meant to be used as a running shoe.


Unfortunately, the Cell Surin 2 does not offer much in the support category. It features a TPU shank in the midfoot area, but it is not supportive enough to help correct over and underpronation issues. It does, however, have good heel support, thanks to the 10CELL cushioning, and the upper provides stability by keeping the feet locked down in position, although some reported that the upper felt too stiff at times.


Since the Cell Surin 2 is a workout shoe, it is best used indoors, such as gyms, or walking and everyday use. The rubber outsole, while durable, lacks lugs that would create sufficient traction for frequent outdoor use, especially running. When it comes to this shoe, it is best to stick to indoor activities for the best results.


The Cell Surin 2 is a very affordable cross-training shoe. This workout shoe is excellent for a variety of different activities and gym goers, in general, were very satisfied with its performance. However, if you are looking for decent running shoes that will last you a long time, this pair is not for you.


The Cell Surin 2 has a very thin and flat rubber outsole. While it is very durable and has enough traction for gym workout standards, if worn for running, especially outdoors where the surfaces are harsher, it will not perform well. It can be used as an everyday shoe or for walking, but anything more than that will wear down the sole very quickly.


The Cell Surin 2 is not the most flexible shoe out there, owing to its materials. Namely, the rubber outsole is quite stiff and the midsole, while cushioning, is still firm, which customers did not really mind that much. The faux leather upper also does not have any give, it keeps its shape even after extensive wear. Some even reported the upper being too narrow and stiff, causing blisters. In any case, this shoe should not be used for running, especially outdoors, but if you are an avid gym goer, you will appreciate what this shoe has to offer.


As a neutral cross-trainer, the Cell Surin 2 offers a good amount of stability. Maybe not in the outsole, which is quite thin and flat, but the heel cushioning in the midsole provides a stable fit for the heel. Support can be found in the upper as well, thanks to the faux leather material it is made of. Together with the Formstrip detail on the sides, it provides a snug and stable for the wearer.


Unfortunately, we could not find any information about the drop of this shoe, but since it is a cross-training shoe and not a running shoe, it is not of that much importance. However, the cushioning is focused in the heel area, which is great news for heel strikers.

Key Features

Durable rubber outsole
10CELL cushioning in the heel area for stability and shock absorption
TPU midfoot shank for stability for the underfoot
Faux leather upper with perforations on the toe box and rear for a snug and breathable ride
EcoOrtholite sockliner for comfort and absorbing excess moisture
The famous Formstrip logo on the sides for added stability
Standard lacing system
Padding in the collar/tongue area for added comfort and stability

Bottom Line

The Cell Surin 2 features a thin, flat rubber outsole, which is quite durable for a cross-training shoe. The midsole has the 10CELL cushioning technology in the heel, which is a firm, shock absorbent material, excellent for those who heel strike. The middle portion of the underfoot has a TPU shank for added stability. The cushioning of the Cell Surin 2 is quite firm, but gets the job done and lasts a long time. The upper is made of a faux leather material with perforations in the toe box and heel for breathability.

Some users found the upper too stiff and narrow, and complained about the lack of proper breathability. The inside of the shoe provides additional comfort with its EcoOrtholite sockliner, which acts as a cushion and absorbs the excess moisture. The standard lacing system helps lock the feet down in a secure position. The Cell Surin 2 look stylish, yet casual enough to be a great everyday shoe. The famous Formstrip on the sides of the upper not only adds to the overall look of the shoe, but also provides additional support to the upper. All in all, this is an excellent affordable pair of workout shoes, as long as you intend on using it in the gym and not on the road.